GH Update Thursday 8/2/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/2/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Dante questions Luluís thoughts on whether or not they have a future together.  Lulu canít believe Dante would ask her that.  He has no choice but to believe that is how she feels, being as she hid the letter from Luke from him.  He flat out asks her if she still wants to be with him forever.

Ewen is in the hall of the hospital telling someone on his phone that Robin was moved safely to the Swiss hospital.  He assures this person no one knows they are working together.  Liz calls out his name.  He is surprised to see her.  Elizabeth doesnít doubt his surprise after hearing what he just said.

Sam is outside Kellyís.  She is gazing at her wedding ring.  She is flashing back to her conversation with Jason earlier.  She remembers him telling her he is worried about her safety.  He doesnít like her investigating Todd.  When the flashback ends, it is Jason thinking about the same conversation.  He is at the Floating Rib.  Sonny walks in.  They discuss Sonnyís conversation with Joe about Kateís son.

Trey and Kristina are still kissing.  She stops him and asks if he means it.  He says he feels the same way she does.  Trey wants to move things to the bedroom.

Lulu breaks and admits she had doubts about their marriage.  Luke took off and sent her a letter announcing she wasnít cut out for commitment.  They were arguing all the time, so she thought maybe she isnít cut out for commitment.  Lulu doesnít want to sabatoge herself.  Dante admits he was part of the problem too.  He gave her a hard time about working with Johnny.  They disagreed, but that is what people do.  They are not always going to agree, but it doesnít mean they donít love each other.  Lulu agrees.  Her doubt is not in their love, but rather can they stay together long term.

Alexis runs right into Sam when she is coming out of Kellyís.  She asks Sam if she knows if Sean has a girlfriend.  Sam tells her he probably has many.  Sam then asks Alexis if she heard about Mob Princess.  Alexis hasnít and she needs to sit down to hear this news.  Sam reassures her that it is good news.  Trey has shut down production on the show.  Alexis is happy and canít wait to see Trey go.  Sam informs her Trey is not going anywhere.

Sonny recounts Kateís baby history to Jason.  He tells Jason he went to see Joe to find out what happened to the baby.  He admits Joe told him the baby died, but then Joe kept going on and on about losing his son.  Sonny let him talk, but as he was leaving Joe asked how Sonny would feel if something happened to one of Sonnyís kids.  He is worried Joe may try something with his children.  He wants heighten security.

Trey tells Kristina he has always been attracted to her.  He couldnít do anything about it because of the show.  He feels great about telling her now.  He kisses her again.  He motions to move her into the bedroom, but she stops him.  She doesnít know if she can do this.

Ewen asks Liz if everything is okay.  Everything is fine.  She just overheard him telling someone no one has any idea they are working together.  He explains it is just a patient.  Liz thinks Ewen looks stressed.  He lies and tells her the patient is a celebrity and really wants to keep it quiet.  Liz is surprised Port Charles even has a celebrity.  Ewen covers saying he has old patients whose families recommend him for his discretion.  She hopes Ewen will keep her posted on Patrick progress being as she knows all about it already anyway.  He agrees.  Ewen thinks Patrickís withdrawal will not be too bad since he hasnít been using long.  Liz thinks the hardest part will be giving up Robin.  Ewen admits he is feeling guilty about Patrick.  Liz doesnít understand why.

Dante points out Luluís loyalty.  She has stuck by her father and brother through everything they have done.  Lulu contends it is because they are family.  Dante notes, you become family when you get married.  Maybe Lulu is afraid Dante will let her down in some way.  Lulu is not afraid of Dante letting her down.  She is afraid she will let him down.  She thinks all the Spencerís have run away from the things that were best for them.  Maybe she will do the same.  Lulu breaks down.  She has tried to do the good wife thing, but she canít cook.  She didnít work out at the PCPD.  Dante doesnít see it as them fighting all the time.  Lulu canít understand how they are going to stay together when they are growing in two totally different directions.

This is why Lulu didnít tell Dante about the letter.  It has stirred up all her insecurities and now she is dumping them all on Dante.  He wants her to share what she is thinking.  She tells Dante she has been feeling this way for a while now.  She has talked to Luke about her feelings.  Lulu likes to take risks.  She likes adrenaline rushes.  Dante agrees he feels the same way.  Lulu points out, however, Dante doesnít want Lulu to take risks.  He contends what man would want his wife in danger.  He is confused.  He wonders what Lulu is saying.  Does she think their marriage is boring. 

