GH Update Wednesday 8/8/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/8/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Joe invited Johnny to come visit him in jail. Johnny got there and Joe greeted him warmly. While Johnny had never met Joe, he'd heard heard how powerful Joe Sr. was and that he died without an heir, meaning the end of the Scully business. Joe told Johnny to never count out a Scully. Joe gave Johnny his condolences on Anthony. Joe Sr. and Anthony were friends, and Joe Sr. always said Anthony was a man who deserved respect. Joe asked if the police had any leads. Johnny said they knew who killed Anthony, but they couldn't prove it. Joe assumed Sonny did it. He lamented the damage Sonny had caused without having to pay for it. Joe said he was in jail for something Sonny did and that he hoped the same thing didn't happen to Johnny. Johnny asked if Joe was accusing him of killing Anthony. Joe said no; he theorized that Sonny had Jason do it, but said since the cops weren't looking at Sonny, they probably thought Johnny did it. Joe said Claudia was high strung and he heard she was never the same after she had to give Johnny up. Johnny said he didn't come there to talk about her. Joe quickly said he didn't mean to offend him. Joe said that Anthony lied to Johnny every day for years and that was a good motive for murder.

Joe told Johnny since he was the heir to the Zacchara and Soleito families, he should run them both and be a very powerful man. Johnny didn't think the Soleitos would approve of him waltzing in and taking over. Joe felt that the organization would be loyal to Johnny because of his birthright. Joe added that Johnny was more like Gino Soleito than his other kids. Johnny wasn't interested, because he'd started a new life. Joe laughed and asked if Johnny meant like Joe. Johnny said Joe was forced out, while Johnny walked away. A big difference. Joe said Johnny wouldn't have come if he weren't still interested in the mob. When Johnny said Joe was wrong, Joe told Johnny to prove it and sign the organization over to him if Johnny didn't want to run it. Joe said someone had to step up, so it might as well be him. Joe called himself a player and said or he had been a player before he was exiled and Sonny killed his father. Joe said Sonny killed the men who raised him and Johnny. Joe said that if no one stepped up, Sonny would overtake the weak Soleito organization and without the Zaccharas in the way, he'd be able to control the Eastern Seaboard. Joe didn't want that and he said he didn’t think Johnny did, either.

Johnny said he was finished going after Sonny, because Johnny always ended up getting hurt in the process of hurting Sony. Joe was ready and willing to pick up where Johnny left off. Joe said the charges wouldn't stick, so he'd be getting out soon. He also shared that he had some people close to Sonny who owed their loyalty to Joe and who'd strike when ordered to and destroy Sonny's house from the inside. Joe tried to sell Johnny on combining Johnny's two families teaming up with Joe to take Sonny down. Johnny said it was like Anthony was still around. Johnny called it was an attractive offer, but he still wanted no part of it. Joe hoped Johnny wouldn't try to interfere with his plan to destroy Sonny. Johnny said why would he, since it was none of his business. Johnny called for the guard. Joe said a lot of people, including him (Joe) said that, but look at him now. Johnny said if Joe didn't believe him, he could just watch. Johnny walked out. Johnny said to himself that Johnny would be in touch.

Dante brought flowers to Olivia. She said she was feeling much better and was hoping to get out of the hospital soon. Dante said Ewen wouldn't release her until he was sure she didn't have any side effects. When Lulu walked in, Olivia hallucinated that she was heavily pregnant and yelled out in shock. She asked them why they didn't tell her she was pregnant. The confused Lulu insisted that she wasn't pregnant and when Olivia took another look, Lulu was back to normal. Olivia was terrified and wondered what was going on with her. Dante tried to come up with an innocuous explanation, but Olivia didn't think he was right. She told them she'd hallucinated seeing Heather in the mirror the night before. Dante wondered why she didn't tell Ewen and Olivia didn't see how she could have explained that. Dante tried to assure her that she was just disoriented, but Olivia reminded him that Heather spent most of her life institutionalized because she took LSD. Olivia was afraid she'd suffer the same fate. Dante and Lulu tried to get her to stay positive and believe this was temporary, but Olivia said the delusion had been so real. She wondered if she'd have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Lulu didn't think Olivia would end up like Heather, since Heather was half crazy even before she discovered LSD. Dante added that Olivia was a saint. He promised not to let anything happen to her. Dante and Lulu decided she should talk to Ewen, and they told her to make sure she didn't keep anything from him. Olivia asked what if she couldn't tell if things were real or not. Dante took her hands and told her she could always ask. Lulu offered some comforting words, too. Dante kissed her then said he was going to go find Ewen. Lulu urged Olivia to try and relax. Dante and Lulu left the room. Olivia picked up a paper. The front story was about John's arrest, but the picture changed to one of Olivia. The title called her a drain on society and said she'd been committed to Ferncliff.

