GH Update Wednesday 8/22/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/22/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hospital: Dante asked Lulu if she was sure she was ready to have a baby right now. Lulu said she'd already picked out baby names – Juliet for a girl and Rocco for a boy. Dante liked Juliet but wasn't sold on Rocco. Luke walked up and overheard Dante say there'd be a Falconeri baby soon. He asked Lulu if she was pregnant. Lulu asked why Luke was out of bed. Luke said they were sending him home. He repeated his question and Lulu said they thought so, but they were wrong. Luke said he didn't realize they were planning to start a family. Lulu and Dante said they weren't at the time, but they were now. Lulu told Luke to prepare himself for being a grandfather again. Luke told Lulu she had his total support. She hugged him, and he winced because she bumped his gunshot wound. Dante said he should update Luke on Heather. Luke was just glad she was locked up. Dante agreed that she wasn't getting out any time soon. He told Luke he'd been busy on Alexis and Josslyn's case and hadn't had time to look for Heather's accomplice. Dante asked Luke about the man again. Luke said the man may have had a daughter and he wore expensive Italian leather shoes.

Todd approached Kate and said he had a proposal for her; he wanted the two of them to form an alliance. Kate made it clear that she wasn't interested at all and walked away.

Carly told Johnny he didn't have to give her and Josslyn a ride home, but she was glad he was going to. He asked about Josslyn; she was fine and enjoying all the attention. Michael had been there with Josslyn all morning and had just left. Carly glanced across the room and saw Todd, who waved. Johnny noticed Todd, then told Carly they should get Josslyn and go. Carly went in to get Josslyn, but the little girl was sleeping and Carly decided not to wake her up. She told Johnny he didn't have to stay, since she knew he had work to do. Johnny said he was sticking around and he joked that she probably needed an escort with Todd lurking around. Carly said Todd was mostly harmless. Johnny offered to go tell Todd to leave, but Carly said he wasn't bothering her. She said he only stopped by because Josslyn was sick and he brought her a selection of coffee. Carly chuckled, but Johnny said Todd had a tendency to go overboard. He asked if Todd said anything about him. Carly said of course he did, since they hated each other. Johnny wanted specifics, but Carly told him not to worry about it. Johnny said he was concerned Todd would get to her, but Carly said she and Todd were kind of friends and he seemed kind of smart when they talked about anything besides Johnny.

Carly called Todd's grudge against Johnny weird and said she thought Todd disliked him because he wanted to be Starr's hero instead of Johnny. Carly said it was petty and childish and Johnny should take her example and ignore Todd's griping. She went over and looked through the door at the sleeping Josslyn. Johnny kept pressing her for details and she told him Todd accused him of something terrible and made up some ridiculous stories. She shared that Todd blamed Johnny for Josslyn getting injected. Johnny chuckled and Carly told him that Todd's accusations only made her more committed to Johnny. She said nothing Todd said about Johnny would ever make her turn on him (Johnny). Dante ran into them and told Carly that the police found out her lock had been picked. Carly decided to move to the hotel until the new alarm system was installed. Dante thought it would be alright for her to go home, because there were cops all over the area, but Carly said she wasn't going to take any chances. Carly asked about Olivia. Dante said they hoped she'd be released soon, but she'd still be feeling the after effects of what Heather did for awhile. Carly was grateful that Heather was in jail. Dante told them Heather's accomplice was still on the loose. He explained that the man fed Luke and wore a mask. Carly asked if he meant a superhero mask. Dante said no, but he had to leave to take a phone call before he could tell Carly it was a hockey mask. Carly told Johnny that only a deranged person would help Heather. Carly and Johnny went into Josslyn's room after she woke up. Johnny got a phone call. He said it was club stuff that could wait, but Carly told him to go take care of it and that she'd get the hotel to send a car. They kissed, then Johnny said goodbye to them and left. Carly helped Josslyn get ready to go and told her all about the fun things they were going to do at the hotel. Someone that Carly was shocked to see walked into Josslyn's room.

