GH Update Friday 7/13/12

General Hospital Update Friday 7/13/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is asking Kristina what tie looks best with his suit at the lake house.  She wonders if he has a job interview, but he tells her he actually has a date.  Kristina doesnít think Friday the 13th is the best day for a date.  When she asks who, he tells her Starr.  Kristina slams the door and storms off.

Trey is on the phone in his apartment.  He is leaving a message for someone asking them to call him.  He is beginning to worry about this person, and just wants them to call him back.

Joe is sitting in his jail cell in Atlantic City.  Up strolls John.  He sarcastically comments on his like for the life Joe has made for himself.  He thinks it could be a lot worse.  Joe asks how it could be worse.  John could have left Joe with Sonny.

Sonny is flashing back to holding the gun on Joe in the warehouse.  There is a knock on the door, which startles him.  It is Kate.  She can see something is bothering Sonny and asks about it.  He looks like he has seen a ghost.

Tracy enters the police station.  She approaches Anna, who thanks her for coming so quickly.  Anna informs Tracy they have found her husband.  She wonders which one.

Luke is talking to himself still tied up and gagged in the shed.  He is wondering how long it has been since Heatherís last visit.  He speculates how long he can survive with no food or water.  He is confident Anna will find him soon.  She has to find him soon or he will die.  He passes out.

Todd bids Heather a goodbye.  He tells her to take all the things she is done, and have fun with them from her jail cell.  Heather will save a cell for Todd.  Unless he helps her set up her alibi, Heather is going to tell everyone what he has done.  Todd agrees, but says he is done with her after this.  No more requests.  Heather, however, has one more thing she needs done.

Michael follows Kristina into the house.  He wants to know why she slammed the door in his face.  She claims it just slipped.  Kristina thinks Michael is rubbing in his getting what he wants, in her face.  Michael is sorry if she feels that way, but that was not his intention.  He promises to keep good news to himself from now on.  Kristina admits she is being an idiot.  Michael figures Kristina is upset because he is making progress with Starr, and she is getting nowhere with Trey.

Trey is eating cereal when Starr walks in.  He immediately begins to pick on her.  He tells her there is no need for her to freak out; he is not eating her cereal.  He complains about her hair in the drain clogging the shower.  Starr snaps and ask Trey what is wrong with him.  He says nothing.  She pleads for him to please put the drama on hold so she can get ready for an important night in peace.  He apologizes and says he is preoccupied because his dad is missing.

Joe asks how Sonny is doing.  He thinks John and Sonny seemed close.  John wants to talk about Joe instead.  He wants to talk about Joe spending some quality time behind bars for killing his sister.  Joe thinks John is responsible for her death.  He showed up in town, talking to her in public, flashing his badge; giving everyone the wrong idea.  John claims he didnít have a badge, and the only person who knew he was a fed was Teresa.  John wonders who told Joe he was a cop.  Joe still claims it was Sonny who shot her.

Sonny brushes off Kate worries for him.  He changes the subject and asks how her therapy went.  She says it went well, but it is difficult thinking about her past.  She had to think about the rape and her baby.  She wants to talk about anything else.  Sonny tells Kate how brave she is, and gives her a kiss.  Dr. Keenan told Kate to be totally honest about everything in her life, in order to recover.  Sonny admits there is something he needs to tell her.

Todd insists he is done assisting Heather.  He goes down the laundry list of things he has done for her already.  He tells her all the secrets he is keeping for her.  She too is holding a secret for Todd about Samís baby.  Todd blames Heather for his actions that night, but she disagrees.  Heather wants Todd to do one more thing for her and then they can call it even.  What Todd has done would be considered kidnapping, and Heather will turn him in.  He wants to know what it is.  She says it will be simple.  He just needs to do a little care and feeding to someone or else that person will die.  Todd shakes his head.

Luke is giving himself a pep talk.  He is telling himself Anna will come for him.  Just then Lulu walks in.

Sonny confesses he found Joe.  Jason hunted him down.  Kate is shocked.  She thought he was dead since no one has heard from him.  She asks if Sonny is sure it is him.  He tells her he has seen him.  Sonny told Jason to bring him to Port Charles.  He assures Kate he didnít kill him.  He tells her McBain stopped him and arrest Joe for murder.  Sonny regrets not killing Joe immediately.  Kate wants to know where Joe is so she can see him.

Joe taunts John about his being responsible for Teresaís death.  He mocks the life she was living.  Joe is holding firm he will let go for lack of evidence.  He canít wait to see Johnís face when they let him go.  John thinks maybe he will go free, but he will still pay.  He goes on about Joeís past.  His father sending him away because he was an embarrassment.  This angers Joe.  He tells John he has a good life now, and no one is going to stop him from living it.

Trey downplays his fatherís disappearance.  He doesnít think anything bad has happened.  He thinks maybe his cell phone is dead.  He is just slightly worried because they talk regularly.  Starr suggests calling a neighbor to check on him.  Trey blows her off and tells her to go get ready; he is fine.

