GH Update Friday 8/10/12

General Hospital Update Friday 8/10/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is at Wyndemere shocked to see Jerry alive.  When she says Jerry was supposed to have been dead; he comments he couldnít be dead without seeing her again.

Ewen is at the hospital.  He is flashing back to his conversation with Jerry.  Jerry has ordered him to kidnap Josslyn.  Dante and Kate break him out of his thoughts.  They need to talk to him about what is going on.

Maxie is handing Lulu a pregnancy test.  She says they can know in 5 minutes if Lulu is pregnant.

Carly is at home reading Josslyn ďThe Little Train That CouldĒ.   There is a knock at her door.  She gives Josslyn the book to read while she goes to answer it.  It is Johnny.  Carly asks him where he has been.  She has been trying to call him at the Haunted Star.  Johnny informs Carly he was in jail in Atlantic City.  He clarifies that he was just visiting, Joe Scully Jr.

Trey is at Joeís prison cell.  Joe notices Treyís face and insists on knowing what happened to him.  Trey is trying to blow it off as if it looks cool.  Joe is losing it demanding to know if it was Sonny who beat him up.  Trey says he is fine, but Joe goes off.  He is going to have Sonny killed for having Trey beaten.  Trey stops him and tells him Sonny only hit him because of Kristina.

Kristina walks into Kellyís to meet Sonny.  He compliments her on how she looks.  She doesnít think it is fair for him to try and distract her with compliments.  Sonny thinks he is speaking the truth.  Kristina is also worried about the boxing match he had with Trey.  Sonny was only trying to get to know Trey better.  Kristina asks if Sonny hit him in the face.  He did, but only because Trey took a swing and didnít connect.  Sonny thinks they both enjoyed themselves so everything is fine.  Sonny didnít ask Kristina to Kellyís to talk about Trey.  Kristina is relieved Sonny is respecting her boundaries.  Sonny needs Kristinaís advice.

John and Sam are hugging in the living room of the lake house, when Jason walks in.  He wants to know what is going on.

Sam explains it isnít what Jason thinks.  Jason thought McBain went back to Llanview to be with Natalie and Liam.  John explains he did go back.  Sam answers for John informing Jason that John is there because Alexis is representing him on a case.  Jason wants to know what the charges were.  John comments Jason must not read the papers.  Sam goes on to tell Jason John was arrested for assaulting Todd.  Jason wonders why John would go after Todd.  John looks to Sam to respond.  She gives in a tells Jason about Todd sending the photo of herself and Todd kissing to Natalie.

Kate and Dante tell Ewen Olivia seems fine.  She is fussing about getting released.  Ewen assumes that is what they want to know.  Dante doesnít want to know when she will be released.  Instead they tell Ewen about Oliviaís Ďepisodesí.  They explain her seeing Heatherís image in the mirror, and her thinking Lulu was 9 months pregnant. 

Lulu doesnít think taking the test is necessary.  She is not the type of woman to monitor every little thing that happens in her body.  She is confident she is not pregnant.  Her and Dante use birth control.  Maxie canít believe she uses it every single time.  Lulu  thinks the odds are totally against her being pregnant.  Maxie thinks there is still a possibility so why not know for sure.

Ewen explains there may be residue effects of the LSD.  Some people experience Ďacid flashbacksí.  He thinks it is what Olivia is experiencing and attempts to leave.  Dante stops him and asks if there is a way to stop them from happening.  Unfortunately there is no way to stop them, however they become less frequent over time.  Dante rails about Heather.  He wants her in a padded cell for the rest of her life for what she did.  Kate comforts him and says Olivia will be fine.

Alexis tells Jerry she was told he was shot and then fell into the river and drown.  Jerry jokes he is a very strong swimmer.  Alexis wants to know why Jerry is back.  Jerry thinks Alexis is being abrupt.  He would like to chat and catch up.  His mother is doing well, although he doesnít see her much.  Alexis does not want to play Jerryís games.  They are not old friends, and she is not interested in catching up.  Jerry thinks he and Alexis were much more than friends.  Alexis reminds Jerry there is a warrant out for his arrest.  Again she wants to know why he is back.  He tells her he is back for her.

