GH Update Wednesday 7/25/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/25/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu was at Luke's bedside when he woke up. They greeted each other, then Luke grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving to fetch a nurse. “How's Slim?,” he asked. Anna was outside the room, thinking about Heather saying that Robin was alive. Anna had stormed out of the interrogation room after this. Lulu told Luke she was fine thanks to him and that she'd been calling from the station all morning. She explained that Anna only left to deal with Heather. Lulu castigated herself for not realizing Heather had something to do with Luke's disappearance when she saw her lurking around the Haunted Star the night he went missing. Luke told her not to blame herself, but Lulu felt that as Luke's daughter, she should have put things together. She told him she assumed he was a coward when she read Heather's forged letter from him. Luke admitted that he had run away from things in the past. Lulu said the letter even made her doubt her marriage. She wondered what was wrong with her and Luke told her to stop. He said that Heather knew what to say to manipulate people into doing what she wanted. Lulu said she was glad Luke was okay. Anna walked in and Lulu left to give them privacy. Anna took his hand said she cared about him and was glad he was okay. They both noted that they'd saved each others lives. Luke said that meant they were responsible for each other now.

Luke told Anna that everything he said before he got abducted on the way to see Tracy was true. Luke said he had something to tell her about the way Robert left after Robin died. Anna's eyes filled with tears and she asked what if Robin didn't die. She told him what Heather said. Luke found what Heather did cruel. Anna was desperate to believe it could be true, but Luke gently argued that Heather was trying to mess with Anna's head because she'd lost him and was up against a wall. He pointed out that Heather had been planning to inject her with LSD. Anna hadn't realized the syringe was meant for her. Luke said plan A didn't work, so Heather had devised another way to drive her crazy. He told her not to let Heather win, but he realized Anna was considering taking Heather seriously. Anna admitted that it didn't make any sense, but she didn't think she could risk ignoring what Heather said. Luke was adamant that Heather was just using Anna's grief to torture her. Anna nodded and cried. A nurse came in and said Luke had to get a check up, then get some rest. Luke was concerned about Anna, who assured him she was fine, just tired and emotional. She told Luke he was right. Luke said there were still other things they had to talk about. Anna said fortunately they had all the time in the world. She smiled and left. Luke called Tracy and said they needed to talk.

Lulu went to the nurses' station to ask if Dante was with Olivia. The nurse said only one person could visit at at time, so Lulu asked about Patrick's room and was surprised when the woman said Patrick hadn't been admitted.

A woman entered a hospital room with a tray of food for Robin. The room appeared to be empty. The woman called for help, and Robin darted from behind the door and hit her over the head and ran out. She was quickly caught and dragged back in and forcibly strapped to the bed. Robin asked who they were and why they were doing this, but they ignored her. One of the workers asked how she had so much strength and the woman said Robin hadn't been taking her medicine. Robin called out for Patrick, Anna and Robert and begged for help. The woman left the room and made a phone call. She told them that Robin tried to escape again and asked how to handle it.

Robin believed Patrick could feel her. She begged him to rescue her and she said she loved him and Emma. The workers returned with what Robin recognized as an ECT machine. She realized they planned to shock her. She told them she didn't give consent and ordered them to stop.

Patrick went downstairs and found a note from Maxie saying she took Emma to daycare while he was sleeping. He said that was sweet of her. Patrick answered a knock at the door and was stunned to see Robin standing there. She walked in and said she was back because she needed him. Robin told Patrick he was avoiding things by refusing to get help and taking pills. Patrick said he had to take them. Robin said Patrick was stronger than he realized, but he disagreed. He said the pills were the only way to make everything stop feeling empty. Robin said he needed to get well, but Patrick insisted that he needed the pills to prevent him from losing her. Robin said he was hurting himself and would eventually hurt Emma if he didn't get help. Patrick asked Robin to help him, and she said to help her first. He asked how and she ordered him to stop doing this to himself and Emma. Patrick said Emma was fine, but Robin repeated that he was going to hurt her if he stop taking the pills.