Kristina admits she made a move on Trey and he turned her down.  She tells Michael all the excuses Trey gave her for their not getting involved.  Kristina wonders if those are just all excuses.  She is looking for Michaelís opinion.  Michael thinks Trey is attempting to be a good guy, but he still thinks he is trouble.

Starr offers to help Trey find his dad.  He mentions John being her friend and he is a detective.  She also says Todd could help with his connections.  Trey canít believe Starr would help him like this.  Trey thought Starr didnít get along with Todd.  She explains how she does love him.  She just wants him to back off some.

Tracy asks if Anna has notified Johnny.  She confirms she has, so Tracy begins to leave.  Anna stops her and tells her she has a suspect in custody.  Tracy thinks is it Luke.  Anna tells her Heather.

Heather tells Todd he needs to go feed Luke.  When he wonders why, she admits he is tied up.

Lulu takes the gag off.  Luke asks for water.  She is giving it to him when she asks how he got into this mess.  He begins to tell her Heather has kidnapped him and tied him up.  He asks Lulu to untie him.  She tells him Heather may be crazy, but she would be even crazier to let Luke go.

Sonny doesnít think it is a good idea for Kate to see Joe.  Kate wants to face him and have him tell her to her face he raped her.  Kate begins to ask Sonny what Joe said to him.  He admits Joe claims Kate wanted Joe.  She threw herself at him.

Joe is threatening to sue Sonny and John.  He may have sustained injury from the way he has been treated.  He then tells McBain he lost a medal he had for over 20 years.  It had sentimental value to him. 

Trey is showing Starr his matching St. Clemens medal.   He and his dad both wear them.  He explains St. Clemens is the saint of people in exile.  He father has been in exile from his family for years.  Trey explains his dad had a falling out with his father and left.  His family doesnít even know where he is.    Trey said his father never let it get to him.  He told him anything was possible.  Treyís dad is his idol.

Kate canít believe Joe told Sonny she hit on him.  She explains Joe used to hit on her all the time.  Kate couldnít tell Sonny because she didnít want him to make trouble.  Sonny canít stand the fact Joe used Sonny against her.  She wants to know what else Joe said about the rape.  Joe told Sonny Kate invited him over.  She is getting more and more upset.  Sonny then tells her Joe knows about the baby.  She is shocked.

Starr asks if Trey wants to fill out a missing persons report.  He blows her off again, saying his dad is fine.  He is on his way out to do a tour of Sonnyís warehouse.  When Starr asks if Sonny knows about the tour, he answers Kristina twisted his arm to get the approval.  Starr wants to know what he hopes to find.  Trey just wants juicy television.

Kristina lists Treyís good qualities.  She has done a lot worse in the past.  Michael doesnít think he should be happy, just because Trey isnít a con or mobster.  She needs Michaelís support.  Kristina is fine with Michael dating Starr.  They both realize they have to leave to meet Trey and Kristina.  Kristina wants to know where they are going on their date.  Michael has setup a moonlit picnic.  Kristina suggests changing out of his suit and tie.

Anna thinks Heather moved Anthony.  Tracy ask if Anna has questioned Heather.  Heather has been questioned and denies everything.  Anna has no physical proof Heather had anything to do with moving Anthonyís body.  She can only hold her Heather until her lawyer shows up.  The only evidence Anna has is the autopsy report showing Anthony was shot, and the gun with Luke and Tracyís prints on it.  Tracy denies murdering Anthony.  She believes her.  Tracy says that leaves Luke.

Todd is trying to wrap his mind around what Heather has just told him.  She explains she is not holding him captive, but rather just keeping him secluded until he comes around to her way of thinking.  Todd can relate.  He has done this in the past as well.  He canít believe himself, but he is willing to help.  Heather confesses it is Luke she is holding.  When Todd asks where, she tells him Luke is in a place Todd is very familiar with.

Luke tells Lulu to stop playing games and let him go.  She is lecturing him about not talking to Tracy and letting her down easy.  Luke explains he was on his way when Heather kidnapped him.  Lulu doesnít buy the story.  She says Luke doesnít have to convince her; he has to convince them.  He turns to see Anna and Tracy.  He is confused.

Todd is mocking Heatherís choice of location for hiding Luke.  Any random person can just come by and find him.  She again mentions his switching the babies there.  He wants Heather to stop bringing this up.  Todd is worried if Luke sees him, everything will be over for him.  He canít just drop off food and leave.  Heather reminds Todd everything will be over for him if he doesnít do it as well.  She will tell what he has done, so he better figure something out.

Luke is pleased everyone is there.  Anna and Tracy laugh and tell him they are not there to rescue him.  Tracy tells Luke she can see him for who he truly is now.  He is a liar and a cheat who has left her to take the fall for Anthonyís murder.  Anna agrees with Tracy.  Luke canít believe what he is hearing.  He looks to Lulu for sympathy.  She turns him away also.