Todd restarted the conversation with Kate. He told her an alliance would be great for so many people. Todd said Kate was certifiably wacko and he was a bit out there, so they were basically a buddy movie waiting to happen. Kate said she didn't want any part of his scheme. Todd tried to sway her by saying he'd resuscitate Crimson and put her in charge. Kate asked why he didn't go with Lucy Coe, Erica Kane or Blair Cramer. Todd said he never heard of them. Kate said they all ran magazines and none of them took his granddaughter away. She asked why he'd want to work with someone who caused his family so much pain. Todd told Kate that she could be innocent. Kate said Connie was still a part of her. Todd said what little he knew about DID contradicted what Kate was saying. Kate snapped that she wasn't going to discuss her integration with him. Todd said if she was integrated she should remember the accident. He asked if she remembered causing the crash, and Kate said she was working on it with her psychiatrist. Todd told her that if her psychiatrist told her she was responsible for two deaths she didn't remember causing, she should fire the quack and hire someone else. Todd asked if it didn't bother her that she didn’t remember the most memorable thing Connie did. Kate. She asked if he was saying he thought Connie still existed. Todd said he knew she did. Kate asked him to explain himself. Todd said integration meant Kate would have all of Connie's memories and if she didn't, Connie must still exist. Todd said if Kate didn't remember the accident, maybe she didn't cause it and Connie didn't want her to know, because she had another secret.

Kate said Connie confessed and Todd pointed out that it didn't make sense to trust Connie when Connie had been trying to ruin Kate's life. Kate still wasn't convinced. She asked Todd if Connie wasn't guilty, who was. Todd said she could feel guilty if she wanted, but everyone lied, including alters. Connie repeated her question. Todd remembered that Johnny was blackmailing him into staying quiet. Todd said he had no idea. Kate said she'd accepted what Connie did and if Todd wanted to work with her in the future, he needed to do the same. She walked away. Todd yelled after her that from now on he was only talking to women with one personality. Luke bumped into Todd. He apologized and said he was still getting used to the cane. Luke asked Todd if they knew each other. Todd looked nervous. He said no and tried to leave, but Luke used the cane to block his path. Luke said he definitely knew Todd. Todd remembered seeing Luke while he was being held captive in the shed. Luke told Todd his name and stuck out his hand. Todd covered and said he was Carly's uncle. “Oh you know Caroline. I'm so sorry” Luke said. Todd said he kind of liked Carly. Luke told him to get back to him once he knew her better. Luke asked his name and Todd told him. Luke said he liked what Todd had done with the paper, at least when he wasn't on the front page. Todd said Luke was a colorful man. Luke asked what possessed Todd to hire Heather. Todd said he felt sorry for Heather and wanted to help her, since his family had mental issues, too. The conversation ended and Luke noticed Todd's shoes as he walked away. Luke said they were nice and asked if they were Italian. Todd said English. Luke asked if Todd wore a size 11. Todd said 11.5 and asked if Luke was Dr. Scholls, then he left.

Johnny passed Kate on his way out. He said hi. Kate got a flash of Connie being in Johnny's office. Johnny noticed the confused look on her face and asked if she was okay. Kate said yes. Johnny asked if she was sure. The shaken Kate said she had to go see Olivia and quickly walked away.

Davis house: John met with Sam, who gave him a petition Alexis had an associate draw up to lift the restraining order on John against his son. John was surprised Alexis remembered his case while she was so sick. Sam admitted she reminded her. John thanked her and Sam she was the reason he was in this mess and she was going to do what it took to get him out of it. John said he justified spending so much time apart from Natalie and Liam by thinking he was bringing a killer to justice; now he had nothing. He said he spent his nights in a hotel room in a strange city staring at a picture of Liam. Sam said it wasn't fair that Natalie was using Liam against John and John couldn't even explain. John said he was going to say something to Natalie when he first got home, but he didn't, because he had no good explanation. He couldn't say the kiss was an accident, because it had been difficult to pull away from Sam. Sam said they were both in a bad place at that point. John said he could have said the kiss didn't mean anything, but that would have been a lie. Sam asked what John was going to do now. John wanted to fight for his relationship, but he never thought Natalie would use Liam to hurt him and he knew things would get worse. Sam said she guessed she had it easy since Jason wasn't contesting the divorce and they had nothing to fight over. She said she was going to sign the papers and then she'd be free. Sam said she didn't mean that the way it sounded – that she'd be free and so would John. Sam said it was probably too early for this conversation. John agreed and said he should go. He told Sam they were going to have to have that talk some day. Sam said she knew. John left.

