GH Update Tuesday 8/21/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/21/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny called Carly from the club to check up on her and Josslyn. Carly was at the hospital. Josslyn was doing fine and was getting released soon. Johnny wanted to be there, so Carly told him she'd call him before she left the hospital. They hung up and a depressed looking Starr walked into the Haunted Star. She said she had something on her mind that she couldn't let go. Johnny asked if this was about what he said at the chapel. Starr said it wasn't; she told him he'd been great the day before. Starr said Michael was overjoyed about Josslyn's recovery and she felt closer to him than ever, but she knew a secret that could affect someone. Johnny realized the secret affected someone close to Michael. Starr said she'd already said too much. Johnny continued to piece things together. He reminded Starr that he overheard her agreeing to keep Trey's secret and he surmised that the secret affected Kristina. Starr sighed that she was terrible at this, but Johnny told her it meant she was fundamentally honest. Starr told Johnny she trusted him enough to talk to him about this. Johnny said he'd be her sounding board. Starr said she wanted to fill that role for Trey, but now she felt like she was lying to Michael. She wondered how someone could sit in the same room as someone they cared about and not tell them the truth. Johnny looked guilty.

Starr said she agreed to keep Trey's secret before she knew it was something Michael might want to know. Johnny advised her to decide which relationship she cared about more. Starr said Trey was sort of her friend, but Michael was so much more than that. Starr knew that if she told Michael the truth, he'd tell Kristina, who would overreact, and Starr didn't want to be responsible for causing tension between Michael and his sister, but she didn't want to lie to Michael, either. Starr said Johnny would never keep a secret from Carly, would he. Starr said she knew Trey was struggling with this. She told Johnny she kept thinking about a conversation they had. Starr remembered guessing that Trey's dad wanted Trey to date Kristina as a way to get back at Sonny. Starr reminded Johnny of his vow to be truthful to Carly from now on. She decided to follow Johnny's example. Johnny told Starr he meant what he said, but that didn't mean Carly knew everything about him. Starr asked if Johnny was keeping something from Carly. Johnny said no, but no one could know everything about someone. Starr knew that there were some things that people needed to keep to themselves, but she still had trouble knowing what those things were sometimes. Johnny believed it was better to keep quiet than to tell a truth that would hurt someone. Starr said telling her secret might prevent someone from getting hurt.

Starr signed some papers and said she couldn't believe the album was finally done after all the ups and downs and losing Cole and Hope. She gave all the credit to Johnny. Johnny said Starr was the one who shared her story through music, and Starr said he made that possible. She'd never imagined being friends with someone like Johnny, and she didn't know if they would have met if all those terrible things hadn't happened. Johnny said buying her contract was one of the best ideas he ever had. Starr thought Johnny was giving a lot more to their relationship than he was getting. Johnny said he made a lot of mistakes and this was his way of giving back to someone he believed in. Starr said he had to stop saying so many nice things or he was going to make her cry. Johnny smiled and said right, they shouldn't get sentimental. Starr said she was going to thank him one last time for all he'd done and for his advice. Johnny said no one ever called him wise, but Starr said thanks to him, she knew what to do about the situation with Trey.

Trey was shocked when Joe arrived at his apartment and announced he was a free man. Trey suggested Joe sue for the months of his life he spent in jail, but Joe said he was ready to move on. Trey said he was just about to go visit Joe; he asked if the charges got dropped because of a lack of evidence. Joe said that and some help from friends in high places. Trey asked if they were going to go after the real killer, and Joe said that unfortunately, Sonny was still free and living the good life, but not for long. Joe said Sonny would never get arrested due to the Scully money and Sonny's power. Joe wanted to know how much progress Trey made with Kristina. He picked up Starr's camisole and patted Trey on the back, but Trey snatched it from his father's hands and said it belonged to his roommate, not Kristina. Joe assumed Trey was getting distracted by Starr, but Trey explained that Starr was dating Kristina's brother and that she was just a good person that he could talk to.