John is confident Joe will be going to prison.  The DA has a good case with an eyewitness.  Joe laughs at the thought of Sonny being that witness.  He recalls Sonny being a pimp and drug dealer back then.  He wonders what Sonny is doing these days.  He doesnít think coffee importing is his only business.  John doesnít think they will care what Sonny does for a living.  Joe begins to brag about the business he built up in his shop.  It was a totally legitimate business.  John laughs, and asks if the 2 dead guys were legitimate workers.  He tries to say he gave some people with shaky pasts a second chance. Joe spouts on how much he contributed after Katrina hit New Orleans.  The people of the community will stick by him over Sonny any time.

Kate canít believe Joe knew about the baby; even her own parents didnít know.  Sonny tells her Joe claimed someone saw her and told him.  He hugs her and says none of it matters anyway.  It is all over now.  A knock on the door and in comes Kristina.  She realizes they may have interrupted something and offers to come back.  Trey is excited about the situation.  Sonny introduces Trey to Kate.  Kate remembers Trey from their encounter at Kellyís.  Trey reminded Kate she killed Starrís family.

Starr is talking to Langston on the phone.  She is telling him about her date with Michael.  She canít imagine he is more nervous than she is right now.  Michael always seems so calm. 

Meanwhile, Michael is practicing his Ďhelloí to Starr.  He is fumbling at every try. 

Starr tells Langston how much she likes Michael.

He is coaching himself not to screw this up.  He likes Starr so much and doesnít want to make a mistake.

Michael knocks on the door and Starr hangs up with Langston.  Michael enters and they exchange pleasantries.  He asks if she is ready for their date.

Michael gives Starr some flowers.  When Michael comes in Starrís apartment, he asks if Trey has moved out.  When she asks why he thinks Trey is gone, he comments on the neatness of the apartment.  She informs him they have come to a truce.  She is not optimistic about the truce.

Sonny wants to kick Trey and the cameras out of the warehouse for how Trey spoke to Kate.  Kate wonít allow it.  She thinks there is enough friction between Kristina.  Trey apologizes for how he spoke to Kate earlier.  Kate pulls Sonny aside and informs Sonny the harder he treats Trey the more attractive he becomes to Kristina.  Kate wants to leave and go think about things.  Sonny tries to stop her, but she insists.  He lets her go.

Trey tells Kristina he wouldnít have come if he knew Kate was going to be there.  Kristina wants to know what happened between him and Kate.  She was pretty hard on him at Kellyís and he doesnít want a baby killer judging him.  Kristina wants Trey to show some sympathy for Kate.  She has been through a lot. 

Luke apologizes to Tracy.  He explains how he was on his way to talk to her.  He tells her he loved her and always will, but he has fallen for Anna.  He was going to meet Tracy and tell her the truth and ask for forgiveness, which Tracy says he would not have gotten.  Then he was going to meet Anna for their planned dinner.  Heather got to him first and clubbed him, then kidnapped him.  He says if they untie him, all of their plans can still happen.  If they donít untie him, he will die.  He wants to know what they are going to do.

Heather tells Todd to leave and go do what she wants.  He informs her he will not be doing anything else for her.  In walks Anna.  Todd says hello.  Anna asks what Todd is doing there.  He claims he is keeping his employee calm until her attorney shows up.  Heather explains to Anna she was just telling Todd to leave.  He has other things to do.  Todd agrees and leaves.  Heather comments what a great boss Todd is. 

Todd talks to himself commenting on the state of his life right now.  He realizes it is Friday the 13th. 

Michael and Starr stumble over compliments.  They are both feeling awkward and nervous.  After they both agree it is just a date, they agree to leave.

Sonny wants to start the tour and get it done.  He turns to Trey and tells him the only reason he is doing this is because Kate asked him.  If he gets out of line with anyone in his family, he is done.  Trey understands and just wants to record the family dynamic.  Kristina asks to talk to Sonny.  She wants to know how Kate is doing.  Sonny says good. as long as no one is rubbing what she did in her face.  Kristina tells him Trey is sorry for what he said.  Sonny thinks Trey will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  Kristina sees the similarity with what Sonny did to get her into Yale.  Sonny rails his methods may be bad, but Kristina has a great life because of it.  Kristina doesnít think Sonny and Trey are anything alike.  Trey is honest and good; Sonny is not. 

Trey is taking shots and stops and exclaims ďOh my God, my dadĒ.  He has found his fatherís matching medal.

Joe canít understand why McBain is pushing so hard for his conviction.  He didnít even know his sister.  McBain explains he made a promise to his father to take care of her.  That is what family does, and Joe would never understand family.  He calls the guard to let him out, and Joe says he does understand about family.

Luke begs the ladies to help him.  Tracy and Lulu reject his pleas.  Anna says should would help him if she knew where he was.  Anna begs him to send her a clue.  Luke realizes they were all an illusion. 

Heather asks Anna where Steve and her lawyer are.  She says traffic.  Anna wants to take advantage of the time they have together, so she begins recording their conversation.  Anna names herself, then the date.  When she says Friday the 13th, Heather notes it is her lucky day.

The door to the shed opens and there is Todd, dressed as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.  Chainsaw and allÖÖ.

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