GH Update Tuesday 7/31/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/31/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

TJ and Molly showed up at the Metro Court for a formal date. To their dismay, Alexis had invited Shawn and herself along. Molly made a rude remark and Alexis took her aside and said that under the circumstances, Alexis was being reasonable. Molly strongly disagreed and began to loudly complain. Alexis told her to quiet down, but Molly thought it was only fair that she embarrass Alexis, since Alexis was humiliating her. Molly argued that Alexis was ruining her date by being puritanical. Alexis looked to Shawn for support, but he felt she was on her own, since it was her idea. Molly and TJ didn't understand why they needed a chaperone at a restaurant. Molly realized Alexis was afraid they'd sneak off to one of the rooms and have sex. She and TJ swore they just wanted to have dinner and that they wanted to do the right thing to regain Alexis and Shawn's trust. Alexis grudgingly offered to stay at the bar while they had dinner, and Molly moaned that that was too close by.

Shawn persuaded the reluctant Alexis to go have a drink with him some place else. They went to The Floating Rib. Alexis said she hadn't wanted to leave them alone because she kept remembering seeing TJ in his boxers in Molly's room. Shawn reminded her that TJ was changing into swim trunks. Alexis wasn't sure they should believe that. She said she agreed to let them have dinner alone because she was afraid that she'd drive Molly away if she pushed too hard. She realized Molly knew that too and said Molly played her. Alexis was still panicked that the kids would have sex now that they weren't being chaperoned. Shawn told her there was no way that would happen. He said Alexis was uptight. He theorized that Alexis was so focused on her fear that they'd have sex, because she was uncomfortable with sex. Alexis vehemently denied that, and she called Coleman over and had him confirm that she played strip poker there at the bar. Shawn smiled and said he wasn't convinced that was true. Alexis challenged him to a game. They played and Shawn had to take off his shirt. Alexis couldn't stop staring and it seemed to make her nervous. The time came for Alexis to remove her shirt. She said she had no problem with it, since she wasn't uptight. Alexis hesitated, then removed her shirt, revealing a cami underneath. Coleman was impressed, because when Alexis played with him and Mac, she won and only had to remove her jewelry. Shawn chuckled because he realized although she played the game, she never had to strip before. The game continued until they were both in their underclothes. Coleman put a stop to it when Shawn reached down to remove his boxers. Shawn and Alexis had another drink and she got him to admit that she wasn't uptight.

Back at the Metro Court, Molly ordered a basic meal. TJ reminded her that it was supposed to be a special night. Molly let TJ order for her and he ordered a more fancy course, stumbling over some unfamiliar words along the way. The waiter left. Molly was impressed and TJ explained that he looked up the menu online before he got there because he knew Molly went to fancy restaurants all the time and he didn't want to embarrass her. Molly smiled and said he could never embarrass her. Molly revealed that she was feeling a little left out at home, because her sisters were wrapped up in their own issues. She said she didn't know what she'd do without TJ. The two chatted and Trey teased her when she complained a bit about the carpaccio being raw beef, even though she ate sushi. TJ touched Molly's face and said she was cute. Molly laughed, because she thought Alexis would find him touching her like that inappropriate. They finished dinner and admitted they really didn't like the carpaccio, squab and sunchoke. Molly said the unfamiliar food made the evening more fun. She was touched that he saved up for the meal and did all that research just for her. Molly wondered where Alexis and Shawn were. TJ joked that they were probably doing something really hot. “Yeah right” Molly said, with a laugh.

Meanwhile Shawn and Alexis realized they lost track of time. Alexis realized Molly would be wondering where she was. Alexis said she wouldn't be telling Molly what she really did tonight. Alexis asked Coleman to call her a cab, then she put on her skirt and dashed out. Shawn called her back in and tossed her shirt to her.

