GH Update Monday 7/16/12

General Hospital Update Monday 7/16/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny tells Kristina she needs to be honest and admit that she blackmailed he father into being a part of this “circus” of doing The Mob Princess. She protests that her mom did. He tells her that neither he nor Alexis want to be a part of that. He tells her he does not like this any more than he likes Trey exploiting Kate’s pain. And Sonny asks his daughter if she could explain to Trey that nothing goes out of her dad’s warehouse except for coffee.

Not far away, Trey comes across something “intriguing” that reveals something about his father.

Joe Jr. is in jail and urges the guard to let him call his son.

Sonny and Kristina are in the place where Trey wants to shoot his film. But Trey tells Sonny he needs to ask him a question.

Lulu and Johnny are in the process of getting The Haunted Starr set up so that they can start their business. He asks her if he’s found her dad, Luke. She tells him no but her husband is looking for her and she is staying away from Dante at this point.

Olivia finds her son and tells him no matter what anybody wants to believe, Heather is dangerous and needs to be locked up.

Heather asks Anna why she suspects her. Anna tells Heather she believes that Heather is capable of just about anything, including the disappearance of Luke.

Luke is still bound and gagged. And a person wearing a mask enters and looks like he’s going to assault a helpless Luke who cannot fight back. The guy leaves and takes off his mask to reveal he’s Todd Manning and that Heather has put him up to doing that.

Heather tells Anna she is projecting her own feelings about Luke onto Heather. Luke walked out on Anna so she is taking it out on Heather by wanting to get her accused of murder. Anna asks Heather if they could not just focus on the question of who killed Anthony. Heather sounds confident assuring Anna that they are wasting time having her questioned when the real murderer of Anthony is running free.

Lulu tells Johnny that she got into a big argument with her dad and with her husband.

Olivia tells Dante that she knows there’ something on his mind and wishes he would confide in his mother. He then admits that he and Lulu are having some problems but it’s not serious. She asks her son what is going on. He explains that Lulu is working 2 jobs and spending too much time with Johnny. And there's too much going on. Olivia tells him it sounds to her like the only problem her son and daughter in law are having is Johnny.

At the bar, Johnny tells Lulu he appreciates her defending him but it’s not worth jeopardizing her marriage and not worth it just to argue about who killed Anthony. She then affirms to him that she and her husband are not having problems because of Anthony. They are having problems because of her and Johnny.

Trey takes the call from his dad who does not want his son to know where he is but urges him not to mention his dad to Sonny. Trey asks his dad why. While Kristina and Sonny are out of earshot, she tells her dad she’s envious of how close Trey is to his dad, suspecting nothing and assuming Sonny has nothing to suspect regarding that.

Kate goes to the jail to see Joe and remarks it’s been a long time. He smugly reflects that she’s Connie Falconeri all grown up. She reminds him she’s no longer the scared little girl he raped. He protests he did not rape her. She tells him she knows he knows he did. He knew she was a virgin. Throughout her entire life since it happened, she’s blocked out what happened to her, the pain and trauma, the memory, his smell and his ugly face. And she remarks that now he’s finally in a cage where he belongs.

Trey tells Sonny and Kristina he has to go and meet with his dad and attend to some business he cannot discuss with them. They will need to reschedule, he tells them. Alone with his daughter, Sonny asks Kristina if she really wants to go through with this or trust this guy. He barges into their home, violates their privacy, disrespects Kate, falsely accuses Sonny of being a criminal and has no respect for anybody in the family. But now he can’t “share” with them anything about his business? He tells his daughter she needs to know that Trey has something to hide.

Lulu tells Johnny that what’s going on between her and Dante is not his fault nor about him. They are just having issues.

Steven walks into the interrogation room where Anna is talking to his mom and urges Heather not to speak to the cops without a lawyer. But she tells them the main concern is that she gets out of there and remarks that “Todd Manning cannot handle everything alone without her.”

Todd wears his mask so Luke cannot identify him but is courteous enough to have some food and drinks for Luke. Luke tells him he does not know what his game is but he has to untie Luke before Luke can give him what he wants or needs. He asks a masked Todd what his motives are and what Heather may have on him. When Todd does not reply, Luke concludes he knows that heather is blackmailing him with something. And he can help Todd if Todd is willing to help him.

Anna tells Steven he needs to know that his mother was seen with a man who looked just like Anthony on the night in question although Steven has his daughter and Heather denies it.

Johnny asks Lulu if it’s really true that Dante merely doesn’t want her working two jobs. Or is Dante bothered by Luke working with Johnny given that they used to be a couple. Or is there something else going on? Lulu replies that she believes possibly Dante is worried that Johnny will take her down a “dangerous path”. And she admits to Johnny that maybe that’s just what she wants.

Olivia tells Dante that she needs him to admit what his reservations are about his wife working with Johnny and what is really up with that.

Sonny asks Kristina if she really believes being on Reality TV is going to benefit her life. She tells him she might be the next Kim Kardashian. He asks her if she really wants to have her personal life exposed. She tells him she won’t go back to college. He tells her maybe she could work in fashion and suggests she contacts Kate about possibly getting a job.

