GH Update Wednesday 7/18/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/18/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Todd was lying on the floor looking at his invitation to the Haunted Star's opening/Starr's debut, when Heather called from outside the shed where she was keeping Luke and said she needed a favor. She told him what she wanted off screen, then she revealed that she was going to cover the party at the Haunted Star. Todd told her it was bad enough his ex wife and her boyfriend were going to be there, without Heather being there, too. He threatened to fire her if she showed up. They hung up and Todd went into the hallway to get the paper at the exact moment Blair was walking to her room. They said hello. Todd was caught off guard to see her and asked why she was in his hotel. Blair said it was a nice place. Olivia walked up and gave Blair a working key card for her room. Blair said goodbye and walked away. Todd stopped Olivia from leaving and demanded an explanation for how Blair got into a booked hotel. Olivia said she saw the cancellation, assumed it was a mistake and fixed it. Todd said Carly canceled it, and Olivia said she didn't know anything about it. Todd wanted Olivia to kick Blair out, but she turned him down.

Heather went into the shed and greeted Luke with a cheerful “Honey, I'm home!” She removed his gag and said he was looking better. Luke said it was thanks to Jason Voorhees – the man in the hockey mask. Heather said that was no one. Luke complained that he could have starved to death. Heather said she felt bad about leaving him for so long, but she had no choice. Luke surmised that the cops were on to her and said he could help. Heather was suspicious and asked why he'd do that. Luke said he wanted to keep them both alive; he didn't want her getting shot by the trigger happy cops. Heather said Luke was afraid something would happen to her and he'd starve to death. Luke said he was concerned about her safety, too. Heather was glad to hear that. She admitted that the police were after her.

Luke thought the cops believed Heather was involved in Luke's disappearance, but Heather brusquely informed him that no one was looking for him. She explained that they thought she killed Anthony. Heather said she didn't do it. Luke pointed out that she did take Anthony's body. Heather said she covered her tracks, so Anna wasn't on her trail. Luke didn't think Anna would let go of her suspicions about Heather. Heather didn't think Anna was the investigative genius others thought she was. She held out a sandwich and Luke gobbled it down as fast as he could. Luke said Anna would be wondering why he suddenly left without saying goodbye. Heather said she took care of that by confirming the widely held belief that Luke was gutless. She read him the letters that she'd had the forger write for Lulu, Tracy and Anna. In the letters, “Luke” told everyone he left town because he wasn't cut out for committing to Anna or anyone else.

Dante had a nightmare about catching Lulu having sex with Johnny. He called out that he'd had a crazy dream, but when he looked around, he realized Lulu wasn't there. She walked in soon afterward carrying a large bouquet. Lulu loved it and assumed it was from Dante. Dante weakly said he didn't send it, but Lulu didn't notice. She read the card and her smiled faded as she read that they were from Johnny. Lulu showed Dante the dress she bought from the party. Dante loved it, but he balked when he realized it cost the same as their monthly rent. Lulu said she put it on a credit card and didn't see the big deal. Dante asked how she planned to pay it off. Lulu said she'd make monthly payments until the revenue from the Haunted Star came in. Dante pointed out that the interest would keep piling up. When Lulu insisted that she had to buy the dress, Dante said okay, to end the conversation, then left to take a shower.

Lulu found and read her letter from “Luke.” The letter Heather had written said Luke left because he didn't want to hurt anyone by trying to force himself into settling down. It said that Lulu should understand, because she had the same restless streak he did. “Luke” told Lulu that when she felt the urge to fly, she should just leave Dante and go, instead of making things more difficult by trying to hold onto him. “Forever isn't for you and me. Love you. Dad,” the letter said. Lulu seemed shaken after reading it. Dante walked out in a towel. Lulu said she understood Dante's point about the money, and she asked him to be patient with her. Dante said he was trying, but he'd never seen anyone spend so much on an outfit. Lulu admitted it was huge bill, but the club was going to be huge too. She asked if Dante was still coming to the party. Dante said yes, if she wanted him to. Lulu said she did, because she loved him. Dante said he loved her, too. They acknowledged that they were having a rough patch. Dante said they'd work it out, because they had forever. He kissed her and went to get dressed for work.

Back at the shed, Heather wondered aloud how long it would take before Lulu took “Luke's” advice and dropped Dante. Luke was furious and told her he'd never forgive her for messing with his kids. Heather said she had no choice but to send the letter, because Lulu was getting too close. Heather added that Anna was getting even closer, so she worked really hard on writing a brief and brutal letter for her. Luke pointed out that Heather was running a risk of getting caught if she kept making so many trips out to the shed. Heather insisted that it was the only way to give Luke a chance to think about their relationship. Luke yelled that they were captive and captor and nothing had changed. Heather angrily said maybe it was time it did. Heather said she'd let herself get distracted by other things, when she should have been there with Luke working on their problems. Luke yelled that their problem was that she had him tied up. Heather hugged him from behind and told him it would be nice if they could begin their relationship. She said he didn't love her yet, but he would. Luke said she couldn't make him love her. Heather disagreed. She darkly said she'd tried the carrot and now she was going to try the stick.