Trey asked where Joe had been, if he got released yesterday. Joe said he'd been doing some follow up with his lawyer. Trey said it was great that Joe was free. Trey urged Joe to go back to New Orleans and pick up where he left off and to forget about getting back at Sonny and let Trey off the hook of having to marry Kristina. He pointed out that Joe said he never wanted any part of Joe Sr.'s business anyway. Joe said he understood why Trey didn't want to marry Kristina while Alexis was in the hospital, but Alexis was fine, now. Trey asked Joe how he knew about Alexis' recovery. Joe said it was all over the papers. Trey called what happened to Alexis and Josslyn twisted and Joe waved it all away and said the important thing was that they were fine now. He changed the subject back to the wedding. Trey didn't understand why Joe wouldn't let it go. Joe said he didn't want to put this all on Trey, but he had big money problems because Trey didn't follow through with the reality show project Joe financed for him. Joe said the wedding had to happen tonight. Joe told Trey he could go to Vegas. Trey was still not on board. He said Sonny was engaged to Kate Howard and Kristina wouldn't like it if they did anything to jeopardize their wedding. Joe insisted that the wedding had to happen now, for Trey's protection, before Sonny caught onto them and realized Trey was Joe Scully III. Joe said Sonny had a lot of power, which was why he was able to frame him so easily. Trey asked if Joe was sure Sonny framed him. Trey said it could have been someone else. Joe said he was sure, and he was hurt that Trey didn't believe him. Joe claimed Sonny pinned the crime on Joe, because he needed someone to take the fall after the cops reopened the case. Joe said he knew he'd piled a lot on Trey these last few weeks, but it was just the two of them, like it was when Trey's mother turned her back on them, and Joe would die if something happened to Trey. Joe told Trey to look up the case if he didn't believe him. Trey said of course he believed Joe, since Joe had no reason to lie to him. Joe said in that case, he had to take Kristina and get married tonight. Joe pulled out his pendant and held up Trey's pendant and swore on their bond that everything he was doing was to protect Trey and safeguard his future. Joe kissed Trey on the forehead and said he had something to do. Joe asked Trey to please do what he asked. Joe left.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny gently told Kate that Joe was free. Kate was upset that Joe managed to escape the consequences again, just like he had when they were kids. She told Sonny she'd hoped she wouldn't have to see the man who raped her again. “You won't” Sonny said in a matter of fact tone. Kate said she thought the case against Joe was strong. Sonny told her about the secret meeting someone had on Joe's behalf. He explained that he was trying to find out more details. Kate wondered where Joe was now. Sonny didn't know, but he didn't think Joe was stupid enough to come to town. Sonny fumed about Joe being out there, free to hurt the people Sonny cared about. Kate told him he couldn't go after Joe, but Sonny snapped that he could if he wanted to. He told her not to worry about it, but Kate told him she didn't like that. Kate felt like she and Sonny brought this on themselves, because they tempted fate by being too happy. She said maybe they shouldn't have gotten engaged. Sonny told her there was nothing wrong with her wanting to be happy or wanting to get married. He vowed that they weren't going to let Joe ruin this. Kate wiped her tears away and said Sonny was right.

