GH Update Thursday 8/23/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/23/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jason leaves Spinelli a message to get back to him on any information he has on Ewen.

Elizabeth has a flash back about when she talked to Jason about the possibility of Ewen being bad.

Ewen walks up to Elizabeth’s door when Jerry confronts him about Elizabeth. Ewen looks at the wine that Ewen plans for his date. Ewen makes a joke about his relation with Elizabeth.

Sonny walks in and Jason asks if everything is ok. Sonny explains that he had a visit from an old friend.

Tracy talks on the phone while she carries a bowl of food. She then bumps into Joe JR. and is startled and embarrassed. She says she is sorry and explains why she was distracted. Joe JR. explains that it is ok because it is not every day that he gets chicken soup poured over him by Tracey Quartermaine. Tracy then asks if they know each other already.

Michael and Starr walk up to Starr’s apartment door and spot a guard for Trey. Michael asks if Kristina is in there and he is told yes. Michael storms into the apartment and Starr follows. Starr does not want Michael to just walk into the room. Michael explains that they are not even in the house. He looks out the window and notes that they are far from the apartment now.

Ewen wonders if Jerry is following him now. Jerry explains that he is only there to make sure no one talks about him.

Carly talks to Joss about what they will do now that she is well again and puts on Joss’s shoes. Jax then walks into the hospital door asking how his two girls are doing. Joss smiles when she sees him and Carly is shocked. Jax hugs Joss and he explains that he got Carly’s message and he came as fast as he could. Carly tells him that she is doing much better. Jax agrees with this and gives Joss a music box as a present. He explains every time she uses it, it’s to remind her of him. Jax and Carly smile over it.

Ewen explains that people know that the patients were injected. Jerry tells Ewen that he is not to tell anyone that they are working together. Elizabeth walks outside wondering what is going on.

Michael knows that wherever Trey took Kristina it was to upset Sonny. Starr explains that it is not up to him to stop what has happened. Michael has all the facts where Kristina has not. Starr does not think that this could be possible. Michael tells her that her that he must warn Sonny.

Jason and Sonny sit at the bar at Sonny’s restaurant and discuss what could be the issue at hand. Jason asks if Kate is doing ok. Sonny explains that Kate feels bad for leaving the baby. Sonny tells Jason that he explained to Kate that what happened was in no way her fault. Jason asks what Sonny would like him to do. Sonny tells Jason not to do anything because he will be the one to kill him because Kate is not strong enough right now. Jason asks if he knows why Joe came to see Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that it was to tell him that he plans to stay in Port Charles because he has business.

Joe assumes that everyone in Port Charles knows Tracy Quartermaine or now Tracy Zacchara. Tracy explains only if he plans to wear that soup and that she did not shed a tear at Anthony’s passing. Joe thinks that Tracy could have done better than Anthony. Joe explains that he is staying at the Metro Court in room 324. Tracy explains she would like to pay for dry cleaning and asks for his name. He tells her Joe and walks off. Luke up behind Tracy and finds it a surprise that she is there. Tracy is mesmerized by Joe still and does not here Luke speak. She then comes back to reality and Luke wonders what she was thinking about. She tells him “Wouldn’t you like to know.” 

Elizabeth tells Ewen she could have sworn she heard voices and Ewen explains he was checking messages. They walk into her house and Elizabeth asks if Ewen will open the wine. Elizabeth sets out food and the two talk about Joss. Elizabeth is happy to know that Joss is doing well now and wonders if Jax knows about Joss yet.

Jax explains how he got the music box for Joss the day he found out she was sick. Jax asks Carly why Joss is in the hospital.

Tracy shows the soup to Luke who is wondering why she is there. Tracy tells Luke that she heard he was out of the hospital and thought it would be nice if Cook made him some soup. Luke tells Tracy he would rather have his soup in a bowl rather than on a floor. Tracy explains the soup fell on the floor because of a man. Luke thanks Tracy and the others for the effort and offers Tracy the chance to come in. Tracy wonders if Anna is inside. Luke explains that Anna is gone.

Joe leaves a message for Trey to tell him when he gets out of town. The door is knocked and he answers it to find Jerry who wonders why he smells chicken. Joe tells him to just get in. Joe wonders why he is out and that someone could spot him. Jerry explains how he knows the hotel like the back of his hand. Jerry asks if Joe sent Trey out town. Joe says he is long gone.

Starr continues to try to make Starr stop worrying and Michael tells Starr that something is going on. Starr thinks that they wanted to be alone. Michael does not want Kristina to be hurt.

Sonny tells Jason that he has news on Joe. Spinelli burst in and explains that he has news on Ewen.

Luke tells Tracy that Anna is only out of town because of her friend Heather Webber. Luke tells Tracy that all this started when Heather came to visit her. Luke explains that Heather told Anna that Robin is still alive. Tracy does not know why Anna would believe a word Heather says. Luke tries to explain that because Heather is locked up she cannot physically hurt her so she is messing with her mind. Tracy wonders where Anna is. Luke says Switzerland and that she is not thinking correctly. Luke gets a phone call from Anna.

