GH Update Tuesday 7/17/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/17/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


At the warehouse, Kate asked Sonny if he was mad she went to see Joe. Sonny wasn't, but he was unhappy, because he knew it hurt her to see Joe again, and he was disappointed, because he'd never meant for her to see Joe. Kate knew Sonny was upset he hadn't gotten to kill Joe, but she felt it was better that his plan fell through. Sonny still believed that Joe deserved to die. He said Joe wasn't man enough to admit what he did. Kate agreed that he wasn't a man. She shared that Joe had been hateful to her and that he still insisted that she came on to him that night. Kate said that Joe had been more interested ripping into her for abandoning the baby. Sonny assured her that no one would blame her for panicking and leaving the baby under the circumstances. Kate asked if he understood why she went to confront Joe alone, and Sonny said he did.

Kate smiled and said Joe was in prison, so now it was over. She asked if Sonny could let it go, and he admitted it wouldn't be easy for him. He thought Joe deserved to pay for what he'd done to Kate. Kate said she didn't pay for what she'd done to Starr. Sonny said there was no comparison – Joe was an animal and Connie pulled the trigger, not Kate. As Kate said some people got away with crimes, she had a flash of memory. Sonny asked what was wrong, and Kate told him she remembered Johnny visiting her and Connie at the police station, while she was being held for assaulting Ewen. Sonny wondered how Johnny managed to get in. Kate wasn't sure, but she knew he had friends at the station. Kate told Sonny that Johnny told her he plead her case to Sonny, to try and get Sonny to forgive her. Kate figured he'd done it hoping it would help him win Carly back. Kate figured that Connie must have taken over during the visit. She was frustrated because she couldn't remember what Johnny and Carly talked about. Sonny said they should see the other person who knew.

Trey and Joe talked at the Atlantic City jail. Joe said he used to be disappointed that his son, Joseph Mitchell Scully III, had decided to go by Trey Mitchell, but now he was glad, because it meant Sonny didn't know who he was. Joe warned Trey that Sonny hated him (Joe) and would harm Trey to get revenge on Joe. Trey promised not to let anyone know the truth. Joe divulged that Sonny had been about to kill him when the cops arrived. He warned Trey that Sonny was still angry he didn't carry out his plan. Trey, who was under the impression that Sonny was framing Joe, wanted to figure out a way to get his father out of jail. Joe calmed him down and said he would get out, and once he did, he'd make sure Sonny wasn't a problem for either of them. Trey asked why Sonny hated him. Joe said Sonny was always jealous of him and wanted everything Joe had, including a girl that liked Joe better than Sonny. Joe also claimed Sonny had wanted to position himself to take over Joe Sr.'s business, so Joe Jr. couldn't have it. Trey was still shocked that his grandfather was a gangster. Joe said he'd tried to shield him from that. He told him that in the mob, vendettas last for generations, and he warned him again that Sonny would hurt him if he ever found out Joe Jr. was his dad. Trey understood.

Trey decided that it would be a bad idea to continue the reality show and said he'd tell Kristina it was over. Joe thought that was a bad idea. He reiterated that Sonny was ruthless and irrational and would hate him if he found out he was Joe Scully III. Trey said he already hated him. Joe asked if Sonny did something to him and Trey said no. He explained that Sonny thought he was exploiting his family. Trey admitted that Sonny was sort of right. Joe countered that Kristina was the one helped him come up with the concept. Trey wasn't sure it was a good idea to keep Mob Princess going, but Joe said that Sonny would get suspicious and start snooping if Trey suddenly dropped the project. Trey was furious with Sonny and didn't know how he was going to pretend otherwise. Joe said the goal was to hide in plain sight. Trey wasn't happy about doing nothing, but Joe said Trey would be doing what Joe needed and bringing Sonny to his knees, where he belonged. Trey got worked up about the injustice of Joe serving time for Sonny's crime. Joe told him to be patient and go back to Port Charles and work on his show. Joe said that way, when he struck back, Sonny wouldn't see it coming.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu went over a list of things that had to be done before opening night. Johnny told her to go home and make up with Dante. Lulu said they had to keep working or things wouldn't be finished before opening night. She didn't think the fight was a big deal; she knew she and Dante would get over it. Johnny told her he didn't want Dante to hate him any more than he already did. Lulu was adamant that she was going to keep working. She shared that she'd put her plans on hold for Dante's job on numerous occasions. Johnny asked if this was payback and Lulu said no. She said she was invested in her job, just like Dante was invested in his. She was proud of the new business and was going to do what it took to make it a success. Johnny said he was too, but after he caused trouble between Sonny and Kate, he was reluctant to come between another marriage. Lulu said this wasn't the same thing. She pointed out that unlike Kate/Connie, she wasn't going to sleep with Johnny.

