GH Update Thursday 7/12/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/12/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is on the phone with Lulu.  She is very happy that she just spoke to Patrick, and he is going to make an appointment with Dr. Keenan.  She is excited he will not be taking anymore pills.  Lulu thinks it is great news.

Patrick is at the hospital on the phone making an appointment.  He looks around, and then tells the person on the phone he will have to call them back. He slips himself a pill.  Epiphany comes up from behind telling Patrick they have a problem.

Todd and Sam are in Toddís office.  Heather is on the phone asking Todd if he can hear her.  Todd asks Sam to go file some paperwork that has arrived from Pennsylvania.  Todd asks Heather what he can do about her situation.  She tells him she has an idea. 

Alexis is home on the phone with Steve.  She is turning him down on representing Heather.  She explains it is a conflict of interest being as she represented the Quartermaineís on their restraining order against Heather.  Steve asks if there is a way around it.  Heather is in jail and needs the best lawyer he can get.  Alexis is also uncomfortable helping Heather because of Heatherís resentment of Sam.  She tells Steve no and they hang up.

Molly is on the phone with TJ apologizing for what happened on the 4th.  TJ is okay with it.  Molly canít believe how insane Alexis got.  In walks Alexis just in time to overhear.

Heather explains the police have arrested her for burying Anthonyís body.  Todd reminds her she did.  Heather needs an alibi to get out of this trouble, and she wants Todd to be it.

Spinelli calls Sam on her cell.  She canít understand him because he is talking too fast.  Spinelli tells Sam they have arrested Heather.  Sam notices Heatherís purse is on the desk next to her.  The paternity test is right on top.   She thinks maybe there is some evidence in her bag.  She needs to look in Heatherís bag quickly before Todd comes out.

Alexis reminds Molly she is not to have any contact with TJ.  She clearly overheard Molly call her insane.

Shawn asks who TJ was on the phone with.  He lies and says Jose.  Shawn asked how his 4th was and if he saw the fireworks.  TJ quips there were definitely fireworks.

Molly again tells Alexis nothing was going on with TJ.  She doesnít understand why Alexis wonít believe her.  Perhaps it is because Molly had been lying for the last couple of months.  Molly begins to defend herself by saying her lies were not nearly as bad as Alexis lying to Kristina about getting into Yale.  Alexis shuts that down immediately.  Molly mumbles just because Alexis has no love life, why shouldnít she.  Alexis is shocked.  Molly thinks Alexis is shut off and wants Molly to be just like her.  Alexis grabs Molly and takes her out.  She is taking her to settle this situation.

Maxie walks into what used to be the Crimson offices; stopping Sam from going into Heatherís bag.  She asks Sam what she is doing there, and then realizes the Manning Enterprises sign.  Sam welcomes her.  Maxie is shocked that Todd has taken over.  She knows him as a successful tabloid newspaper editor.  Sam tells her he has launched the new Sun.  Maxie thinks it is a rag, but Todd knows what he is doing.  Sam reports sales are up 20%.  Maxie wonders what has happened to Crimson.  Sam informs her Todd is undecided on what to do with Kate and Crimson.  Maxie cannot believe her bad luck.  First losing Mattís apartment, now no Crimson.  She explains what happened with the apartment and how she is now living with Patrick.  Sam feels badly for Patrick.  He must be going through a hard time.  Maxie comments Sam has no idea how hard.

Patrick wants to know if her discussion can wait.  It cannot.  It seems the pharmaceutical representative has just left samples of dynexin.  They are all missing from the drug lockup.  Epiphany thinks she knows what happened to them.

Lulu arrives at the police department to find Dante.  She welcomes him home from his trip with a kiss.  Dante wonders why Lulu is 2 hours late for work.  She tells him she forgot because she was at the Haunted Star when they told Johnny about Anthony.  It hit him hard, so she stayed a while.  Dante doesnít like her holding Johnnyís hand.

Steve is on the phone leaving a message for another lawyer.  Olivia shows up.  He tells her about the police finding Anthony and their thinking Heather buried him.  Olivia tries to console Steve.  At least they know what Heather was up to the night of the storm.  Steve gets annoyed and said they do not know what happened.

