GH Update Tuesday 8/7/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/7/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Davis home, Kristina told Alexis she thought Trey would surprise her and that she'd grow to like him. Alexis jokingly suggested they run a background check on him. Kristina didn't think it was funny.

Sam and John were on Alexis's deck talking, when Dante arrived. He apologized for having to do this, then he arrested John. John knew what this was about; he admitted he hit Todd and added that he enjoyed it. Sam argued that Dante didn't have the whole story, but Dante said he had enough. John told her Dante was just doing his job. Sam said she'd have Alexis help him. Dante agreed that it would be a good idea for John to hire Alexis. John said he'd be fine and Sam said she was sure he would. Sam said she'd meet them at the station, then Dante and John left (he didn't handcuff John). Sam rushed inside and told her mom everything that happened. Alexis sighed because she'd been planning on spending the night relaxing. She asked Sam if she'd considered the complications in Alexis helping John. Sam thought she meant it would cause issues for Sonny, but Alexis clarified that she meant there would be complications for Sam and Jason if Sam got in the middle of John's problems. Sam said it was too late. She explained that John hit Todd because Todd sent Natalie a picture of Sam and John kissing. Alexis was horrified that someone was taking pictures of Sam. Sam asked if they could talk about this in the car.

Delores cuffed Heather to the desk to await her transfer to Ferncliff. Heather demanded another phone call, but Delores said she'd already used hers up. Heather threatened to make Delores' life hell and Delores replied that she couldn't do that from Ferncliff. Heather swore she wasn't going back there. Delores said she would after what she'd done to Luke, Maggie, and Olivia; she added that as Dante's mother, Olivia was one of their own. Heather wondered if Olivia knew who she was anymore.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd iced his wounds and stomped on the picture of John and Sam. Heather called. She told John she'd threatened police brutality until the cops let her use the phone. She made vague hints about turning Todd in for the baby switch if he didn't help her. Todd told her threats weren't necessary; he knew his position sucked. He asked what she wanted, and she said she wanted Anna's head on a silver platter and Luke's undivided attention, but she'd settle for freedom. Todd replied that his hands were tied, but Heather insisted that he find a way to help her before she went back to Ferncliff. Todd offered to get her transferred to another lower security institution, but Heather wouldn't accept anything less than having her named cleared. Todd wasn't budging, so Heather tried to motivate him by saying she might hire Tea or Alexis and Sam for her defense and tell them the truth about the baby. Todd pointed out that if she told the truth, she'd lose the pleasure of torturing Sam and Jason would kill her. Heather countered that Jason would kill him first. Todd said this meant it was in both of their best interests to keep the secret. “Don't say I didn't warn you” Heather said, before hanging up the phone. Todd threw his phone in frustration just as Carly walked in. She asked about his bruises and Todd said he ran into a door.

Carly told him she was there because someone had heard the fight and complained about the noise, but Todd stuck to his story. Carly picked up the picture of Sam and John kissing and asked if he was stalking them. Todd said he was starting a fan club called “McSam forever,” then he told her the truth about it coming from Heather. Carly shared that Jason saw the kiss. When Todd made a flippant remark about Jason's pain, Carly got in a dig about Blair and Tomas. She asked why Todd never ran the picture in the paper and he said he didn't want Jason as an enemy. Carly didn't buy that Todd would give up a chance to hurt John because of Jason. Todd said Jason was a hit man, but Carly countered that she didn't think Todd was afraid of him. She believed Todd didn't publish the picture because he wanted to protect Sam after all she'd been through. She remarked that Todd had good in him, but Todd insisted that he didn't. He said people who looked for his good side ended up disappointed. Todd said he didn't try and protect Sam; he fired her. He kept joking around until Carly snapped at him, because she wanted him to admit that he was being kind.

Dante and John arrived at the station and Dante explained the situation to Delores. Delores urged Dante to go back to the hospital to be with his mom, but Dante said they'd call him if necessary. Dante privately offered to help John out as a thank you for John helping rescue Lulu. John was grateful, but he felt he deserved to answer for what he did to Todd. John also didn't think Dante would be able to convince Todd to change his mind. He also said some unflattering things about Todd. Dante insisted on trying, so John said okay. Dante told Delores not to book John until he returned. After Dante left, Delores apologized to John, then handcuffed him at a desk next to Heather and walked away. Heather introduced herself as a fellow enemy of Todd and asked John if he wanted to compare notes. She tried to entice him by saying his secrets were safe with her. John let her know he knew she wrote a gossip column. Heather's smile faded when John brought up her attempting to kill Olivia, and she told him not to say anything at all if he didn't have something nice to say.