Later, Johnny walked into his office and found Lulu looking at the partial guest list for opening day – Luke, Tracy, Olivia, Steve, Dante, Maxie, Spinelli, Patrick, Carly and Elizabeth. Lulu sighed that they could cross Luke off the list. Johnny agreed that he wouldn't come now that there was an APB out on him. Lulu insisted that he didn't kill Anthony. Johnny asked if once she believed in someone, she never backed down and Lulu said yes. Johnny wondered if it didn't bother her that Luke skipped town. Lulu said of course it did. She was confused, because Luke had been planning to start a new life. She said he was so focused on meeting Tracy, he forgot to lock up at the Haunted Star. Johnny theorized that Luke had been in a hurry to leave town. He pointed out that Luke never went to see Tracy or anyone else that they knew of. Lulu thought about it and said he might have seen Heather.

Dante stormed into the loft and threw away the meal he'd made for himself and Lulu. As he cleaned up, Olivia stopped by to drop off a box of cannoli she'd ordered for her and Steve, but wouldn't need anymore. Dante asked what was wrong, and Olivia told him about Heather's release. Dante could tell that Olivia still didn't buy Heather's alibi about the internet date. Olivia thought she was interrupting his special night and said they could talk later. Dante told her Lulu stayed at the Club to finish working. Dante noticed Olivia's disapproving look and said he believed Lulu. Olivia said she trusted Lulu, but she didn't trust Johnny. Dante said he was keeping an eye on things. Olivia asked what he was doing at home, then.

The two shared a beer as they talked. Dante said he was trying to be a reasonable and understanding husband. Olivia told him that he was. According to Dante, he was really happy for Lulu and thought it was great that she was excited. Olivia said it wasn't great that she was working with Johnny. Dante thought it had been an overreaction on his part to expect Lulu to drop everything on such a busy night for the business. Olivia urged him to go to the Haunted Star and pitch in, but Dante said he didn't think Lulu wanted to see him right now. Olivia thought Lulu would be happy to see him if he was loving and supportive and supportive instead of angry. Dante said he was going to go with his gut instead of taking Olivia's advice, since her advice worked out badly earlier. He asked if she didn't have her own relationship and Olivia said she was hiding out here, because Heather got on her nerves. Dante told her not to let her, and Olivia realized he was right. She vowed not to let Heather come between her and Steve, then she kissed Dante goodbye and left.

The exhausted Steve sat at his table, which Olivia had decorated for a romantic dinner. Heather massaged his shoulders and said it was a shame Olivia left. Steve said they were both tired. Heather said that she hoped he and Olivia weren't fighting over something she did or had been wrongly accused of. Steve didn't want to talk about Olivia, but Heather wouldn't drop it. She accused Olivia of being disappointed that she was innocent. Steve said that wasn't fair, but Heather disagreed. She kept going on and on about Olivia wanting her to be guilty. Steve told her to stop, but Heather ignored him. She said Olivia didn't care that she was Steve's mother; she wanted Heather to be back at Ferncliff. Steve yelled “Enough!” and told her not to trash Olivia to him. Heather said she wasn't the enemy. Steve sarcastically asked if Olivia was. Heather said she didn't say that; she just wanted to rebuild her life and have love and a family and a purpose like everyone else had. Steve said he shouldn't have snapped at Heather. He told her he loved Olivia and wanted her in his life, and he hoped Olivia and Heather would find a way to get along. Heather said she was trying, and Steve said he wasn't going to have this argument. Heather suggested they have dinner, but Steve said he was going to take a shower and try to wash this day off. Heather called after him that she was going to keep working on finding a purpose.

Once Steve was out of the room, Heather assured herself that he'd come around, because devoted sons always did. She said she had work to do and pulled up the web cam feed of Johnny's office on her laptop. She watched and listened as Lulu told Johnny about seeing Heather at the Haunted Star the night Luke disappeared. Lulu said Heather was behaving oddly. She wondered if Heather might know where Luke was. Johnny said Heather liked Luke, so she probably wouldn't tell anyone where he was, since he didn’t want to be found. Lulu decided that it couldn't hurt to tell Anna about it. Heather groaned that “stupid Slim” would be even more suspicious, now. She yelled that she didn't know why people couldn't leave her alone. Steve walked out and asked what was going on. Heather quickly closed the feed. Steve asked why she had headphones and Heather said she was listening to music. Steve had been called into work. Heather assured him she'd be fine alone, and Steve left.

As soon as he was gone, Heather called the forger who wrote Maggie's phony suicide note. Heather said she needed him to forge two letters. She handed him a goodbye note “that didn't reach its destination” in Luke's handwriting. Once the man left, Heather declared that she'd gotten one more obstacle out of the way. She said it had been difficult to stay one step ahead of them, but that was where she intended to stay, no matter who or what tried to stop her. Olivia arrived and Heather greeted her coldly. Olivia said she was there to make up for the way she treated Steve. Heather said he was at work. Olivia had noticed the forger walking down the hall. She asked Heather who he was and Heather said she didn’t know what Olivia was talking about. Olivia suspiciously said okay, then told Heather goodnight.

