GH Update Wednesday 8/1/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/1/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis returned to The Floating Rib to retrieve her phone. She got distracted, thinking about Shawn stripping off his shirt and tried to push it out of her head. Alexis went up to the man who was bending down behind the bar and told him she lost something there. He stood up; to her shock, it was Mac. Mac asked if she lost her underwear, and he reached into the lost and found box and pulled out a very skimpy flashy pair. Alexis sarcastically asked if those looked like hers and Mac said unfortunately he wouldn't know. He pointed out that she had a history of stripping down there and Alexis reminded him that he was the one who stripped. She found her phone and asked why he was there. Coleman had hired Mac as the new bartender. Alexis was surprised he'd made such a drastic career change. Mac liked the new job because it gave him lots of free time to spend with family and he didn't have to put his life on the line. Alexis thought about it and remembered that he did own the Outback. Mac said he spent some of the best times of his life there. He hinted that he knew about Alexis playing strip poker. Alexis said those days were over, but Mac told her Coleman had already filled him in about her and Shawn's game. Alexis said she was going to kill Coleman. Mac asked how they hooked up and Alexis told him how they went there to give the kids privacy on their date. Alexis explained that she only played because Shawn called her a prude and she was tired of people acting like she was a smarty pants who didn't know how to have fun. Mac noted that she was blushing over Shawn and said he never saw her do that over him (Mac). Alexis smiled nervously, then denied that she was blushing. She changed the subject and asked if he and Felicia were back together like the rumors said. Mac confirmed it and said they were taking it slow. Alexis was glad for him and said he deserved happiness. Mac said she did, too. Alexis didn't want to talk about her love life again, but Mac said happiness felt good and suggested she might be able to find it with Shawn.

Mac said he was sorry for making her uncomfortable. Alexis sarcastically said she loved having her love life or lack thereof dissected. Mac said her lack of a love life was on her. He told her she was beautiful, smart, and sophisticated and that she'd have no problem finding someone if she let her guard down. Alexis wondered why everyone in a couple wanted everyone else to be in one. Mac said they liked seeing their friends happy. He said it was fine if she wanted to stay single, but she could do worse than Shawn. Alexis remembered Shawn removing his shirt. She told Mac that Shawn was “adequate looking.” Mac added that he was a hard worker and said from what Coleman said, she and Shawn had fun. Mac promised to keep his mouth shut about her private life from now on. Alexis said she appreciated his advice, because he was right. She couldn't remember the last time she went out with someone who wasn't family or a client. Mac said the last time she did, it was with him. Mac urged her to ask Shawn out. Alexis wondered if it was a good idea due to TJ and Molly, then she realized she should stop making excuses and just ask him. Alexis left.

At Kelly's TJ was telling Shawn about the weird “rich people” food he ate the night before. Shawn didn't hear him, because he was remembering Alexis taking off her shirt. TJ said Shawn had been acting weird since last night. He assumed Alexis had said something to Shawn about not wanting TJ to date Molly, and he went on the defensive, saying he and Molly were good together and shouldn't have to stop dating because Alexis was uptight and hadn't had a date in forever. Shawn said Alexis wasn't uptight and TJ asked how he knew that. Shawn said he knew she was a good woman because she allowed TJ and Molly to date despite TJ's past. Shawn told TJ that Alexis deserved her respect. “Damn” TJ sighed. Shawn told him to watch it. TJ asked what the “Ice Queen” did to win him over. Shawn remembered sharing a drink with Alexis while they were both half dressed. He told TJ to eat his breakfast. Later, TJ told Shawn he and Molly were going to the pool. Shawn remembered playing pool with Alexis. He snapped out of it and said to tell Molly he said hi. TJ thanked him for being cool about this and for keeping Alexis busy last night. Shawn indignantly said he didn't get busy with Alexis. TJ explained what he really said, then he said Shawn was acting strange. TJ left. Alexis stopped in. Shawn said it was good to see her with her shirt on, then he stammered that it was good to see her with it off, too. Before Alexis could ask him out, a woman walked in, called Shawn's name, then ran into his arms and kissed him romantically.

Elizabeth and Steve went to Kelly's for breakfast. Steve wanted to take his meal to go so he could get back to the hospital and Olivia, but Liz insisted that he take a break before he got burned out. She reminded him that Kate was with Olivia and had promised to call if there was any change. Liz told Steve that Olivia was in good hands with Ewen. Steve knew Ewen was a great doctor, but he still wanted to be there when Olivia woke up. Liz said Ewen predicted that Olivia would make a full recovery. As a doctor, Steve had seen a lot of patients have sad outcomes and it made him worried. Liz reminded him that he'd seen more patients have happy endings. She said Ewen had faith in Olivia. Steve said and Liz had faith in Ewen. Liz said she wouldn't have gone out with him again if she didn't. Steve asked if they were getting serious and Liz said no. She wanted to change the subject, but Steve said she wanted to distract him from the situation with Olivia, so she should share.

