GH Update Friday 7/27/12

General Hospital Update Friday 7/27/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

The nurse is bringing the doctor into Robinís hospital room.  She is telling the doctor Robin didnít respond well.  The doctor begins examining a catatonic Robin.  When he shines his light in her eyes; we see the doctor is Ewen.  He calls out to Robin.  He tells her it is Dr. Keenan.

Patrick is filling out his admittance form when Liz walks in.  She didnít realize he was working today.  He admits he is there as a patient.

Jason is walking into the Metro Court restaurant head down looking at his phone.  Carly stands and hopes he is there to see her.  He mentions he is there to see Diane.  She is doing some legal work for him.  Carly wonders why Jason is working with Diane, when he and Sonny have Alexis on retainer.  Jason canít use Alexis for what he is doing.  It hits Carly.  She is hoping he is not divorcing Sam.

Sam walks into Toddís office calling out for him.  When she realizes he is not there, she enters.

Todd is in Johnnyís office wondering if he has gone over the edge.  He heard Johnny talking to himself.  Johnny knows it was Todd who planted the camera. 

Luke is eating some ice chips while lying in his hospital bed.   He flashes back to his visit from Anna.  Anna is telling him what Heather told her about Robin.  Luke doesnít believe Heather.  He thinks she is just being cruel.  Luke is now talking to himself.  He is asking Anna not to let Heather mess with her head.

Anna arrives at Ferncliffís Critical Care ward.  She canít believe it does exist.  She is standing right outside Robinís room.  She suspects Heather was telling the truth.

Ewen is trying to get Robin to snap out of it.  He is yelling her name and shaking her face.

Todd wonders what Johnny is blaming him for.  Johnny shows him the camera and accuses Todd of planting it.  Todd denies it.  He doesnít think Johnny is interesting enough to ďshootĒ.  Todd jokes about his choice of words.  Especially now that he knows what Johnny has done.  Johnny wants Todd to admit he planted the camera.  He calls Todd a Ďson of a bitchí.  Todd begins to explain his roots.  He is the son of a mental mom and dad.  He has all their worst qualities all wrapped into one.  Todd wants to know more about Johnny.  Johnny notes Todd has been after him since day one.  He knows Todd thinks he has something to hide.  Todd wonders if he does.  Johnny wants Todd to leave.  Todd implies he knows all about what Johnny has done.

Jason assures Carly he is not divorcing Sam.  She wonders why Jason wouldnít use Alexis then.  He tells her Alexis is Samís mother.  Carly begins to rant about Alexis blaming Jason.  She canít stand to see them blame him.  Jason interrupts.  He asks Carly to stop fighting for him.  He did what he did.  Carly thinks Sam is just grieving.  She thinks Sam will eventually stop punishing Jason for her babyís death.  Jason doesnít agree.  He informs Carly he kissed Elizabeth and Sam knows.

Sam is rifling through Toddís files when Spinelli walks in and asks what she is doing.  Sam is startled.  Spinelli wonders what would have happened if he was Todd.  Sam is Toddís assistant, and is paid to do his filing.  He reminds Sam they were hired to investigate Heather.  The police already figured out she was hiding Luke. 

Tracy appears at Lukeís door.  He didnít think she would show up.  Tracy wouldnít pass up on the opportunity to see Luke die.  Luke says he may still die yet.  Tracy canít believe Luke has survived up to this point.  He was kidnapped, held hostage, and took a bullet for Anna.  She sarcastically calls Luke a hero.  He hates the title.  Tracy thinks it is shameful that not even Heather could kill Luke.

Anna vows to find Robin, if she is in this ward.

Ewen struggles to awaken Robin.  He and the nurse argue about the dosage.  The nurse followed his orders.  Ewen says the dose should not have rendered Robin into a coma.  He asks the nurse to leave.  The nurse exits Robinís room and spots Anna.  She asks Anna if she can help her.

Liz begins to get excited.  She wants to know what is wrong with Patrick and why he didnít call her.  She wonders where Emma is. Patrick assures Liz, Emma is fine.  Patrick admits he has a drug problem.  Elizabeth is surprised.  He continues; he has been hiding his addiction.  He cannot get over Robinís death, and now he is an addict. 

The nurse asks Anna how she got in.  It is a closed ward.  Anna flashes her badge and informs the nurse she is there on police business.