Todd mistakenly thinks Heather wants him to dress up like a drunk and pretend he and Heather were together at the motel and in her car.  She calls him an idiot and says that is not what she wants.  He doesnít like being called an idiot.  She needs someone who looks like Anthony to come forward and say he was with Heather.  She has actually found someone willing to come forward and lie.  His number is in her purse, so she wants Todd to go and get it for her.  It was left behind in his office when she was arrested. 

Maxie asks Sam how she is doing.  She apologizes.  Sam thanked her for the flowers she sent.  Maxie questions what Sam is even doing at ME.  Sam tells her she is working for Todd.  Maxie doesnít understand why she would work for Todd.  She is a PI.  What does Sam know about publishing?  Maxie asks if Spinelli dropped her too.  Sam is avoiding talking to Maxie.  She wants to get into Heatherís bag, so she asks if they can talk later.

Sam picks up Heatherís bag.  Maxie pulls the bag out of Samís hands and starts rambling about how ugly it is.  Todd walks out and grabs it.  Maxie tries following Todd into his office to talk to him about her working for him.  He slams the door on her.  Sam is disappointed he took the bag. Maxie doesnít understand what is so important about it.

Epiphany thinks the drugs were stolen by an orderly Ramon Santiago.  He was around the lockup when the drugs went missing.  Patrick wonders if this is the only reason for Epiphanyís suspicion.  She mentions he was written up a couple of times for minor things, but it is forming a pattern.  Patrick wants to know why she is telling him.  She thought as a doctor he would want to know that someone is stealing pills of his floor.

Alexis drags Molly into Kellyís.  She is there to tell Shawn what happened on the 4th of July at her house.  She realizes TJ never told Shawn what happened.  Alexis tells Shawn TJ lied about being at a friendís house.  He was at her house, in Mollyís room, in his underwear.  Shawn doesnít believe her.  Alexis tells Shawn to ask TJ.

Dante canít believe Johnny was grieving for Anthony when he hated him.  Lulu thinks Johnnyís relationship was complicated, just like Danteís relationship with Sonny.  Dante thinks there is no comparison between Sonny and Anthony.  Lulu explains Johnny never got any resolution in his relationship with Anthony and now he never will.  Dante reminds Lulu that Anthony wasnít even Johnnyís father.  Lulu counters with Anthony raised Johnny as if they were father and son.  Dante just thinks that is motive for murder.  He lied to Johnny his whole life.  Lulu thinks Dante is really upset about Lulu working with Johnny.  He agrees.  She said it would be professional and now she is consoling him. 

Steve doesnít think there is any proof.  He believes Heather didnít do anything.  He is telling Olivia the police only suspect she bury Anthony, not killed him.  He thinks it is a misunderstanding.  Olivia wants to know what Heatherís story is.  Steve tells her the story about the man on the internet.  Olivia doesnít buy it.  Heather keeps changing her story.  Olivia starts to yell at Steve telling him his mother did have a dead Anthony in her car.

Heather tells Todd to look in her bag for a piece of paper with a phone number on it.  He remarks what a mess her bag is.  Heather instructs Todd to find the number and call the guy.  He will know what to do if Todd tells him to pull the trigger.  She then threatens exposing Toddís baby switch if she goes down for killing Anthony.  They hang up.  Todd dumps the bag.  He finds the paternity test results and canít believe it.  Todd remembers his conversation with Heather in the shed.  She told him Samís baby wasnít Jasonís. 

TJ begins to explain how Alexis has it all wrong.  Shawn interrupts defending TJ.  He thinks he hasnít been near Molly in months.  Alexis tells Shawn they were both lying.  TJ agrees.  He admits he and Molly have been seeing each other.  Alexis again implies they were going to have sex.  Both Molly and TJ try to tell Shawn it is simply not true.  It was innocent.  TJ and Molly give Shawn the facts of what really happened.  TJ admits he and Molly have just kissed, and he doesnít understand the big deal.

