GH Update Friday 8/3/12

General Hospital Update Friday 8/3/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is walking Aidan in his stroller into Kelly’s for pancakes when her phone rings.  It is Ewen.  He hopes he isn’t calling too early.  He wants to tell Liz he had fun yesterday and wants to see her again.  She invites him to breakfast at Kelly’s now.  He can’t come now.  He is about to head into a meeting.  He is at Wyndemere.

Lulu walks into Patrick’s hospital room to find Maxie.  She is angrily asking why Lulu didn’t tell her about Patrick.

Todd is gazing out his office window.  He is flashing back to his conversation with Johnny about keeping both their mouths shut.  If Todd tells Carly about the shooting; Johnny will tell Sam about her baby.  He is taken out of his daydream by Starr walking in his office.  Todd wants to talk to Starr about Johnny.  Starr tells him it is too late.  Johnny has already told her everything. 

McBain walks into his house calling for Natalie and Liam.  No one is there.  He sees on the coffee table the picture of him and Sam kissing.

Sam is at Kelly’s picking up her order.  Jason walks in behind her. 

Maxie explains Patrick called her and told her he was at GH detoxing.  He admitted he never stopped taking the pills and Lulu busted him the night of the Haunted Star opening.  Lulu said she was going to tell Maxie.  Maxie starts yelling at her for not telling her right away, but Lulu interrupts her.  She tells her when she got to the hospital she found out her dad was shot and Olivia had been shot up with LSD.  Lulu wasn’t trying to keep anything from Maxie.  Maxie disagrees.

Todd asks Starr what she means about Johnny telling her everything.  Starr tells Todd she knows all about the video camera he hid in Johnny’s office.  Starr is reprimanding Todd for telling her everything was okay with Johnny, then going behind her back and spying on him.  Starr is arguing about Johnny giving her a shot at her music again.  Todd is just telling her Johnny is not trustworthy.  Todd lets Starr know he saw things about Johnny he wishes he could tell her.  Starr lets him off the hook admitting she knows Todd apologized to Johnny.  Starr claims the only reason Johnny told her was because Todd apologized.  Todd sarcastically mentions what a great guy Johnny is.  Starr gently tells Todd she understands he is only trying to look out for her best interests, however she is an adult and he has to allow her to live her own life and trust her.  Todd is only offering gentle guidance.  Starr disagrees.  Todd will never let anything bad happen to Starr which he considers guidance, not control.  Starr insists Todd respect the limits she has set, and Todd says no.    Todd finally caves and says he will respect her boundaries.  They both agree Todd will not like having to do this.  She says goodbye and leaves.  Todd calls Johnny.  He asks Johnny what he is up to.

McBain is frantically calling for Natalie.  He picks up the phone to make a call, but the doorbell rings.  It is Clint Buchanan’s driver.  He has a written message from Natalie to deliver.

Jason and Sam say hello.  He asks if everything worked out at Todd’s office.  Sam thanks Jason for his help.  Jason is sorry she didn’t get what she wanted.  Sam tells him she is going to try again.  Jason asks if she is sure there is something in the safe.  Jason wants them to have a talk about their marriage and Sam agrees.  Just then, Elizabeth walks in.  Sam has to get back to work.  Sam and Liz exchange a good morning.  After she leaves Liz tells Jason she hopes Sam wasn’t leaving because of her.  Jason say no; it was him.

Ewen greets the man he is meeting.  He says ‘it is about time, Mr. Jax’.  In walk Jerry.  He tells Ewen after all they have been through, he can call him Jerry. 

Liz is sorry things are still so tense between him and Sam.  Jason mentions the visit he paid Sam at work yesterday and said things are a little better.  Sam let him help her.  Liz thinks it sounds hopeful.  Sam is working on a project that is keeping her busy, and Liz thinks it is a positive step.  She wonders if they have talked.  Jason says every time they talk it ends the same way.  Something has to change.  They cannot continue this way for much longer.  Liz wishes she could fix it.  Jason thanks her, but says it is not her problem.  He asks how her lunch went with Ewen.