Liz reminds Ewen, as a doctor he has to remain detached.  He understands that, but he canít help but feel sorry for Patrick.  He has lost Robin and is reeling from it.  He tells Elizabeth sometimes people have no choice about something, but they have to deal with it.  She argues that Patrick is making progress with Ewenís help.  Liz understands what Ewen is saying.  She doesnít think he should blame himself for Robinís death.  She feels the same sadness when she hears Emma and Patrick speak.  Ewen still wishes he could fix it.  Ewen is grateful to Patrick for getting Liz to go out with him again.  Liz admits she likes Ewen.  He invites her to lunch.  Ewen will be seeing Patrick later and it would be nice for him to have some good news to share with him.  Liz agrees.

Trey apologizes.  Kristina breaks down and tells Trey there is something she needs to know about her.  Trey assumes she means she is a virgin.  Kristina admits her history with Kiefer.  She admits Kiefer used to hit her.

Alexis thinks if there is no more show, then there is no reason for Trey to stay.  She thinks Kristina was just using the show and Trey to get even with herself and Sonny.  Sam disagrees.  She informs Alexis about Kristinaís feelings for Trey.  She tells her how Kristina admitted how she felt to Trey and he scoffed because of the show and their working together.  They think it is a possibility Trey shut down the show so he could date Kristina.  Alexis thinks Trey is a manipulator.  Sam injects the possibility of the show just wasnít working out, so he shut it down.  When Alexis asks when this happened, Sam tells her a little while ago.  She and Kristina were talking about Trey when the conversation shifted to herself and Jason.  Kristina wondered if they would ever get back together again.

Jason is going to add extra security.  Jason asks if he should run a background check on Trey.  Sonny refuses.  It is unnecessary now that Trey has pulled the plug on the show.  Sonny is happy to spend more time with Kristina.  Sonny shares Kristinaís worry about Jason and Sam breaking up.

Lulu is trying to explain to Dante how much she loves him, and loves being married to him.  Her whole life she heard how love equals adventure.  Dante has his job which gives him the adventure he wants.  The club is the same for her.  Dante agrees then, Lulu made the right career choice.  She asks even if it means working with Johnny.  Dante just hopes Johnny has changes as everyone says he has.  Dante still believes Johnny is using the club as a front, but he was also jealous.  He doesnít want to lose Lulu to Johnny.  Dante admits he was acting like a jerk and he is sorry.  He wants to make it up to her.

Trey asks where Keifer is now.  When she tells him Kiefer is dead, Trey assumes Sonny took care of him.  Kristina tells him it is a long story, and she doesnít want to get into it.  She admits it happened more than once and Sonny had no idea it was happening.  She explains the first time he slapped her.  She says she felt important because Kiefer needed her to forgive him.  Trey canít believe Kiefer hit her and Kristina felt like she had to fix him.  She tells him one time he beat her so bad, he put her in the hospital.  Trey thinks he was sick.  She explains this is why she didnít want to get close to anyone since.

Alexis reminds Sam she was happy with Jason once.  She wonders where things stand now.  Sam says they donít stand at all.

Jason tells Sonny Sam canít get past the baby.  She still blames him.  Sonny wonders when the last time Jason saw Sam.

Alexis wonders the same.  Sam recounts their meeting yesterday.  She reminds Alexis she wasnít going to be nosy.

Sonny wants Jason to talk to Sam.

Alexis thinks they need to talk things out.  Sam doesnít think talking is going to solve anything.  Alexis understands why Sam feels the way she does.  Sam doesnít think they will find their way back to each other.

Jason has tried to reach out, but something always happens.  Sonny wonders whatÖ.Elizabeth and Ewen walk in.   She and Jason look at each other.

Dante is sorry he is not doing a good job as a husband.  Lulu counters with her problems are her problems.  They both agree Dante got a little controlling.  Lulu remembers how much she hated Dante going back to work after he was shot.  Dante wishes he thought of that time sooner.  He remembers how much he hated Luluís hovering.  Dante vows to support Lulu through all her plans and dreams.  He wants to try and have an amazing life together.

Trey promises he would never hit Kristina.  She admits she is not ready to sleep with Trey.  She needs time to feel safe.  Kristina thinks it is a lot to ask of Trey, so if he doesnít want to, she understands.

Lulu apologizes for not telling Dante about signing the contract with Johnny.  She also admits she is sorry for buying the dress they couldnít afford.  They start to laugh.  Lulu remembers the night of the opening.  She got everything she wanted, but it meant nothing without Dante there to share it with her.  Dante is very proud of Lulu.  Lulu still thinks the word ďforeverĒ  is scary.  Dante knows she wants a guarantee, but there isnít one.

Alexis is advising Sam on how to bring 2 people together.  As a lawyer she does it all the time.  Sam interrupts and says it isnít just between 2 people any more.  Alexis wants to know what she means.

Liz introduces Ewen to Sonny.  Ewen says Elizabeth suggested the Floating Rib for lunch.

Sam explains running into McBain on the pier.  Alexis doesnít like the sound of this storyÖ

Ewen and Liz chat about ordering the ribs.