Epiphany explains it is her procedure to inform the medical staff before reporting someone to HR.  She understands Patrick didnít know that because she usually went to Robin.  Robin always wanted to know what was going on.  She wants to know what Patrick wants to do about the theft.  Ramon interrupts.  He knows Epiphany is accusing him of stealing the drugs.  Ramon doesnít think Epiphany likes him and this is why she is accusing him.  Epiphany is going to let HR decide what has happened.  As she leaves, Patrick stops her.  He tells her Ramon didnít steal the drugs.

Lulu canít help but feel sorry for Johnny.  He just heard his grandfather was dead.  Dante canít believe she would blow off work for Johnny, but she doesnít see it as blowing work off.  She simply forgot.  Dante doesnít think Lulu should just come and go as she pleases.  People at the station need her.  She is amused by his reaction.  She doesnít think the station will fall down if she is not there.  Lulu canít believe how upset Dante is for her being nice to Johnny.  Dante doesnít want her being that close to Johnny.

Olivia is trying to convince Steve to realize who his mother really is.  Steve knows his mother is misguided at times, but he does not believe she had a dead person in her car.  Olivia needs Steve to face the facts of what Heather has done.  He remarks how pleased Olivia must be, getting what she wanted.  She is confused.

Todd is reading the results and realizes Jason, not Franco was Samís babyís father.

Maxie is still questioning whose bag Todd took.  Sam explains it is Heatherís and that she works at the Sun.  Maxie doesnít understand why Sam wanted to go through the bag.  Sam quickly tells Maxie she is working on a case for Olivia to find out what Heather is up to. She tells her the police have arrested Heather and she wanted to search the bag.  Todd enters with the results and Sam asks if she should file it.

Olivia and Steve begin to argue.  He thinks Olivia was trying to get dirt all along on Heather, and she thinks he is in complete denial about what Heather is capable of.  Olivia hired Spinelli because she was worried what Heather was up to, and she is glad that the police have finally caught her.  She didnít want Heatherís actions to hurt Steve in any way. 

Sam again asks Todd if there is anything she could do with the paper in his hands.  He says nothing and darts out.  Maxie follows badgering him about a job.  Sam is trying to make sense of Toddís behavior toward her.  She notices he looks at her like he wants to tell her something then just asks her to file something.  Maxie wonders what a smart publisher like Todd would be doing trusting Heather with a crucial part of the paper.  Sam suspects there is something going on between Todd and Heather.  Maxie mistakenly thinks Sam means romantically.  Sam sets the record straight; there is something shady going on between them.  Sam wants to find out what, right now.  Her and Maxie head into Toddís office.

Heather asks the officer on duty if there is anyone available to run errands for her.  She needs a lipstick out of her purse at the office.  She thinks the lipstick will help her mood.  The officer walks out speechless.  She is annoyed. 

Lulu canít believe Dante is jealous.  He corrects her.  He is not jealous; he just doesnít like him.  He looks in on Heather and informs Lulu she moved Anthonyís body.  The police donít think she killed him though.  Lulu begins to defend Luke.  Just because he has run away doesnít mean he killed Anthony.  Anna has put out an APB on him.  Dante thinks his running makes them look bad.  Dante points out her association with her father and now Johnny could look like a conflict of interest.  Lulu thinks maybe she should quit working at the police department then.

Alexis is still berating Molly for lying.  She doesnít care if Molly feels it is unfair to ban them from seeing each other.  Alexis doesnít think TJ is a good influence.  She begins to list all his faults.  Molly defends him and so does Shawn.  He thinks TJ has been trying to be a good kid.  Shawn is positive about his attempts to change and be good.  Alexis is unmoved by Shawnís words.  She doesnít care about TJ changing.  What this is really about is Molly disobeying her rules.  TJ announces Alexisí objections are because he is black.  Alexis is stunned.

Epiphany wants to know how Patrick knows Ramon didnít steal the drugs.  Patrick thinks her evidence is circumstantial.  He backs Ramon as a good employee.  Epiphany backs off and will not go to HR.  She warns Ramon nothing in the hospital gets past her.  If he is up to something she will find out about it.  Ramon and Epiphany leave.

