GH Update Tuesday 7/24/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/24/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Starr came home and found Blair about to knock on her door. Starr was happy to see her, but confused because they weren't supposed to meet until breakfast. Blair said there'd been a change in plans; she was going back to Llanview tonight. Starr surmised that something must have gone wrong at Blair and Todd's dinner. She assumed Todd was at fault, but Blair said it was her this time and explained that things had gone downhill once she showed Todd her engagement ring. Starr was happy for Blair, but she wondered why she hadn't said anything about the engagement before. Blair claimed that she hadn't wanted to take the spotlight from Starr tonight, but Starr knew that wasn't the whole story. She got Blair to admit that she'd kept quiet about the engagement because she didn't want to tell Todd. Blair got bowls of ice cream for the two of them. She noticed Starr seemed down, and Starr explained that she was concerned about Todd. Blair said in hindsight, she realized that she sent Todd some mixed signals earlier, by showing up without Tomas, then accepting Todd's invitation to dinner, after she'd refused to speak to him for a month. Blair told Starr about Todd's proposal. Starr was shocked. Blair said she thought Todd had accepted that it was over between them. Starr said although Todd could be difficult, he really loved Blair. Blair said she knew Starr loved him and wanted to think the best of him, but she had to admit that he'd done some things that couldn't be explained away.

Starr wondered whether Todd and Blair would have a chance if she wasn't engaged to Tomas. Blair got tears in her eyes. She said she still loved Todd, and she told him that against her better judgment. Blair said she didn't to give him false hope. According to Blair, she'd always love Todd, but she couldn't trust him. After the talk wrapped up, Starr told Blair to tell Jack to answer her texts sometime and to tell Sam she liked his new picture. Starr asked how Jack felt about the engagement. Blair said Jack was all for it and she hoped Starr would be one day, too. Starr said she just wanted Blair to be happy. Blair felt the same way about Starr. They hugged and Blair asked Starr to take care of Todd.

Maxie was concerned because Patrick still wasn't home. When she heard the door opening, she assumed it was him, but it turned out to be Mac, with the sleeping Emma. Emma had a nightmare and had cried out for her dad, so Mac brought her home. Maxie told him he wasn't there. Mac put Emma to bed, then he and Maxie talked. Maxie mentioned that Emma had been looking forward to spending the night with Mac and Felicia and had wanted to bake them a cake. She explained that she'd told Emma that today had been Mac and Felicia's anniversary. Mac said Emma had a great time until she woke up crying. He figured that Emma worried that Patrick might not come back, just like Robin. He asked where Patrick was and Maxie told him that Patrick wanted to leave the party immediately at first, then he almost got in a fight with the cameraman. Mac wanted details, but Maxie said it wasn't important. She said they had a good time and Patrick was with Lulu, which meant he was safe. Mac didn't understand why she was talking about Patrick's safety. Maxie covered and said she was being over dramatic.

Maxie said she thought Patrick benefited from having her there and said she wanted to do what she could to make his life easier. Mac thought that was generous, but he was concerned that she was putting her own life on hold by moving into Patrick's home. Maxie said Patrick and Emma were her and Matt's family, and she benefited because it gave her a place to live. Mac asked about her friends and career and Maxie forced a smile and said Spinelli wasn't speaking to her, Lulu was busy with her own career and she wasn't sure she had a job now that Todd bought Crimson. Mac said he was sorry she might lose her job. Maxie said it was okay, then she brusquely brought up Mac's firing. She quickly felt bad about it and Mac said it was okay. Mac said he was okay with what happened, because now he was doing what he wanted. Maxie smiled and asked if he knew how much she liked taking care of Emma. Mac understood and said he liked doing those things for Maxie when she was a child too, but he still believed Maxie was focusing on Patrick and Emma so she could avoid facing her own future. Maxie asked what was so bad about that and Mac said she had her own life to live and that Robin would want her to live it. Maxie appreciated his concern, but felt that she was doing what she needed to. She said she was clearly needed there since Patrick wasn't home. Mac suggested she call him, but Maxie said she was sure he was fine. She told Mac there was nothing to worry about and suggested he and Felicia go back to celebrating their non anniversary. Mac said he thought he would. He hugged and kissed Maxie and asked her to call if she needed him, then he left. Maxie wished Patrick would come home and say everything would be okay. Emma came downstairs and asked where Patrick was.