Ewen does not know if Jax has been called. Elizabeth wonders if anyone else showed up to the hospital with the same problems. Elizabeth wonders if he also could be injected. Ewen wonders if Jason asked her to ask him that.

Spinelli tries to tell Sonny and Jason something about Ewen and Sonny does not like that they are breaking in. Jason tells Sonny that there is possibly a connection between a phone call Alexis received and Ewen. Sonny now interested wants to know what Spinelli has discovered. Spinelli knows that three people have a connection.

 Carly tells Jax that she found Joss by a swing set and she had a high fever. Jax wonders if this is what also happened to Alexis. Carly confirms that yes it is and that she was knocked out and injected.

Jerry walks around Joe’s hotel room and Joe wonders what will happen next. Jerry explains that he needs things to go smoothly and to make sure that everyone in Port Charles is given the injection but not through shots.

Carly explains what happens and that she forgot to set the alarm. Carly tells Jax that she thought it might have been Jax who took her again. Jax say’s is sorry and would never do that again. Carly finds it sick that someone would take their little girl. She wants to know what the connection is and Jax answers with “me”. 

Michael leaves Kristina a message and Starr explains she did the same to Trey. Starr tries to calm Michael down. Michael gets out Trey’s laptop and Starr is worried that it is invading Trey’s privacy. Michael does not care anymore.

Jerry tells Joe about how water will be the perfect way to taint the town. Jerry tells Joe to show up at the town’s water supply. Joe wonders how this will be accomplished. Jerry explains that it’s very easy with a small amount. Joe wonders if he actually cares for Jax. Jerry explains that he protected Joss and Alexis by curing them before it was too late making the two immune while the rest of the town is vulnerable.

Jax makes the connection. Carly wonders if it is someone who would want to hurt him. Jax thinks it would be someone who has a grudge on him. Carly tells him right away that it’s not Sonny because he would never hurt Alexis or Sonny. Jax thinks it could be Helena but Carly does not know when the last time he was around her. Jack’s tells Carly he won’t leave town until he finds out who did this to Joss.

Spinelli explains that Ewen was a sheep farmer and Sonny just wants to know his details. Spinelli tells the two that Ewen chose to go to Alaska even though he could have gone anywhere in Australia his practice. Jason makes the connection to Jax. 

Ewen tells Elizabeth that he wonders if she shares concerns with Jason. He knows that Jason does not like him and does not believe that Jason would make her question him. Elizabeth tells him no. Ewen tells Elizabeth to come to him the next time he has a problem. Elizabeth explains that she told Jason that Ewen is not responsible.

Luke loses Anna. Tracy tries to tell Luke that Anna had a bad connection. Luke does not care and decides he will go find Anna. Tracy won’t allow it. Tracy does not think that Luke can walk with Cane. Luke will not allow Anna to be in danger. Tracy does not think Heather is capable of anything. Tracy decides to allow Luke the use of her family jet.

Starr calls Kelly’s and find out that Trey and Kristina are not there. Michael learns where Kristina and Trey are and he is not happy about it.

Jerry is impressed over what he did with Trey. Joe refuses to help if he is not protected by the poison. Jerry makes him relax and says that he is covered.

Jason wonders if there is a connection between Jax and Ewen but Spinelli has yet to make one.

Jax will not allow himself to leave until he knows his daughter is safe. Carly does not want Jax to get hurt. Joss wants to leave and Jax wants to take her home.

Sonny thinks that this all has to do with Jax. Jason does not think it is a coincidence.

Elizabeth does not want to sleep with him right away and Ewen does not want to wait and tries to get her to sleep with him. Elizabeth thinks they will have more time. Ewen makes a comment about the fact this might be the only time they have and continues to kiss Elizabeth with passion.

Luke is shocked that Tracy would allow him to use the jet. Tracy says yes because she knows that she won’t be able to stop him so he might as well ride in style. Luke thanks her for helping him out. Tracy just leaves.

Joe does not feel safe about this but goes along with it. Jerry leaves and Joe gets a text from Trey who says that everything is a go.

Michael finds airline tickets for Las Vegas tonight for Trey and Kristina.

Sonny knows that Kate sees Ewen every day and needs proof that the guy is up to something. Jason makes Spinelli keep digging.

Elizabeth tells Ewen to stop. Ewen wonders if this has anything to do with Jason. Elizabeth does not think it has anything to do with him. Ewen wants to leave but Elizabeth won’t allow him if he has been drinking. Elizabeth offers her couch for Ewen to stay on explaining that she cares about him. Ewen decides he can wait a bit longer.

Jason wants Spinelli to go to Alaska. Sonny does not think that he should be the one to go. Spinelli wonders what he is supposed to be looking for. Jason says any connections. Sonny tells him to find out before anyone else gets sick.

Jax opens his hotel room and wants to take Joss swimming and offers for Carly to go as well. Jerry walks by the hotel room once the door is closed and explains that in three days he will have nothing to lose.

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