GH Update Thursday 7/26/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/26/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita


Todd is at his desk, watching a still of Kate and Johnny in Johnny’s office.  He is commenting how close he was to deleting the video without seeing this footage.  He thinks the footage is getting interesting with the ‘super hot’ Kate Howard showing up.  Just as he makes this comment, Kate walks into Todd’s office and asks what he just said.

Johnny is in his office flashing back to his conversation with Connie.  He is confident as long as Kate doesn’t remember Johnny telling Connie to take the wrap for the accident, then he is in the clear.  In pops Anthony to remind Johnny even if Kate never remembers, Anthony does.  He will never let Johnny forget it.

Ewen is examining Olivia.  Dante asks how long she will be unconscious.  Ewen thinks she will remain the way she is until he knows she is no longer a danger.  Dante is getting upset with Ewen.  He doesn’t think any of Olivia’s actions were her responsibility.  Heather drugged her.  Ewen understands, but it doesn’t change the fact that Olivia did pull a scalpel on Dante, then turned it on herself.  It is hard for Dante to she his mom like this.  Ewen plans on waking Olivia when they are sure the LSD is out of her system.  Dante wonders if they don’t leave her system.

Steve is looking over MRI’s of Olivia when Elizabeth walks up from behind.  She asks how Olivia is doing.  Steven asks if Elizabeth has heard the news of all the crimes his mother has committed.  Elizabeth asks how Steve is doing.  He thinks she should be thinking about Luke and Olivia, not him.

Patrick and Lulu exit the elevator in the hospital.  Lulu wants to find Patrick a bed.  She sees Steve and Liz and asks if Patrick wants to talk to them.  He doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  He thinks it is a mistake and he can’t do this without Robin.

Anna is questioning Heather on why she would be so cruel as to say Robin is still alive.  Anna tells Heather she better like the answer Heather gives.

Robin is crying out for her mother or father to help her.  The nurse is going to administer all the help Robin needs with the electric shock treatment.  Robin refuses treatment.  She is beginning to fight.  Robin promises to be good and not try to escape.  She will take her medication.  The nurse refuses Robin.  She is going to get the treatment because she can’t be trusted.  The nurse informs Robin they have no choice.  They have been given orders to give her the treatment.  Robin wonders whose orders she means. 

Anthony continues to torture John as his guilty conscience.  He reminds Johnny just how guilty he is.  Johnny is doing all he can to help Starr.  Anthony jokes about a recording contract making up for Johnny killing her boyfriend and baby.  Johnny wants Anthony to shut up.  They go back and forth on the truth coming out.  Johnny thinks Kate will never remember.

Todd compliments Kate on how good she looks now that she is sane and intergraded.  Kate wants to talk about getting her magazine back.  Todd has suspended publication of Crimson, and doesn’t plan on bringing it back.  Kate tells Todd Crimson is her life.  Todd just thinks it is a superficial publication about dressing up.  Todd would rather talk about Connie and Johnny two timing Carly.

Lulu tells Patrick he can do this and takes him away.

Elizabeth wants to know how bad Olivia is.  Steve is not sure.  She took a massive dose of LSD.  According to Ewen, they will know more about Olivia’s condition when she wakes up.  Elizabeth notes this is Ewen’s specialty.  If anyone can help Olivia, it is Ewen.  Steve thanks Liz for her support.  She wants him to know she is there for him if he needs anything, after what Heather has done.  Steve says Heather is no longer his mother.

Heather is amused by the turn of events.  Anna wants to talk about Robin.  Anna doesn’t want to hear anything but what Heather knows about Robin being alive.  Heather can’t believe just yesterday Anna was calling her a bitch and now she wants her help.  Anna still thinks Heather is crazy.  She lists all the crimes she has committed ending with Olivia.  Heather thinks Olivia will be just fine.  Heather herself had a massive dose of LSD, and she is just fine.