Frustrated, Patrick said he couldn't do this anymore without her. He began to cry. Robin sat next to him and gently said he didn't need the pills to feel her presence. Patrick said he told Emma that Robin would always be around her. Patrick hoped that was enough for Emma, but it wasn't enough for him. Robin said it didn't have to be. She whispered that she was alive. Patrick looked relieved. He smiled and said it all made sense now. Robin was alive and that's why he kept seeing her. Lulu walked through the open door and was alarmed to see Patrick conversing with an empty spot on the sofa. She touched his shoulder and gently told him to stop. Patrick snapped out of it. He pushed Lulu out of the way and dashed all over the house looking for Robin, then lost it when he couldn't find her. Lulu tried to convince Patrick that he'd been hallucinating. Lulu told Patrick Robin would want him to go get some help for his sake and Emma's. Patrick said that was what Robin said. Patrick said he tried getting help already, but Lulu compassionately said he'd have to try harder. Lulu said not to listen to her, listen to Robin.

Lulu told the crushed looking Patrick he was doing the right thing. She walked him to the door, then walked out. Patrick glanced into the house and saw Robin. She called his name. Patrick closed the door and walked out.

A police officer lead Heather into the interrogation room to see a visitor. Heather assumed it was Todd and began to complain that he took so long. It turned out to be Heather. Heather played the innocent victim and assumed Steve was there to help her. Steve snarled that he was there to make sure she was never released. Steve said he wanted far worse for her, but being institutionalized would have to suffice. He confronted her about poisoning Olivia with LSD. Heather moaned that Olivia gave her no choice. She argued that Olivia was lying about her and having her followed, but Steve said she wasn't lying. Heather said she was sorry he was upset. Steve said he desperately wanted to believe she was better. Heather said she was better, but Steve yelled that she was certifiable. Heather snapped that he needed to watch his mouth, because she wasn't crazy. Steve said she was worse – a murderer. He confronted her about killing Maggie. Heather admitted it and said she did it for him. Steve asked if he was supposed to be grateful that she murdered an innocent woman. Heather shot back that he murdered an innocent man. Steve snarled that there was no comparison. Heather insisted she did what she had to to keep him out of prison. Steve told her he was revoking his guardianship. Heather wailed that they'd send her back to Ferncliff. Steve thought that was where she belonged. “Steve Lars!” Heather cried. Steve said his name was Steve. Heather said she was his mother and knew his name. “Not anymore,” Steve said, before storming out.

Todd opened his safe at Manning Enterprises. He remembered Heather threatening to tell his secret unless she helped him. Todd placed an envelope in the safe and said that woman was going to be the death of him. Starr walked in and assumed he was talking about Blair. She told him Blair had already left town and that she knew about the engagement. It was still a sore subject for Todd and he grumbled about Blair not being able to spend one night away from Tomas. Starr said she was sorry, and Todd said he didn't care. Starr asked if that's why he proposed. Todd grumbled that Starr and Blair probably laughed at him making a fool of himself. Starr told him she and Blair cared about how he felt. Todd glumly said he'd bounce back. Starr could tell Todd was hurt and she said she was worried he'd lash out. Todd said he wouldn't hurt he mother of his children and everyone would come looking for him if something happened to Tomas. Todd felt that it was John's fault he lost Blair. He recounted the way John burst into his and Blair's bedroom and arrested him. Starr pointed out that Todd was the one who killed Victor and kidnapped Tomas, but Todd argued that Blair could have forgiven him if it weren't for John. He decided that John needed to be eliminated. Starr didn't think John was at fault, and she thought it was a terrible idea for Todd to target a cop. She said John was back in Llanview with his Natalie and Liam and Todd should leave him alone. She suggested that Todd try and find a new woman. Starr said she was happy in her new relationship. Todd was about to try to convince her not to date Michael, but he kept it to himself when Starr glared at him. Starr told him to stay away from John. She mused that he couldn’t do anything to him anyway, then she left.

Kate woke up in Sonny's bed and found him smiling at her. He noticed that she looked confused for a second and asked if she slept okay. Kate had. She said at first, waking up with him seemed like a dream. Sonny kissed her to convince her it was real. Sonny wished they could stay like this all day. Kate suggested they do it, but Sonny said he was meeting Michael for brunch. He asked Kate to come. Kate didn't want to intrude, but Sonny didn't think Michael would mind. He said Michael supported Kate before Sonny did, and Sonny wanted Michael to see them together.