Ewen assured Jerry Robin was transferred safely to Switzerland.  Jerry questions her mental state.  Ewen informs him she is semi lucid, but not aware of her surroundings.  Jerry comments ignorance is bliss.  He then asks about Anna.  Ewen tells him Anna left Ferncliff convinced Robin wasn’t there.  Jerry wants to be sure Ewen is right.  Anna is known for her instincts about lies and cover-ups.  Ewen is sure Anna discounted Heather’s story.  Jerry is pleased and congratulates Ewen.  Jerry thanks Ewen for his hard work.  He couldn’t have done any of this without him.  Ewen used his hospital access to allow Jerry to get into the lab and set everything up.  Ewen also supplied the anonymous body they used to char and appear to be Robin.  Plus the DNA tampering at the autopsy to prove it was Robin.  They go over the details of what they have done.  Jerry notes the explosion was just a diversion.  Ewen tells Jerry how Maxie blames herself for Robin’s death, and it is a lie.

Maxie recounts for Lulu the fact that she lied that night and told her Patrick was fine and just forgot something.  Lulu points out it was technically true.  Maxie doesn’t give Lulu a break.  Lulu shuts the door.  She wanted to tell Maxie, but Patrick was there and in bad shape.  Maxie thinks Lulu should have told her just that.  She tells Maxie about Patrick’s hallucination.  How he thought Lulu was Robin.  She is shocked.  She thinks she took Robin away from him.

Jerry feels sorry for Maxie; blaming herself for an explosion he staged to make it appear Robin is dead.  Ewen points out she is not dead though.  Jerry wonders if that redeems him in some way.  Jerry wants to know which is worse.  Killing someone outright, or making them live and have their family think  they are dead. 

McBain opens the letter.  Natalie says, ‘I hopes it was worth it.  You’ll have all the time in the world to decide.  Goodbye’.  John asks the driver where he took Natalie.  He tells John the airport and that is all he knows.  John slams the door in his face.  John picks up the phone to call Natalie.  He gets her and asks her not to hang up.

Todd tells Johnny he knows he told Starr about Todd’s apology over the camera.  Johnny thought Starr would like to know about their friendly agreement.  Todd wonders if Johnny learned this type of thing from Anthony.  Johnny tells Todd Anthony would have killed him by now.  Todd informs Johnny he could go that way, but Todd has a full confession on video.  Johnny denies knowing what Todd is talking about.  Todd wonders how Starr would react, if she knew the truth.  Johnny reminds Todd if he tells, so will he.  Johnny hangs up.  In walks Dante.  Johnny tells him Lulu was upset with him when he didn’t show up to the opening.  Lulu is exactly what Dante wants to talk about. 

Todd is raging that Johnny hung up on him.  He is calling Johnny back when Sam walks in.  Todd hangs up.

Johnny already knows how Dante feels about their partnership.  Dante admits he was a jerk about it.  He will not cause any more issues about it.  Johnny thinks Dante is being a modern husband.  All Dante wants is Lulu to be happy and the club makes her happy.  Johnny wonders why Dante wasn’t at the opening.  He lets Johnny know he was saving Luke and Olivia from Heather.  Johnny realizes what Dante is talking about and asks how Olivia is doing.  They are keeping her sedated until the drugs are out of her system.  Johnny apologizes.  He really cares about Olivia.  Dante wonders why Johnny blackmailed Steve if he cares so much.  Starr walks in and interrupts.  Johnny introduces them.  Starr asks if he is Michael’s brother.  When he confirms she comments how much better Michael and Dante get along than her and her brother.  Starr thought she heard them talking about blackmail.  Johnny says it was all part of his past, and he wants to leave it there.  Dante doubts that.  Dante is still a cop and Anthony’s murder is still under investigation.

Maxie is glad Patrick is getting help and she shouldn’t be criticizing Lulu for getting it done.  Lulu thinks Maxie is mad because she wasn’t included.  Maxie thinks it is just her frustration talking.  She is taking it all out on Lulu.  Lulu reminds Maxie, Patrick has to help himself.  Maxie thought moving in with Patrick would make everything better, but she can’t give him Robin back, which is what he needs.