Kate tells Joe that she knows that Connie (who is herself) is responsible for the death of a father and his little girl. But she owns what she did and it doesn’t concern him. He tells her he’s talking about what she did to “their son”. She asks how he would know or care about the pregnancy that resulted from him raping her. He tells her that he knows she abandoned the baby who is now grown. He asks her if she knows anything about what became of their son because he does.

Kristina tells her dad that Crimson has shut down since Todd Manning took over. Sonny tells his daughter she needs to know that Kate has been shafted by Todd Manning and maybe Kate could use her help. And is she more concerned about Mob Princess than she is about Kate.

Joe tells Kate she is a heartless bitch for what she did to their son. She tells him he’s a rapist pig and there’s no way she could have cared for her son after what happened to her. She had nobody to help her or anything she could do. He asks if she really thought about that when she was building her rich and successful career. She tells him that has haunted her throughout her life but it does not justify what he did to her. And she demands the guards let her out so she no longer has to talk to Joe. She walks out.

When Todd does not respond to Luke, Luke protests that he has to do something and realize what Heather is capable of.

Olivia tells Dante he needs to realize that he is not going to lose Lulu to Johnny. She is his mother and realizes she has not always made the best choices with men but knows how women think. She knows how he can get back what he had with Lulu. Dante then asks his mom if she and Steven are having issues. She tells her son one could say that and it involves his mother.

A guy at the police station who may be an inmate confirms to Anna and Steven that he was the guy whom Heather met online and corroborates Heather’s story. Steven then tells Anna that she has no proof that Heather is lying when they have a witness. Heather then thanks the man for helping her but knows that Todd Manning put him up to it and she questions whether she can entirely trust Todd to do what she wants.

Luke protests to a still silent Todd that he has to get back to his daughter who needs him. Doesn’t Todd understand that? And it seems he might be getting through to Todd to go against what Heather wants Todd to do.

Steven returns to Olivia with his mom but needs to know how his mom got out. He tells her that there was a witness to corroborate Heather’s story. So the cops have to reason to hold her. Olivia is still suspicious about heather But Heather confidently declares to Olivia that her suspicions are incorrect.

Luke protests to Todd that all he cares about is seeing his daughter again. He’d rather die and has no need for food or water if he cannot see her again. Todd then hesitates and Luke asks if he will help him.

Johnny and Lulu are together, laughing and talking and Johnny holds Lulu looking like he’s going to carry her in his arms. Dante walks in and demands that Johnny gets his hands off his wife.

While Trey has left Sonny and Kristina alone, Sonny asks his daughter if she really knows everything she should know about Trey.

Trey goes to see his dad in jail, graciously ready to help him and trust him but needs to know why he’s in jail. Joe then explains to his son that he is “innocent” of a false murder charge and the real killer is someone who was working for his father. Trey then urges him to tell him who the real killer was. Joe replies it was Sonny. Hearing that, Trey asks if Kristina’s father killed someone for his (Trey’s) grandfather. Joe then explains that when Sonny once got too rough with one of the dancers, Joe covered it up, moved away to start over and has been living secretly ever since. He explains that the cops had him locked up and were ready to kill him in Sonny’s warehouse. And he believes he’s safer in there than he is where they can find him. And Trey asks his dad what he believes about his knowing Kristina’s story.

Sonny continues to urge Kristina that she knows nothing about Trey. But she tells her dad she knows all she needs to know about Trey and has no suspicions although Sonny does. He tells her he just wants her to keep her eyes open. She tells her dad she knows he just wants to undermine her faith in Trey. Sonny tells his daughter he merely wants her to beware of these people who want to produce these reality shows. They want to exploit and intimidate people. But she cries and tells her dad that whatever she’s turned into is his fault. She does not distrust Trey. She only distrusts him. He protests that she is an intelligent, honorable and beautiful young woman who does not need to do this or trust somebody like Trey.

Joe tells Trey that Sonny was a controlling nasty corrupt person. He tells his son that his dad did some bad things but he trusted him and Trey needs to trust him. Trey then asks what would happen if he were to look up Joe Scully Jr. online. Joe admits he might find out that Joe Sr. got charged with breaking the law, racketeering and extortion. But Sonny Corinthos is the one who cannot be trusted and he killed Joe Sr. He urges Trey never to trust Sonny and never to tell Sonny where to find Joe or know that Trey is his son. Sonny is a vindictive son of a bitch who will hurt him. He tells Trey he needs to know that Joseph Mitchell Scully is worthy of his trust.

When Kristina leaves Sonny alone in the place, Kate comes back and informs Sonny that she went to talk to Joe Jr.

Lulu tells Dante that he needs to trust her with her new job. He tells her he wants her to come home. He apologizes for their argument at the station and wants to make it up to her by planning a special dinner for them tonight. But she tells him she has to stay at The Haunted Star tonight because they are opening tonight. Dante walks away discontented.

Anna talks to a uniform cop who asks if she thinks that Heather murdered Anthony. She replies that may not be the case but he knows that Heather covered it up. And she reveals that very possibly it was Luke who killed Anthony.

Luke protest to Todd who won’t respond or do what he wants and walks out the door. Todd goes outside to take his call from Heather. She reminds him if he does anything to mess up her plan with Luke, she will tell everyone what he did to Sam’s baby. She asks if they are clear. He replies yes. She tells him that’s good and she will see him tomorrow at the office. He then walks back in, secures the gag over Luke’s mouth disregarding what Luke has asked him for and walks away.

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