Ewen apologizes to Robin.  He begins to blame her, however.  If she would have just followed orders, he would not have ordered her treatment.  He understands she wants to go home, but it is not possible.

Anna shows the nurse a picture of Robin and asks if she has seen her.

Luke understands if Tracy is mad at him.  She tells him she is not mad, she just straight out hates him.  Luke disagrees.  Tracy rails at Luke for lying to her.  He claimed they couldnít reconcile because of the case against them, when in reality Luke wanted Anna instead.  Luke begins to protest, but Tracy cuts him off and informs him Anna has already confirmed the story.  Tracy asks Luke point blank if he was planning on letting her go, then return to Annaís for dinner.  He says yes.

Spinelli and Sam discuss Oliviaís condition and Heatherís arrest.  Sam knows all about it.  She gets excited and pulls something from Toddís files.  Sam sits at Toddís laptop.  Spinelli asks her to go for coffee at Kellyís to celebrate a successful case.  He thinks she can quit working for Todd now that Heather is in jail.  Sam doesnít think Todd makes sense, so she is not done with the investigation. 

Todd wonders how anyone can believe Johnny.  He understands how Starr might have fallen prey.  She is young and been through a lot.  Carly, however, is a smart woman.  How could she believe Johnny has changed?  Johnny reminds Todd he told Carly he would lay off him.  He didnít so it means Todd lied to Carly too.  Todd explains how the camera was already there when he made his promise to Carly so it isnít a lie.  He was going to erase everything.  Johnny hopes he did.  Todd explains he was going to erase the footage, but then he saw Johnny admitting to killing his granddaughter. 

Jason attempts to leave the Metro Court.  Diane has cancelled on him.  Carly pressures him to tell her what happened with Elizabeth.  He says the kiss just happened.  Carly doesnít buy it.  Nothing Ďjust happensí with Jason.  Then she realizes the last time something happened with Elizabeth was when Jason saw Sam with someone else.  OMG, was Sam with someone else?  He admits to seeing Sam kissing McBain.  He turns to leave.

Sam still insists Heather has something on Todd to make him hire her.  Spinelli again pleds with Sam to end the case.  Heather is in jail, Olivia in a coma, and they need money.  Sam is not giving up.  She thinks whatever Heather has on Todd has to do with her.

Johnny reminds Todd, Kate has taken the blame for the accident.  Todd admires Johnny for getting a mentally ill woman to take the rap for his crime.  He understands now why Johnny wanted to help Starr.  He wanted Starr to be grateful to him.  All through this exchange, Todd is removing his watch and jacket.  He then wonders aloud how Hope felt being strapped to her car seat going over the cliff.  Johnny gets angry and tells Todd to shut up.  Todd agrees.  It is time to stop talking.  Todd rushes Johnny.

Tracy canít believe Luke has answered honestly for once.  She tries to leave, but he calls ďSpanky, waitĒ.  She informs Luke he no longer can refer to her as Spanky and he agrees.  He wants to tell Tracy what he was going to say that night.  She gives him 60 seconds.  He apologizes, and she laughs.  He wanted to tell her his feelings for Anna changed.  He wanted her to know he was sorry if he led her on.  She meant so much to him.  Tracy wonders if it was all about her money.  Luke gets angry and says it had nothing to do with her money.  He knows he doesnít deserve her forgiveness, but he is asking for it anyway. 

Elizabeth reminds Patrick of all the friends and family he has to support him.  He explains it was Lulu and Maxie who got him into treatment.  He recounts their confronting him about his addiction.  Liz understands why Lulu was so understanding.  She has been through it herself with Lucky and Luke.  Patrick jokes how tough Lulu is.  He explains how Lulu made him see how he was hurting himself and Emma.  Lulu brought him to the hospital and with Ewenís help he is checking into detox.  They agree Ewen is a great guy.  Patrick thinks Elizabeth should give him another chance.

Ewen explains to Robin how she is not going home.  He assures her Patrick, Emma, Anna and Robert have accepted her death and it has to stay that way.

The nurse denies seeing Robin.  She tells Anna the hospital must maintain confidentially rules.  Anna explains Robin is her daughter and not just a legal case.  She begs her for any information.  The nurse again tells Anna she canít help her.

Ewen is telling Robin she is going to a special clinic in Switzerland.  They will take care of her there.  No one will know where she is.  He is looking at a pamphlet for the hospital.

