GH Update Thursday 8/9/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/9/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is hovered over a garbage can in the hospital throwing up.  Maxie comes from behind and asks if she is okay. 

Jason and Spinelli are in the gym.  Spineilli is thanking Jason for his willingness to train him in boxing.  Jason recalls the last time he tried to train Spinelli it didnít go so well.  Spinelli needs to try harder this time.  He has joined an online dating service and the other men are all buff.  Jason thinks the photos are fake.  Spinelli canít believe people would stoop so low to present themselves as something they are not, no matter how desperate for love you are.  Spinelli compares himself to a phoenix rising from the ashes of his burned love life.

Alexis walks into the front door of the lake house.  Sam asks if John made bail.  Alexis says ask him.  In walks John.  Alexis and John explain he didnít need to make bail.  Todd dropped the charges.

Todd is looking at the headline of the Sun in his office.  He thinks it is a shame he let John go because it was a great headline.  Carly comes prancing in.  Todd tells her if she is there to get him to back off John, he has already dropped the charges.  Todd thought Carly would like to know; she seemed worried about John.  Carly was worried about Todd, not John.  She thought he was not thinking clearly on the consequences of having John arrested, and how it would affect him.  She wonders what changed his mind.  He begrudgingly tells her it wasnít her.

Liz is taking Patrickís blood pressure in his hospital room.  She lets Patrick know she just dropped Emma off at daycare.  He wants to know how she is doing.  Liz informs him she misses him, but Mac and Felicia are keeping her very busy.  He canít wait to get home.  Liz doesnít think it will be long now.  His pressure is good and his lab work came back clean.  Ewen will be very happy.

Ewen walks into Wyndemere calling for Jerry.  He comes in to the room right behind Ewen.  He is reprimanding Ewen for being late.  Ewen has other responsibilities.  Jerry asks how Elizabeth is doing.  Ewen tells him Liz has nothing to do with this.  Jerry wonders how for a psychiatrist he continues to show exactly what he is thinking, making Jerryís job so much easier.  Ewen wants to know what Jerry wants.  He tells Ewen for him to do his job.

Patrick cannot wait to get out of the hospital.  He tells Elizabeth he knows this is only the first step.  He still needs therapy to deal with the addiction and coming to terms with Robinís death.  Liz notes the lack of denial in Patrickís tone.  Patrick tells her this is what her Dr. Keenan has taught him.  Liz questions Patrickís use of Ďmyí Dr. Keenan.  Patrick thinks that is what he is. 

Jerry has Ewen to thanks for pulling off Robinís kidnapping and Ďdeathí.  Ewen is thinking how difficult it is treating Patrick, who is falling apart over Robinís death.  Jerry notes Robin was a necessary part of a plan.  Ewen is disgusted with Jerry talking about Robin as if she is a chess piece in a game.  She is a human being and an innocent woman.  Jerry thinks the innocent are the ones who suffer the most.  Ewen remarks that is why you should show them compassion.  Jerry reminds Ewen his compassion is selective.  He doesnít give it to everyone.  Jerry wants to get down to work.  Ewen refuses to hurt another innocent person.  Jerry tells him he should be okay with his next assignment then.  Jerry pulls out a picture of Carly. 

Carly asks who talked Todd out of pressing charges on McBain.  He tells her it was Starr.  She threatened to disown him.  Carly didnít know it was possible for kids to disown their parents.  Todd didnít want to take any chances.  He was so looking forward to his day in court, not as the defendant.  Carly explains all Todd has managed to do is make all the other cops mad and want revenge.  McBain was never going to go to jail over punching Todd in the first place.  Todd isnít worried about the police. He tells Carly he hasnít done anything illegal lately.  Carly reminds him how he told her everyone has a secret.  He agrees and says maybe it was a good thing to let John off the hook.  Carly wants to know what is next for Todd.  He is unsure what she means.  She tells him he came to Port Charles for a fresh start and he has done that.  He has a new address, a new business, now he needs a new woman.

