GH Update Friday 7/20/12

General Hospital Update Friday 7/20/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is on the deck of the Haunted Star thinking.  He looks over and sees Robin.  He calls her name.

Kate and Sonny are in bed talking.  He is telling her she has been through a lot.  She thinks they both have been through a lot.  She means what Johnny said about Connie.

Johnny is at the Star thanking Lulu for helping make the club look so good.  He couldn’t have done it without her.  Carly walks up and agrees.  They should be proud of what they have done.  Johnny and Carly leave.  Lulu comments to herself she wished Dante was there with her.

Dante informs Anna, at the station, they have a team combing Archie’s apartment looking for any other evidence connecting him with Heather and the letters.  Anna is relieved Archie confessed to writing Maggie’s suicide note.  Anna says they have to find Heather.  She has murdered Maggie and could be planning the same for Luke.

Heather turns and reveals herself to Olivia.  When Olivia questions what Heather is doing in the hotel room, she tells her it is tea time and offers Olivia a glass.

Luke is still in the shed screaming for help.

Todd and Blair are talking about her coming to Starr’s performance.  He is holding a ring behind his back.  He wants to talk first.

Johnny and Carly are in his office drinking champagne.  Johnny asks what she thought of Starr’s performance.  She tells him she was too busy watching Todd to notice.  She wanted to make sure he didn’t start anything with Johnny.  She was right all along; Todd didn’t cause any trouble.  They begin to discuss how happy Michael and Starr were.  Johnny wonders how Carly feels about their dating.  Carly thinks they are perfect for each other.  Carly thinks Starr is a remarkable young woman.  She admires Starr for forgiving Kate.  Carly doesn’t think she could ever forgive someone for killing her family.

Kate worries about Sonny having to hear from Johnny that Connie came on to him again in the interrogation room.  Sonny tries to calm her.  He is fine.  Kate begins to regret ever leaving Sonny on that street corner all those years ago.  He understands what she must have felt.  She was pregnant from a rape and scared.  She wants Sonny to know she has always loved him.  She has never stopped loving him.

Todd is reminiscing about his history with Blair.  Even though they have done some horrible things to each other, it is what made them work.  There is a knock on the door.  It is their room service order.   He rushes the waiter out.  Blair tells Todd to continue.  He wants them to sit and eat. 

Dante leaves a message for Olivia to call him immediately.  He notices all the missed calls from Lulu.  Anna informs Dante they have looked ever where for Heather and can’t find her.  Anna is worried Heather has already killed Luke.

Luke continues to scream Anna is in danger.  He tells himself no one is going to save him.  He must save himself.

Olivia thinks Heather has spiked the tea with LSD as she has done in the past.  Heather denies it and actually defends herself for spiking Diana’s tea to get baby Steven back.  Olivia reminds Heather she drank her own spiked tea and lost her grip on reality.  She wonders if anyone can tell the difference.  Heather asks Olivia if she can see the difference and downs a glass of the tea.  Olivia is shocked.

Patrick begins speaking to Robin.  He questions if it is really Robin.  She says his name, and Patrick begins to smile.  He thinks Robin has come back for him.

Lulu’s cell phone rings.  It is Maxie.  She is extremely worried.  Patrick is not home.  Lulu rushes out to go assist in finding him.

Patrick tells Robin he knew she would come back.  Robin looks sad.  She tells him to save her.  He goes to hug her and she is gone.

Luke is cursing Heather and trying to think of how to get out of the ropes.   He looks around and sees a candle and gets an idea.

Heather is faking a bad trip.  Olivia begins to call for help and Heather lets her in on the joke.  Heather can’t believe Olivia would think she would take LSD on purpose.  Olivia calls her crazy.  She points out how Heather is in the police commissioner’s room dressed as a maid.  What other word besides crazy would she call it.

The police have found the letter Luke wrote himself in Archie’s apartment.  Anna confirms it is Luke’s handwriting and begins to read it.