As Sam prepared to crack the safe at Manning Enterprises Jason walked in and asked what she was doing. Jason told her that Carly said she was working there. He didn't understand why, because she had a job. Sam asked if it was so difficult to believe she'd want a fresh start. Jason pointed out that she hated office work. He asked Sam if she was investigating Todd. In an annoyed tone, Sam asked why he cared; she thought he wouldn’t' after what happened with her and John. Jason clarified that she kissed John and Sam shot back that he kissed Elizabeth. Jason said he still cared what Sam was doing because she was his wife. Jason thought Todd was bad news and he didn't want Sam to make an enemy of him. Sam said she appreciated his concern, but she could handle herself. Jason pointed out that Todd killed his own brother and beat the charges due to his mental state. When Sam wasn't swayed, Jason told her Todd was a rapist. Sam got rattled, but said it was nothing she hadn't seen before. She said she was getting to know Todd pretty well. Jason asked if she knew why Todd was interested in the baby. Sam asked why he said that and Jason told her Carly told him Todd went to the baby's funeral. Sam told Jason about Todd having saved an article about the baby's death. Jason asked again if she was investigating Todd. Sam said yes. She explained that she'd originally been investigating Heather, because she thought Todd and Heather had something on each other. Sam said she had to find out what that was. Jason said Carly thought Todd felt bad about the baby because he lost his granddaughter. Sam said it was clear that there is tension between Todd and Heather. Sam said Todd had talked about her baby out of the blue a few times. She said her baby's death had nothing to do with Todd.

Jason guessed that Heather was interested in the baby due to her obsession with Franco. Sam couldn't figure out how Todd tied into that. She hoped the answer was in the safe, but said people kept interrupting her before she could break into it. Jason offered to guard the door for her. Sam said she had one more number to go. “Lets do it” Jason said, with a smile. Sam smiled back and repeated his words. Jason stepped into the hallway to keep watch and shortly after, Sam triumphantly announced that she did it.

Trey was still visiting his dad at jail. Joe stunned Trey by telling him he had to marry Kristina in order to bring Sonny down. Joe felt that Sonny and his family were living off of what should have been Joe and Trey's inheritance from Joe Scully Sr. and that the only way to get it back was for Trey to marry into the Corinthos family. Trey asked what if he didn't want the money, and Joe said he needed it, because the trial was going to bankrupt him. He admitted that this was also about payback for Sonny killing Joe Sr. framing Joe Jr. Joe got choked up and said he and Trey would never be able to recapture the time they were losing while Joe was in jail, just like Joe would never be able to get back the time he lost with Joe Sr. Trey wondered if they could go to the Feds. He didn't want to involve Kristina. Joe said Sonny would have both of them killed if they went after him directly. Joe was adamant that Kristina was the key, but it was important that Sonny never found out that Trey was Joe Scully III.

Trey said he didn't want his dad to be in jail, but he couldn't marry a girl he'd only known a few months. Trey didn't want to take advantage of Kristina. Joe screamed that this was his (Joe's) only hope. He firmly said Kristina wasn't Trey's family. Joe said he was the only family Trey had and he needed his help. Joe apologized for yelling at Trey. Joe was wearing a medal around his neck; Trey had one too and was wearing it close to his heart, like his father had taught him. Joe said people had told him it was crazy to raise Trey on his own, after Trey's “bitch” mother left them. Joe said he would never have abandoned his son or traded all the good times they had for anything. Joe said you make sacrifices for your children. Joe told Trey how proud he was and said he inherited the best parts of him. Joe asked Trey again to go back to Port Charles and reclaim what was theirs. After Trey left, Joe laid on his cot and cried while he looked at his medal.

Kristina went back to Sonny's warehouse to look for Trey. She figured he might be there getting more footage for the show. Sonny was surprised she didn't know where he was, since the two of them were joined at the hip. He invited Kristina to have a seat so she could wait and see if Trey came by. Sonny realized something was bothering Kristina. She told him she was worried Sam and Jason wouldn't find their way back to each other. Sonny said Jason and Sam were family and that he'd do anything he could to get them back together. Kristina asked if Sonny didn’t think they could make it. Sonny wasn't sure, but he knew that both of them had said and done things they couldn't take back. Kristina thought they should just get over it like Sonny and Kate did. Sonny said maybe they would. Sonny said he understood Sam pushing Jason a way as a way to hide from her pain, because he'd done the same thing. Sonny reminded Kristina of the way she dealt with the situation with Kiefer by lashing out. Kristina looked uncomfortable. Sonny said that sooner or later these things stopped working and you had to face the pain and rebuild. Kristina wished she could tell Sam that blaming someone wouldn't fix anything; it would only make it difficult to say you were sorry.