Pozzulo's: Joe surveyed the restaurant and said he liked it and that it reminded him of Fortunato's. He asked Sonny if he didn't used to take Kate there. Sonny suddenly drew his gun and aimed it at Joe's chest. Joe told Sonny to calm down. Sonny said he was. Milo walked in with Sonny's lunch, and when he saw the situation, he drew his gun as well. Sonny had Milo frisk Joe. He was clean. Joe asked Sonny if he really thought he'd come here to hurt him after all they'd been through. Sonny told Joe to sit down, then he took Milo aside and had him call Bernie and make sure the guards were watching Sonny's kids. Sonny tasked Milo with going to watch Kristina. Milo offered to come back afterward, but Sonny said he had everything under control. Sonny went back to Joe and held the gun on him again. “I could end this right now,” Sonny said. Sonny asked Joe what he was thinking just showing up there. Joe said he wanted to have a civil conversation. Sonny replied that Joe wasn't civilized. Joe admitted he'd gotten his hands dirty and said Sonny had, too. Sonny told him not to insult him, but Joe said people in the business didn’t lead blameless lives.

Joe said Sonny wouldn't kill him and risk John arresting him. Sonny said John would never have to know; Joe would just vanish and no one would miss him. Joe said he'd been an outcast ever since Joe Sr. cut him loose, and no one would care that he was gone, so Sonny could go ahead and kill him and get satisfaction for himself and Connie. Sonny said her name was Kate and had been since Joe raped her. Joe said he understood why Sonny needed to think it was rape, but Joe was there and knew what really happened. Sonny told him to shut up, or he'd blow his head off right now. Joe said if he was going to die, he wasn't going to tell Sonny what he wanted to hear. He screamed at Sonny to do it. Sonny said he wasn't going to kill Joe now, because Kate didn't want any more violence and death. Joe said he should thank her for that. Sonny vowed to kill Joe if he got near Kate. Joe said he wanted the violence to end, too. He told Sonny they should let the past go and find a way to coexist. Sonny asked why he'd do that when Joe threatened his kids. Joe said he never did that. Sonny said Joe called their names and asked how Sonny would feel if something happened to them. Sonny yelled that that was a threat. Joe said he'd never go after them; he loved kids even though Connie killed his only child. Joe said he envied Sonny, because he had four beautiful kids and Joe had none. Sonny told Joe he'd kill him if he went near any of his children. Joe said he'd feel the same way Sonny did if he had kids. Joe said you couldn't protect a kid from themselves. He asked Sonny what possessed Kristina to sign on for a reality show. Sonny asked how Joe knew about that. Joe said all the families were gossiping about Sonny's inability to control his daughter. Sonny said the show wasn't going on the air. Joe asked why and Sonny said the only thing that mattered was that it had been canceled. Sonny showed Joe the door and suggested he pick up his life in New Orleans. Joe said he had business in Port Charles, so they might see each other around town. Sonny said to make it short; this was his city and Joe wasn't welcome. Joe left, then said to himself that it wouldn't be “Sonny-boy's” city for long.

Haunted Star: Michael and Starr shared a passionate kiss. They chatted about Josslyn's recovery, then Starr said she had to tell Michael something about Trey. Michael went off on a rant about Trey using Kristina. Starr calmed him down and said Trey told her something. Michael interrupted and said Trey came onto Starr, didn't he. Starr said Trey was only interested in Kristina, but he was keeping a secret from her. Starr told Michael about Trey's dad being in jail and about him and Sonny having a past. Michael noted that it must not be good if Trey was hiding it. Starr said Trey swore he didn't know about the connection until recently. She said Trey he wanted to tell Kristina the truth but he was scared she wouldn't believe he didn't know about the history between the families all along. Michael asked if Starr believed him. Starr thought Trey cared about Kristina and wasn't ready to lose her. Michael thought Trey wanted something from Kristina and knew he wouldn't get it if she knew the truth. Starr thought Michael was being paranoid, but Michael said Trey could have known his dad and Sonny were enemies this entire time. Michael called Sonny, but Sonny was too focused on Joe to answer. Starr wasn't sure it was necessary to get Sonny involved. Michael said Sonny needed to know Trey had a tie to one of his enemies. Starr said Trey might not be a threat. She told Michael that Sonny would overreact and forbid Kristina to see Trey, which would cause a setback between Kristina and Sonny. Michael said she was right. He decided to go talk to Trey first.

