GH Update Monday 7/23/12

General Hospital Update Monday 7/23/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the end of Starr’s opening song at The Haunted Star, she happily reflects to Michael that she was pleasantly surprised to see her parents so happily tighter.

But that’s not quite the case when we hear Todd confronting Blair about the fact that she was ready to marry Tomas Delgado.

Heather goes to find Olivia with a needle when Olivia expects the maid.

Luke is alone after Heather’s left him prisoner in a cabin that’s on fire.

At the hospital Epiphany gives Stephen a message from Dante that the cops are looking for Stephen’s mother. Stephen informs her hat he is not happy with his girlfriend’s unfounded suspicions about his mother. Epiphany listens but seems to realize there is something Stephen is failing to see about his mother.

Right then, heather holds a hypodermic needle ready to inject Olivia and they get into a struggle.

Anna and Dante are ready to find heather and know that there is something suspicion involving the disappearance with Luke.

Luke struggles to get out of the chair where Heather has tied him while there’s a fire.

Lulu finds Patrick alone and looking like he’s ready to privately use drugs. She then gets a call from Maxie who’s trying to find Patrick and tells her she found Patrick.

Todd is infuriated to find out that right when he thought that perhaps he and Blair could get back together and he has proposed to her, she has sprung upon him that she was seeing Tomas Delgado. She tells him that she intended to tell him something but it might have been too late.

Johnny notices Connie coming back and she tells him that she has a serious secret that Kate cannot handle so Kate is not coming back.

Lulu informs Maxie on the phone that Patrick is at the Haunted Star because he forgot something and she need not come back. She hangs up and Patrick thanks her lying for him. She tells him she did not do that for him. She did that for Maxie and asks him if she does not have a reason to be concerned. She tells him that she can see that his usage of the drugs is way out of proportion and he needs to realize he has a problem.

Todd reminds Blair that he thought he was the only guy she fell in love with even though the only reason she married him was because he was rich. She tells him the reason she did not tell him about Tomas before Starr’s performance was because she wanted it to be about their daughter tonight. Starr does not know and is not keeping a secret for her mom. She tells Todd she did not know how he would react. He tells her she needs to stop. He tells Blair she was not concerned about anyone’s feelings or trying to protect anybody except herself.

Starr and Michael talk alone in the bar about their respective parents moving in regarding his mom with Johnny and his dad with Kate although he hesitates realizing that Starr may not want to think about the woman responsible for killing her daughter and fiancé. But she assures him she does not judge Kate and knows all too well that Kate has a sickness she cannot help unlike her aunt Viki and cousin Jessica.

Connie has come out and confirms to Johnny she happens to know that neither she nor Kate shot out Anthony’s tires. He tells her he wants her out of there. She tells him she knows that he put her up to confessing to something she did not do. She knows she’s not crazy to know this much no matter what he says. She knows that it was he who killed that little kid and her dad. But he’s questioning whether she might still be Kate and might be “wired” by the cops to get him to confess to the crime. But she protests that he needs to know if she’s not Kate. If she was, Kate would turn his ass in to the cops without a wire but she’s not going to do that and he needs to trust her.

Anna goes into the woods to the cabin and sees the fire. She calls for Luke but the fire is getting out of control.

Connie tells Johnny that she knows he killed Starr manning’s daughter and fiancé. He may believe that she is unaware but she knows the truth. The whole reason she’s come out is that Kate is overcome with guilty believing she’s done this. So she’s not going to call the cops on him since his behavior of having Kate believing she’s done it is the very reason Kate is not coming back. He doesn’t want to listen to her but she urges him to know that he needs to talk to her instead of to someone with no incentive to keep their mouths shut. He asks her if this is all a game to her but declares ok. He will admit that he is in fact guilty.

Starr tells Michael he need not worry how she feels about Kate. It need not be a problem for them as long as he promises that they will not be double-dating with his dad and Kate. He tells her he promises. She tells him she realizes she will have to deal with seeing Kate and knows he helped her get through this. They talk about going forward with dating.

Connie asks Johnny if he did not say that admitting to what he did is his first step toward healing. He admits that he found out that he’s not like the bastard believed his whole life was his father. He’s worse. She smirks and says poor Johnny. But she tells him she knows all too well about the guilt he is carrying.

Lulu tells Patrick she knows all too well where he is going although he protests that he is not an addict. He is hiding and stealing pills yet tells her he’s fine. If that is true, she tells him, then he will confirm to her that he does not need the pills she’s holding in her hands and won’t care if she throws them in the river. But he clearly shows her he does care when he grabs her hand and is ready to get into a struggle to prevent her from throwing out his last supply of drugs.

Dante goes to the hospital and tells Stephen that his mother is on the loose and just injected Dante’s mother full of LSD. Stephen is shocked.