The nurse wonders why Anna thinks Robin was a patient.  She explained another patient saw Robin there.  When the nurse asks who the patient was, Anna tells her it was Heather.  The nurse reacts poorly.  Heather cannot be trusted at all.  Anna begins to get heated and yells at the nurse.  She doesnít understand why they let Heather out in the first place.  Meanwhile Robin hears her motherís voice.  She quietly calls out to her.

Tracy doesnít think Luke deserves her forgiveness.  She feels as if Luke swindled her.  Their first marriage was a fraud.  Luke reminds Tracy of their second marriage.  She agrees it was real, but Luke divorced her less than a year later.  Luke defends himself.  His whole life had fallen apart.  By the time he got it back together he knew he didnít want to lie to Tracy anymore.  Tracy wonders if Luke ever thought about how she felt about getting a divorce.  He reminds her she was already involved and marrying Anthony.  Tracy was blackmailed into marrying Anthony, and Luke didnít even try to help until months later.  When Tracy needed him most, he was too busy with Anna.  Luke points out his relationship with Anna is very recent.  It came unexpectedly.  This doesnít comfort Tracy.  She thinks Luke expects her to wait for the relationship with Anna to blow up.  Luke doesnít expect this at all.  When Tracy tries to leave, Luke begs her to please let him be a part of her life.  Tracy asks if he is willing to give up Anna.  He responds no.  She calls Luke an idiot, and he agrees.

Anna is still ranting to the nurse about their releasing Heather.  Robin is still quietly calling out to Anna.  Ewen is beginning to worry.  He puts the pamphlet on Robinís bed and he goes to the door.  Anna blames the nurse for releasing Heather.  She informs the nurse all the crimes Heather has committed.  Ewen opens the door and begins signaling to the nurse behind Annaís back.  She wants the nurse to get rid of Anna.  The nurse tells Anna she would have kept Heather committed, but it wasnít up to her.  Anna insists on searching every room of the hospital.  The nurse begins to show Anna around.

Ewen is now on the phone frantically telling someone about Anna being in the hospital and searching all of the rooms.  Robin knocks the pamphlet on the floor.  Ewen asks the caller what he wants him to do.

Patrick tells Liz Ewen wondered if Jason would be an issue for them.  Patrick told him yes.  Patrick thinks Elizabeth and Jason share a bond over having a child together.  Liz interjects Jason is a married man.  Even though his marriage may not be working, she knows he loves Sam.  Patrick notes Lizís soft spot for Jason.  He remembers Robin having the same soft spot.  Patrick will never understand it.  Liz doesnít feel like she has to justify her feelings to anyone.  Patrick just wants what is best for her and doesnít want to see her hurt.  Elizabeth just wants to help Jason.  He is hurting right now.  He doesnít want Liz pining away for unavailable men.  Ewen is there and available.  Life is short.

Todd is choking Johnny.  Johnny apologizes and says it was an accident.  He gets Toddís hand free and punches him.  Todd falls to the floor.  Todd tries to go for Johnny again, but this time Johnny has a bat and tells Todd to back off.  Johnny never meant to kill Starrís family and he feels horrible about it.  Todd rails he should have killed Anthony in the comfort of his own home.  He should have never just shot at a car without knowing who was in it.  Johnny would do anything to take that night back.  Todd points out Johnny was so remorseful he tried framing Sonny for it.  Todd has no idea how he got Connie to take the blame.  He tells Johnny he was wrong when he told him they were alike.  Todd would never kill a child then hide behind that childís mother.  Johnny canít believe Todd has never done anything he regretted.  Johnny wonders if Todd has anything weighing on his conscience. 

Spinelli doesnít understand why Sam thinks Todd is keeping a secret about her.  Sam canít get passed the crumbled up article about the babyís death.  Spinelli reminds her the concluded the article belonged to Heather.  She has been obsessed with Sam ever since she visited her in Ferncliff.  Sam thinks it is all connected.  She canít understand why Todd hired her, knowing she was a PI.  Sam thinks Todd wants to know something about her and she is determined to figure out what that is.  Spinelli raises the possibility that Sam is doing this as a distraction.  Sam is not giving up.  Spinelli respectfully points out, didnít she just give up on her marriage.

Tracy thinks she and Luke are a perfect match.  She wants to be up close when Anna begins to see Luke for who he is.  Tracy understands Luke in ways Anna never will.  Tracy is sure Anna and Lukeís relationship will crumble.  She tells Luke she will be there when he comes crawling back to her.  Luke confirms Tracy has not forgiven him.  Luke questions why Tracy wonít leave him then.  She claims even through all the misery, Luke is the best time she has ever had.  He agrees.