Jerry can’t help but noticing the symmetry of Ewen now treating Patrick for his grief over losing Robin.  Patrick has turned for help to one of the few people who knows Robin is still alive.  Ewen thinks Robin is as good as dead now because of Jerry.  Jerry tells Ewen, he too is to blame.  Jerry thinks Patrick is lucky to have Ewen helping him learn to go on living.  Ewen doesn’t know how any man can go on after suffering such a loss.  Jerry thinks it is very sad.

Jason hopes he didn’t make things awkward between Liz and Ewen.  Liz doesn’t think their running into each other was an issue.  Jason mentions the close proximity they were sitting in.  He said Ewen looked over at him a couple of times.  Liz blames herself for continually looking over as Jason and Sonny.  They both admit they notice each other when they are around each other.  Liz thinks Ewen may have picked up on some tension between them.  Jason apologizes again for the kiss.  Liz wants him to stop apologizing.  Jason doesn’t want to spoil things for Liz.  She tells him to relax, it was just lunch.  Jason thought it was a date.  Liz tells Jason she has slowed things down with Ewen because of her relationship with him.

McBain is asking Natalie where she is.  She says she is in London.  McBain tells her this is her home; the three of them.  He tells her she just can’t leave the country with his little boy.  McBain is sorry for what happened and he wants to make it right.  He is getting on the next flight to London so they can talk face to face.  He is rifling through the drawers looking for his passport.  He yells at Natalie that taking his son and passport is not going to stop him.  She hangs up on him.  John throws the phone.

Todd lies and says he was on the phone with a charity he contributes to.  Sam asks if he needs anything before she gets settled.  Todd tells her to grab him something from his safe.  Todd is sure there is something in it that Sam needs.  Sam doesn’t have the combination.  Todd thought he gave it to her.  He is surprised he didn’t tell her since he trusts her so much.  Todd tells her she doesn’t need to combination, he thinks it is open.  He tells her to go into it.  Sam tells her there is a piece of paper in it just for her.  She turns and asks what is going on.

McBain is in his house thinking about what just happened.  He begins to walk around and spots something in the garbage can.  He pulls it out and it is an envelope the photo was in and the note from Todd.  McBain realizes it was Todd who took and sent the photo.  He runs out cursing. 

Sam pulls out a piece of paper from the safe.  She asks Todd if that is what he wanted her to get.  As he slides the paternity test result under a book on his desk, he tells her yes.  She opens the paper and it says ‘you’re fired’.  Sam asks if Todd is firing her.  He tells her she broke into his safe.  He knows Jason was outside the door helping her.  Sam admits it.  Todd wonders what she was looking for.  Sam explains she doesn’t know what she was looking for; she thinks it was something about her baby. 

Starr can’t believe Dante thinks Johnny killed Anthony.  She points out they already arrested Heather who buried Anthony.  Johnny agrees with Starr.  Dante explains the department believes Heather had no motive to kill Anthony.  She only buried him to protect Luke.  Johnny thinks Luke is guilty.  He did tell the cops Anthony overhear Luke plotting to kill him.  Dante informs Johnny the police believe Luke’s story.  All the evidence proves what they are saying is true.  They found Anthony dead already and just tried to move him and hide the gun.  Starr brings up the possibility that Anthony’s murderer may have been the same person who killed her family. 

Lulu begs Maxie not to blame herself.  Patrick turned to drugs to keep Robin present. Maxie agrees saying her and Patrick discussed it when she first moved in.  Maxie explains Patrick was seeing Robin like she was really with him toward the end, so stopping the pills means no longer seeing Robin.  Lulu asks how Patrick is doing.  Patrick had a rough night, but he made it.  At the moment he is attending his required group therapy.  Maxie thinks Patrick’s arrogance is going to make it hard for him to open up.  Lulu thinks maybe he will find comfort in knowing he is not alone in his feelings.  Maxie looks at a picture Emma drew and hopes the detox will work.  Lulu assures Maxie things will work out.  Ewen has taken a personal interest in getting Patrick well.

Ewen informs Jerry, he has given his update and they are done.  He turns to leave but Jerry stops him.  Jerry doesn’t think Ewen has given him all the details.  Jerry wants to know how many people at Ferncliff saw Robin, and if there is any trail linking the anonymous patient with Robin.  Ewen annoyingly tells Jerry there is no connection.  Jerry wonders why Ewen is so tense.  He gave him interesting work, after all.  Ewen is disgusting by Jerry enjoyment of the situation.  Jerry admits he is enjoying it.  Jerry wants every detail of Robin’s transfer.  Ewen says some other time; he has plans.  Jerry asks if the plans include Elizabeth.