In the hallway, Dante looked to Lulu for reassurance that his mom would be okay. Lulu said she would be and that they'd help her. They agreed to meet up later after Dante found Ewen and Lulu checked on Patrick. They kissed goodbye and parted ways. Lulu clutched her stomach and suddenly rushed over to a trash can to throw up.

Sam was at Alexis's. She called Alexis for an update on John's case. Alexis said nothing had changed since Sam called five minutes ago; John still hadn't been brought to the interrogation room. Sam was clearly worried and Alexis understood this, but told her she couldn't work if Sam kept calling. Sam agreed to back off and asked Alexis to help him. Alexis said she'd do her best, then hung up. A cop brought John in and he and Alexis talked strategy. Alexis said John's best chance to avoid jail time would be to paint Todd as the guilty party. She didn't think that would be hard given his credibility. John said he'd tell his lawyer. Alexis said she was his lawyer, because Sam asked her to help. John had thought she was just filling in until he found someone else. He wondered if there would be a conflict of interest since she was Sonny's lawyer too. Alexis said there only would have been if Sonny had killed John's sister. John told her Sonny said Joe did it. Alexis replied that Joe was awaiting trial and was out of their lives. She asked how he felt about the strategy; John was willing to do whatever it took to be released. He asked if he might get released today, because he had to get to London ASAP to see his son and try and get Natalie to understand what happened between him and Sam. Alexis was curious to hear his explanation. She asked what possessed him to kiss her daughter. John said he probably owed Alexis an explanation, as Sam's mom, but he didn’t have one. Alexis said he didn't owe her one, but it would help his case if he gave her one. She explained that the kiss was part of the case, because Todd claimed he sent the picture to his niece to protect her. John exclaimed that Todd couldn't care less about Natalie. John contended that Todd did this as payback.

Alexis acknowledged that this was an uncomfortable conversation for both of them, but said she needed to know where he stood with Sam. John said he loved Natalie and Liam. Alexis said and Sam and Jason loved each other, too. Alexis told him Sam said she and John shared a connection they couldn't ignore. John felt the same way. Alexis thought that things would have turned out differently if John's arrival hadn't coincided with a period of upheaval in Sam's life. Alexis told John he was there for Sam when Jason was unwilling and unable to. Alexis was grateful for that, but she wished it had ended there. John said he never wanted to come between Jason and Sam. Alexis believed he didn't want to, but he did. John asked if she meant Sam was thinking about divorce. Alexis said she didn't know, but he wasn't sure they'd be able to overcome the loss of the baby. John beat himself up for not getting Sam to the hospital in time. Alexis said that was supposed to be Jason's job. She thanked John for getting Sam through the labor. John said he cared about Sam and Alexis asked how deeply his feelings ran and what he was going to do about them if he didn't reconcile with Natalie.

Kristina assumed Sam was soliciting Alexis's help for Jason. Sam said Jason probably wouldn't call her if he needed help, and she explained that she was talking about John. Sam couldn't believe John had to spend the night in lockup. She said that if she hadn't been there during the fight, it would have been a lot worse. Kristina thought Todd should be grateful, but Sam said he wanted revenge. She predicted that things weren't just going to go away. Kristina said maybe she should go support John. Sam was concerned she'd be in the way, but Kristina said they both knew that wasn't the real reason she hadn't gone to the station. Kristina said she saw the way Sam reacted after John got arrested. She thought Sam cared for John and was staying away from him because she was afraid, since the more she was around him, the more she felt for him. Kristina asked if anything other than the kiss had happened between her and John. Sam thought the kiss had been blown out of proportion. “We were drunk. We made out. Who cares!?” she said. Kristina reminded Sam that she'd called the kiss “inevitable.” Sam said they had to get it out of their systems. Kristina said, but they hadn't. Kristina said that if John was happy with his family and didn't have feelings for Sam, he wouldn't have kissed her and if Sam didn't have feelings for John, she wouldn't have stuck by his side from the moment he got into the fight, to his arrest.