Johnny finally admits to Todd it was him.  It has been tearing him up since it happened.  Todd counters it has been tearing up Starr.  Johnny is vowing to make it up to her.  Todd asks if anyone believes Johnny when he says that.  He asks Johnny if he thinks it is a fair trade; Starrís child and the man she loves for a record contract.   Johnny points out Todd is no stranger to killing people.  He did kill his brother.  Todd scrambles to get his phone while asking Johnny how Carly is going to feel about the truth.  He wants to call her and ask her.

Jason is telling Carly about his kiss with Elizabeth and how Sam found out.  Carly asks if Jason confronted Sam about her kiss with McBain.  He explains Samís reason for kissing him.  Carly thinks Jason has 2 choices.  He can continue shutting down about Sam, or he can go fight for her.  Jason says there is no point; Sam has already said she cannot forgive Jason.

Sam insists she did not give up on her marriage; he gave up on her.  Spinelli reminds Sam of all the things she kept from Jason.  He is confident, in time, Jason would have loved Samís baby.  Sam explains Jason is to blame for her baby dying.  Spinelli questions whether Sam kissed McBain to get even with Jason.  She wants to know if that is what Jason told her.  He insists Jason has not spoken at all about it, he heard about it from their argument at Kellyís.  They continue to discuss who wronged who first.  Spinelli thinks they are both grieving and need to turn to each other or be pulled apart forever.  Sam would change it all if she could.  She wants to focus on finding out what Todd is hiding.  The only place they have not looked is in Toddís safe.  She wants to crack it open.

The nurse informs Anna she has seen all of the rooms in the ward.  Anna sees Robinís room and says she has not searched that one yet.  Anna enters the room.  It is empty.  Anna asks who was in the room.  The nurse lies and says an elderly gentleman who died this morning.  The nurse is sorry Heather gave her false hope.  From under the bed we see the pamphlet. 

Patrick and Elizabeth are walking down the hall to detox.  He tells Liz he is okay to go from here.  He has walked many patients down the hall before.  He never thought it would be him.  Patrick hopes Elizabeth knows taking the pills wasnít about getting high.  She understands he was just trying to function through his grief.  Toward the end he was able to see Robin as if she was there.  Liz tells him he canít live in the past.  He thanks Liz for her support.  They hug.  Anna walks up and asks if everything is alright.  Liz covers and says they were talking about Robin.  Anna approves.  She is going in to see Luke.   Liz updates her on his condition and she goes in to see him.  Patrick thanks Liz for not telling Anna about his problem.  He doesnít think getting over the drugs is going to be the hard part.  He thinks getting over Robin will be.  Patrick leaves.

Ewen is pushing Robin in a wheelchair telling her everything will be all right.  His phone rings.  It is Liz.  She thinks they should give it another try.  Patrick helped her realize she should give them another chance.  Ewen comments he owes Patrick one for helping.

Luke asks Anna what is wrong.  He thinks Heather is getting to Anna.  She tells Luke she questioned Heather and threatened to shoot her.  Luke wants to know what Heather said.  After Anna explains, Luke concludes again Heather is just trying to get to Anna. Anna didnít trust the nurse at all, and she found the pamphlet.  She thinks someone dropped it in a hurry.  Anna knows Luke is probably right, but she has to go to the clinic and see for herself.

Sam wants Spinelli to help her crack the safe.   She has the tool necessary.  Spinelli refuses to help Sam distract herself from what is important.  He is leaving to go check on Olivia.  He wants her to think about what he said.  Sam vows to figure out what Todd is hiding.  She puts the safe cracker device up to the safe.

Todd thinks Carly will be hurt but not surprised by what Johnny has done.

Carly and Jason continue to discuss Sam.  Carly reminds Jason he loves Sam.  Carlyís phone rings.  Itís Todd. 

She tells Jason he can wait.

Johnny tells Todd to hang up.  Todd wants to know ďor whatĒ?

Jason encourages Carly to answer the phone.

Todd tells Johnny he canít hurt him.  Carly answers.  Todd is about to speak when Johnny threatens, if Todd tells Carly what Johnny did, Johnny will tell Sam what Todd did to her baby.  Carly is heard on the phone saying hello repeatedly.

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