Lulu reminds Patrick he has friends that will help him recover.  He thinks if anyone finds out, he career is over.  Lulu thinks if he doesn’t get professional help he won’t have a career either.  Patrick doesn’t think Lulu should consider herself an authority on drug addiction just because she has had family members who have suffered.  Lulu thinks it is clear, without help he will continue using and lose Emma.  The drugs are not going to bring Robin back.  Going to the hospital is the only way to recover.

Robin is still struggling to find out who is behind her kidnapping.  The nurse tells her to relax.

Johnny and Anthony continue to go back and forth on Connie keeping her mouth shut.  Johnny thinks she has just as much incentive to keep their secret as he does.  Anthony is less confident.  Anthony thinks he should also be worried about Dr. Keenan revealing the secret in Kate’s continuing therapy sessions.  Anthony points out Connie is sloppy.  She left her lipstick in his office.  How long before she does something Johnny can’t cover up.  Anthony sees Johnny having three options.  Tell the truth, kill Connie, or run.

Kate doesn’t want to discuss her past with Todd.  Whatever Connie and Johnny did is none of Todd’s business.  She only wants to discuss getting her magazine back.  Todd wonders what is in it for him if he gives it to her.  He thinks the last thing the world needs is another magazine.  Kate informs Todd she could evict him.  He reminds Kate that her business partner Carly has approved everything he did.  He begins to walk away from her when she asks would he feel differently if her request came from Sonny.  Todd immediately turns and asks if Kate is threatening him.  Todd wonders if he is talking to Kate or Connie.  Threatening him with her mobster boyfriend sounds more like something Connie would do.

Liz tries to sympathize being stuck with Heather as a mother.  Steve doesn’t feel as though Heather is his mother.  His mother is the woman who raised himself, Liz, and Sarah.  Steve is beating himself up for ever trusting Heather again.  She has used him from the very start and this time was no different.  Liz understands his need to try and have a relationship with Heather.  He can’t believe she killed Maggie and drugged Olivia. He feels responsible.  He leaves to go check on Olivia.

Ewen explains Olivia will be confused and disoriented when she wakes up.  Dante should just support her and be her son.  Ewen thinks all the numbers are on Olivia’s side.  Ewen recalls the few conversation he has had with Olivia show how strong and stubborn she is.  She was the first one to suspect Heather, and he doesn’t think she will allow Heather to get the best of her.

Anna threatens Heather to come clean with what she knows about Robin.  If she refuses to answer, Anna has ways to make her.  Heather thinks Anna looks tired from lack of sleep.  She is happy that Anna is laying awake at night thinking Heather may be telling the truth.

Lulu wants to go find Ewen.  Patrick remembers how he and Robin used to sneak off to be together in closets of the hospital.  He remembers the time Epiphany caught them and how embarrassed Robin was.  He used to tease her about it all the time.  Lulu asks if he will be alright while she goes to get Ewen.  Patrick says he will wait.  He tells himself he can’t go anywhere without Robin.

Robin begs them not to treat her.  They could cause brain damage to her.  The nurse has to do her job.  Robin threatens if she goes through with this, her mother will find them and kill them all with her bare hands.

Ewen and Liz run into each other.  He tells her he misses her.  He speculates on why they have both backed off of each other.  He wonders if she is not ready for a relationship, or maybe she is interested in someone else.  Ewen is still interested in Elizabeth.

Steve walks into Olivia’s room.  He begins explaining to Dante about Olivia’s suspicions of Heather for months.  He wouldn’t listen, and actually believed Heather.   He thought Olivia was the one being unfair.  Dante sympathizes and says Heather should have never been released from the hospital.  Steve still thinks it is his fault.  Dante tells Steve to stop blaming himself and focus on Olivia.  Dante tells Steve Ewen thinks she will be alright.  Steve hopes Liz is right in her confidence of Ewen.

Ewen doesn’t want to put Liz on the spot, but the next move is up to her.  Lulu interrupts and pulls Ewen away. 