Sonny said he wasn't going to let Joe come near her or Sonny's family. Kate asked if Sonny was talking about hunting Joe down and killing him. Sonny said he wanted to, after what Joe had done to Kate, but he knew the violence in his life had affected Kate and he wouldn't jeopardize her recovery that way. Kate said if that was what he meant, she thought they should kill Joe together. Sonny got his hopes up, thinking he would get to kill Joe, but Kate meant “kill” in the figurative sense; she wanted to banish Joe from their lives and remove his power over them. Sonny asked how. Kate said she was going to continue with therapy and learn to come to terms with what Joe did to her and her abandoning her baby to die. Sonny told her she was traumatized and that wasn't her fault, it was Joe's. Kate said she didn't want to think about or talk about Joe, unless she was in therapy. Other than that Joe was dead to her. Sonny asked if she thought that would work and Kate said yes. Kate said Sonny said no violence and she agreed. She wanted to move forward. Sonny did, too. He said they were supposed to be celebrating their engagement. Kate said they missed a lot of years because of that SOB and she didn't want to waste another minute on him. Sonny agreed. He smiled and said he had better ways to spend his time. They slow danced, and Kate said she wanted to tell Olivia about the engagement. Sonny didn't know if she'd be happy about it. Kate told Sonny how Olivia badgered her into going to Sonny when he was in his downward spiral last year. Sonny said he owed Olivia. Kate kissed him goodbye and told him not to leave, because they had a wedding to plan. As soon as Kate left, Sonny called Max and told him to find Joe. Sonny said not to do anything to him, but to let him know when he found the SOB. Joe walked in and said he assumed Sonny was referring to him.

Lulu and Dante were disappointed when the doctor said Lulu wasn't pregnant. The doctor told them Lulu might have had a false positive because she made a mistake taking the test or because it was old. Lulu and Dante shot both of those theories down. The doctor said Lulu may have had a chemical pregnancy – the egg fertilizes but never progresses to the next stage. Lulu said a miscarriage? And the doctor said they don't call pregnancies miscarriages when the pregnancy only lasts a few days. The bottom line was no one really knew why the test read positive. Dante asked the doctor if Lulu was okay. The doctor said Lulu was in perfect health. She told them they were welcome to stay and talk, then she left the room. Lulu said their whole life changed and now they were back to where they started. Dante didn't know if they were back to where they were, but he'd been starting to get used to the idea of having a kid. Dante asked if she was disappointed or relieved. Lulu said when she first thought she was pregnant, she could only think about the negatives – her life was too busy for a baby and they didn't have the money or the space to accommodate a child, but now she felt like she lost something wonderful before she got a chance to know it. She cried and Dante hugged her. Dante talked about how great it felt last night, knowing they had made a person. He apologized and Lulu told him not to, because she felt the same way.

Lulu said they weren't planning to get pregnant, but they built up all these hopes and dreams, then it was gone. Dante said at least they knew they wanted kids. Lulu said they knew that before they got married, but Dante said that was more abstract, but now it was definite – they wanted a baby someday. Lulu said what about trying now. Dante said they could wait until they saved up and moved to a better school district, but Lulu smiled and said she wanted to be pregnant right now. Dante laughed and reminded her she just listed a bunch of reasons why it wouldn't be a good time. Lulu had answers for all of the issues – Johnny could cover for her while she took maternity leave, she had insurance through the police department and they could stick to the bare essentials of baby equipment until they got a bigger place. She said she wanted to make a baby with Dante, the sooner, the better. Both of them looked enthusiastic about the idea.

Kristina found Molly in the hospital chapel. They'd both wanted to give thanks for Alexis' recovery. The sisters gushed about their plans to spoil Alexis once they got her home. Kristina said she hoped things would go back to normal. Molly added that they would, now that Kristina canceled Mob Princess. Kristina's sheepish grin told Molly that the show wasn't over, yet. Kristina said they had one last episode – a wedding. Molly said there was no way Sonny and Kate would let Trey film his wedding. Kristina told Molly she was talking about her own wedding. Kristina said she knew it sounded crazy, but it was complicated. She swore Molly to secrecy. Molly asked why she and Trey were rushing into things. Kristina explained that she and Trey didn’t love each other, so this wasn't going to be a real marriage. They would get legally married, but only to help Trey's dad out of the financial problems he landed in when Trey backed out of the show. Kristina told Molly Trey's dad was framed for a crime and needed the money for his legal fees. Kristina said it wasn't the first time a reality show staged a wedding, and it wasn't like she was hurting anyone. While Molly thought it was nice that Kristina wanted to help Trey's dad, she didn't think it was a good idea for Kristina to put her own parents through this, especially when they just made peace. Kristina said they didn't have to know. Molly pointed out that Sonny and Alexis would find out what Kristina had done when they saw the wedding on TV. Kristina said it wasn't like she was getting married tomorrow; she had time to figure out how to handle things. Molly said maybe Kristina and Trey would fall in love and it would become a real marriage. Kristina said they were getting an annulment as soon as the show aired. She admitted she did like Trey though, or she wouldn't do this. Kristina almost wished she could tell her parents what a good thing she was doing. Molly didn't know if she'd call it a good thing. Kristina said Trey's father had been framed and she was helping Trey help him. She thought even Sonny could appreciate that kind of loyalty.