Johnny enters Carlyís house and gives Josslyn a hello.  Carly interrupts their greeting and reminds Johnny Scully has been dead for years.  Johnny clarifies that is it Joe Jr. he went to see.  Joe is being held on murder charges.  He told Johnny he was set up.  Carly wonders what Joe wants with Johnny.  Johnny explains they both come from the same business and both hate Sonny.  Joe wants help from someone to bring Sonny down. 

Joe wants to know why Sonny hit Trey.  Trey explains it was a friendly contest.  Joe doesnít think it looked friendly.  Trey informs Joe that Sonny boxes and he invited Trey to a friendly competition.  It was to help him get to know Trey better since he is dating Kristina.  Joe guesses Sonny had Trey picked up by his goons and dragged to the gym.  Trey confirms saying Joe knows Sonny well.  Joe thinks Sonny has been an arrogant bully his whole life.  How dare he force Trey into the ring when he has never boxed a day in his life.  Trey doesnít think it was all that bad; after all, he did get one good punch in.  Joe threatens Sonny will pay for this and everything else he has done to him.  Trey thinks it worked out in his favor.  Kristina showed up and sided with Trey.  This makes Joe slightly happy.  He comments Sonny is going to push Kristina right into Treyís arms.  He calms down and asks when he and Kristina are getting married.  Trey slows him down.  He and Kristina just started seeing each other.  They are going to take things slowly.  Joe canít understand why Trey would take things slow, especially after what he just did to him.  Things are going to get worse if Sonny finds out Trey is Joeís son.  Trey needs to be married to Kristina to protect himself.  Joe thought Trey said Kristina liked him.  Trey agrees they do like each other.  He compliments Kristina.  Trey tells Joe she is a little messed up about her father, but they have a good time together.  Joe tells Trey to propose to Kristina.

Kristina canít remember Sonny ever asking her for advice.  Sonny thinks Kristina is exactly the person who can help him out with what he needs.  Kristina thinks it is about Michael and Starr.  Kristina doesnít really like Starr, but she seems to make Michael happy, and you canít argue with him about it.  Sonny doesnít fault Michael for getting involved with Starr.  Kristina canít believe how evolved Sonny has become.  Sonny would get involved if there were trouble in it for Michael; just like he would if there were trouble in store for Kristina with Trey.  Kristina comments their conversation was going well until now.  She puts a menu up, and Sonny gently takes it away.  He tells Kristina if you love someone, you hope it is the beginning of something and not the end.  She agrees.  Sonny begins digging in his pocket for something.  He shows Kristina an engagement ring and announces he is going to ask Kate to marry him.  Kristina is so happy.

Carly asks Johnny why Joe would want to take Sonny down.  Johnny tells Carly Joe is upset because Sonny took Joeís fatherís business from him.  Carly knows a little bit about what went on with Scully.  She explains Sonny got his start working in a club for Joe Sr., in New York City.  Then Sonny left for Port Charles and they lost touch.  Johnny tells Carly Joe Jr. thinks Sonny killed his father.  Carly defends Sonny saying Joe Sr. moved to Port Charles and tried to take over Sonnyís business.  Johnny thinks Sonny didnít want to share, so he shot him.  Carly thinks Johnny is oversimplifying what happened.  It was also a long time ago.  Joe Jr. hasnít forgotten.  He wants to get even with Sonny and take everything back.  Carly realizes Joe wants Johnny to help him.  Johnny concedes.  Carly theorizes Joe will cut Johnny out when he is done, and Port Charles will be a blood bath.  Johnny turned Joe down.

Trey would do anything for Joe.  Joe just wants Trey to get on with it and propose.  Trey thinks Kristina would laugh at him if he proposed now.  It is too soon.  Joe thought Kristina was all over Trey.  Trey disagrees, and said he just said she liked him.  Kristina is not an idiot.  Trey is not going to be able to just steam roll her.  Trey tells Joe about Kristinaís past with Kiefer and how he used to beat her.  Joe argues there are always two sides to every story, and it is possible she isnít telling the truth.  Trey argues no one deserves to be treated that way.

Kristina is happy for Sonny and Kate.  She reminds Sonny the last time they tried to get married, Kate was shot.  Kristina wonders if Kate is strong enough to deal with the memories of that day and her DID.  Sonny is going to make sure Kate is safe.  Kristina asks if they have been talking about it.  Sonny says the ring is a total surprise.  Kristina thinks it is obvious how much they love each other, but Kristina worries Kate may not say yes. 