Sonny wonders what that was all about.

Sam tells Alexis they were 2 people comforting each other.

Jason doesnít know what Sonny means.  Sonny canít understand why Elizabeth would introduce him to Kateís doctor.  He asks if there is something going on between Jason and Elizabeth.

Sam recalls her kiss with McBain.  Alexis thinks it was a serious kiss.  Then Sam admits Jason saw them.

Sonny canít believe Sam and McBain kissed.  Jason tells Sonny after he saw them kissing, he went to the bridge and Elizabeth was there.

Sam doesnít think she was the only one wrong.  She wants Alexis to hear what Jason did wrong.

Ewen snaps Elizabeth out of a thought.  He wants to know if she is okay there with Jason.

Sonny remembers the pain and history Elizabeth share.  He guesses they werenít thinking about that when they were kissing.

Alexis thinks it was juvenile for Jason to kiss Elizabeth.

Jason doesnít want to hurt either Sam or Elizabeth.  Sonny reminds Jason, Sam is still his wife.

Sam doesnít think her kissing McBain is the same at all with Jason kissing Sam.  She and John were sharing a bad moment.  Elizabeth and Jason shared Jake.  They have a huge history together.  Alexis asks if Sam wants a divorce.

Dante tells Lulu she just has to take a leap of faith and trust he will be there.  Dante recalls the first night they met, and how he let Luluís brother beat him up.  They laugh.  He feels the same way today as he did that day.  He wants to spend every day with her.  They kiss.

Sam hadnít thought about a divorce.

Sonny thinks Jason should start making some decisions to make things easier.

Liz apologizes to Ewen.  He understands.  Under different circumstances Jason and Elizabeth might have been together today.  She looks over to Jason.

Sam is trying to find a way to forgive Jason.  Every time she tries though something stops her.  Alexis wants to know what.

Ewen admires Lizís empathy for Jason.  She wants to help him through his pain, but she doesnít want to get in the way of his marriage. 

Sonny remembers when Brenda left and he took out his pain on everyone else.  He doesnít want that for Jason.  If Jason doesnít think he can fix things with Sam, he should end it now.

Alexis wants to know holds Sam back from being with Jason.  She thinks she cannot forgive him and will only finds ways to punish him.  Sam doesnít want to put Jason through that.  Alexis thinks letting someone go is sometimes the best thing to do.

Kristina tells Trey it is okay if he wants to say goodbye.  He doesnít want to leave her at all.  He cannot stand the thought of someone hitting her.  Trey thinks it is so wrong.  Kristina thanks him for understanding.  He will take it as slow as she wants.  Kristina thinks Treyís reaction tells her a lot about him. She wonders what his father will think.

Trey thinks Kristina means what his father will think about their relationship.  She really means what he will think about Trey shutting down the show.  Trey tells her his father will be fine with it; as long as Trey has a chance with Kristina.  Kristina has to go bring Molly brownies.  She thanks him again for understanding.  They kiss.  Kristina leaves. 

Lulu wishes they talked their problems out days ago.  She thinks they could have had she not hidden the letter from Dante.  Dante thinks it would have been a blow if Luke really didnít think they could make it.  Lulu realizes that should have been a clue pointing to Luke not writing the letter in the first place.  Luke would have said live your life the way you want.  He would not say Ďlove someoneí, or Ďdonít love someoneí.  Luke wants Lulu to trust her instincts.  Her instincts are telling her the smartest thing she did was marry Dante.  She only wants to be with him.  They retreat to bed.

Sam canít make any decisions.  She is confused.  Alexis offers her services in case of a divorce.  They agree Alexis is the best lawyer.  Sam asks Alexis to fix a parking ticket.  She refuses and offers it as a lesson to Sam:  Donít stay someplace too long that you donít belong.  Alexis leaves.

Jason canít divorce Sam.  Sonny wonders what Jason will do if Sam wants a divorce.  He will not fight her.  He just doesnít want to be the one to get lawyers involved.  Jason doesnít want to punish Sam.  He just wants the pain to stop.  Sonny thinks you have to figure out what hurts less.  Jason canít just walk away.

Ewen thinks it has been a long time since their first date.  Liz recalls learning Ewen secret.  He looks worried, but she reminds him of his harmonica playing.  Liz wonders from his reaction if there is another secret.

Sonny brings Jason back from staring at Liz.  Jason asks what else happened with Joe Jr.  Sonny wonders why Jason is changing the subject.  Sonny thinks Joe already thinks Joe has something working against his kids.

Trey is on the phone with Joe.  He wants to talk about Kristina.  Trey thinks Kristina is really nice and he doesnít think Kristina deserves to be used to get back at Sonny.  After a short discussion, Trey agrees to continue with the plan to marry Kristina.  All throughout the conversation, it is flashing to a very happy Kristina.

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