GH Update Thursday 7/19/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/19/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu and Johnny meet up on the deck of the Haunted Star.  They both complement each other on how they look.  Lulu mentions her tiff with Dante on the cost of her dress.  Johnny asks where Dante is.

Dante is at the station following Anna.  She complements him on his suited appearance and give her congratulations to Lulu.  After he confirms he is dressed for Lulu’s opening, he tells Anna they need to talk about Heather.

Todd meanwhile is taking a picture of himself in his hotel room.  He comments how Blair doesn’t stand a chance; he is so handsome.  Just then, his phone rings; it is Steve.  He wants to confirm with Todd on Heather’s assignment tonight.  Todd tells Steve, Heather is working for him tonight and hangs up on him.  Todd tells himself he feels bad for Steve having a lunatic for a mother.  He thinks Steve should follow in Todd’s footsteps and shoot Heather.  As he is leaving his room, he bumps into Blair.  He complements her.  Blair is trying to leave quickly since she has a cab waiting.  Todd offers his arm and tells her he has a car waiting, so they should just go together.  Blair is hesitant.  She doesn’t want to fight before Starr’s big performance.  Todd points out it would mean a lot to Starr to see them show up together.  Blair agrees.  Todd mentions the talk Blair wants to have with him, but she reminds him she wants to talk after Starr’s show.

Starr is practicing backstage, when Michael comes up from behind surprising her with a white rose.  She confides how nervous she is, but Michael puts her at ease.  He thinks she is going to be great.

Lulu and Johnny are toasting to each other as the guests arrive; first up, Kristina and Trey.  Lulu and Kristina tell each other how great they both look.  Kristina introduces Lulu to Trey.  When Lulu introduces Johnny, Kristina informs Lulu that Johnny and Trey already met last week while they were filming.  This leads Kristina to tell Lulu about her reality show.  Lulu thinks their filming could be good publicity.  Johnny excuses himself to greet Carly.  She congratulates him.  Lulu joins them and they talk about how nervous Lulu is.  Carly and Johnny leave to check on Starr.  Next up, Patrick and Maxie.  Lulu thanks them for coming and tells them to have a good time.  Lulu is going to wait for Dante.  She tells them to head into the club. 

Dante relays Olivia’s run in with Heather last night.  He informs Anna that Olivia saw Archie the forger coming out of Heather’s apartment.  He wonders what Heather would be doing with this man.  Anna gets a jolt and gives Dante the letter from Luke.  She thinks this is why Heather was with a forger. 

Heather enters the shed and takes the gag off Luke.  They exchange snarky comments.  Heather pulls from her bag a vial of liquid.  She comments on Luke not loving her now, but he will.

Luke asks what is in the vial.  Heather tells him it is acid.  When asked where she got this batch from, she lets him know you can get anything on the docks, as long as you know who to ask.

Olivia chases Steve around the hospital.  She wants to talk to Steve about what Spinelli and she uncovered about Heather.  Steve is annoyed she is still investigating Heather.  Even the police commissioner has cleared her of any wrongdoing.  Olivia spurts out she saw Heather with a forger.  Steve is puzzled.

Anna and Dante discuss Luke’s letter and the Archie/Heather connection.  Anna admits she is not objective in thinking Heather forged Luke’s letter.  Dante points out leaving town is Luke’s MO.  He also mentions Lulu’s concern that this time Luke’s leaving is different.  He seemed like he was going to stay.  They discuss brining in Archie to see if he wrote Anna and Lulu’s letters.  Dante didn’t know Lulu got a letter.

Johnny brings Carly a drink and they kiss.  Carly just bought the club’s first drink.  Lulu objects saying family and significant others should drink free.  Johnny wonders where Dante is still.  Johnny leaves to do a sound check.  Carly and Lulu discuss all they hard work she and Johnny have put into the club.  Carly thinks Luke would be proud of her.  Lulu thanks Carly.

Patrick leaves Maxie to go take care of something.

Lulu excuses herself from Carly to talk to Maxie.  She asks Maxie how Patrick is doing.  They determine he feels like the only reason they invited him was to keep an eye on him.  Maxie actually wanted to get him out of the house too.  She tells Lulu after Emma goes to bed, Patrick just sits on the couch looking at old photos of Robin.  She hasn’t seen him taking pills, so that is good.  They both look over at Patrick.  He catches them looking and holds up his drink.  He then darts off to a secluded area and pops a pill.  He is collecting himself, then turns to find a camera in his face.  He gets angry and asks the cameraman what he is doing.

