GH Update Tuesday 7/10/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/10/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Johnny took Starr into his office and gently asked why she was so distracted during rehearsal. Starr apologized and Johnny said not to. He asked what was on her mind and she said it was a 'who,' not a what. At Johnny's urging, Starr opened up and told him it was about Michael. They sat on the desk next to each other. Johnny chuckled and said it was weird that they were dating mother and son. Starr clarified that it wasn't a date. She told him how they kissed after agreeing to keep things platonic. Johnny thought Starr and Michael would be good together. Starr looked uncertain and asked if Johnny didn’t think it was too soon. Johnny assured her that it wouldn't be a betrayal to Cole. Starr said it wasn't that, but something more selfish. She was afraid of getting close to someone, then having them ripped away from her again. Starr said maybe this was a sign that she shouldn't even try to move on. Johnny insisted that she HAD to, both for her and... he trailed off.

Johnny said she and Michael deserved happiness. Starr said she wasn't the only one standing in the way; there was also the person who killed Cole and Hope. Johnny sighed in relief when Starr said she meant Kate. Starr explained that it would be awkward to be around Kate and Sonny, whom she tried to kill. Johnny understood that that could be awkward. Starr said that Todd didn't want her spending time with Michael either. Johnny remarked that Todd didn't want her spending time with anyone. Starr asked if Todd and Johnny talked about her. Johnny said it wasn't a big deal, but when Starr didn't let it go, he told her about Todd offering to buy her recording contract. Starr asked if it was an offer or a threat. Johnny told her he turned Todd down and said it didn't matter. Starr was upset. She told Johnny that he didn't know what Todd was capable of. She suddenly said she had to go. Johnny stopped her and said he wanted her to have the happiness she deserved. Starr thanked him. He hoped she'd find happiness with Michael if he was the one who could give it to her. Johnny said living in fear was no way to live. Starr said she wouldn't call what she'd been doing “living” until now. Johnny assumed she meant because of Michael, but she said it was due to Johnny, too. She said getting back into her music helped her a lot. Starr told Johnny he was a good producer and an even better friend. She left, and Johnny looked guilty.

Elizabeth was at Kelly's leaving a voice mail for Jason. She told him he could call her if he wanted and that she meant what she said about the kiss. Steven walked in and commented on what she said about the kiss. Liz asked if he was eavesdropping, and Steve said he overheard it, which he preferred to walking in on her kissing Ewen. He hoped she was leaving the message for Ewen, too, and when Liz said no, he begged her to tell him it wasn't for Jason. Liz said it wasn't what Steve thought. Steve assumed she kissed him, but she told him it was the other way around and said Jason hadn't meant it. Steve thought she was wrong about Jason's motives. He said what happened was wrong and Liz agreed, because he was married.

Steve said he meant that it was wrong because it was Jason. “Sam and Jason are having issues, but that doesn't mean,” Steve said, before Liz interrupted and said he wasn't going to let this go, was he. Liz said it wasn't a real kiss. Steve kept prying, and Liz exasperatedly asked why he was interrogating her about her private life. Steve wondered how Jason figured into her private life. Liz insisted that she was only supporting Jason through a difficult time. She said that turned into a kiss, but now it was over. Steve didn't like where this was going. Liz said there was nothing not to like. She told Steve that Jason wasn't thinking clearly because he and Sam were having problems. Steve asked if Liz still had feelings for Jason. Liz told Steve to let it go, because she didn't know what he was talking about. Steve said he just didn't want her to get hurt. Liz said she was fine.

She changed the subject and asked what he and Olivia did for the holiday. Steve told her they argued over his mother. Liz chuckled and said Heather wasn't the easiest person to get along with. Steve said he knew she could be “quirky;” Liz balked at describing her with such a light term, and Steve got defensive and said she was doing well right now. In a supportive tone, Liz said she understood his desire to stand behind his mom, but she urged him to be cautious. Steve didn't think there was a reason to worry. He told Liz that Heather had even gotten a job. Liz thought Steve should understand that Olivia had some concerns. Steve did, but he thought Olivia had gone too far by hiring Spinelli to follow Heather. He told Liz about Heather borrowing Olivia's car without asking on the night of the storm. He said it was inappropriate, but not enough to warrant hiring a PI. Liz thought that depended on what Heather was doing with the car. Steve said Heather wasn't doing anything wrong. He told Liz that she'd been trying to live a normal life; Steve repeated what Heather told him about meeting a date at a motel room. Steve felt that he needed to find Heather come up with a safer way to meet people. He said the man she met could have been dangerous. Liz thought Heather was able to handle herself.