Jason questions Elizabeth on her stopping seeing Ewen because of him.  Liz explains how Ewen thought Jason would come between them.  She recalls Ewen questioning Patrick and Steve about Jason and Liz’s relationship.  They both told Ewen of their connection.  Jason doesn’t understand why Ewen wouldn’t ask Elizabeth directly, and she speculates maybe they didn’t know each other well enough for him to ask.  Ewen must have assumed she backed things off because of her feelings for Jason being deeper than friendship.  Liz glances at her menu.  Jason stops her and asks if that is true. 

Jason doesn’t want their friendship to interfere with Elizabeth being with someone.  She assures him it is not the case.  Jason thinks he complicated things with the kiss.  Liz says something did change for her.  She thought she was holding back because of losing Jake, but really it was about her track record with men in general.  She can’t help but feel like any new relationship is doomed to fail.  Jason apologizes if he made her feel this way.  She doesn’t blame him at all.  Liz made her own choices and along the way she had really good times.  She just wants to feel the same good feeling she experienced with Jason in the past.  Jason wants her to try again; he doesn’t want to get in the way.  Elizabeth makes it clear she wasn’t holding back with Ewen because of him; it was something else.

Ewen wants to know how Jerry knows about his relationship with Liz.  Jerry makes it a point to know everything about the people he works with.  Jerry reminisces about his knowing Liz from the hostage takeover at the Metro Court.  He talks about Liz taking the nickname ‘Baby’s Breathe’.  He remembers her being pregnant at the time.  Jerry tells Ewen Jason was her baby’s father and asks if they met.  When Ewen says they have met briefly, Jerry informs him how lethal Jason can be.  He worries about Ewen getting involved with Liz and Jason’s reaction to it.  Ewen is not worried because Jason is married.  Jerry doesn’t think marriage to another person will stop the connection between them.  Ewen doesn’t want to hear it and tells Jerry enough.  Jerry thinks he has hit a nerve with Ewen and Ewen confirms he has.  He likes Elizabeth.  This is not what Jerry wanted to hear. 

Maxie thinks since Ewen helped Kate, he will be able to help Patrick.  Lulu wants to know when Patrick is coming back, but Maxie doesn’t know.  She tells Lulu she can go visit her dad, but Lulu wants to stay far away from Luke right now.  Luke wanted her to smuggle him cigars. Maxie laughs that Luke must be feeling better.  Lulu informs her is will be a long recovery, but he will be just fine.  Maxie inquires on Olivia’s condition.  Lulu says it is serious, however Olivia is tough and they think she will pull through.  Lulu thinks Olivia will be happy her condition brought Dante and Lulu back together.  Maxie is confused and asks what that means.  She can’t take another break up.  Lulu explains it wasn’t a break up, just a hard time.  She felt as if trying to be a wife would make her lose who she was.  Maxie understands.  Lulu made the mistake of not talking about it.  When she and Dante have issues, she wants them to talk about it.  Maxie wonders if it is just about her insecurities or is there something else.  Lulu confirms it is also about Johnny.

Starr speculates since Kate shot out Anthony’s tires, maybe she also killed Anthony.  Dante informs her Kate has an alibi when Anthony was murdered.  She was in police custody.  Starr then wonders if 2 people wanted Anthony dead.  Johnny confirms there was more than just 2.  Dante points out Johnny was one of them.  Johnny, however, points out he has had many opportunity to kill Anthony or at the very least leave him for dead, but he was family and he couldn’t do it.  Dante tells John he is still a suspect.  As such, he should come forward and cooperate.  Dante turns to leave, but Starr stops him.  She is confident Johnny had nothing to do with Anthony’s murder.  When Dante questions why; she tells him how closely they have worked together, and she would know if he was a killer.  Johnny and Dante stare each other down.