Lulu comforted the crying Patrick, then he said he was sorry, but he had to get home to Emma. Lulu firmly said she wouldn't let him run away from this. Patrick insisted that he was fine now, and Lulu pointed out that he'd just admitted he needed to take the pills. Patrick claimed he understood that the pills wouldn't help him hold onto Robin and would stop taking them. Lulu didn’t believe him and he got annoyed that she didn't have faith in him. Lulu told Patrick he needed to earn it. She asked Patrick to consider what could happen to Emma or his patients if he went back to pills again. Patrick stubbornly insisted that he'd never put them in danger, but Lulu said he already had. She told him luck ran out and said to ask her father. She asked Patrick if he'd trust Emma's life to a surgeon that was high. Lulu told Patrick she was taking him to GH for monitoring, but Patrick flatly refused to go anywhere with her. He calmed down a bit and said he worked there. Lulu pointed out that he knew GH was a good, discreet place. Patrick was worried about the gossip and that Monica would realize he was the one stealing the drugs and fire him, charge him get his license revoked. Patrick tried to convince Lulu that he didn't need help, but Lulu told him getting treatment was the only way to stop the cycle and make sure he didn't hurt anyone. Lulu said she knew Patrick could do this. She promised to go with him and stay there as long as he needed her to.

At the hospital, Steve told Dante that he wasn't sure Olivia would get better, because he didn't know whether Heather gave her LSD. Steve hoped someone would find Heather before she hurt anyone else. Dante said it was probably too late. He told the shocked Steve that Heather had held Luke captive near the place she buried Anthony and that she hired someone to write goodbye letters from Luke. Steve remembered Olivia telling him about the forger; he felt bad for not believing his mom was capable of that. Dante added that Heather hired the man before to write Maggie's suicide note. Dante explained that Heather must have killed Maggie to help Steve beat the charges in Tennessee. He said they had enough to charge her with murder, attempted murder and several other things related to Luke's kidnapping.

Anna helped Luke stumble out of the burning shack and Heather followed with a gun. She announced that if she couldn't have Luke, no one could, and she aimed at Anna. Luke leaped in front of Anna and took the bullet for her. Anna screamed in horror. A distraught Heather told Luke she didn't mean it, then told Anna that she was the one who was supposed to get shot. Anna rushed Heather and knocked her down and disarmed her. The cops took Heather away as she apologized to Luke. Anna checked on Luke. He said he was okay, then immediately passed out. Anna accompanied Luke to the hospital. She told Steve and Dante Luke had been shot. Steve asked about his mom and Anna said Heather had been aiming for her. Steve apologized, and Anna told him to focus on Luke. Steve went into Luke's room and started working on him. The paramedic shared that he'd lost a lot of blood and was hypovolemic. Dante, who was in the lobby, was trying to call Lulu, when she walked in with Patrick. She went over to him and he told her about Luke. Lulu wanted details, which Dante didn't have. He pointed her toward Luke's cubicle. She ran over and Anna told her everything Heather did to Luke and how he took a bullet meant for Anna. Anna wondered how he could throw himself in front of a bullet and Lulu said Luke would downplay it and say he forgot to duck. Anna said he'd better get pull through or she was going to tell everyone how brave he was. Inside the room, a nurse said Luke was crashing. Everyone frantically worked on him, while Anna and Lulu watched while comforting each other and crying.

Dante told Patrick what happened to Olivia and asked if it could cause permanent brain damage. Patrick said he didn't know, because it wasn't his area of expertise. He tried to walk away, but Dante followed and said he trusted Patrick. He asked Patrick if he'd go look in on Olivia. The shaky Patrick advised Dante to track down Ewen, who was an expert in the field. Dante was going to say something else, but Patrick said he was sorry, but he had to do something, and he walked away. Dante said he guessed he'd find Ewen himself. A nurse asked Patrick if he needed something. Patrick said he was fine, but he clearly didn't seem to be.

The doctors were able to bring Luke back. Steve walked out and told Anna and Lulu that Luke would need an operation. Someone named Dr. Behar was doing it. Lulu asked if he'd be okay and Steve said he lost a lot of blood, but they were hoping for the best. Anna and Luke hugged, then Dante hugged Lulu. Steve told Lulu to go get some rest. Anna got a call letting her know Heather was in custody. She told Lulu to call her if anything changed. Lulu asked where she was going and Anna said she was going to make sure Heather paid.

Lulu watched them wheel Luke up to the OR. Steve quietly asked Dante if he minded if he sat with Olivia. Dante gave him the okay, because he knew Olivia would want Steve there. Steve said Dante had been right when he said it was his responsibility to look after Heather. Steve felt that he failed, but Dante told him not to blame himself for what Heather did. Dante just hoped the damage wasn't permanent. Steve left to be with Olivia. Dante filled Lulu in on what happened to his mother. Lulu said she was sorry. Dante said he tried to get Patrick to go to the ICU to check on her, but he was too busy. Lulu said Patrick had some things to take care of. She asked Dante how he was. He was fine. Lulu had left a harsh voice mail for Dante when he missed her club opening. She asked him not to listen to it and explained that she didn't know what he was going through. Lulu said she was sorry they were fighting and that she just wanted everyone to be safe. Dante said everyone would be fine. They hugged.