At the Davis house, Sam took off her wedding ring and fiddled with it. Kristina walked in and asked if that meant what she thought it did. Sam wasn't sure she should be wearing it. Kristina wondered if Sam's uncertainty meant there was still a chance for reconciliation. Sam said deep down, she guessed there might be a chance for her to forgive Jason so they could go back to the way they were. Kristina told Sam it killed her to see what had become of their relationship. Sam felt the same way. Kristina asked if she missed Jason. Sam said of course, but she kept getting hit with the reality that she'd never be with her son. Kristina said she knew Sam blamed Jason, but he could help her get through this if she'd just let him. Sam said it was more complicated than that, because she kissed John last night. Kristina was surprised. She asked if Sam was attracted to him and Sam said no, then that she didn't know. Sam explained how she was upset about the baby and thinking about Jason, when she ran into John, who was also upset. Sam added that she was a bit drunk. Kristina wondered if John took advantage of her, and Sam said John didn't do anything that she didn't want him to do. Kristina asked if this meant she wanted to be with John. Sam said no. She said the kiss had been building for a long time and they had to get it out of their systems, but now John was gone home to be with his girlfriend and son.

Kristina wondered how this affected her future with Jason. Sam insisted that John was never the problem between her and Jason, no matter what Jason thought. Kristina said she was on Sam's side, but Sam had to admit that John was a problem now. Sam said even if she and Jason couldn't be together, it wouldn't be because of John. Kristina talked about how much Sam and Jason had been through. She picked up the ring that Sam hat placed on the table and said Sam even wore the ugly lug nut before she got this. Sam smiled and said she didn't think it was ugly. Kristina pointed out that this was because Jason gave it to her. Sam said she hadn't seen the Jason she loved, the guy who made her laugh and feel safe, in a long time. Kristina said Jason was still that man. Then Sam wondered if she was the one who'd changed. Kristina felt that Sam was still the same. She told Sam she and Jason could rekindle what they had if they tried. Sam wasn't sure that was true. Kristina gave her the ring and asked her to put it back on. Sam looked at the ring and said putting it on wouldn't change anything. Kristina said it would mean that she and Jason still had a shot and that his huge mistake didn't cancel out all the good times that he stood by her and believed in her. Sam admitted that while she couldn't see herself with Jason again, she also couldn't picture the rest of her life without him. Sam said she couldn't rule it out completely today. Sam put the ring back on and she and Kristina smiled.

A gleeful Heather dropped by Todd's office and told him she had a scoop. She handed him an envelope, which he opened. It contained a picture of Sam kissing John. Todd quipped that John wasn't so honorable after all. When Heather divulged that she took the pictures, Todd asked if she was tailing Sam. Heather claimed she just happened to be there and said it wasn't her fault Sam was making a spectacle of herself. Heather thought it would make great front page news – a woman cheating on her hit man husband with a cop – , but Todd refused to print it, because he'd already hurt Sam enough by giving her baby to Tea. Heather held up the picture and asked if he really thought a woman like that was fit to be a parent. Todd made a sarcastic remark about Heather as a person. He looked at the picture and said John was cheating on his niece; while she wasn't his favorite niece, family was family. Todd wanted to find a way to stick it to John, but he was adamant that Sam could not get hurt anymore. Heather said he was wrong and Todd asked her what part of 'no' she didn’t understand. Heather said she thought Todd agreed that it was best to keep Sam in the dark about the baby. Todd said just because he did, it didn't mean he felt good about it. He said he'd never forget what he'd done. Heather said he'd learn to live with with his secrets, just like she had.