Sam asks John what made Todd change his mind.  John doesnít know and doesnít really care.  When Sam asks if John still intends to go after Natalie, he responds with he is on the next flight to London after he gets his passport.  Sam wants to know if John heard from his connection in the state department.  John was unable to take calls while he was in lock up, so he needs to go check his messages.  When he leaves the room, Sam thanks Alexis for everything she has done.  Alexis thinks John is an honorable guy.  Sam agrees.  Sam wants John to go to London and try and fix things with Natalie.  Alexis asks if that is what she really wants.  Of course she wants John and Natalie to work things out.  Alexis points out they are both in denial about what is happening between them and she and John need to talk about it.  John returns.  He tells Alexis and Sam he doesnít need his passport because Natalie and Liam are back in Llanview. 

Patrick doesnít want to embarrass Elizabeth.  When Liz jokes about the lack of confidentially regarding her life, Patrick just wants her to know that she is a big part of his family; especially after Robinís death.  Liz agrees.  He wants to be happy with someone like Ewen.  He doesnít want to see her pining for someone who is unavailable.

Jason is giving Spinelli lessons on the punching bag.  When it is Spinelliís turn to hit it, he proceeds to look like an idiot.  Jason stops him immediately.  All the other guys in the gym are laughing at him.  He tells Spinelli to focus and shows him again how to do it.  Spinelli claims the bag hurts when he hits it.  Jason suggests Spinelli think of the bag as if it were someone he can stand.  Spinelli immediately thinks of Matt.  He doesnít think bashing in Mattís face would do any good anyway, because even in prision, Maxie still would prefer him over Spinelli. 

Maxie orders Lulu into a hospital room.  She wants her to sit down while she gets her water.  Lulu protests she is fine.  Lulu thinks it may be the breakfast burrito she had from the taco truck.  Maxie loves the taco truck, and says they got an A rating.  Lulu may have a bug, instead.  Maxie notes no cough, chills, or fever.  When Lulu says how quickly the nausea came on, what else could it be.  Maxie smiles big and wonders if Lulu is pregnant.

Maxie doesnít think it is far-fetched to think Lulu could be having morning sickness.  Lulu notes it is afternoon, and Maxie is not the first person to think she was pregnant today.  She explains to Maxie her visit with Olivia.  She tells her Olivia was hallucinating Lulu nine months pregnant.  Lulu brushes it off as a side effect of the LSD.  Maxie doesnít think that makes it untrue.  Maxie thinks the LSD could have given Olivia a sixth sense.  She is happy Lulu may be really pregnant.

Jason continues to help an inept Spinelli.  Spinelli doesnít think picture Matt is helping at all.  He tries to show Spinelli one more time.  He sends him around the bag to hold it.  Jason gives the bag a big punch which throws Spinelli into the wall.  While Spinelli continues to hold the bag while Jason is punching it, he speculates about his feeling on Matt.  He doesnít think he wants to hurt Matt, he just wishes he didnít exist.  He doesnít really want to reconcile with Maxie.  He thinks his feelings for her are out of habit.  Jason begins to think about seeing John and Sam at Robinís funeral, and at Johnís hotel room, and kissing on the 4th of July.  Spinelli all the while is talking about his own feelings for Maxie.  Jason is beginning to punch the bag harder and harder.  Spinelli asks to take a break but Jason is ignoring him.  Finally Spinelli lets go of the bag and Jason accidentally punches him, forcing Spinelli to the ground.

Sam hopes everything works out with Natalie.  John does too.  She wishes him safe travels.  They laugh.  He thinks they have spent more time saying goodbye, than actually being apart.  Sam agrees, but she thinks that is going to change.  She thinks when John and Natalie get back together John will forget all about her.  John is going to miss Sam.