Emma and Patrick stopped by Anna's for a visit. Patrick explained that Emma was going to be spending the day with Mac and Felicia, but she wanted to see Anna, too. Emma shared that she was going to play with Felicia's Aztec jewels. Anna said she had jewels too. She gave Emma some jewelry to play with while the adults talked. Patrick hoped they weren't interrupting and Anna said they weren't and that she missed them. She mentioned that she had the place to herself and Patrick said he knew she and Luke had been close. Anna said she'd thought so. Patrick asked if she thought Luke left because he was guilty. Anna said all the evidence against him was circumstantial. Anna said Luke had a reputation for running off and being immature, but she thought he was growing up a bit. Anna shared that Luke had a thoughtful and caring side, too. Anna believed that, but now she didn't know what to think.

Anna asked how Patrick was doing and he told her they were taking it day by day. He divulged that Maxie was living there. Anna wondered if that was a good arrangement, and Patrick said he didn't blame Maxie for Robin's death and Maxie was so busy obsessing over everyone else's problems, that she wasn't thinking about Robin. He added that he had a lot of problems for Maxie to worry about. Anna asked what problems Maxie was helping him with. Patrick hesitated, then said Maxie was helping him out with Emma and running the house by doing the things Robin used to. He got choked up and Anna said she trusted him to let her know if he needed help. Patrick said they all missed Robin and were trying to get by without her. He thanked Anna and said he'd let her know if he needed help. Patrick told Emma it was time to go. Anna let Emma keep the jewelry. Emma handed Anna the mail that was outside the door, and she and Patrick left.

Anna read “Luke's” letter. It said she was wasting her time looking for him, that he didn't kill Anthony, and that he left town because it was better to break things off before they got more involved. The letter said they were good roommates, but nothing more. The letter brought Anna to tears. She fought them back and said she guessed that settled everything. Lulu stopped by and told Anna about the letter. Anna let her read the one she received. Lulu was surprised, because Luke had seemed intent on seeing Tracy and Anna the last night she saw him. She'd thought he cared too much about Anna and Tracy to run out on the two of them like that. Anna found it more troubling that he ran out on Lulu. Lulu said he'd been doing that her whole life, so she wasn't sure why she was still surprised. Anna said they all hoped he'd changed. Lulu said she'd actually been worried. She revealed that she had been suspicious that Heather had something to do with Luke's disappearance until she got the letter. Anna asked to keep Lulu's letter. Lulu said yes and asked why. Anna said she guessed she wanted to reinforce the truth about Luke. Lulu said she was sorry they believed in him. They hugged.

Johnny kissed Carly's neck and tried to convince her to stay at the Haunted Star with him, but she said she only came by to wish him luck. She handed him ten dollars and asked him to have a dirty martini waiting for her on opening night; she wanted to be the first customer. Johnny said he'd frame the bill and Carly said that was the point. She wanted to be a part of the business that was so important to him. Johnny said none of this would be possible without her. They kissed again, and Johnny said nothing could go wrong. Carly brought up Todd. Johnny said Todd was like an overgrown stage mother. Carly pointed out that Todd had a media empire that he'd be willing to use against Johnny. Johnny replied that Todd wasn't stupid enough to ruin Starr's night. Carly shared that she'd defused Todd by offering him something in exchange for staying away from Johnny. While Johnny appreciated it, he was concerned that Carly would get caught in the fallout if she tried to get involved in the situation between him and Todd. Carly didn't think that would happen. She proudly explained that she agreed to keep Blair out of her hotel in exchange for Todd leaving Johnny alone. Johnny said it was a good deal. Todd called and told Carly that Blair was at the hotel, and he wanted her to fix it. Carly said she wasn't going to risk her hotel's reputation by kicking Blair out. She offered to put Blair on a different floor as a compromise, but Todd wouldn't agree. He told her to let Johnny know he was coming for him. They hung up and Carly complained that Todd was acting like a lunatic. Johnny thought she should forget about Todd, but Carly believed she needed go talk him down. Johnny said Todd couldn't hurt them. Carly said she knew she and Johnny had a good relationship without secrets. Johnny kissed her and asked her to stay, but Carly said her instincts told her not to underestimate Todd. She apologized and rushed out.

Dante went to the Haunted Star and told Johnny not to send flowers or chocolates or anything else to his wife. Johnny said okay, but he didn’t see the big deal about sending things to his partner. Dante said Lulu was his wife and Johnny's ex. Johnny said he was happy with Carly. Dante wondered if Carly would approve of Johnny sending Lulu roses. Johnny said Carly had nothing to worry about, but Dante would ruin his own relationship if he didn't stop acting this way. Dante told him to remember what he said, then he left. Lulu arrived, and Johnny told her about Dante's visit. He said he guessed Dante wanted Lulu all to himself.