Alexis assures TJ she is not a racist.  She is upset they are lying to her and his color has nothing to do with it.  She explains they both have to follow the rules.  Shawn agrees, but still contends TJís behavior has been great the last couple of months.  TJ thanks Shawn.  Shawn has no problem with Molly and TJ seeing each other.  Molly looks to Alexis for her approval.

Dante and Lulu are still bickering about her quitting her job.  She thinks it will solve their problems; he disagrees.  Todd walks in and right past them.  Dante stops him.  Todd just wants to go see Heather.  Dante informs him only her lawyer can see her, and Steve has not found her one yet.  Todd claims Heather just called him very upset.  He would hate to see her blow up given her past mental condition.  Dante isnít buying it.  Todd introduces himself as the publisher of the son.  He threatens Dante with a story on his and Luluís loverís quarrel in the middle of the squad room.  Dante allows Todd to visit her. 

Maxie and Sam are trying to understand why Todd dumped Heatherís bag on his desk.  They suspect he was looking for something.  It is clear from the stuff on his desk, there was nothing incriminating in Heatherís bag.  Sam wonders if maybe Todd took whatever it was already from her bag.  Sam wants to go tell Spinelli what is going on.  Maxie begins questioning Sam on why Spinelli hates her.  She begins to recount how betrayed she was by Spinelli outing Matt as Lisaís killer.  She blames him for having to marry Matt to save him.  Sam wants to know why she is still married to Matt when he turned himself in.  She says she is showing him loyalty.  Sam tells Maxie how badly she hurt Spinelli.  She married Matt and now Spinelli has to move on without her.  Sam can understand having to walk away even though you love someone.  Maxie realizes she is talking about Jason.  Sam confides things have gotten worse between them.

Todd walks into the interrogation room and Heather is surprised to see him.  She asks why he didnít follow her instructions.  She needs her alibi.  Todd explodes.  He shows her the paternity test results.  He screams at her.  How could she let everyone think Franco was the babyís father when it was Jason?  Heather thinks it is awesome.

Alexis admits banning them completely from seeing each other may have been a mistake.  She is still not happy with their behavior, but she is willing to give them another chance to date.  Alexis warns any break of the rules and they will not be allowed to see each other again.  Alexis begins to spout out all of the rules while Molly and TJ hold hands and gaze at each other.  Alexis will draw up contract for them to sign.  They agree.

Dante thinks Todd should be happy Heather is in jail.  He doesnít have to employ her anymore.  Lulu is mad.  Dante doesnít want to fight about her quitting.  Lulu blows him off to go to work.  She sarcastically welcomes him home again.

Ramon thanks Patrick for backing him up.  Ramon tells Patrick not to worry.  He has Patrickís back too.  Ramon knows Patrick stole the pills.  He will keep it secret.

Steve doesnít care what Heather did.  He is going to help her no matter what.  He needs to get her a lawyer.  Olivia agrees to help.  She hugs him and tells him she is with him.

Sam admits she kissed someone else to Maxie.  Maxie understands given her past.  She asks if Sam slept with him.  Sam says it was a mistake and she was drunk.  She says the guy is leaving town anyway.  Maxie thinks it is perfect.  He will not be around to tempt her, and she doesnít have to tell Jason.  Sam tells her Jason saw it, and then kissed someone else himself.  She ran into Jason and saw he was not wearing his wedding ring anymore.  Maxie tries to encourage Sam.  Jason can always decide to put his ring back on.  Maxie doesnít think love like Sam and Jasonís just disappears.  Sam doesnít agree.

Todd is reeling at the gravity of what Heather has done.  Not only did she switch the babies, but she switched the DNA results.  He canít believe what she has put Sam through.  Heather is indifferent.  She tells Todd she was getting even for Sam interfering in Heatherís relationship with her son.  Todd is losing it with Heather.  He canít believe that she lied to him.  The whole reason he agreed to switch the babies was because he thought Jason couldnít love a baby that wasnít his.  Heather still insists everyone is still better off.  Todd has been walking around for weeks feeling guilty for what he did.  Now he has found out how much worse it really is.  Heather reminds Todd there is still nothing he can do about the switch.

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