Dante walked into Todd's office and told him he was there to give him a chance to drop the charges against John. Todd laughed out loud. Todd asked if John sent him and Dante said no. Todd said John was a scary power-abusing thug and he was a law abiding citizen. “Today,” Dante said. Todd agreed that he had been so far, today. Dante left when it was clear that Todd wasn't going to drop the charges. Carly asked why Todd provoked John with the picture, and Todd replied that he provoked John's girlfriend. He explained that John had been living with Todd's niece until he sent her the photo. Carly laughed, because Todd made it sound like he sent the picture to Natalie because he thought she deserved to know the truth. Carly got Todd to admit he sent the picture to get back at John because he blamed him for destroying Todd's relationship with Blair. Carly said going after John wouldn't change the fact that he lost Blair. Todd said he was dealing with it. Carly countered that he was avoiding it and urged him to move on. Todd said maybe he didn't want to. He asked Carly what he had to move on to. Carly was concerned that he was going to keep lashing out at people. Todd said knew she was worried about Johnny. Carly said maybe. Todd said if it were up to him, Johnny would still be #1 on his list. Carly asked what that meant. Todd remembered Johnny threatening to tell everyone Todd switched Sam and Tea's babies if he told anyone Johnny killed Cole and Hope. Todd replied that he only apologized to Johnny because Carly told him to. Carly didn't want to talk about the cameras again. She said she was almost starting to forgive Todd. Todd said she was the closest thing to a friend he'd ever had and he didn't want to alienate her. Carly called him complicated, and Todd said she had no idea.

It was clear that John did not want to talk to Heather, but she persevered and said she could help John get back at Todd. John wasn't interested. Heather said she had some explosive information on Todd that would interest John. She saw Sam walk in and said Sam would be interested too. Heather made snide comments to Sam about not being with Jason and using John to fill the void. Alexis walked in and Delores un-handcuffed John at Alexis' request. Heather tried to talk Alexis into representing her. Sam wondered how she'd pay, and Heather said Steve would foot the bill because he loved her and didn't want her to get sent away again. Sam was amused that Heather thought Steve would help her after she drugged Olivia and killed Maggie. Heather believed that things weren't what they seemed. Sam said she didn't think she could get crazier. Heather told her to watch it or she wouldn't tell her what she knew. Sam, Alexis and John began to walk away. Heather stopped them by saying it was about Sam's son. Alexis called Heather delusional. Sam demanded that Heather explain herself. Alexis said Heather was manipulating Sam, but Sam said there was no chance Heather could do that. Heather said she'd tell everything she knew once Alexis agreed to halt the transfer and get the charges dropped. Alexis flatly refused. Sam thought they should listen to Heather, but Alexis said she was not going to facilitate Heather's reign of terror. John chimed in that Alexis was probably right. Alexis said she could do what Heather wanted and more but she wouldn't waste her time on a sociopath. Delores took Heather somewhere. They ran into Dante on the way out, and Heather told him to give her regards to his mother.

Johnny entered the Haunted Star and overheard Starr promise to keep Trey's secret. Johnny asked what she was talking about. Trey took issue with Johnny's prying. He said he'd tell Johnny his secret if Johnny would share one of his. Johnny moved very close to Trey and let him know he had a problem with this secret if it had anything to do with Kristina. Trey asked if Johnny was her bodyguard and Johnny said he was a concerned friend who didn't want her to get hurt. Starr interrupted the tense conversation to say Trey wouldn't hurt Kristina. Johnny wondered why she was suddenly defending Trey. Starr said Trey and Johnny didn't have a lot in common, but they both cared about Kristina. Johnny argued that if Trey was a friend, he wouldn't take advantage of Kristina and exploit her on his show. Trey shared that he canceled production of the show because he didn't want to hurt Kristina anymore. Starr piped in that Trey was coming from a good place. Johnny went back to talking about the secret, but Starr insisted that it wasn't about Kristina. Trey thanked Starr for keeping him sane, then he left to meet Kristina.

Starr wondered what had gotten into Johnny. Johnny asked her to tell him the secret. Starr said it was private. Now that Trey was gone, the mood was much lighter. Johnny joked about bribing the truth out of Starr, then he dropped it. Starr liked how protective he was of Kristina. Johnny said he felt the same way about Starr. Starr understood why Johnny felt the way he did about Kristina, but she didn't understand why he cared so much about what happened to her (Starr). Johnny said he considered her a friend. Starr considered him a friend too. She said he was there for her when she had no one else in town. She wondered why he'd been so supportive when all he knew was that she'd stolen his gun. Johnny said he signed her because she was talented and it would benefit them both. Starr felt like there was another reason. Johnny nervously admitted there was; guilt over her family's death. Starr didn't understand why he'd say that when Kate had already confessed.