Todd questions Kate’s integration.   Kate is confident Connie is gone.  Todd reminds her it is her illness that prevented him from killing her for the accident.  Kate will live with her guilt forever.  She figures that Todd instead of killing her for the accident is killing her magazine.  Todd agrees.  Todd begins to explain DID to Kate when her phone rings.  It is someone at the hospital notifying her of Olivia’s condition.  She goes to leave and ask if Todd knew what Heather did to Olivia.  Of course he did.  He already made it front page news.  Todd returns to his laptop to watch the footage.

Johnny is not leaving town.  He and Anthony argue the points of staying and going.  Johnny finally has his life on track and he is not leaving now.  Anthony continues to berate John.  He can open a nightclub anywhere.  Once the truth comes out, Johnny’s life is over.  He is worried about losing Carly.  Anthony thinks he already has lost her.  Johnny gets so mad he throws a glass at Anthony and yells to him to shut up.  The glass hitting the door makes the camera Heather hid fall.  Johnny notices this and walks toward it.  He and Anthony both look up at the camera.  Anthony smiles.

Todd is talking to himself.  He comments on Kate thinking she is all better.  He wants to look at the video.  The video shows Connie arriving at Johnny’s office.  Todd pauses and says “Gotcha”.

Robin explains Anna is a trained killer.  The nurse knows all about Anna.   They have already taken care of her.

Heather is so pleased with herself.  Anna rails about what Heather has done.  She thinks this is just another one of Heather’s lies.  Heather asks if Anna doesn’t want to hear Robin is alive, maybe Patrick will.

Liz looks at her phone and thinks about calling Ewen.

Lulu returns with Ewen.  Lulu leaves.  After Patrick asks Ewen what Lulu has told him, he responds he know Patrick is having a drug problem, and he misses his wife.

The nurse tells Robin not to worry.  Robin yells to turn the machine up as high as it goes.  Unless the nurse kills her, she will use everything she has to kill her herself.  Robin prepares to get the treatment.  She cries out she loves her family and Emma as they put in her mouthpiece.  The nurse and Robin stare each other down.  Then the nurse pushes the button.  Robin grabs the mattress.

Anna will not allow Heather to tell Patrick any of her lies.  He is mourning his wife.  Heather says she can end the mourning and they can all be together.  She will reunite them all together on one condition.

Lulu looks in on Dante in Olivia’s room.  He asks about Luke. She asks about Olivia.  Dante can get the image of Olivia’s meltdown out of his head.  He worries that she will never come back and be the same again.  Kate runs up from behind.

Todd talks to himself.  He tells Kate he told her so.  It isn’t easy getting rid of your alters.  He continues to watch the video.  It is Connie explaining to Johnny about the secret.

Johnny wonders what the camera is.  Anthony thinks someone planted a surveillance camera.

Todd hears Connie tell Johnny how they both know Connie didn’t shoot out Anthony’s tire.

Johnny pulls the camera down and realizes what it is.  Anthony jokes someone is spying on him.

Todd hears Connie tell Johnny he is the one who told her to take the blame.

Johnny wonders who planted the camera.

Connie will not tell the truth.  Todd watches Johnny confess to Connie that he shot out the tires.

Anthony asks who would want to spy on Johnny.  How long has the camera been there and what have they seen.

Connie doesn’t think Johnny helping Starr’s career is going to make up for what he did.  Todd stops the tape.  He rails that Johnny killed his granddaughter.  He starts the video again.  More of Johnny and Connie talking about keeping their mouths shut.  Todd glares.

Anthony tells Johnny to think.  He asks Johnny what he said in this office and to who.  Whatever was said was recorded.

Todd listens to Johnny tell Connie he will not confess.  He has plans for the future.

Johnny realizes he said everything in that office to Connie.

Todd is watching Johnny and Connie discuss how Connie is going to keep Kate in the dark about her return.  She tells Johnny no one will know they ever had this conversation.  Todd stops the tape and mutters ‘guess again’.