Todd reminds Carly how the woman he loves just dumped him and he is heartbroken.  He doesnít ever want to fall in love again.  Carly understands how Todd is feeling.  He doesnít agree or else why would she be talking about this to him.  Todd feels some people are irreplaceable.  Carly agrees and thought she would never find love again after Jax.  She never thought she would find something real with Johnny.  Todd laughs and just thinks it is a lapse of judgment on her part.  Carly wants him to stop making fun of her relationship.  She wants Todd to cut his losses with Blair and move on.  Todd asks if Carly cut her losses with Jax.  Technically they are still married.  She couldnít bring herself to sign the divorce papers and say goodbye.  Todd thinks she should.  He tells Carly to tell him why her marriage fell apart.  Her marriage fell apart for the same reasons everyone elseís does; mistakes, different priorities, mixed messages.  Todd speculates it was really about money.  Jax is rich and probable just wanted to unload Carly.  She defends Jax.  He would never sacrifice his family for money.  Jaxís brother Jerry is the one who would sell his soul for the right price.

Ewen recognizes Carlyís photo.  Jerry explains she is his sister in law.  Ewen speculates what Jerry wants him to do to Carly.  Does he want him to fake her death as well.  Jerry thinks Jax would object to Carly dying under suspicious circumstances.  Although he would love to try it, he is not being paid to kidnap Carly so Jerry is not interested in that.  Ewen wonders if not kidnapping her, then what does Jerry want him to do to Carly.

Todd has done some research on the Jax clan.  He pulls up Jaxís bio on his computer.  Carly wants to know why Todd would research them.  He starts to go into small details about Jax.  He notes information on Jerry is harder to get.  Carly informs him Jerry was a mercenary.  She remembers Jerry holding them all hostage at the hotel.  Todd quips, who hasnít held a hostage in the day?  Carly wonders about his comment and whether or not she wants to know what he means.  No matter what Todd has done, Jerry has done worse.

Ewen is protesting Jerryís request.  He reminds Ewen he doesnít have a choice, or time.  He wants his orders carried out today.  Ewen again says no.  Jerry thinks all things are the right thing to do if looked at from the proper perspective.  Since Ewen needs to do what Jerry says to save his skin, then doing what he is telling him, is indeed the right thing to do.  Ewen calls Jerry a psychopath; not something Jerry hasnít already been called.  He dismisses Ewen to go take care of his task.  Ewen leaves dejected.  Now Jerry wants to remember something more pleasant.  He pulls a picture of Alexis out of his pocket. 

Sam apologizes to John for the mess of his life.  He doesnít think it is necessary.  The kiss was all on him.  Sam tells him they both agreed it wouldnít go any further.  Sam doesnít want to come in between John and his family.  He believes everything Natalie is going through is his fault, not Samís.

Jason brings an ice pack to Spinelli and apologizes.  Spinelli wonders if Jasonís anger toward McBain got in the way of his reflexes hitting the bag.  Jason doesnít know what Spinelli means.  Spinelli didnít want to bring up the subject, but since it seems to be effecting Jason, he would like to talk about Sam and Johnís kiss.  Jason doesnít want to talk about it, but Spinelli continues on anyway.  He asks if Jason seeing the kiss pushed Jason into kissing Elizabeth.  Jason wants to know how Spinelli knows about this.

Elizabeth explains her relationship with Jason to Patrick.  Even after everything they have been through, they are still friends.  She wonít apologize for that.  Patrick doesnít forgive Jason for what happened to Robin, however, if Elizabeth can say Jason wonít be a factor in her relationship with Ewen, he will believe her.  Lizís isnít sure she can say what Patrick wants to hear.

Spinelli thinks it is good John is back home in Pennsylvania.  Spinelli wonders if John is back home, then what is stopping Jason and Sam from getting back together.

Elizabeth is explaining she and Jason will always be connected through Jake.  He will always be a part of her life.  She hopes Ewen can accept it.  Enter Ewen.  He asks what is going on.

Lulu doesnít think it is possible for her to be pregnant.  She and Dante have never even discussed it.  Maxie points out talking about it, has nothing to do with it.  Maxie notes there is an easy way to figure it out.  Has Lulu missed her period?  Lulu hasnít been counting so she doesnít know.  She wants Lulu to start counting.