Blair runs up to Starr and greets her with a big hug and kiss.  Blair tells Michael how happy she is they are friends again.  Todd gives her a kiss hello too.  Johnny breaks up the chat and tells Starr it is almost time for her to go on.  She leaves with Michael.  Blair takes the opportunity to introduce herself to Johnny.  They shake hands.  Todd excuses himself and goes up to Carly.  He tells Carly Johnny better not mess this night up for Starr.  Carly can’t help but comment how cozy Todd and Blair look together.  Todd is thrilled things are going right for a change.

Todd is really happy Blair wants to chat after the show.  Carly has set it up so there will be a candlelit dinner for two in his hotel suite waiting.  Todd hopes it won’t be screwed up.  Carly said everything will be fine as long as he leaves Johnny alone.  Todd comments on Johnny touching Blair and Starr.  He doesn’t like it.  Carly defends Johnny saying he is not like that.  Todd quips ‘tell that to Kate Howard’.  Carly gets angry and doesn’t want to talk about the past.

Johnny offers Blair a better drink and they walk off.

Todd warns if Carly wants to trust Johnny that is on her.  He will not be falling for Johnny’s act.

Blair thanks Johnny for getting Starr out of her contract.  She thinks Johnny also bought the contract to do a good deed for a young girl in pain.  Blair recounts telling Starr about Cole and Hope’s death.  Blair never thought Starr would recover, but now she is happy and getting ready for her first performance.  Blair is grateful to Johnny and says he will always have her for a friend.  They shake hands.

Patrick begins to cause a scene about being filmed.  He wants to know what the camera captured.  The cameraman apologizes and says he was just getting scenic images.  Patrick tells him to watch what he records and storms off.  Lulu and Maxie comment on the scene they just saw.  They didn’t think it looked good.

Dante wonders why Lulu bought the letter she got to Anna and not him.  Anna thinks she was just sparing Dante getting upset.  Anna thinks the sentiment of the letters is very ‘Luke’.  Dante thinks whoever wrote the letters knows Luke well.

Olivia shares her story with Steve.  He is still skeptical and defending Heather.  He thinks the forger could have been visiting any one else in his building.  He tells Olivia, Heather was working on her column.  He informs her, Heather is working right now also, and he confirmed it with Todd.  Olivia understands Steve wanting to believe Heather.  He needs to start looking at the possibility that Heather is up to no good.  Olivia thinks Dante can help.  Steve is shocked Olivia involved Dante with his mother.

Dante reads Luke’s letter to Lulu.  Anna hates to admit it, but Heather knows Luke’s language well.  Dante now understands why Lulu didn’t want him to see the letter.

Heather reminisces about her accidental overdose of LSD.  Luke fumes no drug in the world is going to make him love her.  Heather comments, Luke has her all wrong.  She doesn’t intend on giving Luke the LSD.  She is going to give it to Anna.

Johnny and Blair are discussing her club in Llanview.  Todd and Carly come up and Todd overhears her talking about home.  Todd sarcastically asks if Blair is bring Johnny home with her.  Blair was just thanking Johnny for what he has done for Starr.  Carly interrupts and says Todd was just about to thank Johnny himself.  Todd thanks Johnny.  They shake hands.

Lulu calls Johnny over.  Even though Dante is not there, she thinks they should get started.  Lulu gets on stage and thanks everyone for coming.  She explains the history of the Haunted Star.  Lulu is sorry Luke couldn’t be there, and Dante is stuck at work.  Lulu toasts starting over.  Johnny takes to the stage.  He is glad everyone showed up.  Johnny is hoping all the love in the room for Lulu will rub off on him.  Since the theme is starting over he takes the time to thank Carly for believing in him.  He then introduces Starr.

Dante is just about to call Lulu, when they bring in Archie.  He is asking for his lawyer and phone call.  Anna apologizes for any inconvenience.  Archie says whatever they want him for, he didn’t do it.

Olivia and Steve continue arguing about Heather.  Steve cannot believe the lengths Olivia is going to get dirt on his mother.  He is livid that she involved the police.  Steve doesn’t have time for this.  Olivia understands he is busy.  She suggests getting together after work with Dante to talk about it.  Steve tells Olivia he thinks they need a break from each other.

Dante and Anna show a picture of Heather to Archie.  He claims he has never seen her before.  They look at each other and smile.

Luke doesn’t understand what good drugging Anna would do.  Heather thinks an OD would put Anna out of commission for years, like it did her.  With Anna gone, Luke will come around and give Heather a chance.  Luke suggests they both take the acid now and make love all night.

