GH Update Wednesday 7/11/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/11/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Patrick and Maxie walked into the hospital together. He thanked her for getting Emma dressed and he joked about the amount of time it took her to get ready. Maxie smiled and said wait until Emma started spending hours putting make up on each morning. Patrick wasn't ready to think about that, or Emma having a boyfriend. Maxie assured him it was a long time off. Patrick wished Robin was there; he said Emma needed a mother, just like last night when she skinned her knee. Maxie said Patrick handled it, but Patrick gave the credit to Maxie. He wasn't sure how he was going to take care of Emma alone. Maxie told him he wasn't alone; he had her help, just like she helped him get rid of the drugs. Patrick swore it was just a one time thing. Maxie asked Patrick if he was done with the pills for good. Patrick quietly and firmly said he wasn't talking about this in public. Maxie apologized, and Patrick said he wouldn't have a problem as long as she kept her voice down. Maxie replied that he did have a problem – he was taking prescription drugs that he hadn't been prescribed. Patrick disagreed; he saw it as something he'd used to get over Robin's death. Patrick said he stopped once he realized it was stupid, but Maxie wasn't convinced he wouldn't get more pills. Patrick said he didn't want more. He told Maxie she was right to confront him said sorry for being a jerk about it. Maxie said he didn't have to apologize.

Patrick said he'd been through anything as painful as losing Robin. He told her he took the pills to help get through the day at work and home. Maxie didn't like that he treated treated patients while on the pills. Patrick said he only used them to take the edge off; he wasn't hooked on them. Maxie said he needed counseling to keep it that way. She asked if he made his appointment with Ewen. Patrick said he would after rounds. Maxie wanted his word that he wouldn't put it off. Patrick replied that he said he'd do it. Patrick said he didn't know if Ewen was working today, and Maxie said she checked, and he was. Patrick promised to call today. Maxie softened and said she wasn't trying to nag him – she just wanted to make sure he and Emma were okay. Patrick thanked her for everything. Maxie told him he wasn't alone, then she left.

Later, Patrick came down with the shakes. A nurse asked if he was okay and he claimed he was fine. Maxie stopped by, and Patrick got worried and asked if Emma was okay. She was. Maxie was there to make sure he scheduled his appointment. Patrick said he would. Maxie told him Emma wanted to go to the zoo, and Patrick said he was swamped at work and would take her this weekend. It was clear that Patrick wanted Maxie to leave. He asked about Crimson, and when he heard she hadn't gone there in awhile, he suggested she do so. He called the elevator for her and after she left, he asked the nurse to reassign all of his consults for the day to another doctor. She said she'd try. Patrick discreetly pulled out a pill and wrestled with whether or not to take it. He called Ewen's office, then changed his mind about making an appointment and took the pill.

Dante was at work. Anna and two police officers walked in with Heather, who ranted about her rights being violated. Anna told Dante Anthony's body had been found in a shallow grave. She revealed that she thought Heather buried him. Heather said as a professional journalist, she'd never associate with Anthony, dead or alive. Anna had the officers take Heather to wait for questioning. Dante asked for details. Anna told him she didn't think Heather killed Anthony. She explained that Heather had been stopped by a state trooper, who noticed a man in her car who fit Anthony's description. The body had been found in the same area where Heather was pulled over. Dante asked if Johnny knew Anthony was dead. Anna said yes and that he didn't seem surprised or upset. Anna decided to call Steven, just in case Heather sued them for bringing her in. Dante had come to work straight from the airport, figuring he could see Lulu at work. Anna said she hadn't seen her.

Johnny was clearly upset. He went to his office and poured a drink, then mumbled that he wished Anthony had stayed buried. Todd was at his office watching Johnny on the web cam Heather planted. He was annoyed because Johnny wasn't talking loud enough for the microphone to pick up what he said. Johnny angrily swept all the everything on his desk onto the floor, just as Lulu walked in and asked what was wrong. He told her Anthony was dead and that he'd been buried and dug up, just like Claudia. Back at Manning Enterprises, Todd quickly switched off the monitor when Carly burst in to confront him about showing up at Johnny's. Todd cut her off and said she looked great, but he was working. Carly hoped that meant he'd be too busy harass Johnny. Todd asked why she defended a guy who cheated on her. Carly told him to stop bringing that up; she said she saw the look on Todd's face when Johnny wouldn't give him Starr's contract. Todd found it strange that Johnny turned down so much money. Carly argued that it was because Johnny was committed to helping Starr. Todd didn't think Johnny was qualified to produce a record. Todd said while Carly's kids grew up around mobsters, his didn't and he didn't like his little girl hanging out with a low life. They argued about whether Johnny was trying to help Starr or using her as a means to an end. Todd vowed to figure out what Johnny was getting out of his relationship with Starr. Carly thought Todd should respect Starr's wishes. Todd said he was going to use his resources help Starr any way he could. Carly pointed out that Starr might want to make her own way, but Todd said nepotism was a good thing. Carly asked if Todd planned to hurt Johnny and Todd replied that Johnny had a way of hurting himself. Todd made it clear that if he found dirt on Johnny, he'd use his newspaper to spread the word.