Todd wonders why Sam would think there was something about her baby in the safe.  She responds by asking why he has a crumpled up article about her baby in his hotel room.  Todd now says Heather was right.  He and Spinelli have been spying on him all along.  They went into his hotel room to search it.  He thinks Sam is a liar.  She lied on her application and never wanted to start over.  Sam admits she was deceitful.  She was there to investigate Heather.  She gives away how they suspected Heather had to have something on Todd for him to hire her.  Todd says he may have felt sorry for her and wanted to help her.  Sam still wants an answer on why Todd had the article.  He deflects by saying Sam is the one who broke into his hotel room and his safe.  He fires her again.  Sam keeps plugging.  She wants to know why Todd hired her and why he showed up to her baby’s memorial when he doesn’t even know her. 

Maxie is giving Lulu an ‘I told you so’.  She doesn’t think Lulu should have partnered with Johnny.  She tells Lulu it took her forever to realize what everyone else knew.  Dante and Lulu belonged together.  Maxie won’t let Johnny ruin her marriage to Dante.  Lulu is not worried.  Her and Dante are in a good place now that they talked about everything.  Lulu asks how Maxie is doing.  She goes to visit Matt weekly.  Lulu asks how he is doing.  Matt is working as an orderly in the prison.  It is not doctor work, but at least he is helping.  He is happy Maxie is looking out for Patrick and Emma.  Lulu needs to leave and check on Luke.  Make sure he is not smuggling cigars.  Maxie wants Lulu to tell Luke and Olivia she is thinking about them.  Lulu agrees.  Maxie sits on Patrick’s bed and tries to pull herself together.

Dante arrives at the hospital and runs into Lulu.  They kiss passionately.  Lulu asks how Olivia is doing, and Dante says he is going to see her now.  He explains his conversation with Johnny.  He tells her he apologized and told Johnny he wasn’t a threat to their marriage.  Lulu agrees. Dante also said he is still a suspect in Anthony’s murder.  They walk away hand and hand. 

Starr is annoyed that Dante thinks Johnny has something to hide, and she says so to Johnny.  They get on the subject of Todd and Johnny mentions Todd having a lot of experience talking to cops.  Starr points out Todd is usually guilty, and Johnny is not.  Starr doesn’t believe Johnny could kill anyone.  When she says this, Johnny squirms.  He flashes back to his conversation with Todd about him knowing Johnny killed Hope.  He thanks Starr for her support.  Especially from her of all people.  Starr wonders what he means by ‘her of all people’.  Johnny blows it off as an expression.  Johnny tells Starr there is no evidence and there never will be. 

Todd gives Sam a lie ridden story about relating to her because he just lost his granddaughter.  He starts to get indignant telling Sam she is not the only person to lose a child.  He was feeling guilty.  Sam doesn’t understand why Todd said he felt guilty.  He then explains how he was on trial for killing his brother.  They were traveling to support him.  He should have sent them airline tickets so they were not driving that night.  He could have done many things differently, but he did nothing.  He cut out the article because he related to it.  Then he realized regret is for losers so he threw it out.  Sam wonders if it was about Hope, then why hire her and why go to her son’s memorial.  Todd covers again with he could go to Hope’s memorial, so this was the next best thing.  He hired Sam because she came to him and asked.  She was a mess and he helped.

Jason wants to know the other reason Liz backed off Ewen.  She tells him it was her boys.  She didn’t want to bring a guy around when she was unsure.  She thinks Cam likes him okay, but Aidan was a little leery.  She doesn’t want them to get used to someone she is unsure of.  Jason agrees with her thinking.  Liz confides there was also something else that happened on Spoon Island to second guess Ewen. 

Jerry thinks Ewen’s relationship with Liz is going to be a problem.  Ewen wants Elizabeth to be left out of the equation.  Jerry worries that Ewen may discuss what is going on with Liz during ‘pillow talk’.  Ewen assures Jerry it is not an issue.  Jerry tells Ewen in a threatening way to keep it that way.  No one must know they are working together. 

Todd gave Sam a job because she said she was all alone.  He feels she took advantage of his ‘compassion’.  Todd is laying a load of bull on Sam describing himself as a well doer.  In walks McBain.  He threatens Todd.  He tells him he will pay for what he did.  Sam is shocked.

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