Todd repeated that Sam was off limits, and Heather grudgingly said fine. Todd told her to investigate Johnny instead. Heather asked why and Todd said because Johnny was involved with Starr. Heather was excited about the possibility of finding a new scandal. Todd told Heather about Johnny turning down Todd's request to sell him Starr's recording contract. Todd thought Starr only trusted Johnny because she was in a vulnerable place. Heather understood Todd's desire to protect his child. She said she'd do anything for Steven Lars. Heather agreed to help Todd and asked what she was looking for. Todd wasn't sure, but he felt confident that Johnny had a big secret. He said that people who yelled the loudest about being redeemed were hiding something huge. Todd went off on a rant about wanting Johnny out of Starr's life. He added that he wouldn't mind if Johnny ended up being removed from someone else's life, too. Heather vowed to find out if he was hiding anything. Todd told her to start looking. Heather mused that they made a great team, then she left.

Starr came in and confronted Todd for trying to buy out her contract. Todd said he was trying to protect her, but Starr asked him to stay out of it. She reminded him of how he accepted her moving to L.A. even though he didn't approve. Todd said he did it because he hadn't seen her in a long time and he wanted her to like him. Starr told Todd that she'd cut him out of her life if he didn't respect her right to live her own life. Todd quietly said he'd been separated from her too long to let that happen. He told Starr he loved her. Starr told him the recording was going well, and she asked him to just be happy for her. Starr added that the album would be out in a couple of weeks. Todd was surprised it was going that quickly. He wanted all the details so he could promote it. Starr was worried he'd embarrass her and said she didn't want him making signs and posters with her name on it. Todd agreed. She also reminded him to stay away from Johnny. Todd promised not to touch Johnny. Starr left, and Todd whispered that he wouldn't have to.

At the police station, Delores brought Anna Anthony's autopsy report. It contained confirmation that he'd been killed by the gun Delores and Dante found Luke and Tracy with. Anna didn't think they were responsible though. The women entered an interrogation room and Anna said she thought Heather moved and buried Anthony on the night of the storm while Luke and Tracy were in police custody. Delores wondered if Heather killed him. Anna didn't think so; she had no motive. Anna thought Heather moved Anthony as a favor to Luke. Delores pointed out that this meant Luke was a suspect again. Anna said Anthony had lots of enemies, including Sonny and Jason. Anna also thought Johnny had a motive. She thought it was suspicious that Johnny pointed the police toward Luke and Tracy and had Anthony's phone with Tracy's text, that told him to meet her at the boathouse, at his home. Delores pointed out that they had lots of evidence against Luke and none against Johnny. Anna said Delores's past dealings with Johnny made her the perfect person to shake him up.

Anna called Johnny and said she had news about Anthony. He asked what and she said they should discuss it in person. Johnny said okay and left the Haunted Star. Heather had been watching his office, and once he was gone, she went inside. After spending some time inside, Heather glanced around the room with a satisfied expression and announced that her work there was done.

When Johnny arrived at the to the police station, Anna talked with him in private. She told him they found Anthony's body. She noted that Johnny didn't seem surprised, and he said he had a long time to prepare for the worst. Johnny asked where he was found and Anna told him he'd been buried in the woods. Johnny asked if Luke had been arrested for shooting his grandfather. Anna said she never told Johnny Anthony was shot. Johnny said he just assumed, since there was blood all over the boathouse and Luke and Tracy were caught trying to get rid of a gun. Anna confirmed that that gun was the murder weapon. She explained that Tracy denied being involved and Luke was missing. Johnny declared that Luke skipped town because he was guilty. Anna assured him they were being investigated, then she added that they thought Heather buried Anthony. Johnny wanted to know why, but Anna said she couldn't divulge that. Anna said she was sorry and Johnny started walking out. Anna signaled Delores, who went after Johnny. Delores gave him her condolences, then pretended to reluctantly share that Anna had a strong suspicion that someone besides Luke killed Anthony. Johnny asked who she suspected and Delores said she only knew it was a man.

Anna put an APB out on Luke.