Todd tried to get Carly to leave but she said he wasn't getting rid of her that easy. Todd said she didn't have to do this, because Starr already told him to stay away from Johnny. He added that Carly's boyfriend was a tattle tale, among other things. Carly thought Johnny was trying to be honest, and Todd brought up his long rap sheet. Carly asked if he'd like to be judged by his past and Todd said he didn't hide it or pretend to be someone he wasn't. Todd was confident that Johnny had a secret, but Carly didn't believe him. She told Todd to prove it, and he said he would if she weren't distracting him. His phone rang and he started looking for it. Carly took a shot at Sam for not being at work, then looked at the purse Heather left behind and said Sam had terrible taste, too. Todd told her it was Heather's. He wondered why she left without it. The camera panned in on the paternity test sticking out of Heather's purse that proved that Jason was Sam's baby's father.

Carly said she couldn't stop Todd from digging into Johnny's past, but Starr wouldn’t like it. Todd said hew was trying to protect Starr and that he might end up saving Carly some trouble, too. Carly insisted that Johnny was a good man so she didn’t need Todd's protection. Todd didn't understand why Carly couldn't see that Johnny's contrite behavior was an act. Carly said she knew what it was like to make a mistake and want a second chance. Todd said Johnny didn't deserve forgiveness, because he hadn't changed. Todd told Carly she was beautiful, smart and funny. He wondered what a nice girl like her was doing with Johnny. Carly scoffed and asked if she was supposed to be with a nice guy like him. Todd said she could do worse. Carly said she had done worse, and Todd said she currently was doing worse. Carly said her husbands 1 and 3 were worse, but she had been married to a wonderful man once. She said she'd had good and bad, and Johnny was the perfect middle ground. Todd laughed and said she had to learn the hard way, but eventually she was going to sink in quicksand. Carly asked if he was going to be there to pull her out and Todd said yes, if only so he could say he told her so. Todd said he just found something incriminating on Johnny, then he admitted he was bluffing. Carly told him he didn't want to know what she'd do if he didn't leave Johnny alone. Todd asked what she was going to do – dig up dirt on him. Carly said maybe she would, since as Todd said, everyone had secrets.

Lulu helped Johnny clean up the mess. He asked why she was there and she made up something about a check, but Johnny pointed out that he knew she did that last week. Lulu admitted she was there to check on him, she said he was obviously and understandably not okay. Lulu said his father died, and Johnny reminded her that Anthony was his grandfather. Lulu said he was still the only family Johnny had left. Johnny insisted he wasn't grieving for Anthony. Lulu asked why the tantrum then, and Johnny said he had a bad moment that was over now. Lulu asked about leads, and Johnny told her they knew Heather buried him, but they didn't think she was the murderer. Lulu asked if the suspect was someone she knew. Johnny didn't respond, and Lulu asked why he was avoiding the question. Johnny asked why she didn't ask Dante, the cop, and Lulu said Dante wasn't there. Johnny told her there was an APB out on Luke. Lulu said that he didn’t do it. Johnny wondered how she could be so sure, and Lulu said Luke swore he didn't. Johnny asked when he said that, and Lulu said when he got arrested. In a demanding tone, Johnny asked if Luke told her how Anthony ended up on the terrace and whether he was dead or alive at that point. Lulu quietly said he was dead. Johnny noted that she'd known that this whole time. Lulu apologized. She told him about Tracy and Luke finding Anthony's body in the boathouse. Lulu said this was hard for her – she expected honesty from other people, then ended up having to keep something from the person it affected the most. Johnny said he guessed it was about loyalty. Lulu said she didn't tell Johnny sooner, because Luke needed time to prove he was innocent. Johnny grumbled that now Luke had skipped town. Lulu knew it looked bad, but she still insisted that he wasn't involved in Anthony's death. She said she knew she and Johnny needed to trust each other if they were going to be partners, and she plead with him to forgive her. Lulu said Johnny deserved to know the truth from the beginning and said she should have told him. Johnny said he didn't deserve anything. He told Lulu she didn't know what he'd done. Johnny said he'd been thinking of what it would be like to have Anthony out of his life for a long time. He asked Lulu if he shouldn't be relieved now that he had it. Lulu replied that while Johnny hated Anthony, he loved him, too.