Kate and Sonny are beginning to have sex.  Sonny stops her and asks if she is ready.  He thinks she is going through so much with remembering what Joe did to her.  He is willing to wait.  She smiles.

Carly is happy Johnny has done what he set out to do.  He has a legitimate club and has broken free of his father.  He thanks Carly for her part in helping him do it.  They toast each other.  He doesn’t think it was easy, but he is truly happy.  Carly wants to toast to Todd as well.  Johnny asks what Carly did for him.  She explains she set up a romantic dinner for him and Blair, so Todd can tell Blair how he feels about her.

Todd and Blair are talking about how wonderful Starr was tonight.  They agree their support meant a lot to Starr.  They discuss Michael.  Blair thinks he is a good kid.  Todd reminds her, Michael almost sent Starr to prison.  Blair counters, Starr almost killed Sonny.  They begin to bicker back and forth where Starr got the idea to kill Sonny.  Todd tells Blair Starr and he have moved past her following in his footsteps.  They move on to how nervous Todd was for Starr.  Blair had to hold his hands down to calm him.  Todd reminds Blair she has been the only one in his life able to calm him down.  Blair says ‘like old times’.  Todd tells Blair it doesn’t have to be old times; it could be now too.  Blair begins to interrupt Todd.  She just wants the night to remain nice.  He talks over her and tells her they should get back together.

Sonny begins to thank Kate for helping him last summer get his head on straight.  Kate tells Sonny she just wants to feel alive.  She wants them to be together with no secrets between them.  She kisses him and takes his shirt off.

Blair gets agitated.  She doesn’t want Todd to say they should get back together.  Todd reminds Blair they would be together right now if he didn’t screw things up.  Todd is rambling on about how they belong together.  They had something special.  They have Starr and Jack.  Blair begs Todd to stop.  They are not those people any more.  He grabs her and kisses her.

Carly remembers the night she and Johnny got together.  She discusses their conversation that night.  She wanted him to forget about revenge.  Carly didn’t think Johnny would ever change.  She thinks tonight was Johnny’s night.  He made everything happen.  He says there is one thing that could make the night better.  They kiss.

Patrick is looking for Robin.  He wants to make her safe.  He turns to see Lulu.  He thinks she is Robin.  When Lulu asks what is wrong, he sees Robin.  He leans in and kisses her.

Dante and Anna think the letter is weird.  They think it is disjointed.  They wonder why Heather would use a forger when Luke had written his own letter.  Anna thinks there may be a clue to where he is in this letter.

Luke is moving himself closer to the table where there are matches.

Heather wonders if Olivia was always this suspicious.  Heather claims she is in the room undercover; trying to dig up dirt on Anna for the paper.  Olivia doesn’t buy it and is calling security.  Heather begins to leave, but Olivia stops her.  Olivia still wants to discuss why Heather was seeing Archie.

Olivia explains how she saw Archie leaving Steve’s apartment.  Olivia knows Archie is the forger who wrote the suicide note for the first mate of the ship where Lisa was murdered.  Heather notes she was still locked up when Lisa was murdered.  Olivia is unsure why Heather would need a forger, but she is sure Dante will be able to figure it out.  Olivia tells Heather she has already told Dante everything, and he and Anna are probably figuring out what Heather is up to right now.

Dante and Anna try and figure out what Luke was trying to tell them with his letter.

Luke is trying to strike a match unsuccessfully.

Anna begins to figure out the code of the letter.

Luke is still trying to light the match.

Anna and Dante figure out the code.  “Heather is holding me in the woods”.  They think there are many wooded areas.  Where could he be.

Luke is getting closer to lighting a match.

Lulu throws Patrick off of her.  Patrick realizes it is Lulu, not Robin.  He doesn’t understand what just happened.  Lulu explains Maxie is worried about him because he is not home.  Patrick wanted to clear his head.  He tells Lulu he wasn’t kissing her; he was kissing Robin.