Johnny said at least one of them should get some sleep; he told Lulu to go. Lulu said she could get coffee and stay, but Johnny insisted, so she left. After she was gone, Johnny looked at the guest list. Luke's name had been scratched out. Sonny and Kate walked into his office and Johnny asked why they were there. Johnny said he wanted to mutually coexist with Sonny and thought it was best that they keep their distance, since they'd never get along. Kate said she had questions and if Johnny was really a changed man, he'd answer them. She brought up their jailhouse meeting and asked if Connie made an appearance. Johnny pretended not to know at first, but when Kate pressed him for information, he admitted that he spoke with Connie. Kate demanded to know what Connie wanted from him. Johnny said Connie's main goal was to break up Sonny and Kate. Johnny sympathized with that, because Sonny was dangerous. Sonny asked if he was really going to defend what he did and Johnny said no. Sonny and Kate asked what Connie said and Johnny finally said he'd tell them, but they weren't going to like it.

Johnny said Connie came out because she was worried Sonny was going to forgive Kate. Kate thought that made sense, but she didn't understand why she couldn't remember the rest of the conversation. She said it was like Connie was hiding something from her. Johnny stalled for awhile and suggested that it didn't matter, but Kate and Sonny insisted on an answer. Johnny told them that Connie kissed him. Kate remembered pushing Johnny away and said that must have been it. Johnny said he kept quiet because he didn't want Kate to have to deal with that. Johnny said he had a lot of work to do for the club. He invited them to come tomorrow, but Sonny and Kate declined. Johnny asked if they were cool. Sonny unenthusiastically said yeah. They left the office. Sonny asked if Kate bought that and Kate said she guessed she had to.

The exhausted Lulu went home and lounged on the couch. She apologized for not being there for dinner. Dante said it was okay; he understood that plans changed. He told her he was flexible and spontaneous. Then he made Lulu laugh by adopting an Italian accent and offering her dessert. He fixed a special plate for her, with a candle on it, but by the time he brought it to her, she was asleep. Dante kissed her head.

Todd came home grumbling about all of Heather's crimes – burying bodies, kidnapping, DNA switches. He wondered what she'd expect him to cover up next. He left the door open while he poured a stiff drink and said one of these days, someone was going to see something he couldn't explain. Carly walked in. She picked up the hockey mask Todd had used to disguise his face while he checked on Luke and asked Todd to explain it. Todd called her out for barging in. Carly pointed out that the door was open. She said she was there to see if maintenance had repaired the air vent. They had. Todd told her the mask was for his son Jack. Carly said he never talked about him. Todd told her Jack was in high school, and Carly told him she had a son that age, who was at camp right now. Carly missed Morgan, but looked forward to his emails. Todd said Jack never emailed him; he said Jack hated him and that he got that from his mom, Blair. Todd explained that Jack hated him, because he killed his twin, whom Jack thought of as a father. Carly said sorry, but Todd said he could have done better and tried to bond with Jack instead of killing his father figure. Carly said she was waiting for Todd to reveal an extenuating circumstance, but Todd said there wasn't one. He admitted that he was very good at doing reprehensible things. He said the worst part was that he ended up doing the wrong thing even when his intentions were good. Carly could identify with that.

Carly smiled and said people could change though. Todd thought Carly was too optimistic. He said he guessed he didn't want to change, because he kept doing atrocious things. “Like what,” Carly asked. She hoped whatever he was talking about didn't have anything to do with Johnny, and she reminded him that both she and Starr would be upset if it did. Todd said they were never going to see eye to eye on him. Carly didn't care, as long as he laid off Johnny. She said if he wanted to be there tomorrow to see Starr's debut, he'd better leave him alone. Todd insisted that he had to be there on Starr's big night. Carly agreed that he should be there. She said if he lost his invitation, at least Starr's mom would be there to support her.

Todd was upset and flustered to hear that Blair was coming to town for one night and staying at the Metro Court. When Blair noticed his nervousness, she realized Todd was still in love with Blair. Todd stammered out a denial, then asked what if he was in love with her. Todd said he and Blair had a complicated relationship. She'd married him for money at first, but she understood him more than anyone else ever would. Todd said they'd both lied to and disappointed each other, but he was responsible for 90 percent of the problems. Todd said they had an unbreakable bond despite the dysfunction. Carly wondered what Blair's boyfriend thought and Todd said he left town to get away from their displays of affection and couldn't take them being in the same hotel. Todd asked Carly to do him a favor as a friend and tell Blair and her boyfriend there was no room at the hotel.

Carly agreed to do what she could about Blair as long as Todd promised to leave Johnny alone. Todd didn't say anything, so Carly said she'd give Blair and Tomas the honeymoon suite, complete with champagne and rose petals. Todd sputtered that he wouldn't hurt Johnny, then he burst out laughing. Carly kept insisting until he said it like he meant it, then she made him pinky swear. Once he did, Carly promised to do what she could about Blair staying there, but she reminded Todd that he was still going to see her at the Haunted Star. Todd said not to remind him. Carly told him that it would be bad if he messed up Starr's big night because he couldn't get a grip. Todd said he had a handle on it. Carly urged him to think about how he was going to deal with his feelings for Blair, because he was very bad at hiding how he felt. Carly left.

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