Lulu said she knew Johnny better than most and knew that he wasn't the vengeful mob prince he presented himself as. She said he was a guy who got dealt a bad hand. Johnny wondered if he shouldn't be grateful for the money and power he was born into, but Lulu said that wasn't the life he wanted. She reminded him that he always used to play the piano to escape from that. Johnny said he used to play because it was the one thing he could hold onto. He shared that he used to play for Claudia to try and drown out the yelling. Lulu said no matter how rough his childhood was, Anthony was still the only father he'd ever known. She was sympathetic and hugged him. Lulu said Anthony lead a violent life, so Johnny couldn't blame himself for his death. Johnny recalled that Anthony's lifestyle almost got Lulu killed. She said it was a long time ago, but Johnny said he'd never forget that Anthony could have pulled the trigger. Lulu said he didn't, but Johnny said he could have.

Johnny reminisced about how erratic Anthony could be – fine with you one minute and pulling a gun on you in the next. Lulu tried to get him to think positive by saying Anthony was gone now and he wasn't to blame. Johnny said he knew Anthony was afraid Tracy and Luke were trying to kill him and he didn't help him. Lulu insisted that Luke didn't do it. She was adamant that Luke wouldn't risk Tracy getting charged as an accessory. Johnny said Dante thought Johnny killed Anthony and put him on the Quartermaine property to frame Luke and Tracy. Lulu said she knew Johnny wasn't guilty. Johnny wished she had her faith. Lulu said she had enough for both of them. She asked if he wanted to go get some burritos to take his mind off things. Johnny said he was fine. He thanked her for caring and said it was nice having her around again. Lulu said anytime. They smiled and she left.

At Kelly's, Steve confronted Jason about kissing Elizabeth. Liz tried to get Steve to stop, to no avail. Steve said he knew Jason's marriage was in trouble, but he didn't want him involving Liz in it. Just then, Sam walked in and asked if it was true. Liz began to explain that it wasn't what it sounded like and that Steve was blowing it out of proportion. Sam snapped that it was a yes or no question and she pointedly asked if Liz had been kissing her husband. Jason told Sam it was true. Sam said she guessed she should give him credit for being honest. Jason asked if Sam could say she'd been honest with him. Liz interjected that this wasn't a big deal, but Sam said no one asked her. Steve jumped in and told Sam she should be blaming Jason for seducing Liz. Liz told him to butt out and Steve said he was sorry, but the last time Jason fought with Sam, Liz ended up pregnant. Steve's phone rang and Liz barked at him to answer it. Steve walked away. Sam complained to Jason that Liz didn't waste time coming onto him. Jason told her to stop, but Sam said she wasn't interested in hearing him defend his girlfriend. Jason interrupted and said he initiated the kiss. Sam began to rant about it, and Liz said they should talk about this outside.

Steve spoke with Anna over the phone and found out Heather was at the station. Anna told Steve she was being uncooperative and asked him to come. Steve hung up and asked if Liz was okay, and Sam yelled that Liz didn't need him to, because Jason was doing it now. Jason told Sam she was in no position to judge after what she'd done with John. Sam was appalled, because she thought he was harping on her about confiding in John when she shouldn't have, again. Jason yelled that he saw her kissing John last night. Shocked, Sam quickly said Jason didn't understand. She explained that she and John were drunk and John was upset and that the kiss didn't mean anything.

Liz said her kiss with Jason didn’t mean anything either. “He loves you” Liz said. Sam glanced at Jason's hand and said if that was true, why wasn't he wearing his wedding ring. Jason replied that he took it off after he saw her with John. Sam seemed shaken. She said she told Jason that they were over and obviously he took her at her word. Jason asked what he was supposed to think. Sam said she didn't know. She said the ring was his and he could do whatever he wanted with it and with Liz. Sam left. Liz told Jason he should go after her, but Jason didn't. Liz said she was sorry and explained that Steve overheard her leaving Jason a message and overreacted. Jason said it was okay. Liz said Jason and Sam would have had a chance if not for Steve's big mouth. Jason thought it was better that everything was out in the open. He said he was sorry Sam was so rough on Liz. Liz said Sam was grieving and didn't want to ask Jason for help. Jason said Sam didn't want it. Jason said at least they knew where they stood. The show flipped over to the DNA test as Liz's voice over asked what it would take for Jason and Sam to get back together. Liz tried to convince him that the marriage was worth fighting for. Jason pulled out his wedding ring. Liz said the kisses didn't mean anything, and she told him to put the ring back on. Jason sadly said the marriage died with the baby.