Kate wants to know if there is anything they can be doing for Olivia.  Ewen wants them to keep doing what they are doing.  Dante is angry.  If Olivia doesnít recover from this, someone is going to pay.  Kate suggests Dante go get Olivia some gelato.  He agrees and asks Kate to tell Lulu he will be back soon. 

Lulu tells Maxie she and Dante want a family, however they would do it based on a time table.  They want a house first.  Maxie wonders how she could be thinking about real estate right now.  Lulu remembers how horribly Dante reacted to the news Lulu was going into business with Johnny.  Maxie tells her to slow down.  She should take the test first.  Lulu insists she is not having a baby because she and Dante have not even discussed it.  Maxie reminds her they are newlyweds, anything is possible.  Either way, Lulu has missed a period, so something else could be wrong.  Lulu needs to take the test.

Johnny reminds Carly he is done with his past life.  He has everything he ever wanted.  He will not risk losing Carly.  Carly asks him not even for revenge.  He tells her she is the one who told him revenge isnít worth it.  Carly is shocked Johnny listened to her.  Spending time with Carly and her family is the most important thing to him now.  Scully will have to bring Sonny down without him.  Carly doesnít think Scully can do anything from his jail cell.  Johnny will not be helping him.

Alexis canít believe Jerry came back for her.  She wants to know what he means.  Jerry cares about Alexis and he always has.  She wonders why he tried to kill all the people she loved then.  It wasnít personal.  Jerry was either paid to do it, or that person was in the way.  Alexis sarcastically says that explains everything.  No matter what Jerry does to other people, it doesnít affect how he feels for Alexis.  She tells Jerry she loathes him.  Jerry wonders if she feels the chemistry between them.  He touches her arm.  Alexis thinks it is pathetic for Jerry to think he can just show up and she will forget how insane he is.  She cannot forget how much he has hurt people, including Jax.  Jerry wants to know if Alexis is sure she doesnít want him.  She is sure.  He thinks Alexis is lying and pulls her in closer.

Jason wonders how Todd got the photo.  Sam doesnít think it matters.  He comments it must have mattered to John since he was charged with assault.  Jason wants to know what Natalie thought of the picture.  She left John and took their baby.  Jason canít connect how this is Toddís fault.  Sam interrupts that the kiss didnít mean anything.  Jason asks McBain for confirmation.

Lulu runs into Dante in the hall of the hospital.  He asks where she is going.

Ewen praises Kate on her handling of Dante.  He knows they are all going through a rough time with Olivia and he thinks she really calmed Dante down.  Kate says it has been a long time since she has felt strong enough to support someone else.  Ewen thinks Kate is almost fully intergraded.  Kate still knows she cannot be fully whole until she remembers shooting out Anthonyís tires. Kate wonders if she is still a danger to Sonny. 

Kristina admires the ring Sonny has bought Kate.  She would love a ring just like it when she gets engaged.  She notes not quite as big as Sonnyís ring.  Sonny jokes she better get ready for a much smaller ring.  If it is Trey she is going to get engaged to, he cannot afford a ring like this.  Sonny tells Kristina marriage is a serious commitment.  If a guy cannot afford a ring, then he cannot afford to give Kristina the life she deserves.  Kristina and Trey have just started dated.  They have not talked about rings at all.  Kristina reminds Sonny Trey has graduated from Yale.  He is very smart and probably has something in the works for his future.

Joe knows Sonny will not beat up his own son in law.  Trey must hurry up and get Kristina to marry him.  Joe doesnít think Trey and Kristina have to stay together forever.  He just wants them together long enough so they can join their assets.  Trey is reluctant to marry Kristina under false pretenses.  He thinks she has been hurt enough and doesnít want to hurt her anymore.  Joe compares his issues with those of Kristina.  He too has gone through a lot.  Trey reminds Joe they made it through all their problems, and the murder charges are never going to stick.  Joe informs Trey when he gets out of jail, Sonny will come after him.  He will have to run and they will never see each other again.  The only way to avoid this is to get Kristina involved.  Trey wishes there was another way.  Joe says there just isnít.

Carly is proud of Johnny for walking away.  Johnny says he didnít completely walk away.  He had money from the strip club and he stashed some other money away, so financially he is okay.  Carly is so happy to not have to worry about mob related business affecting her and her children.  When she was with Sonny she would worry every time the phone rang hoping no one was shot.  She had to put Morgan in military school to keep him safe.  She is happy Jax is Josslynís father.  Sonnyís enemies donít want her.  Now with Johnny out of the business he can bring any danger to her.  Josslyn is safe.

