GH Update Monday 8/6/12

General Hospital Update Monday 8/6/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John McBain finds Todd in his office with Sam present and tells him he’s going to pay for what he did. Hearing that, Sam has no clue what John is talking about and asks what Todd did. John then shows her.

Starr is practicing her singing at the Haunted Star. Tray comes by and tells her he has lost his keys to the apartment and needs to borrow hers because he’s locked out. She can sense something is wrong and asks him what I sup.

Alexis returns home when it’s very hot. Kristina is outside in a bikini and happily tells her mother that although she may not want to be going through with shooting Mob Princess, Tray is not leaving. He plans on staying in Port Charles.

Sonny asks Dante what might be going on with Kate. Dante tells Sonny that they cannot find Dr. Keenan.

Right then, Elizabeth sits with Jason at Kelly’s and informs him that she found out that Dr. Keenan was treating Helena Cassadine and may have been working for her...

Right then, Dr. Keenan secretly meets with Jerry Jacks and reminds him that he does not want anyone in Port Charles knowing that he is “working for” Jerry.

John shows Todd and Sam the picture of him kissing Sam privately. Todd tells John he’s fired Sam since he can’t trust her. And he tells them both that he had the picture taken because he wanted his niece to know what type of man is the father of her child and know that John cannot be trusted.

Sonny asks Dante how they can sue Tray. Dante asks his dad if he has other issues besides merely the publicity of Tray filming The Mob Princess. Sonny admits not exactly. There is more.

Tray admits to Starr that he decided to pull the plug on Mob Princess. Starr asks why and inquires if they are having funding issues. Tray replies no, it’s not that. It’s because he and Kristina are “kind of seeing each other”. Starr is fascinated to hear that but can clearly see that Tray is not happy with that arrangement.

Alexis tells Kristina she finds it a little odd that Tray would suddenly decide to cancel his filming project on a whim. There must be something “up” with that. Kristina then asks her mom if she really distrusts her daughter and/or believes that she’s too stupid to make decisions for herself. Why can’t she be happy for Kristina?

Jason asks Elizabeth if she should not have some suspicions about Dr. Keenan and asks her if she should trust him.

Jerry Jacks reminds Dr. Keenan that he knows that “the lovely Ms. Webber” does not have fond memories of him and if she finds out that her new boyfriend is “doing business” with Jerry, it could ruin their future together. He tells Dr. Keenan about the time when Elizabeth was in danger during an explosion and Jason Morgan saved her life. But Dr. Keenan tells Jerry that he is done with their “arrangement”. Jerry reminds him he’s been “very helpful” with Robin Scorpio. But they are not “done”, as Dr. Keenan would like. Jerry tells him he has big plans for Port Charles.

Dante asks Sonny how Kristina is taking the news of Mob Princess getting cancelled. Sonny asks his son if he’s met Tray. If not, he needs to know what type of slick and slimy hustler Tray is. The reason he cancelled the show is obviously because he has an “agenda”.

Alexis is telling Kristina the very same thing. But Kristina asks her mom why she could never believe that Tray is cancelling the show because he wants to be with her.

Todd tells Sam he does not blame her for the fact that she sought comfort from John when she was in a fragile state after breaking up with Jason and losing her baby. He asks John what his problem is for distrusting him, spying on him and breaking into his safe. He is concerned about the fact that Sam has been married to a hitman. She lost her child. He cares about her and did not intend to hurt anyone. He asks John just why he thinks he’s so much better than Todd.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Dr. Keenan is a very “unorthodoxed” psychiatrist. She checked herself out of the place where she met him professionally. And she sees no cause for suspicion. But Jason sees otherwise and is concerned.

Jerry Jacks tells Dr. Keenan that he has tried and failed to kill Jason Morgan many times. Dr. Keenan might want to be concerned not only about Jason, but his “lord and master”, Sonny Corinthos as well as robin’s mother, Anna Devane. Dr. Keenan asks what they have to do what that. Jerry tells him he will soon see.

Starr asks Tray why he has cancelled the show. Tray tells her that he has failed to build the story. He knows they need to portray a villain. He knows it would hurt Kristina if they vilified her father. But Starr does not buy that and knows there’s something else going on. She knows that Tray is “very unhappy” and asks him what it is. He replies it’s his father. She urges him to trust her and tell her what is up with his father although he hesitates. But he tells her that his father is in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Sonny tells Dante they need to know that this Tray guy has an agenda. Dante tells his dad he will look into this. But Sonny informs him that he and Kristina are finally on better terms and he doesn’t want to rock the boat with his daughter’s relationship with her parents.