Trey's apartment: Kristina told Trey she would marry him. She knew her parents wouldn't be happy, and she said she thought she would have gotten married forever to a guy she loved, not as a stunt. She said the reality show brought Trey into her life, so she'd do this for him and his dad. Kristina noticed that Trey didn’t look happy. She didn't understand why he didn't seem enthusiastic about getting married anymore. Trey said he didn’t want to take advantage. Kristina assured him that she knew what she was doing, and it wasn't like she didn't like him. Trey said he liked her, too. He took her hands and said this was great and would help him and his dad so much. Kristina said they should start planning the wedding. She was shocked when Trey said they were getting married tonight in Vegas. Kristina balked and said she didn't even have a dress. Trey said they could get one, but Kristina replied that she wanted to go shopping for a dress with her mom and sisters. Trey tried to compromise and Kristina asked why they suddenly had to get married now. Trey said the production company was pressuring him. Kristina blurted out that she wasn't ready to get married tonight. Trey said he guessed his dad was on his own. Kristina offered to try and convince the production company to hold off on pushing the wedding, but Trey said it wouldn't work. He told Kristina he was going to get sued if he didn't deliver the wedding episode.

Kristina asked if the production company didn't care that Trey's father needed the money for his legal bills. Trey told her his dad was out of jail, because the courts found out he was innocent. Kristina asked why Trey hadn't said anything before and he said he just found out this morning. Kristina asked where his father was, now. Trey said he had to take care of a few things. Kristina didn't understand why they had to get married if his dad was free. Trey remembered Joe telling him that Trey had to marry Kristina to save him from bankruptcy. Trey told Kristina that Joe spent all his money on defense lawyers and Mob Princess. Trey said Kristina was rich, so she didn't understand, but his dad worked his whole life and still didn't have much money and now they might have even less. Kristina wanted to help, but she didn't want to leave while Alexis was in the hospital. Trey said they'd fly out and be back before Alexis got released. Kristina said she thought she'd have some time to ease her parents into the idea of a wedding. Trey pointed out that they'd never let them get married. Kristina said it wasn't up to them, but Trey got her to admit her parents would do their best to stop the wedding. He told her that they couldn't find out about this until the wedding was over. Kristina said her parents would find out at some point. Trey said they could get the marriage annulled before the show aired, so it didn't interfere with Sonny and Kate's wedding. Kristina asked why the production company would accept a wedding that didn't have her family there providing the drama.

Trey said they could use the forbidden love angle. Kristina said while her parents weren't enthusiastic about him, but it wasn't like he was a Zacchara or from another rival family. Trey said he could pretend to be the son of Sonny's enemy and sell the story that they were running off to get married before the families stopped it. He got down on one knee and said the only way the Mob princess could survive was to run away with the Mob prince. Kristina thought this was hilarious. She said it was a compelling story, but it was too bad it was a lie. Kristina decided to marry Trey. She told him his dad was lucky to have him as a son and she was lucky to have him as a soon to be TV husband, then she kissed him. Trey said they had to go get their flight. They ran out of the apartment smiling and straight into Milo. Kristina asked what he was doing there, wasn't one guard enough. Milo said Sonny was just being careful, and he had to go where she went. Trey told Kristina they'd just stay there. They went back inside and Kristina said she guessed they were stuck, but Trey said he'd think of a way to get passed Milo.

Joe called Trey. Trey pretended it was the production company. Joe asked if Trey was on the plane and Trey said they hit a snag. Joe firmly said it was essential that Trey marry Kristina tonight.

Starr and Michael talked to Milo outside Starr's apartment. Milo asked about Michael's guard and Michael said he was waiting outside. Michael told Milo he was glad Kristina was there, because he wanted her to hear what he had to say.

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