Kate still worries if Connie is still around she may try to hurt Sonny again.  Ewen agrees while it may be possible for Connie to resurfaces, he doubts it will happen.  He assures Kate she is safe.  She has made great progress.  Kate feels so much better.  She feels as if she can trust herself again.

Alexis breaks her kiss with Jerry and slaps him.  Alexis tells Jerry anything she ever felt for him was based on a lie.  Jerry disagrees.  He says their closest moments are when he told her the awful truth.  Alexis made herself believe since he was Jaxís brother, he must have some good in him.  Jerry thinks that could be true.  Maybe he is waiting for the right person to bring the good out in him.  Alexis doesnít think Jerry came back for her, but he reiterates he did.  He wants her company.  Alexis explains as an officer of the court, she must call the police and let them know he is there.  Jerry laughs and tells her to go right ahead.

Sam is frantically explaining to Jason Johnís reasons for being there.  It is all about him trying to get his son back and nothing to do with seeing Sam.  Jason calmly tells her this is not why he came to the house.  John thinks they should talk.  He has things to do. Sam stops him and begs him not to run to Llanview and make everything worse with Natalie.  He thanks her and wishes her luck.  After he leaves, Sam acknowledges things are hard for Jason.  She doesnít want to make it worse.  She wants to know what he wanted to talk about.  Jason wants to talk about their relationship.  Every time they try to talk something gets in the way.  Sam agrees.  They decide to talk.

Dante asks Lulu how Patrick is doing.  She hasnít seen him.  Dante asks why not, just as Maxie comes racing up from behind them.  She explains Lulu was helping her with a wardrobe malfunction.  Dante has to get the gelato to his mom before it melts.  Lulu thanks Maxie for covering for her.  Maxie insists she take the test.  Maxie continues to point out signs Lulu may be pregnant.  Lulu pleads with her to stop.  Maxie tells Lulu she and Dante should have a conversation about starting a family.  Especially with whatever the test reveals.  Lulu gets annoyed and leaves.

Johnny does blame Joe for reaching out to him.  He understands there was a time when he would have been willing to help him.  Carly reminds him not anymore.  Johnny credits Carly with helping him make the change in his life.  Carly thinks Johnny is giving her too much credit.  Johnny begins to tell Carly how much her support means to him.  Carly reminds Johnny she was no angel.  She has done her share of horrible things.  She looks at every day as a new chance to get it right.  She thinks Johnny could do it on his own without her support. 

Alexis is rambling on how horrible Jerry is; all the while trying to get her cell phone to work.  He argues that he does have a soul and Alexis has seen it.  She wonders what Jerry has done to her phone.  He explains it is not the phone, it is the satellite that he has moved which is the problem.  Alexis attempts to leave, however the door is locked.  She demands Jerry unlock the door.  He asks or what?  She is done and wants to leave.  Jerry informs her he is not done at all.

Ewen explains to Kate sometimes people do things for reason that are beyond their control.  Kate is thinking about abandoning her son.  She knows that people are saying she was traumatized, however it is no excuse and she needs to accept it.  Ewen tells Kate she is braver than he is.  She praises him for helping her face the truth so she can move forward and heal.  Ewen has to leave, but he wants to talk to Kate more at their next session.

Kristina is happy for Sonny.  Sonny is happy Kristina approves of the ring.  He notes they have had an entire conversation without arguing once.  He is starting to think Kristina likes him.  Kristina admits she has said some horrible things to him, but she does love him.  Sonny didnít think it would take as long as it did for him and Kate to get to this point.  He says sometimes you have to go through tough times to realize what you have.  He promises nothing will ever come between him and Kate again.  Kristina notices John come in the door.  She wishes nothing would come between Sam and Jason.  John greets Sonny, and Kristina interrupts stating she knows what happened between John and Sam.  She tells him to back off.  John informs Kristina he has no intention of coming between Sam and Jason.  What happens with them is all up to them. 