Steve asked if she and Ewen were back together and Liz said they were never were together – they just had a couple of dates and things came to a standstill for some reason. Steve said Jason, but Liz said Jason wasn't the reason. She explained that she and Ewen lost touch because they were both so busy and at first she didn't mind because she wasn't sure if she was interested in him. Steve wondered what made her sure now, and Liz said it was Patrick telling her how difficult life was without Robin. Until then, Liz hadn't realized how much of a difference Ewen made for Patrick. This made her realize she might have been taking Ewen for granted. She said Ewen was amazing and interested in her. She wondered what was wrong with her that she didn't reach out to him. Steve thought it was because of Jason. Liz got annoyed and Steve agreed to drop it. He said the important thing was she was moving forward. He raised a glass to her finding a good guy. Liz was surprised Ewen was still interested after all the mixed signals she sent. Steve said she was entitled to some uncertainty. He felt that Ewen was lucky someone so amazing wanted him. Steve and Liz joked around, then they left.

Trey was at home. He looked at his medal through the tears in his eyes and remembered Joe telling him he had to marry Kristina to get the Scully money that Sonny stole. Kristina showed up and asked if he was really finished with the show. Trey thought she was angry, but Kristina said she was confused. She cried that he convinced her to turn her life upside down and do this show, then he quit without telling her why and ditched her in front of her father. Kristina asked what changed his mind. Trey paused and remembered Joe telling him that Kristina wasn't family and asking Trey to do this for him. Trey told her his dad changed his mind. Kristina said she knew something was going on with him and his dad. Trey told Kristina not to take this the wrong way, but he liked to keep his family issues private and hadn't wanted to involve her. Kristina said it was okay; she was willing to listen to his problems since he'd listened to hers. Kristina wondered if his dad had pulled the funding for the show. Trey said the money had already been spent, but he'd found a way to pay him back.

Trey said his dad ended up in trouble and he almost lost him. Trey told Kristina it gave him a new perspective, and he realized it was wrong to encourage Kristina to fight with Sonny and put her at risk for losing her dad, too. Kristina was surprised he did that for her, then she cried because she thought he'd be leaving town now that the show was over. Trey stroked her hair and said she was a reason for him to stay. Kristina said he always said they couldn't get together because of the show. Trey said the show was over and there was nothing standing in their way. Trey said he liked her and Kristina asked why. Trey said she was gorgeous and Kristina interrupted to ask why else. He said she was smart and direct. He said he hadn't stopped thinking about her since they kissed. He said he wanted to be with her. Kristina was ecstatic. Trey moved in to kiss her, and Kristina stepped back. She said she needed a second to adjust. Kristina had written him off since he pushed her away for so long. Trey groaned that he'd waited too long and now she had other guys after her. Kristina reminded him that her life was on film, so he knew there was no one else. They kissed deeply.

Joe was in his jail cell talking to himself about Trey being the secret weapon he was going to use to take Sonny down. Sonny walked in and asked how Joe planned to take someone down from his cell (Sonny did not hear that he was the target). Sonny taunted Joe about what his father would think if he saw him there. Joe wondered why he was there and Sonny said Joe was going to tell him about his son. Joe claimed he didn't have any kids. Sonny urged Joe to admit he raped Kate and got her pregnant. Joe yelled that Sonny needed to accept that Kate begged for it. Sonny kept his cool and didn't let Joe distract him. He asked Joe how he found out about the child when Kate didn't tell anyone about the rape or the pregnancy. Joe asked why he cared about a baby his girlfriend dumped twenty years ago. Sonny threatened to make sure Joe had a rough prison experience if he didn't tell him what he wanted to know. Joe said he went to church just before moving to New Orleans and the priest Connie had gone to for advice told him about the baby. Father O'Brien felt that Joe had a right to know. Joe claimed he'd been excited and decided to marry Connie, until the priest told him Connie wanted an abortion. Sonny asked if he blamed her and Joe said he did, because it was against their religion. Sonny pointed out that rape was, too. Father O'Brien said he didn't think Kate had the abortion, since he told her she'd burn in hell if she had one. The priest told Joe about the boarding house he heard Connie was staying in, and Joe went there.