Steve arrived at the station and Anna and Dante brought him up to speed. Steve thought they were way off base, thinking Heather had anything to do with burying Anthony's body. When he heard about the state trooper observing Heather with a man who could have been Anthony, he assumed Olivia had told Dante about Heather taking her car without permission and he was irritated that Olivia would take things this far. Dante told Steve Olivia hadn't told him anything about that. Steve asked to see Heather. Anna pointed him in the right direction.

Steve went into the interrogation room, where Heather was being held. Heather got up and began to weep on his shoulder. Steve told her he wanted to know whether she made up the story about taking Olivia's car on a date. He told her that if she had Anthony in the car, she should tell him, so he could help her. Heather put on an innocent act. She said she only met Anthony once, while he was passed out on the terrace. Steve told her the police thought Anthony was already dead. Heather said she had no way of knowing that and no reason to move Anthony. Steve said it would help if she could remember the name of the guy she had in the car that night. Heather tearfully asked if Steve didn't believe her. Steve said the police didn't believe her; he told her to call her date. Heather said she didn't have any way to contact him. She swore on her love for Steve that she didn't kill Anthony, then she begged him to get her out of there. Steve said the cops wouldn't have brought her there if the didn't have a reason.

Heather looked out the window at Anna, who was looking in. She told Steve that Anna didn't like her for some reason. Heather cried that she didn't understand what she did to bring that out in people. Steve told her it was a bad idea to start a fight with the police. Heather said she was defending herself. She went over to the window and accused Anna of harassing her. When Steve told her to stop antagonizing the people who could make her stay there, she accused him of turning on her, too. Steve told her to calm down and he'd get her out. Heather cried that she was being railroaded by the commissioner. Steve told her not to say anything until he got her a lawyer. Heather animatedly vowed to tell everyone she was innocent. Steve left and Anna immediately walked in. The suddenly cold and calm Heather promised that there would be repercussions for this. Anna said she was looking for justices, but Heather called it harassment. Anna shared that they were going to sweep Olivia's car for DNA. Heather said she wanted her phone call. Anna said Steve was getting a lawyer, but Heather demanded that someone bring her a phone. She threatened to tell the lawyer her rights were being violated if she didn't get one. Anna said Heather could pay for her own call. She told the officer to give Heather back her cell phone.

Todd watched Johnny and Carly kissing on the monitor and said she didn't realize Johnny was a guilty bastard. Sam walked into ME, past the purse and DNA test. She entered Todd's office and handed him a cup of coffee. Todd said he could have used it three hours ago and Sam apologized. Todd quickly turned the picture of Sam kissing John face down. He noticed that she was upset and asked if he could help. Sam said no at first, but when Todd kept pressing, she said her marriage was strained before her baby died and now it was falling apart. She asked if Todd could help with that. Todd said he shouldn't give out relationship advice, and Sam said it was a rhetorical question. Todd's phone began to ring – his ringtone for Heather was “Crazy calling.” The panicked Heather told him what was going on and said he had to get her out of there and make her problems go away. Todd said he wasn't in a position to do that right now. Heather said if he didn't help, Sam was going to find out what Todd had done. Todd sent Sam out of the room and asked what she wanted him to do. Heather told him to watch his tone. She said had an idea.

Spinelli called Sam and told her about Heather being at the police station. Sam spotted Heather's purse and decided to look through it.

Carly tried to get Johnny to go home with her, but he said he couldn't. He said he didn't want Todd to think he was skimping as a manager. Carly told him about her visit with Todd. Johnny didn't think Todd would listen to her orders, but Carly said she could be very persuasive. Carly said Johnny could go to her place and they could have dinner, read to Josslyn and have some private time. She kissed him. Johnny said he didn't know how she raised a kid by herself. Carly smiled and said she wasn't the best parent, but Johnny said she wanted to be. Carly thought all parents did. Johnny asked what about grandparents, who were sick and twisted. He asked if they (the grandparents) were capable of love, did that redeem them. Johnny told her about Anthony and said he still didn't feel any sense of closure. Carly said he was in shock.

Carly was surprised when Johnny told her about the APB on Luke. She asked if he was the only suspect, and Johnny said no, but his disappearance raised a lot of red flags. Johnny said if she talked to him, she should let him know it wasn't a good time to come back. Carly said she wouldn't be surprised if he was hiding in plain sight in an attempt to flush out the real killer. Johnny said or frame someone else. Carly was certain that Luke didn't do it. She said he had no reason, and while Tracy did, Luke wouldn't let her take the fall. Carly said this was a set up, and according to her, whoever killed Anthony and framed Luke and Tracy had no conscience. Carly's words seemed to hit home with Johnny.

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