Anna enters the burning cabin in an attempt to find and save Luke. But the flames are burning out of control. And before Anna can do anything, Heather sneaks up behind her, knocks her out and asks Luke what she told him about “having company when she’s not there.” He yells to Anna. But Heather informs Luke hat she went to Anna’s hotel room but ran into Olivia. Both of those women need to stop meddling in her business.

Olivia gets rushed to the hospital and freaks out after LSD had been injected into her bloodstream. She yells about being afraid of someone hurting her. People try to restrain her but she pulls out a knife to keep people away from her. She doesn’t recognize Stephen or his son and appears out of control.

Todd and Blair argue about who kissed whom or if she’s really still in love with him. He dares her to tell him that she does not love him. But she cannot say it.

Johnny tells Connie he’s trying to make it up to Starr. She asks if he really thinks helping her with her son is going to make up for killing her boyfriend and baby. He asks Connie why she’s there. Connie replies that she just wanted to prevent him from growing a conscience.

Blair admits to Todd that there will always be something between them for their history. But she will not forget his holding Tomas hostage and framing him for a crime that Todd committed. He tells her that he’s left Llanview because he wants to forget about all of his mistakes. But he just wants to talk about the two of them. She agrees that this is about them> But she asks if they were to get together again, could he promise not to do something terrible again. Right then, Todd remembers Heather warning him if he gives her up and doesn’t go along with her plan, she can tell Sam that he had her falsely believing her baby is dead and Heather asks if he really wants that. And Blair reminds him that she’s gotten the idea that he did a heroic deed in saving Tea’s baby. He realizes doesn’t what her to know otherwise.

Patrick admits to Lulu that there was a time when he was ready to throw all of his pills down the toilet and not get any more. But he admits he could not make it last. The pain is too much. The pills help him cope. And he’s afraid he will lose his memory of Robin.

Blair admits to Todd that she is not certain where either of them is going to go from there.

When Luke notices Anna passed out in the fire and ready to get burned to death, Luke urges Heather to know that so will they. She can only argue about how Luke cannot get over Anna and has no worries.

Lulu tells Patrick that there is something not right about the fact that he’s been high around his daughter. Emma is a child who needs a father to help her get through it and he needs professional help.

Connie reminds Johnny that there’s nobody he knows who he can trust with the secret that he caused the accident that killed Starr Manning’s daughter and boyfriend. Carly won’t keep it a secret for him. He’ll go to prison. And she (Connie) needs his help as much as he needs her help since she needs to prevent Kate from coming back. Johnny is not encouraged to “work” with her but realizes he may not have a choice.

Olivia is at the hospital unable to trust or recognize her boyfriend, her son or the people she knows. But Stephen urges her to know that he loves her. And the “monster” who wants to hurt her is gone.

In the burning cabin, Anna comes to and manages to put Heather in handcuffs while looks is still tied to the chair.

Starr and Michael are talking inside the bar and know that Johnny and Kate are not far away. Connie is still in the body of Kate and confirms with Johnny that it’s not in his best interest to sell her out because she can expose him and ruin his life, his relationship with Carly and many other things.

Blair cries and admits to Todd that they have been through so much. She has loved him for many years. She was ready to get back with him when he came back from captivity. But she remembers John coming to arrest him and revealing that he murdered his brother in cold blood.

Anna attempts to untie Luke in the burning cabin when they believe they no longer need worry about Heather. She gets him out of the place and they walk out.

Olivia is still drugged by Heather and in the hospital. Dante demands that Stephen offers and explanation for why he keeps making excuses for his mother. He reminds Stephen he’s a doctor and should have known but it was he who signed his mom out of the institution against medical advice. Stephen knew she was dangerous and obsessed about Luke Spencer and now Luke is gone. Stephen overlooked his mother stealing Olivia’s car and doing God knows what the night of the flood. He’s been covering up everything she’s done for too long. He did not stop her and defended her. All Stephen can do is say he’s sorry but Dante tells him that’s not enough anymore.

Lulu tells Patrick that he needs to do this for his daughter. But he argues that he’s already tried and failed to kick his drug habit. She urges him to know that “they” will get him the help he needs. But he tells her the only help he needs is Robin. But she’s gone. Patrick breaks down crying

Michael gives Starr a flower and she thanks him for being there and acknowledges that since they’ve met, he’s done so much for her. And they kiss.

Connie and Johnny are continuing to be in cahoots knowing they must keep her secret from Sonny and his from Carly. She tells him no one is going to know that the two of them had this little talk and she goes out the door.

Todd asks Blair if she really intends to marry another man when she loves him and asks her if this is not a really bad choice. She tells him it’s the only choice she can make and she goes out the door.

Anna gets Luke out of the burning building. He’s inhaled smoke but appears ok. Cops and medical staff are there for them and she directs them that there’s a “woman in there” who might be in danger, unafraid of Heather. But then, Heather appears, holds up a gun and declares if she can’t “have Luke”, nobody can.

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