Sonny asked if he could say something to Kristina, but she suddenly decided she should go look for Trey. Hurt, Sonny asked if it was really that difficult for her to be alone with him. Kristina said it wasn't like that – she just needed to find Trey. Sonny said he thought they connected for a moment. He knew that she was still angry with him and Alexis for how they got her into Yale, but he missed spending time with her and he was worried about her, because of the project. Kristina reacted badly, because she didn't want to hear the lecture again. She wondered if Sonny and Alexis planned this. Sonny reminded her that he had no idea she was stopping by. Kristina wiped away tears and admitted that she wondered if Sonny was right and if Trey really was exploiting her for his own personal gain. Kristina said when she first met Trey, he'd been friendly and it seemed like they were a team, but ever since he came to town, he'd been distant. Kristina figured Sonny was happy, but he said he'd never be happy she was upset. Kristina said she'd given Trey opportunities to show that he cared, but every time they seemed to make progress, he said they had to keep things professional because a relationship would hurt the show. Sonny asked what she was going to do. Kristina wasn't sure. She considered quitting so the show wouldn't be an obstacle, but she was afraid that the show was the only thing between them and she'd lose him if she quit. Sonny gently asked her to think about whether she wanted to be with someone who cared more about his show than about her. Sonny said he could tell her how she was pretty, smart, accomplished, and worthy of respect, but it wouldn't matter until she believed it herself and valued herself. Kristina cried that she knew. Sonny said he didn't like the reality show, but he was concerned Kristina was doing it for the wrong reasons, like for Trey or for revenge. Kristina said she thought she wanted to do the show, but now she wasn't sure about anything, especially Trey.

Outside the coffeehouse, Trey looked at his medal, then went inside. He took Kristina's hand and said he was starting to think doing the show was a really bad idea.

At Johnny's office, Todd asked him how he thought Carly would react when she found out he killed Cole, Hope and Anthony. Johnny said he'd tell Carly what Todd did if Todd told what Johnny did. Carly walked in. She was upset to see that Todd was bothering Johnny, and she asked Johnny what Todd did to him. Johnny quickly said Todd hadn't done anything; they just didn't like each other. Todd countered that he did do something. Johnny looked alarmed and asked what Todd was doing. Todd said he was being honest. Todd told Carly he planted a camera in Johnny's office. Todd claimed he felt terrible. Carly yelled him because he told her he wasn't going to go after Johnny. Todd said he made that promise after the camera was installed. He told her he was there to retrieve it before Johnny saw it, but he was too late. Carly confronted Todd and asked what he saw. Todd said he watched her and Carly having sex. Carly asked if he closed the program when he saw them and Todd said he couldn't figure out how to close to program. Carly was horrified that someone she thought was a friend would do that, and she beat him with her purse and ordered him to apologize. Todd told Carly he was sorry. Carly said not to her, to Johnny. Todd didn't want to, because he didn't like Johnny. Carly didn't care. Johnny said he didn't want Todd's apology, which Carly found generous. She got a phone call from Josslyn's camp and the left to take it. Todd and Johnny took shots at each other about their crimes. Todd said at least the child he hurt was still alive. Johnny said that didn't matter, they had to keep each other's secret or their lives would be destroyed. Johnny wanted Todd to promise to keep quiet. Carly walked in and Todd told her he and Johnny had an understanding; they agreed to coexist even though they didn't like each other. Todd apologized to Carly for invading her privacy and he said he admired everything about her except her taste in men. He said he was sorry if he hurt her feelings or made her uncomfortable. Carly accepted, and Todd left.

Johnny and Carly talked about the camera. Carly didn't think Todd would do that again. Johnny said he was going to do a sweep to make sure he didn't. Carly was embarrassed Todd watched them have sex, and Johnny found it creepy. Carly was relieved, because she'd been afraid Todd was going to tell her Johnny had done something horrible. Carly said Todd was wrong about Johnny harboring a huge secret. She hoped this marked the end of the craziness between the two men.


Todd returned to ME and asked Jason if he could help him. Inside, Sam quickly placed the picture back over the safe. Jason introduced himself as Sam's husband. Todd said he didn't realize Sam and Jason were still together. Sam rushed out and pretended to be surprised and upset that Jason was there. Todd told Jason to leave, since Sam didn't want to see him. When Jason didn't go, Todd threatened to call security. Jason said he could call Carly and have her get him to leave. Todd said Carly was busy with her boyfriend. Todd asked why Jason didn't convince her she was too good for Johnny. Jason said she'd see that in time. Todd hoped so. He went into the office. Sam quietly told Jason she hadn't been able to open the safe. She said he should probably go, before Todd returned. Jason left. Todd noticed that the picture over the safe was crooked. He rushed over and was alarmed when he removed the picture from the wall and realized the safe was open. Todd checked the envelope in the safe and made sure the paternity test on Jason and Sam's baby was still inside.

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