Kristina got Sam to admit she had feelings for John. Sam said it didn't matter, because once John was released he was going to go sort things out with Natalie. Kristina said Sam was dealing with her own mess, which John was a part of. Kristina told her sister that she was going to have to sort out her feelings and determine where her feelings for John figured into her feelings for Jason and her marriage. Sam said it was like Kristina and Alexis were tag teaming her. Kristina said they just wanted her to figure out what would make her happy. Sam didn't know where to Start, so Kristina suggested she start with Jason. Sam knew Jason was trying, but said every time they made progress, they had a setback. Sam didn't know what to do. Kristina said maybe she shouldn't do anything. Sam had heard that from Alexis too. She said maybe she should get a divorce. Kristina just wanted Sam's pain to stop. Sam did too, but she knew divorcing Jason wouldn't erase her love for him. She worried that being without him might hurt more than being with him. Kristina said Sam couldn't keep her life on hold, loving Jason without being able to forgive him or let him get close to her. Sam knew something had to change, but she didn't know what.

Sam said as the older sister, Kristina should be leaning on her, not the other way around. Kristina said she'd leaned on the family enough. Sam appreciated the support, but knew she had to do this alone. Sam asked what was going on with Trey. Kristina realized Alexis told her. Kristina said they had one date. Sam said she should tell Sonny if she hadn't already. Kristina knew Sonny boxed in the morning. She decided to go over to the gym to see him.

Todd looked at a stack of messages on his desk he'd gotten from Heather that day, all before noon. He wondered why she had so much access to a phone from Ferncliff. Starr showed up and confronted him about the front page story he wrote on John beating him up. Todd had painted John as an enraged maniac who burst into his office and attacked him for no reason. She asked Todd what he'd done to provoke John. Todd asked why she assumed it was his fault. Starr said because it always was. Todd said maybe he kept the reasons for the fight secret to protect Natalie and Liam. Starr knew he didn't care about them and Todd admitted this was true. He showed her the picture of Sam and John kissing. Starr was stunned. She realized that this picture must have caused the drama that her mom told her happened at Llanfair. Starr disapproved of Todd sending the picture to Natalie. She asked him if he thought about John and Natalie's son. Todd asked if she thought Natalie should have been kept in the dark. Starr said if it were her, she would have talked to John and tried to convince him to talk to Natalie. Todd acted disappointed that she'd lie to her cousin, but Starr told Todd she knew he didn't care about Natalie. Todd happily imagined what sort of reception John must have gotten when he went home to Natalie. He hoped his sister Viki slammed the door in John's face the way she'd slammed it in Todd's face so many times. Starr told Todd he won; Natalie wasn't talking to John. Todd jumped to his feet and cheered. Starr told Todd he'd done the wrong thing. She ordered him to drop the charges against John and said she'd cut him out of her life if he didn't.

Todd argued that it wasn't fair of Starr to threaten to resign as his daughter every time he did something she didn't like. He said he didn't even know why she liked a mope like John. Starr said John did a lot to help their family, including marrying Blair and letting Todd live with him while he was hiding from Irene. Todd thought John only did that because he hated Victor. Todd whined that John witch hunted him when Victor died. Starr reminded him that John went after him because he was guilty. Starr added that John helped her right after she lost Cole and Hope when Todd couldn't, because he was in jail. Todd said he got there as soon as he could. Starr said by the time he did, she'd already gone after Sonny for something “poor sick Kate” did. Todd scoffed and said she didn’t know what she was talking about. Starr told Todd they had to have compassion for Kate. Todd said he didn't like that the person who took Starr's family away was free. Starr didn't like it either, but said they had to accept it and let it go. Todd thought that and what John did were a lot to let go. He told Starr that they'd almost been a family again when John took it all away. Starr told Todd that that was his fault, not John's. She told Todd locking John up wouldn't bring Blair back to him. Todd said he wasn't the only one in the wrong; John was wrong to kiss Sam and get caught. Todd said John didn't get to beat him up for showing the world that John was flawed. Todd argued that he had a right to press charges. Starr agreed and said if he did, he would prove to everyone that he was petty, vindictive and incapable of growth and all the people who hadn't written him off already would.