Sam wants to know what they should do now.  The talk over their situation as it is now.  Jason notes Sam is still wearing her ring.  She notices Jason is not.  He quickly pulls it out of his pocket and says he can put it back on.  She doesnít know what Jason wants her to say.  She loves him, but she doesnít know if it is enough any more.  Jason knows he hurt Sam.  He reiterates he is part of the reason she lost her baby.  He never wanted anything to happen to the baby and he would give up everything for her to have her baby back.  All he can do is say he is sorry.  Jason remembers how they used to feel about each other.  He wonders if they can get back to that place.  He is willing to try whatever it takes to give them another chance.  He asks for Samís forgiveness.

Sam knows she should say yes, but she doesnít know if she can.  Every time she sees a baby she feels her pain all over again.  She loves Jason, but she canít help but blame him.  She feels as if she always will.  Jason has to stop if all he is to her is a reminder of losing her baby.  Sam canít help but think if the baby lived things would be different.  She would be able to forgive him because she would see how much Jason really did love him.  Even if Sam could forgive Jason, she also has her friendship with John now.  She is not going to turn her back on him.  The reason his is in this mess is because of her as well.  Sam cannot let John lose his baby.  She asks if Jason can accept Samís friendship with John.  He doesnít know.

John and Sonny begin to discuss Joe.  The DA has indicted him, but no court date has been set.  Sonny reminds John if they do things his way and Joe gets off, no one gets what they want.  John wonders if Sonny is admitting he is going after Joe.  Sonny informs John Joe has threatened his children.  He tells John he went to see Scully in prison.  Scully started rattling off Sonnyís kids name and asked how Sonny would feel if something happened to one of them.  John understands why this would bother Sonny.  Sonny tells John his way didnít work, so now they are going to do it his way.  He will not let Joe come near his family.  John contends if Joe gets off, he is all Sonnyís.

Kristina is leaving a message for Trey.  She tells him she is at Kellyís and for him to meet her.

Joe jokes how Kristina just called him.  Trey reminds Joe they have only kissed.  Joe jokes about dating in Ďhis dayí.  Trey mocks he has never even seen Joe on a date.  Joe tells Trey he had him to take care of.  Trey doesnít want Joe blaming him for his lack of a love life.  Joe promises to show Trey how it is done, once he is out of prison and has gotten what is his.  Trey takes a pass.  Joe advises Trey to keep focus and they will be all set.  He wants to do something positive with his fatherís money.  Joe tells Trey he is the only person that matters to him.  Trey agrees to propose.

Carly comes down from putting Josslyn down for her nap.  She notes it is hard to get her to go to sleep, but once she is out, she can sleep through anything.  Johnny wonders how long she will be asleep.  Carly tells him about an hour.  They want to find a way to pass the time.  They begin kissing.  Ewen is outside the door asking aloud for forgiveness.  He has no choice.

Alexis asks Jerry if he is going to shoot her.  He says no.  She wants to know what Jerry has in store for her.  Jerry muses how he has missed Alexisí attitude swings.  He takes out a handkerchief and pours a liquid on it.  Alexis begins to panic and tries to break open the door.  Jerry yells for her to relax.  He is not going to hurt her.

John is by himself looking at the restraining order, then a picture of Natalie and Liam.  He tells Liam he misses him.  He gets up and leaves.

Trey walks into Kellyís.  Kristina is happy to see him.  She informs him he just missed Sonny.  She asks Trey what is wrong.

Sonny meets up with Kate at the hospital.  They kiss hello.  She tells him they were kicked out of Oliviaís room, but they could wait.  Sonny has a better idea.

Lulu comes back from taking her test.  Maxie is dying to hear the results.  Dante walks in interrupting them.  He asks if they have fixed the wardrobe malfunction.  Maxie tells him everything is fine and asks about his mother.  Dante informs her Olivia is sleeping.  Maxie begins to leave.  She tells them they should talk.  Dante thinks Maxie is strange.  Lulu blows it off and asks how Olivia like the gelato.  He says everything was good, and why donít they leave.  Lulu agrees and bolts.

Sonny has something he wants to show Kate, but it is a surprise.  He leads her out of the hospital.

Alexis and Jerry struggle and she tries to get out another door.  He grabs her and puts the cloth over her face.

Johnny and Carly are kissing.  Carly suggests they go upstairs.  Ewen walks in the front door.

Sam loves how honest Jason is.  They are holding hands.  She wishes everything could be different.  She says she doesnít know if she can forgive him and he doesnít know if he can accept her friendship with John.  Jason says they can only move forward.  They release their hands.  Sam begs Jason to say what she canít.  He does.  He says they need to get a divorce.

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