Sonny and Kate are blissfully done.  They thank each other.  Sonny sympathizes with Kate’s situation.  She still feels guilty about Cole and Hope.  She can never forget what she has done.

Carly and Johnny are also done.  Carly has to go home to her daughter.  She asks Johnny to come to her house when he is done with work.  He wants Carly to come back to the Star.  They agree to practice restraint and go home.  Things are going good with them.  They say goodnight.

Todd and Blair stop kissing.  Blair thinks it was a mistake.  Todd disagrees; he wants to continue kissing her.  Blair reminds Todd they have not had the best past.  There were many bad times.  Todd only remembers good times between them.  Blair is visibly upset.  Todd drops to one knee.  Blair is shocked and asks what he is doing.  He proposes and gives her the ring.

Blair tells Todd to get up.  She is crying.  Todd realizes this may be too soon, but he still wants her to say yes.  Blair says no. 

Patrick insists he saw Robin.  Lulu tries to snap him out of it.  He couldn’t not have seen Robin because she is dead.  Patrick tries to leave to go find Robin.  Lulu stops him.  She tells him he is seeing Robin because of the pills he is taking. 

Dante and Anna talk about the woods where they found Anthony.  Anna worries perhaps Anthony’s body isn’t the only one buried there.

Luke actually gets a match lit.

Heather tells Olivia if Anna finds out about the forger, she will know the letters are fake.  Olivia asks what letters. 

Dante points out if Luke was buried, the dogs would have picked up on it.

Olivia wants to know why Heather would forge a letter to Anna.  Heather says nothing.  Olivia leaves the room to call the police.

Anna wonders to herself where in the woods Luke is.

Luke tries to pull the lit candle to him.  He is telling himself to make it count.

Olivia gets a hold of Dante.  She tells him she needs to tell him something about Heather.  Dante has something to tell her also.  Olivia tells Dante Heather is in Anna hotel room.

Anna thinks back to finding Anthony’s body.   

Luke gets the candle.

Olivia warns Dante about the letter.  He tells her they know all about it.  She needs to get away from Heather right now.  He tells her Heather has killed Maggie to protect Steve.

Anna flashes back to the search.  She remembers the shack.  She thinks that is where he is.

Luke tries burning the rope that has him tied.

Dante tells Olivia to get away from Heather, they will take care of her.  She agrees.

Heather is loading a syringe with the LSD.

Kate dreams about her conversation with Johnny.  She realizes Johnny convinced Connie to take the blame for shooting out Anthony’s tires.  Kate wakes up.

Patrick denies being high.  Lulu asks if he is getting his drugs from the hospital.  He tries to leave again.  He wants to see Emma.  Lulu tells him Emma shouldn’t see him like this.  She goes to stop him and finds his drugs in his pocket.  She wants to talk about it.

Sonny is in bed alone.

There is a knock on Johnny’s office door.  He thinks it is Carly.  He turns to see Connie.

Todd wants to take Blair to Key West where they had their honeymoon.  Blair says the answer will still be no.  Todd thinks the kids would love Port Charles.  She disagrees.  Blair confesses she is marrying Tomas.

Dante warns Olivia about Heather.  She is more dangerous than they thought.  She is going to leave.  Heather has a syringe behind her back.

Luke is burning the rope.

Heather asks what Dante said.  Olivia changes her whole story.  She tells Heather she was sorry she accused her of anything.  Dante checked everything out, and Olivia was wrong.  She tries to back her way out of the room.  She wants a truce.

Luke drops the candle.

Olivia tries to escape, but Heather slams the door and tells her she has made her last call.

Luke is trying to force the ropes off when he realizes the candle has started a fire.

Dante tells Anna that Heather is at the hotel.

Heather shows the syringe to Olivia and says she is going to inject her with it.

Anna shows the map to Dante where the shack is.

The fire is getting bigger.  Luke is worried.

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