Todd entered the interrogation room and told John and Alexis the charges had been dropped. Todd told John to thank Starr. Todd said while he wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing Todd in jail, he'd enjoy seeing him crawl through life like Todd, without the woman he loved. Todd went back to his office and told Starr McBain was “McFree.” Starr hugged him and said maybe sometime in the near future, he'd make the right choice without her blackmailing him. Starr said she knew he'd done awful things, but she could see that he was working hard to change that. Starr told him he was a really good dad. Todd thanked her. Starr said somewhere deep down, he was a good person; her hero and Tea's too. Todd said he didn't know about that. Starr said Todd saved Tea's baby's life and Starr knew that was how Tea felt even if she didn't say it. Starr dreamed that one day Todd would be everyone's hero.

Sonny was at a gym called Voloninos. Sonny was inside a boxing ring having his gloves laced up. Milo dragged Trey in, then removed the sack off Trey's head. Trey asked what was going on and Sonny told him he was at a gym that catered to serious fighters. Sonny said this was a way for him and Trey to get to know each other better. Trey asked if they couldn't just go to a fight or brunch. Sonny said he didn't do brunch. Sonny said there was no better way to learn about someone than to see how they handled themselves in the ring. Trey made it clear that he was unhappy about being dragged from his home and thrown in a car and brought there against his will like he was being brought to an execution. Sonny said this wasn't an execution, and Trey asked why Milo put a bag over his head. Milo said it was a force of habit and that Trey did want a taste of the mob life. Sonny said he apologized that Trey felt he'd been kidnapped. He said Trey was an invited guest, who was free to leave, although Sonny didn't recommend it. Sonny advised him to take this opportunity to prove his worth. Trey said he didn't have anything to prove. “Except that you're not using my daughter” Sonny said. “Toss me the tape,” Trey replied.

Sonny punched a punching bag while Trey taped his hands. Trey asked if Sonny really felt that the only way Trey could prove he wasn't using Kristina was to let Sonny smack him around. Sonny said he didn't expect Trey to take a beating, but to defend himself. Trey asked if scrapping mob princess wasn't enough. Sonny said he didn't take nice gestures from adversaries at face value. Trey said he wasn't Sonny's adversary, but Sonny said that remained to be seen. Sonny said maybe Trey did drop the show for Kristina, but in his experience, no one was entirely selfish. Trey pointed out that he didn't have to drop the show if he didn't want to. He said he didn't want to hurt Kristina anymore. Sonny theorized that Trey dropped the show because he wanted something else instead. Trey remembered Joe telling him to use Kristina to get their inheritance back from Sonny. Trey told Sonny that all he wanted was Kristina. Sonny looked annoyed, then climbed into the ring. Trey joined him.

Sonny said Alexis told him Trey wanted to date Kristina. Trey said they already were dating. He and Sonny danced around the ring jabbing their fists and blocking they talked. Sonny thought it would have been better if Trey had waited and shown him and Alexis he was a good guy first. Trey replied that he only cared what Kristina thought about him. Sonny asked if Kristina told Trey her opinion her first boyfriend. Trey respectfully gave Sonny his word that he'd never hit Kristina. Sonny caught Trey off guard when he said he could do a background check on him to find out who he really was. “You're going to get a background check?” Trey said in a concerned tone. Sonny took advantage of Trey being distracted and punched him in the face, knocking him down. Milo and Sonny taunted him about the fight being over, but Trey got on his feet and squared off again. Trey told Sonny he planned to marry Kristina soon and said if Sonny didn't like it, he could take it up with Kristina. Trey said he'd be there to console her afterward. Sonny took a wild punch and Trey dodged it. Trey got over confident and Sonny got more serious. Sonny punched Trey and knocked him down again. After the fight was over, Sonny gave Trey a bottle of water and said it wasn't so bad was it. Trey said Sonny should tell him. Trey asked how he handled himself. Sonny said his jab was pretty good. Kristina came in and ran over when she saw Trey's bruised face. Trey said he was fine. Sonny said he was just getting to know Trey. He told Kristina that now they were going to do things Trey's way and all go out to brunch with Alexis. Trey said he'd love that. Sonny said Trey should bring his parents.

Alexis came home and Sam expectantly asked her what happened. John walked in and Alexis said to ask him.

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