Heather is tempted, but she thinks it is a trick, plus Luke isn’t smelling to good these days.  Luke is trying to reason with Heather.  He doesn’t think poisoning the police commissioner is a good idea.  The last time Heather tried this, she accidentally took the tainted drink herself.  Heather promises to be careful this time.  Luke suggests taking the acid himself.  He doesn’t think Heather should risk it.  He wants to take the acid himself and then give Heather a night to remember.

Anna and Dante show the letters to Archie.  Dante is playing bad cop.  He says sending a forged letter to the police commissioner is a felony.  Anna just wants Archie to cooperate.  She tells him their forensics teams has already verified the letters are Archie’s work.  They don’t want Archie, then want Heather.

Olivia can’t believe Steve is breaking up with her.  They argue hard about Heather.  Steve isn’t going to abandon his mother.  He wants Olivia to back off.  She admits she cannot back off.  She knows something is going on.  Steve tells her then they need to break up and leaves her on the elevator.

Starr thanks her parents and everyone who has helped her through this hard time in her life.  She is grateful to have music and love back in her life.  Michael sits as Starr begins to sing.  Everyone beams as Starr sings her song.  Johnny and Carly hug.  Starr sings directly to Michael.  Blair moves closer.  Todd joins her and hugs her from behind.  Lulu goes outside to look for Dante.  Patrick pops another pill.  Maxie pats his shoulder.  Todd and Blair hold hands.  Starr finishes and everyone applauds.

Everyone is applauding and Starr is thanking them.  Maxie moves forward a bit, and Patrick takes off out the door.  Blair, Todd, and Johnny hug and congratulate Starr.  She runs and kisses Michael.  Todd asks her what she is doing.  She blabs that she and Michael are dating.  He reminds her who her father is.  She counters with look who her father is.  Carly thinks it is great.  Blair tries to reel Todd in by saying how happy they look.  Todd says if Starr is happy, then he is happy.

Maxie catches up with Patrick on the deck.  He tells her he is leaving.  Maxie offers to go with him.  Patrick tells her to stay and support Lulu.  Patrick takes another pill.

Carly tells Todd she saw Blair and Todd hugging during Starr’s performance.  Todd said Johnny announced the theme of the night was new beginnings.  Todd goes and gets Blair and tells her they should go and give Starr some space.  Blair wonders what has gotten into Todd.  They leave arm and arm.

Anna tells Archie they will not arrest him if he confesses Heather hired him to write the letters.  He confesses.  He said he had worked with Heather before.  When they ask what the other job was he begins to explain the letter he wrote from a lady doctor to Steve about a problem in Memphis.  Dante catches on to what he is talking about and grabs Anna to leave the room.  He tells Anna he knows what Archie is talking about.  He goes to get something to show her.

Luke is still begging Heather to give him the LSD.  They go back and forth.  She says she can’t let Luke take the drug.  He threatens to hate Heather forever if she drugs Anna.  Heather doesn’t care, she is going to take the chance.  She finally decides she is going to leave, and mix up some iced tea for Anna.  Luke is screaming after her.

Kristina congratulates Starr.  She thinks she was amazing.  Michael tells Kristina to admit she was wrong about Starr’s ability before she even heard her sing.  Kristina concedes, as long as Michael admits he was wrong about her show before he has even seen it.  Trey thinks they will all see how great the show is once it is out.  Trey and Starr banter back and forth about his eating her food.  She asks Michael if they can leave and get something to eat.  They exit.

Lulu comes in and tells Maxie she doesn’t have any messages from Dante.

Dante is showing Anna the file on Maggie’s suicide.  He goes over the details of the case.  Anna takes Maggie’s suicide letter and shows it to Archie.  He confirms he forged it.  Anna is shocked and walks out to Dante.  They both realize this means Heather killed Maggie and hired Archie to forge a suicide note.  Anna wonders what this means for Luke.

Luke is in the shed screaming uncontrollably. 

Steve is about to call Olivia when he gets called into the OR.

Olivia has arrived at the hotel.  She finds a housekeeping cart in the hallway.  She starts shouting for Maria the housekeeping to tell her she shouldn’t keep the cart in the hallway.  She notices one of the room doors open, so she goes in.  There is the housekeeper with her back to Olivia.  Olivia asks ‘Maria’  what she is doing.  Slowly the housekeeper turns.  It is Heather with a water pitcher dressed as a housekeeper.  Olivia is shocked.

Johnny and Carly toast to ‘new beginnings’ with Lulu.

Todd and Blair arrive at his room.  She is surprised at the dinner setup.  Todd reminds her she wanted to eat and talk.  They both think they have a lot to talk about.  Todd goes to the other side of the room and pulls out a huge diamond ring.

Maxie leaves off the deck.  Just as she goes, Patrick comes down the steps.  He looks over and there he sees Robin.

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