Kristina dropped by Trey's unannounced and said they needed to talk about the wedding. Trey said he was thinking the same thing.

Todd left the airport and went straight to the hospital looking for Carly. “Why the hell didn't you tell me your daughter was sick?” he demanded. Todd said he had business in Memphis last night, but he would have flown back to town immediately if he'd known Josslyn was sick. Carly explained that she was focused on Josslyn. Todd stammered that he wanted to be someone who helped her. He said he would have felt terrible if Josslyn had died and he wouldn't have been there. Carly thanked him and said last night was scary, but Josslyn was fine now and she had Michael, Jason and Johnny's support the night before. Todd scoffed, but Carly said Johnny took very good care of her. Todd sarcastically said like Johnny took good care of Starr. Carly told Todd he'd been sweet and supportive and asked him not to mess it up by bashing Johnny.

Carly said that Johnny had been great ever since she found out Josslyn was missing. Todd picked up on that and wanted an explanation. Carly told him about Johnny finding Josslyn outside after Carly had put her to bed. Todd immediately blamed Johnny and said none of this would have happened if Johnny weren't in Carly's bed. Carly said that would make it her fault for being distracted. Todd was sure Johnny was responsible and said Johnny was lucky another little girl didn't die because of him. Carly asked what he was talking about. Todd looked alarmed and suddenly remembered he had someplace else to be, but Carly grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving and asked what little girl he meant. Todd said he was talking about Hope. Carly said Johnny wasn't to blame. Todd decided Carly needed to know the truth, but before he could level with her, he remembered Johnny telling Todd he'd tell the truth about the baby switch if Todd ever told anyone Johnny killed Cole and Hope. Todd ended up covering and saying Johnny's actions set everything in motion that caused Connie to cause Anthony's accident. Carly yelled that Todd's reasoning was convoluted. Todd swore that Johnny wasn't who Carly thought and said somehow the truth would come out. Carly reminded Todd that he moved to town to be with Starr because no one else could tolerate him. She said she was trying to be a good friend, but he made it difficult, because he kept bashing her boyfriend. Todd said they could bash someone else. Todd said his paper had a team of private investigators and he could have them look into Josslyn's poisoning. Carly told him that Jason was on the case, which was all the help she needed. Todd made a snide comment about Jason being a hit man. Carly said Jason was her dearest friend and he wouldn't let anyone get away with hurting Josslyn. Todd said he was trying to be Carly's friend. Todd said he never said that, because he was completely selfish. Carly smiled and said so was she, that's why they got along. Todd wanted Carly to tell him what he needed to do. Carly said Todd being there and caring was enough. Todd was surprised that was it. Carly said she didn't call him, but now she knew she could.

Todd left and returned with a variety of drinks for Carly to choose from. She took one. Todd seemed very pleased to be helping out, but his smile faded when Johnny walked in and Carly went over and hugged him. She told him he didn't have to come by this soon. Johnny said he promised Josslyn. Johnny greeted Todd in a friendly tone. Todd said hi. Carly and Johnny walked off hand in hand to wait for the doctor. Todd threw all the drinks in the trash. Kate asked a nurse where Olivia was. The nurse said Olivia was with her doctor and would be back in her room soon. Todd decided the best way to expose Johnny without exposing himself in the process was to help Kate remember that she didn't cause the accident. Todd made small talk with her, then said he had a proposal for her.

Starr called Michael and told him she needed to see him.

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