Johnny was at the Metro Court having a drink and thinking about Connie telling him she knew he caused the accident. Carly walked over and asked why he looked so serious. “Kate” Johnny said. Carly said she hadn't seen her recently and asked if Johnny had. Johnny remembered telling Connie Kate might find out she was back. Connie had said Kate had gone to sleep earlier and wouldn't remember visiting him. Johnny told Carly about Kate and Sonny coming to the club to ask why Johnny visited Kate while she was locked up for attacking Ewen. He told Carly that Connie had kissed him when he visited her in jail. Johnny assured Carly that he pushed Connie away. He said that he hadn't remembered it until Kate jogged his memory. Johnny claimed he looked so serious because he felt bad about inadvertently keeping the kiss from Carly. Carly didn't think one kiss from a sick person was a big deal. She kissed Johnny. Michael arrived and congratulated Johnny on a successful opening night. He expressed surprise that Carly was up so early after he and Starr heard her and Johnny talking in Johnny's office so late the night before. Johnny looked alarmed, and Carly joked that either he had a mystery guest, or Michael was mistaken about the timing. Michael assumed he must have made a mistake. Carly teased him about having been distracted by Starr. Starr walked in and Michael told Carly they were meeting Sonny to tell him they were together. Carly thought Sonny would be happy. Carly asked Starr how she was and Starr said she was a bit worried about Todd.

After Carly was gone, Johnny asked if Starr read the reviews on her performance in the Sun. Starr knew they were great, but since Todd owned the paper, she was hoping to hear from someone more objective. Starr thanked Johnny again for giving her a chance to sing and a reason to go on. Johnny looked at Michael and said now she had another reason. Sonny and Kate walked in and Starr's smile faded. Michael tried to give Starr an out and Kate also offered to leave, but Sonny said he thought it would be good for the four of them to stay. Starr said it was fine. Michael changed the subject back to the opening. Kate made a polite comment, and Johnny gave all credit to Starr. Sonny decided he was ready to sit, and he and Kate walked away. Johnny, Starr and Michael agreed that the whole exchange was awkward. Starr and Michael joined Kate and Sonny at the table. Michael and Starr told the pair that they were dating and asked if it would be a problem. Sonny admitted he was concerned, since Starr went behind Michael's back and tried to kill him. Kate tried to stop Sonny, but he insisted on saying how he felt. Michael pointed out that Starr was in pain at the time and had apologized. Starr said she hoped Sonny would be able to get past her mistakes, like Michael did. Michael said especially since Starr had done that for Kate. Kate agreed that Starr had been very gracious after she took her family. Starr told Kate it wasn't her. Kate said as much as it hurt, it was her and some day she was going to remember. Johnny glanced over at Kate.

Michael said as adults, he and Starr didn't need permission to date, but he hoped they could all put the past behind them, where it belonged. Sonny and Kate agreed that they just wanted Starr and Michael to be happy. Starr thanked them. They all toasted to moving on.

Todd pulled out the picture of John kissing Sam and wrote a quick note to Natalie telling her this was the kind of man John was. He put it in an envelope and said he was taking Natalie from John the way John took Blair from him - Karma. Todd gave it to a messenger and told him to send it out tonight.

Carly walked in and was unsettled to see Todd smiling after he'd been hurt so badly the night before. She assumed he was happy because he retaliated against someone and since all his enemies were back in Llanview, she was worried he'd targeted someone in Port Charles because they were closer. Todd realized she was concerned about Johnny and he said his opinion of Johnny hadn't changed. Carly urged him to prove Blair wrong and lean on friends instead of striking out at someone. Todd said he didn't have any friends. Carly said he had one, but he wouldn't have any if he did anything to Johnny. She left and Todd said to himself that Carly won. He said he'd get revenge on one Johnny and leave the other Johnny alone. He decided to delete the file on Johnny Zacchara, but accidentally opened it and saw some old footage of Carly and Johnny kissing. Todd was disgusted. He perked up and took interest when he saw Connie walk in. Todd assumed they were cheating and wondered what reason Johnny had for cheating on Carly this time. He grinned.

Carly returned to Johnny and said while Todd was in a lot of pain, she was sure he wasn't going to mess with her property or him (Johnny).

Steve went back to work and looked at Olivia's MRI films.

Heather spotted Anna walk in and asked how Luke was. Anna told her it was none of her business. Anna took Heather into a private room and told her to tell her what she knew about Robin. Heather declared she knows Robin is alive.

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