Todd threw the engagement ring box across his suite, then began to smash the vases that decorated the room. Carly was on the phone talking to someone about what happened to Olivia, when she heard the commotion. She let herself into Todd's room, dodged a flying vase, and confronted him about destroying hotel property. Todd told her to bill him and kept destroying things. Carly ordered him to stop and said it was obvious his talk with Blair didn't go well. Todd said it was perfect – they watched Starr sing, they made out and Blair said she loved him. Todd explained that the reason Blair came to town alone was so she could let Todd down easy. He told Carly that he proposed to Blair, then she told him she was already engaged. Todd showed Carly the ring. She admired it and Todd asked if she wanted it. Carly smiled and said it was tempting, and Todd joked that he didn't even have to get down on one knee. Carly changed the subject back to Blair and Todd said he thought Blair would say yes. Carly was confused because Blair and Todd had seemed so happy at the party and Carly had been happy for him. Todd said he'd been happy for him too, which should have been a sign that things were about to go wrong. Todd gushed about how perfect things had been until Blair turned down his proposal and said she was marrying someone else. Todd shared that Blair admitted she loved him but said it didn't matter, because he'd eventually do something horrible that would hurt her. Todd told Carly that Blair was right. He knew Blair didn't want to have to pick up the pieces. Carly asked if he didn't offer to change, and Todd said Blair was an adult and she knew he was capable of doing terrible things. Carly said they all had a past, but Todd hinted that he'd done something horrible recently. His phone rang. Carly heard the ring tone “crazy calling.” Todd didn't answer it and said it was an employee. Carly wondered if it was Heather; she told Todd Heather attacked Olivia. Todd said while Heather was deranged, that didn't sound like her. Carly said the maid gave a positive ID, and she advised Todd to find a new gossip columnist.

An officer took Heather to the police station. Heather told Delores she needed to go to GH to be at the bedside of the man she loved. Delores pointed out that Luke was in the hospital because Heather put him there. Delores took her into an interrogation room and shot barbs at her about shooting Luke and poisoning Olivia. She told her that a fake alibi wouldn't help this time. Heather shrugged off the comments, then returned a barb of her own by reminding Delores that she thought Anthony's corpse was alive. Heather figured everything would be fine once she got her phone call. She said she had an ace in the hole. Delores didn't think Steve would be willing to help her after what she did to Olivia. Heather said Steve was a devoted son, but he didn't need to be involved. She demanded her phone, which Delores gave her. Delores said this person would have to be a magician to make the charges disappear. Heather said he was no magician, just someone with whom she had an understanding. Delores left the room and Heather called Todd and said once again, she was the victim of the police department. Delores took the phone and wouldn't let Heather make another call. Delores noted Heather's confidence and pointed out that Heather was facing several crimes including shooting at Anna. Heather said she knew just how to handle the police commissioner.

Anna walked in and Heather asked how Luke was. Anna said he was fine and Heather thanked God. Anna told Heather this was the end of the line for her. Anna began to list Heather's crimes. Heather said if Anna kept going, she wouldn't know what Heather knew about Robin; Heather said Robin was alive.

Carly sat down next Todd and said she was sorry for how things turned out with Blair. Carly told him he didn’t deserve that, and Todd said maybe he did. Carly said he wasn't a bad person just because Blair thought he was. Todd told her that everyone in Llanview agreed with Blair. He said he'd take Carly there one day so she could see for herself. Carly said it sounded like her situation in Port Charles. Todd said she was a pillar of the community and had it good, apart from her bad taste in men. Carly informed him that there were a lot of people who'd never let her live down the lies she told and mistakes she made in the past. Carly said Todd could prove Blair wrong, but Todd said it was too late for that. Carly decided to go check on Olivia. Todd said he hoped Olivia would be okay, even if she was an incompetent hotel manager. Carly told Todd she was sorry about Blair and said to let her know if there was something she could do. Todd smiled and asked if she could turn back time. Carly said she'd be very different if she could. Carly said Todd made one smart decision by ignoring Heather's call. She encouraged him not to let Heather drag him down. Todd listened to Heather's message as soon as Carly left. Heather told Todd he knew what she'd do if he didn't help her and that she wouldn't be ignored.

Maxie told Emma that Patrick was with Lulu. She was about to call Patrick so Emma could talk to him, when he walked in. Emma ran to him and he picked her up. Maxie explained that Mac brought Emma home early because she had a bad dream. "You got lost and I couldn't see you," Emma said to Patrick. Patrick told Emma she found him and that she didn't have to worry, because everything was going to be okay. Maxie watched with a concerned expression.

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