Carly doesnít want to talk about Jerry anymore.  She doesnít want to talk about the past, she wants to talk about now.  Todd thinks now sucks.  Carly tells Todd she found someone else after Jax, and he can do the same after Blair.  Todd reminisces on his marriages to Blair and Tea.  Blair only wanted him for money.  He had to pay Tea to marry him.  He has done things that make him not built for romance.  Some of it is genetics.  Carly notes Todd is in a new town, he is handsome and rich and a good catch.  She wants to find him the right woman.

John says goodbye to Sam.  Just then a man walks up saying he is looking for John McBain.  He is a process server and he gives John an envelope.

Carly is going to help Todd find the perfect woman.  He again says his perfect woman is preparing to marry someone else.  Carly wants to know what Todd looks for in a woman.  He comments he canít say it out loud.  Todd says she must have a job.  Carly canít understand why a job is necessary when he is so rich himself.  This is the reason why.  Todd doesnít want to share.  She gets on her phone and shows Todd a picture of her doctor.  Todd doesnít like doctors.  Carly moves on to a venture capitalist.  She says she is nice and Todd translates this to mean ugly.  Carly agrees.  She has another idea.  She grabs a copy of Crimson.  There is an article in there about finding the one.  There is a manís survey and a womanís survey.  He wants Carly to do the survey too.

Jerry wonders if Alexis has missed him.  He goes into a coughing fit.  He tells himself they will be reunited soon.

Natalie served John with a restraining order.  Alexis notes the photo must have had a profound effect on Natalie.  John rails that Natalie canít keep Liam from him.  Alexis points out John was never married to Natalie.  Unless he established paternity through the court, John may not have custodial rights to Liam.  John has already missed out on part of Liamís life, he is not going to miss anymore.  Alexis counsels John not to go raging in and try and see Liam.  It would be a violation of the restraining order and be very bad for John.  He understands he hurt Natalie, but she cannot use Liam to punish him.  He goes to leave and Alexis stops him.  Alexis tells him if he goes out there mad he could put himself in a position to lose custody altogether. 

Spinelli thinks Sam is still grieving for the baby and all her other feelings are cloudy.  He tells Jason when he talked to Sam about a reconciliation, she didnít want to discuss it.  Jason then reasons Spinelli must understand the situation.  He does.

Elizabeth informs Ewen Patrickís vitals are good and lab work is clean.  He asks if that is what they were discussing.  Liz says they were just catching up.  Patrick disagrees and tells Ewen he was taking credit for pushing them into taking another chance.  Ewen is grateful.  Patrick wants repayment by being released.  Liz comments on his missing Emma.  Ewen reminds Patrick a short hospital stay does not cure an addiction.  Patrick is well aware of the work that is going to have to come next.  He just doesnít need to be in the hospital to do it.  Ewen wants to keep him for just one more day.  Patrick agrees.  Ewen asks Liz to get Patrickís paperwork ready.  After she leaves, Ewen asks Patrick if they were discussing Jason.

Spinelli is talking about the pain in making the final break.  You tell yourself things will get better in time.  You hope that she lights up when she sees you.  You think maybe when you see each other there will be a rekindled spark.  As much as you want to wait for her to change her mind, you canít live your life in limbo.  Just like he couldnít do it with Maxie. 

Lulu realizes she is late.  Maxie is so excited.  Lulu wants her to calm down.  It could be stress.  She reminds Maxie all the stressful events she has been through lately.  She insists it is the stress.  When Maxie tells her she could also be pregnant, Lulu asks her to stop saying that.  Maxie asks if she doesnít want to be pregnant.

Spinelli understands Jason not wanting to talk about his feelings.  He reminds him that he is his friend too.  He thinks Jason needs someone to talk to more than Sam.  Sam has her family to support her.  Jason wants to know if they are going to box or not.