Patrick tells Ewen he has been seeing visions of Robin the last few days.  The visions felt real.  Ewen thinks this would make it more difficult to stop taking the drugs.  Patrick admits he is not yet committed to stopping.  Ewen praises Patrick for his honesty and reminds him it is key to his recovery process.  Ewen thinks the most difficult part is going to be dealing with Robin’s loss.  Patrick needs to learn to move forward without her.  He is confident they can do this.

Dante explains Olivia’s condition.  Kate offers to bring food in.  She thinks if Olivia wakes up and sees she hasn’t fed Dante she will be upset.  Lulu is surprised by Kate’s nurturing way.  Kate explains it is part of her family way.  She wants to go to Kelly’s.  Dante just wants her to stay with Olivia.  She agrees, but says she will get the food later.  Dante tells Lulu to go see her dad.  Lulu wants to stay with him.

Patrick wants to know what is next.  He tells Patrick they will admit him.  He doesn’t want Patrick to worry.  He has treated other doctors and he will be discrete.  He warns Patrick of the withdrawal to come.  It is not going to be easy.  Ewen is going to help him the way Patrick helped Ewen.  Ewen gets a phone call and leaves.  He gives Patrick some forms to fill out.

Steve is still in shock about what Heather has done.  Kate tells him how strong Olivia is.  She tells him a story about a girl that wanted to fight Kate back in school.  They were getting ready to fight and Kate realized the girl had a scared look on her face.  Kate realized Olivia was there to back her up.  They both took care of that girl and she never bothered either of them again.  She reminds Steve how strong women they are.  Kate has been to hell and back and is there strong as ever.  Olivia will be back and strong too.

Johnny remembers his visit with Connie last night.  If it is all on camera someone knows everything he has done.  Someone can put him in jail for life.  Anthony reminds him it could be worse.

Todd is railing about Johnny.  He is going off on Johnny.  He is mad about Johnny lying to Starr, lying to Carly.  All the while trying to help Starr because he killed Hope.  Todd wishes it was Johnny who was in the car.  He threatens to kill Johnny.

Heather tells Anna she wants complete immunity.  She wants to be a free woman.  She also wants a public apology from Heather.  An apology will help with her relationship with Steve.  She is giving Anna her daughter back, so she should help Heather with her son.  She tells Anna to take it or leave it.  Anna will leave it.  Heather tells her she will never hear about Robin then.  Anna disagrees.  She will get Heather to talk.  Anna pulls her gun and points it at Heather and tells her to talk.

Robin is lifeless in the bed after her treatment.  The nurse leaves to take a call.  She tells the caller they did what he instructed.  They gave Robin the full dose.  As she is walking away, we see on the wall a sign for Ferncliff Critical Care Wing.

Liz is calling for results for tests on Olivia.  She is still looking at her phone thinking of calling Ewen.

Kate wants them all to say a Hail Mary.  She explains the family tradition behind it.  Dante, Steve, Kate and Lulu grab hands while Kate says the prayer.

Anthony is telling Johnny is screwed.  Johnny agrees.  There is a knock at the door.  It is Todd.  He asks if everything is okay.

Patrick is filling out the form.  He fills in the blank line for spouse “deceased”.

Heather admits she saw Robin at Ferncliff right before she was released.  She said they brought in an anonymous patient.  Heather was curious so she poked around and found out it was Robin.  Anna is stunned.  She doesn’t think it could be possible.  She thinks Heather is mistaken.  Heather is sure it was Robin.  She was with a woman named Nurse Fletcher.  Heather knows the nurse was under direct orders from someone.  She didn’t see the man’s face.  She only knows they referred to him doctor.

The nurse is leading a doctor into Robin’s room.  She is hoping the doctor knows what he is doing.  Robin has been completely unresponsive.  The doctor goes up to Robin’s bed.  She is catatonic.  He examines her eyes.  We see who the doctor is.  It is Ewen.

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