Heather returned to Todd's office and told him she'd put a motion activated web cam in Johnny's office. She hooked Todd up to the feed and told him that they were the only ones with access. Todd was pleased. He watched the angry Johnny walk into his office. Todd quickly grew bored with waiting for Johnny to do something illegal. Heather told him to be patient. Anna and two officers arrived and told Heather they wanted to question her about Anthony's death. Heather protested, but they took her to the station anyway. Heather's purse, which had Jason and Sam's baby's DNA test sticking out, was left behind.


Michael finished up his run and sat down on the pier and listened to one of Starr's songs on his mp3 player. Jason was elsewhere on the docks, standing in the spot where Sam and John kissed. He took off his wedding ring and seemed to be considering throwing it in the harbor. Michael noticed him and Jason put the ring in his pocket. They greeted each other and Michael told Jason about taking Starr to the Quartermaine BBQ. Jason said he didn't know they were friends again. Michael grinned and said by the end of the night, they were more than that. He called it a “big night for fireworks” and Jason cryptically said it had been for a lot of people. He asked Michael if he was sure this was a good idea. Michael didn't know, but he did know that he and Starr liked each other a lot. Michael knew he and Starr both had a lot to deal with, but he assured Jason that they were taking it slow. Michael said they were still ready to give it a shot even after everything that happened that could get in the way. Jason quietly said maybe they shouldn't. He said Michael could save himself a lot of pain, before he got in too deep. Michael knew Jason was talking about himself. He tried to reassure Jason that Sam would forgive him, but Jason blurted out that he saw her kissing John. Michael assumed Jason must be mistaken, but Jason yelled that he saw it, and he couldn't get it out of his head.

Jason said Sam didn't trust him anymore. He thought it all started in Hawaii when she wouldn't let him take her to the hospital or get her help after the rape. He said Sam said they should handle it themselves, but they obviously didn't. Jason said she couldn't or wouldn't turn to him after she found out Franco was his brother, but John was there. Michael asked if John was working Sam. Jason thought so at first, but now he wasn't so sure. He didn't know how the kissing started, but he said it didn't matter, because Sam didn't pull away. Jason said part of him used to hold out hope that he and Sam would reconcile, but not anymore. “We're done,” he said. Michael said while it wasn't an excuse, for kissing John, Sam was going through a lot. Jason said he and Sam couldn't go back. Michael asked if they loved each other. Jason didn't know how Sam felt, but said of course he still loved Sam. Jason said of course. Michael said there was still hope.

Michael realized that Jason hadn't slept since the night before. He told Jason to come with him. Jason claimed he was fine, but Michael said Jason had been there for him and now it was Michael's turn. Michael took him to Kelly's for cheese fries. Jason wasn't sure that was breakfast food, but Michael said they'd make him feel better. Before they entered the restaurant, Starr called Michael, and Jason him Michael to go ahead and spend time with her. Michael agreed to meet Starr at the pier. Michael was hesitant to leave Jason alone, but Jason insisted that he'd be fine. He told Michael to be careful, but to try things with Starr if she made him happy. Michael said he'd check on Jason later, then he left. Jason took the ring out of his pocket and stared at it, then put it back in his pocket. Inside Kelly's, Steve and Liz were getting ready to go. Jason walked in and Steve confronted him and told him they needed to talk. Liz asked Steve not to do this and apologized to Jason. Sam walked in just as Steve told Jason he had no business kissing Liz.

When Michael met with Starr, he noticed that she was stressed out. Starr told him about Todd going to see Johnny. Starr thought Todd didn't trust Johnny because Todd was untrustworthy and assumed everyone else was, too. Michael said he wasn't defending Todd, but Starr was sounding kind of like Kristina right now. Michael told her that Kristina often accused Sonny of trying to control her, when in reality, he was trying to protect her. Starr said maybe Todd was trying to protect her, but the problem was that he didn't know the difference between right and wrong. She complained that he had no morals or boundaries and that he never listened to anyone. Michael said he listened to her, but Starr said said not all the time. Starr didn't think Todd would honor her request that he back off of Johnny.

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