GH Update Monday 8/20/12

General Hospital Update Monday 8/20/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason runs into Spinelli at the hospital and notices that Spinelli has gifts for the miraculously recovering Jocelyn and Alexis. Jason pulls him into a room and tells him that is what he wants to talk to him about

Sonny is with Kate at the hospital when she expresses that she wonders what type of maniac would have kidnapped both Jocelyn and Alexis and shot them full of chemicals that could have killed them. Not far away, Dr. Keenan overhears them unseen.

Dante finds Lulu and notices she’s worried about the very same thing and asks what would happen if it happened to their kid.

Kate notices Dr. Keenan and suspects nothing, asking him if he heard the joyous news about Alexis and Jocelyn. Sonny tells Dr. Keenan that there is a place in hell for animals like this. Whoever did this to his daughter’s mother and his ex-wife’s daughter is going to pay. But he hopes this is “the end of this”.

Starr and Trey are in their mutual apartment. She tells him now that they know everyone is ok that she’d like to finish the conversation about his dad.

Jerry Jacks is talking to Joe Scully who asks him just what he “plans to do” to everyone in Port Charles, realizing that Jerry has even more diabolical intentions than he has.

John calls Sonny and tells him he’d like to talk to him about Joe Scully right now.

Shawn goes to the hospital with flowers for Alexis and is surprised to see the she’s ready to leave the hospital to get away form her daughters who won’t leave her alone. He asks her if she should not be resting the night after she almost died.

John talks on the phone to Sam about having her mom represent him in his legal matter with his little boy and tells her he wants to find the person who did this to Alexis. Sonny enters and they express their mutual suspicion of each other.

Jason informs Spinelli that he happens to know that somebody injected both Jocelyn and Alexis with some chemical. Spinally tells Jason he cannot understand why someone would want to do that to a little girl and to an officer of the court. Jason suggests that maybe Dr. Keenan would have done just that to them.

Dr. Keenan talks to a happy and positive Kate who tells him that she is ready to commit to Sonny. He was her first love. She’s known throughout her life that Sonny is the one thing that will make her life complete. He tells her he hopes that things work out although he’s less confident than she is. She smiles and tells him she has him to thank for helping her to recover and find herself.

John informs Sonny that Scully is out of jail.

Scully tells Jerry he wants answer about Jerry’s “plan” to almost kill two people and to now reveal that he has no intention of harming them. Jerry then opens a briefcase and shows Joe Scully containers and tells him it’s a very potent chemical form which in a matter of time, all residents of Port Charles will be exposed. Hearing that, Joe Scully demands to know if Jerry is some sort of terrorist and just what his agenda is.

Right then, Starr demands that Trey reveals the “secret” about who his dad is trying to cover up who he really is.

Lulu and Dante talk about possibly getting an ultrasound. He tells her he realizes he does not know a lot about being a father. He did not have one growing up.

Sonny asks John if Scully was released or the charges dropped. John replied the case was dismissed. Sonny protests that he’s wanted, throughout his life, to see Scully brought to justice and it has to happen someday. But John informs Sonny, for the first time, that apparently, Scully has an “assistant”.

Jerry tells Joe Scully that “everyone is expendable”. Scully tells him not everyone.

Trey reveals to Starr for the first time that his dad and Kristina’s dad have a long history and a secret between them.

Kate tells Dr. Keenan that she can credit him for his help in facing the rape and remembering and processing what she had to. She tells him she realizes that she did abandon her son. He never had a mother’s love and she realizes she may never be able to face that. He tells her that part of the recovery process is letting go of guilt because there are always things beyond one’s control. When she continues to graciously praise him for all of the heroic things he did, he snaps at her not wanting to hear that and realizing he has his own guilt and secret.

Spinelli asks Jason what his theory is about how both Alexis and Jocelyn got kidnapped and injected and how he believes that Dr. Keenan would be involved. Jason tells Spinelli he happens to know that there is some sort of connection about Dr. Keenan either being set up by the same person who kidnapped Alexis or else Dr. Keenan is lying.

Alexis tells Shawn she really appreciates all he’s done for Molly but does not want him to fuss or feel obligated to her. He tells her that he was talking to Mac. She tells him that Mac is a good friend of hers’ but he has this idea about renewed romance with his ex-wife so he kind of wants everyone to “pair up”. She assumes that Shawn is seeing someone else and they have no future together. But he reveals to her that he has broken up with his most recent relationship. And the reason is he did not want to string another woman along when he has “feelings for someone else”.

Jason reminds Spinelli that the night of the murder of Lisa Niles, Dr. Keenan pulled Elizabeth out of the water and left her there. Spinelli tells Jason he has no suspicions of Dr. Keenan but knows that maybe Jason has “biased” feelings regarding Elizabeth, Carly and Alexis.

Right then, while talking to Kate who praises her “doctor”, Dr. Keenan cannot listen any more to her believing he’s such a hero. He demands she gets out of his office. He tells her he will refer her to someone else and cannot treat her anymore.