Todd left a message for Heather, telling her he changed his mind and wanted her to go to the party after all. Blair knocked on the door. Todd looked around for her boyfriend and Blair said she was alone. He let her in and she said she wanted to make sure he didn't ruin Starr's night. Todd did not want to admit he was the problem, so he said Starr had worked too hard for Blair to mess things up for her. Blair said not to put this on her. Todd said they'd have to get along for Starr's sake. Blair was glad they were on the same page. She looked around and said Starr said he'd done well for himself. Todd divulged that Starr never told him about what Blair was doing. Blair looked sad and said there was a lot he didn't know then. She asked if he'd be free to talk about it later. Todd asked what Tomas would say. Blair said Tomas wasn't coming. This piqued Todd's interest.

Carly burst in. She and Blair said hello to each other, while Todd silently signaled Carly to leave. Blair said she was leaving. Todd protested, because he wanted to finish the conversation, but Blair said they could talk later. Blair was surprised when she found out Carly was going to the party too. Carly reminded her that her boyfriend owned the Haunted Star. Blair said Starr thought very highly of Johnny and Carly said Johnny thought highly of Starr, too. She and Blair agreed to catch up at the party, then Blair left. Carly told Todd not to take the mix up out on Johnny. Todd was so captivated by Blair, that he'd completely forgotten about Johnny. Carly didn't understand. Todd told her Johnny was small potatoes. He was giddy because Tomas wasn't with Blair and he assumed that Blair coming to his hotel room meant she wanted him back. Carly advised him not to jump to conclusions, but Todd was certain Blair saying she wanted to talk in private later was a signal that meant she realized she loved him and always had and always would. Todd said Carly had to help him impress Blair. He felt she owed him after letting her end of the deal fall through. Carly sighed that she knew he was going to bring that up. Todd said he could go back to focusing on Johnny instead. Carly said she didn't like threats. She said Todd had to ask nicely. Todd yelled that he wanted her help and added please at the end. Carly smiled and agreed to help him. Todd wondered why she agreed so readily. Carly said they were “friends-ish” and she was happy to see him have a shot with the woman he loved.

Blair spoke with Starr over the phone and said she couldn't wait to see her. Starr asked about Tomas and Blair said he wasn't coming and that they'd talk about it later.

Spinelli walked into Kelly's and tried to quickly leave when he spotted Maxie. She called him out on trying to pretend he didn't see her and Spinelli said he did it because he didn't want to start his day on a bad note. Maxie asked if he hated her that much. She said he could at least tell her to her face if he was going to treat her like an invisible ghost. Spinelli said Maxie was more like a poltergeist who broke other people's things. He apologized for the way he'd just acted. He said it was difficult to be around her. Maxie wished she could make it easier. Spinelli did too, but he didn't think it was possible. He gently said he didn't like who he became when he was around her. He told her that he had to respect her decision to remain married to Matt and he needed her to respect his decision to keep his distance. He said it was painful to be around her. Maxie said she didn't want to hurt him, and Spinelli said but she did so often and easily that it was like she was destined to break his heart.

Maxie asked if they would ever be friends again. Spinelli thought it would be better to keep their distance. He started to leave and Maxie quickly asked what they'd do if they saw each other in public. She brought up the party at the Haunted Star and Spinelli said he already declined the invitation. Maxie asked if he was going to make her go through this alone. Spinelli pointed out that she was married and Maxie countered that Matt was in prison. Spinelli replied that he wasn't going to be her fallback guy. Maxie argued that he wasn't; he was someone she cared about. Spinelli ended the conversation when he saw Olivia walk in. He told Maxie he had work to do and left. Maxie was near tears.

Olivia thanked Spinelli for meeting her. Spinelli tried to return the money she paid him, because he felt he'd botched the surveillance job on Heather. Olivia told him to keep it. Spinelli argued that Heather had been cleared, but Olivia said “not by me.” While they talked, Maxie glanced over, then picked up her phone and called Patrick. When Patrick picked up, Maxie said his name in a loud and gregarious tone, to attract Spinelli's attention. Spinelli tried his best to block her out, to no avail.

Patrick told Maxie he was on his way to a consult. Maxie told Patrick she was taking him out to the club after work. She told him how important the party was to Lulu and Patrick agreed to go under the condition that she and Lulu didn't bring up any of the recent events. “Deal” Maxie squealed. She promised he wouldn't regret it.

Olivia told Spinelli to keep the pressure on Heather. Spinelli didn't know if he could find anything now that Heather knew to keep her guard up. He also reminded her that this could have negative consequences for her relationship with Steve. Olivia shared that the two of them had a huge argument about her having Heather investigated. Olivia was certain that Heather was up to something. She told Spinelli about seeing the creepy man outside Steve's apartment, whom Heather claimed not to know. Spinelli suggested that it might be another internet date. Olivia didn't think so. She'd snapped a picture of his license plate and she wanted Spinelli to run a trace on it. Spinelli did and found out that the man was Archie Bolger, the same man who forged the suicide note in the Lisa Niles case. Olivia wondered why Heather needed a forger.

Olivia ran into Dante as she was leaving. She asked about Lulu and Dante said they were working on things. Olivia wanted to talk about it, but Dante said he was in a hurry, because he had to work. Olivia told him about Heather being involved with a forger and suggested he look into it.

Spinelli went by Anna's place and told her about Heather and the forger.

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