Patrick informs Ewen that he and Elizabeth were talking about Jason.  Patrick assures Ewen Jason will not be an issue.  Ewen is relieved.  If Ewen screws this up, he only has himself to blame.  Patrick would like permission to go visit Emma down in daycare.  Ewen agrees.  Ewen thanks Patrick for his vote of confidence. 

Lulu and Dante want children in the future but not right now.  They are going through a lot right now.  It is the worst possible timing.  She doesnít know what to do.  Maxie interjects she knows what to do, and tells Lulu to wait here.

Carly and Todd are done with their surveys.  They argue who will go first.  Todd reads the results of his perfect woman.  When he is done, he asks who the description sounds like.  Carly responds, Blair.  Todd disagrees; he thinks it sounds like Carly.  She is spoken for already.

Spinelli has had enough physical activity for one day.  Jason again apologizes for hitting him.  Spinelli knew the risks he took entering the gym.  He is going to go take a hot shower, but wants to say one more thing.  He understands Jason is giving Sam space, but at the same time, she is slipping away.  Jason doesnít want to keep Sam someplace she doesnít want to be.  Spinelli notes he doesnít think Sam knows what she wants, but if there is still a possibility of it working out, shouldnít he find out.

John is on the phone yelling at Clint.  Liam is his son and Natalie cannot take him away from him.  He tells Clint to hire every lawyer in the state, because he is coming for his boy.  He hangs up.  Alexis points out what John just said could be a threat.  John doesnít care.  Clint just told him they are going to take Liam away from him.  Alexis tells him to relax and stop giving them ammunition for custody.  Sam asks if she could talk to Natalie.  Alexis bans Sam from doing that.  It is a horrible idea.  John canít listen to this anymore.  Alexis tells him she will work on establishing all the proper paperwork to prove Johnís paternity, however, it is not going to happen overnight.  Alexis flat out asks John if he wants her help.  He wants to see his son, and he wants Alexis to make it happen.  Alexis leaves to go to the office to look over some paperwork.  Her phone rings.  Jerry pretends to be a groundskeeper at Wyndemere.  He tells Alexis there was a break in and they need to owner to come and do a walk through. 

Maxie returns with a pregnancy test from the gift shop.  Lulu hopes Maxie didnít tell anyone.  She jokes about all the people she told on the way back to the room.  She urges Lulu to go take the test right now.

Spinelli returns from his shower refreshed.  The gym is empty.  He wonders if Jason took his advice and went to see Sam.  He finds on the floor a copy of the Sun, with John on the cover.  It seems McBain is back in town.

Sam comforts John by saying Alexis is a great lawyer.  John wonders how long it will be before a judge will decide when he can see his own son.  He continues to rail about Natalie not being able to use Liam to punish him.  He knows what he did wasnít right, but she canít keep Liam from him.  Sam tries to get him to realize he has to wait for the court to decide.  John doesnít want to miss another day.  He wants to go to Llanview right now and see him.  Sam reminds him that will make matters worse.  John doesnít think it could get any worse, until Sam reminds him he could lose him forever.  John apologizes about talking about his loss when Sam is still grieving her son.  Sam tells him it is okay and they hug.  Jason walks in.  John sees him.

Carly is going to go home to see Josslyn.  Todd gives her his copy of the magazine to give her.  She can learn how to do a pedicure.  Carly says they enjoy going to the spa for that.  She doesnít want Todd to give up on love.  Todd doesnít understand why Carly cares.  He makes a deal with her.  Find Todd a perfect number seven like in the survey, and he will give her a chance.  Todd runs to see what Todd got.  She also got a seven.

Liz walks in to Patrickís room and asks where he is.  Ewen tells her he is visiting Emma.  Ewen seems upset.  Liz puts her arm around him.  He stands a gives her a passionate kiss.  Liz pulls away.  He apologizes.  She wonders if he is okay.  He seems off.  He flashes back to what Jerry asked him to do.  Jerry wants him to kidnap Josslyn.  Ewen covers and tells Elizabeth he is fine.

Alexis is at Wyndemere calling out to the groundskeeper.  In walks Jerry saying hello.

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