Joe said if Sonny hadn't turned his father against him, things could have been different. Sonny got him back on topic, and Joe said the woman at the boarding house told him Connie ran off without paying the rent. Joe told Sonny to let Kate know she owed him $200. According to Joe, he paid the money and the landlady told him she found a baby's body in Kate's room in the dresser drawer. Joe said either the baby died or Connie killed him. He said the landlady had it buried in Potters Field. Sonny asked if he went there and Joe yelled why, to mourn a baby he didn't know. He said he went to New Orleans, gutted and alone. Sonny wanted Joe to tell him the landlady's name and the name of the boarding house. Joe scoffed and said that was over twenty years ago. Joe was annoyed that Sonny wasn't sympathetic that he'd lost out on being a father because Connie “killed” his son. Sonny brushed his complaints off and started walking out. Joe asked Sonny how he'd feel if someone killed one of his children. Sonny stopped in his tracks as Joe listed Sonny's boys by name and asked him to imagine someone killing one of them. Joe then said “or even worse your little girl, Kristina.” Sonny warned Joe not to say any of his kids names again. Joe insisted that he was just asking what Sonny would do if, god forbid, something happened to one of them. Furious, Sonny called Joe stupid and arrogant. He said if he thought for one minute that Joe had the ability to hurt one of his kids, he'd have him taken out, permanently. Joe smiled. Sonny walked out and Joe called out that he'd be praying for Sonny and his family. Joe said to himself that Sonny would need the prayers.

At the hospital, Lulu walked in on Ewen telling the sleeping Patrick that he was sorry, but he had no choice but to take Robin from him. Lulu asked what he meant by that. The startled Ewen quickly ushered her into the hallway and chewed her out for just barging in. Lulu apologized and said she only wanted to see how he was doing. The still angry Ewen said Patrick had been up all night suffering from physical withdrawal and he hadn't been seeing Robin any more. Lulu assumed that was what Ewen meant when he said he took Robin from Patrick. Ewen said that was indeed what he meant. He apologized for the way he reacted and said it was difficult to treat one of your own. Ewen said Patrick had a long road ahead, but he'd recover. He revealed that Patrick had made a big step last night and opened up to Liz about his problem. Lulu was glad to hear it. Ewen told her that Patrick had her to thank for the biggest step of all, which was checking into the hospital. He promised to tell Patrick that Lulu stopped by, then he walked away. Dante arrived and they talked about how there'd been no change in Olivia's condition. Dante said he went to Luke's room looking for her. He asked what she was doing there. Lulu revealed that Patrick had been struggling with drugs and was in recovery. She said all the credit went to Maxie, but Dante told Lulu she deserved credit too. He said she did a good job. Lulu was surprised he felt that way after she kept him in the dark about it. Lulu explained that she didn't tell Dante what was going on because she didn't want to say anything until after she was sure Patrick had a problem; otherwise it would be spreading rumors. Dante said it wouldn't be spreading rumors to open up to someone you loved who would never betray your confidence. Lulu hoped Dante understood. Dante said he thought so. Lulu said it wasn't that she didn't trust him. Dante knew that, but he was concerned because this wasn't the first time she'd kept something from him recently. Dante thought they had some issues that needed to be dealt with. Lulu said okay and they went home to discuss it.

Ewen went back to Patrick's room. Patrick was awake now and Ewen gave him a quick check up. Patrick was craving a pill and Ewen told him that would last about ten days. Patrick wondered when it would get easier and Ewen said that depended on how open Patrick would be about his feelings. Ewen said the key to recovery was Patrick discussing his grief over Robin. Patrick wasn't sure he could get better. Ewen told him he could do it and Patrick asked how he knew. Ewen divulged that he'd lost someone important to him and for awhile he wasn't sure he'd get out from under it. Patrick said from the tone in his voice, he wasn't sure Ewen had. Patrick asked if Ewen wanted to talk about it. Ewen reminded Patrick that Patrick was the patient and he was the doctor. Ewen said talking about Ewen's problems was only postponing the work Patrick had to do. Patrick said that was the point, but Ewen told him the point was to help him get through this. Ewen felt that in time, Patrick would realize there was a future beyond his grief. Ewen said he was looking at that future right now with Liz. Ewen got a phone call and told Patrick he'd be back to check on him later. Patrick thanked him for everything. Ewen went into the hallway and glanced around to make sure he was alone. He reminded the person that it wasn't safe to call him on this line, then he said the person on the other line was the boss. He said that Robin had been transferred to the Swiss clinic and that Anna had no idea she was alive. Ewen assured the person that no one knew they were working together. Liz walked over and called out to Ewen.

Dante and Lulu got home. She offered to make him breakfast, but Dante said the talk couldn't wait. He went and got a copy of the letter that Heather had forged in Luke's name. Dante showed it to Lulu and told her that he got it from Anna. Dante remembered that Lulu had been looking at it the day the Haunted Star reopened. Dante reminded her that she'd said it was a bill, and he wanted to know why she lied. Lulu thought her reason for keeping it to herself were obvious; Heather made it up to hurt them. Dante pointed out that at the time, she thought it was from Luke. Lulu said it made it worse thinking her father would say something like that. Dante thought it was more than that. He read the passage aloud that said Lulu she wasn't meant to settle down forever and said she should pick up and leave Dante when the urge hit her. Dante wondered if Lulu felt it was true that “forever” wasn't for her. Lulu admitted that the letter did make her wonder a bit about her and Dante. Dante asked her to explain exactly what she wondered.

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