Johnny told Starr she needed to know what happened. Starr interrupted and said she knew already. She assumed he blamed himself because Connie was had Johnny and Sonny's feud in mind when she tried to kill Anthony to frame Sonny. Starr said by that logic, someone could argue that the accident never would have happened if she never fell in love with Cole and had Hope. Starr said she'd never give up those years, even knowing what would happen, because she was lucky to have known and loved them and lucky to have Johnny as a friend. Starr asked Johnny to stop with the blame game, because she didn't want to keep having this conversation. Johnny said okay. Starr thanked him. Johnny said he was lucky too. Starr said until Todd went after him again. She was surprised when Johnny said that wouldn't be a problem anymore. She asked how Johnny knew that. He said he and Todd were keeping the peace because they both wanted what was best for Starr.

Trey went over to Kristina's. He was hesitant about coming inside since he knew her family didn't like him, but Kristina said they weren't home. She let him in and said he was welcome anytime as long as he didn't have the cameras. Trey wrapped his hands around her waist and asked if she told them they were seeing each other. Kristina said she had and that her mom was willing to give him a shot. Trey knew Alexis didn't trust him, and he told her about Johnny. Kristina wanted to talk to Johnny, but Trey said he could handle it and that while Johnny was a pain, Johnny cared about Kristina. He wondered if she and Johnny were ever involved, and Kristina said Johnny thought of her like a sister. Kristina was surprised her family hadn't scared Trey off. Trey thought she was lucky to have so many people who cared. Kristina said they were all suspicious of the people she dated because she hadn't made the best choices in that department. She smiled and said Trey was nothing like Kiefer and that he'd never hurt her. Trey said not to be so sure. Trey said he'd never hit her like Kiefer, but he was far from perfect and couldn't promise he wouldn't hurt her. He said he was no night in shining armor. Kristina said she wanted someone with faults, like her. She kissed him, then took his shirt off and they had sex, then went for a dip in the lake. They wrapped in towels then went back inside. Trey tried to convince Kristina that he saw something in the lake with glowing eyes. They laughed about his teasing, then began to kiss on the couch.

Steve sat at Olivia's hospital bedside and prayed that God wouldn't make her pay for his mistakes. He was relieved when she opened her eyes. She just stared at him as he told he her how happy he was that she was awake. He said he loved her, then he left to find Ewen.

Elizabeth was still at Kelly's with Aiden in her arms. She told Ewen she owed him an explanation. Ewen interrupted and said he had something to tell her. She suggested they talk at the park, but Ewen said this had to be said before he lost his nerve. Liz noted that he sounded serious. Ewen explained that he got mixed up with something and was unprepared for the consequences. His phone rang and Ewen looked at it and said he didn't recognize the number. Liz encouraged him to relax and say what he needed to. She promised she wasn't going anywhere no matter what it was. Ewen really hoped she meant that. Before he could tell her, Steve called Liz and asked if she knew where Ewen was. Liz told him, then she gave Ewen the message. The two of them left Kelly's, and Liz promised to meet Ewen at the hospital after she dropped Aiden off. Ewen said he'd tell Liz everything after he made sure Olivia was okay.

Steve talked to the weak and dazed Olivia and tried to reassure her. He asked if she remembered what happened and when she didn't respond, he asked her to tell him his name. “Steven Lars” she said. Steve looked concerned. Ewen arrived and Steve said her vitals were good and he told Ewen what Olivia said. Steve said Olivia always called him Steve; only Heather called him Steven Lars. Ewen reminded Steve that Olivia had been sedated for 48 hours and that it might take awhile for her to get her bearings. Ewen knelt down to talk to Olivia, and she shrunk away from him as if she was scared. Ewen reassured her and asked her what his name was. She said it. Liz walked in. Olivia started crying and said she got injected with something. They explained that it was LSD. Olivia vowed to get out of there and take out the trash that did this to her. Steve smiled and hugged her. Olivia looked relieved.

Ewen and Liz went into the hallway and Liz asked if he wanted to finish the talk. Before Ewen could say much, he got a text from “J.J.” suggesting that he leave Liz out of this. Ewen said the personal matter he got mixed up in was Liz. Ewen stammered that he cared more about her every day and he hoped they could keep seeing each other. He said he needed to go check on a patient. Liz smiled.

Steve told Olivia he forgot to call Dante. “Dante?” said in a bewildered tone.

Olivia said she must look like a wreck. She got a mirror from Liz and when she looked at herself, she saw Heather's face staring back.

Back at the station, Dante took Steve's call and learned that Olivia was awake. Dante asked if she seemed like herself. she was and Steve said she was confused at first, but now she was back.

Alexis said she didn't need any more problem clients and asked John if he would be a problem. He said

“No ma'am.” She told him calling her that would be a problem. He called her “Miss Davis” and she agreed to take the case.

Delores brought Heather back and said the paperwork was in order. She predicted that the town had seen the last of Heather. As Heather walked past Sam, she told her she wouldn't take that bet.

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