Trey admits to Starr there are many things about his father’s past that he has not known until recently. She asks why he wants his son to marry Kristina if he has a past with Kristina’s father. That sounds a bit “fishy”.

John McBain informs Sonny that he has been investigating Scully in New York City and about his visitors while he’s been in jail. And that’s where it “gets strange”.

Alexis tells Shawn that he is “very sweet” with his concern but it’s totally unnecessary. And he’d be doing her a big favor if they can end this conversation. She admits she’s been embarrassing herself. He tells her of course he can do what she asks but he has a question for her. Will she go out with him?

Dante talks to Lulu about growing up fatherless. She tells him that she has thought about her mom and what her life has been without a mom. But they conclude that they can figure out the “parenting” thing together. Right then, a foreign doctor invites them into her office. They tell her about the surprise pregnancy. The test revealed it but they want to make it official and confirmed by a doctor before telling their families.

Sonny asks John what was so “strange” about Joe Scully's visitors. John tells Sonny that although they both know that Joe has had many visitors throughout the years he’s been in prison, there’s been no record of it. And, John concludes, that has to be because Scully and his “accomplice” need to keep a very important secret.

Joe protests to Jerry that he won’t let him harm his son. Jerry smugly tells him that he has to keep his son as far away from Port Charles as possible.

While talking to Starr and remembering his dad telling him he has to marry Kristina, he wonders how to answer Starr’s questions regarding that.

Sonny asks John just whom Joe’s secret “associate” is. John admits he does not know. But the answer to that might answer a lot of unanswered questions they have about many other things.

Spinelli tells Jason that he needs to know that Elizabeth trusts and spends time with Dr. Keenan so she might not appreciate Jason spying upon him and suspecting him. Jason tells Spinelli that Elizabeth’s safety is more important to him than that.

Kate is shocked and demands to know why Dr. Keenan has suddenly told her he can no longer be her doctor. He tells her he’s made some tragic mistakes. She tells him that maybe that’s why he has been so gracious and not judged her. Were it not for him, she would not be able to walk free. She trusts him. And she needs to know what is going on. She reminds him that she knocked him out and almost killed him when he was treating her and she let Connie out. She has done some other really “bad” things to him. Yet he’s helped her and overlooked that. So, if he has a secret, he needs to trust her and know that she will not betray his trust nor judge him.

Alexis tells Shawn that she assumes that he is only offering “charity” because she’s sick. He tells her that he likes her and wants to get to know her. She admits that the time they spent together playing pool was fun. But the fact that he’s a “nice guy” and has principles, that he’s fought the demons and triumphed, is the reason she’s afraid if they got together, it would not work.

Kate urges Dr. Keenan to tell her what his secrets are. He then sounds like he’s going to “smooth things over” with her. She tells him that when she came to terms with what she did she thought it would be impossible to forgive herself much less expect anybody else to forgive her. But Sonny and her friends and he all did that. So, she doesn’t understand why he does not believe if did wrong at some point in his life, that he can find love and forgiveness just like she has. He tells her he’s afraid it’s too late for him. She tells him it’s never too late. She leaves his office and he is very unsettled.

Spinelli asks Jason just what type of investigation he wants him to do with Dr. Keenan. Jason tells Spinelli he could check Dr. Keenan’s medical records, hack into his computer, find out what ties he may have to Alexis and/or Jocelyn and/or any of the people whom Dr. Keenan has had such mysterious connections to.

John admits to Sonny that they are both at a “stand still” not knowing who this mysterious accomplice of Joe Scully is but they must find him.

Starr urges Trey to tell him his secret regarding his dad, Sonny and Kristina.

The doctor reveals to Lulu and Dante that there might be something “not right” about the pregnancy.

Alexis “stumbles” over her words with Shawn and reveals to him that, for some reason, it would not “work” for the two of them to have a relationship. The reason is the only types of relationships she has are with whack jobs. Sonny is one example. Molly’s father, Rick Lansing was another messed up man she got mixed up with. And “her most recent boyfriend” (Jerry Jacks?) was a psycho-path. Shawn is an honorable, stable, sane and good man. So she knows it would just not be “fitting” for the two of them to be together. But she admits she would like to have dinner with him.

The doctor confirms that Lulu is not pregnant.

John finds Jason, informs him that Scully is out of prison and asks if he has any leads on who poisoned Alexis and Jocelyn.

When Dr. Keenan leaves his office, unsuspecting, Spinelli sneaks into the hallway, picks the lock to his office door and gets into Dr. Keenan’s computer, as Jason has asked him.

When Jerry Jacks is alone in his place, he coughs and appears to be getting sick and takes some prescribed drugs.

Sony is alone at the bar when Kate returns. He tells her he has some bad news about Joe Jr. The man who raped her is out of jail.

Trey goes to see his father.

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