Kristina tells her mom it’s clear to see that neither she nor Sonny believe that Tray or anyone could care for her. Does she believe that because Kristina put up with Kiefer, that she’s “damaged goods” and unworthy of knowing whether to trust someone. Alexis admits to her daughter that she can’t help but have her concerns. Kristina tells her mom she just wishes that they would “let her go” and make her own decisions.

Jerry tells Dr. Keenan that the “scam” involving having everyone believing that Dr. Robin Scorpio died is only a “small part” of his plan. Dr. Keenan tells Jerry that he might get up the courage to tell everyone what he did to Robin and have Jerry sent to prison where he belongs. Jerry scoffs and tells him that nobody has ever been able to do that before so good luck.

Elizabeth asks Jason why he does not have any faith in Dr. Keenan. He knows that Sonny and Kate trust him for the help he’s given to Kate.

John tells Todd that Todd does not care about Natalie. He only wants to get back with John and John asks him why. Todd tells John that he (himself) loves the mother of his children and wants to get back with his family after being sent away all these years. And John has been preventing him from getting on with his life. He tells John that he is a disgrace to be cheating on Natalie and he can see John for the dishonorable piece of trash he is. At that point, John asks him if he’s “done”. Todd tells John yes. And John hauls off and punches Todd.

After Starr hears Tray tell her that his dad has been falsely charged and in jail, she asks for what. He tells her that his dad has been there for him but has never told his son about his past. So there might be something “up” with that. Starr tells him she understands and knows all too well with her own dad. He’s a wonderful man but has been in jail too many times. She’s gone out of her way to bust him out of jail and get herself in trouble when she knew he was guilty.

After John assaults Todd and knocks him to the ground, Sam urges him to stop, to realize it’s not worth it and get out of there. They leave Todd lying on the floor. Down but not out, Todd tells John he’s a cheater, a deadbeat dad and a hypocrite.

Jerry reminds Dr. Keenan that it was him (Dr. Keenan) who kidnapped Robin and engineered the whole plan to have people believing she was dead as well as the scam with Elizabeth being endangered and institutionalized. So does Dr. Keenan want to be exposed for all of that just to be able to expose Jerry?

Alexis admits to Kristina that she is in a way “responsible” for Kiefer abusing her daughter. She wanted to believe that Kiefer was a great kid who would never have done that. She did not trust Kristina’s choice with Ethan, believed he was too old for her daughter and would have broken her heart by failing to fulfill Kristina’s expectations. So, she and Sonny are both guilty of pulling strings to have her sent to Yale in order to “protect” her and distrust her decision. Hearing that, Kristina graciously tells her mom she appreciates her admitting that but wishes she would trust her choice with Tray, know that he values Kristina and that he is a great guy.

Starr tells Tray if his dad needs a lawyer, she could help with that. She knows that Tea Delgado is the best of the best. But she needs to know more. Tray then remembers his dad telling him that he “needs” to marry Kristina.

John informs Sam that Natalie’s father has prevented him from seeing her or their baby because of word getting out that he kissed Sam. She tells him she’s “so sorry”. And they hold hands and appear to be getting closer as she shares with him that she is similarly down and out with losing Jason and her baby.

Alexis tells Kristina she wants things to be “wonderful” for her if she’s going to have a future with Tray. Kristina seems very confident that she and Tray are going to have a good thing together.

Tray asks Starr to assure him he’s not an idiot to believe he can trust her.

Dante concludes to Sonny he’s glad that Kristina is not going The Mob Princess anymore because he knows she might have regretted it. But Sonny tells his son he needs to go and make sure Kate is ok. Dante then gets a call about investigating an assault and tells his dad he needs to make sure his mom is ok. He gets ready to leave and asks Sonny to wish Kate the best for him.

Elizabeth panics when it appears that her little boy might have choked on something. She’s afraid of danger to her kids that she cannot see until it’s too late. And it appears that Jason is growing closer to her and she only trusts him.

Alexis confirms that she loves her daughter and trusts her decisions.

Starr tells Tray he might want to be a little careful before doing “whatever his dad wants”. She admits she’s done the same thing with her own dad. She’s not judging him or his dad. She’s been there too. She just doesn’t want him making the same mistake he has.

Alone, Dr Keenan affirms that he has “another identity”

Elizabeth sits with her little guy and Jason when Dr. Keenan walks in. He asks her if Ian is ok. She tells him they had a little scare but he’ s ok. Jason then takes Dr. Keenan aside and tells him everything is fine. And for the record, Jason tells him, Elizabeth is very important to him (to Jason). Jason then goes out the door. Right then, Dr. Keenan tells Elizabeth there’s something he needs to tell her.

After Todd recovers from having his face swollen after John has punched him, he still knows he has “the goods” on John.

John tells Sam he has to find a way to get a passport to London to find Natalie and his son. But, before he can do that, Dante surprises John and tells him he’s under arrest.

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