GH Update Monday 7/9/12

General Hospital Update Monday 7/9/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

It’s the 4th of July fireworks. Sam is happily with John McBain happy for the first time in a long time. And they end up kissing. Not far away Starr and Michael are together and are kissing. Carly is with Johnny. Nobody can find Luke. Heather still has him bound and gagged. Jason comes by the docks to witness Sam and John kissing and is stunned.

Todd is not happy to see Carly with Johnny. Johnny wants to “affirm” that he and Carly are together. Todd tells Johnny he needs to know about his recording contract he’s given to Starr. He tells them he’s about to make Johnny “a very wealthy man”

Maxie and Lulu go to see an angry Patrick. He tells them he does not want to see them although they are concerned after discovering he’s taking some kinds of “pills”. He tells Maxie he knows she’s got some deluded idea about that since she enabled Lucky to become addicted to pills, recently took the rap for his brother for murder. But they tell him they happen to know that he is taking illegal pills that he’s found at the hospital and is hiding what he’s doing.

Jason goes away after seeing Sam with John. Elizabeth finds him, sees he’s upset and asks him what is up.

Lulu asks Maxie why he lied to Maxie when she found the pills in his pocket by telling them that he’s taking legal acetaminophen when he’s not. Lulu tells him she knows he’s taking a controlled substance illegally. If he has nothing to hide, then he won’t have a problem showing them the prescription if he does not want them to report him to Monica Quartermaine. Afraid of consequences for the first time after hearing that, he reveals to them that he has no prescription.

Todd tells Johnny he knows that Johnny wants to promote Starr at his new club but Todd can buy him out. He knows Johnny is up to no good.

Michael tells Starr he’s a bit confused when she is on board with kissing him after she told him not long ago that she only wants to be friends with him. She tells him she is not sorry she kissed him. He asks her in that case if she’s ready to figure out what is going on between them.

Elizabeth finds Jason and talks about her two boys but she admits she’s concerned about him knowing something is wrong. He tells her he does not want to get her involved in his problems. But she admits that he can cause her to lose sleep wondering how she could have helped him so she’d like him to tell her. He then admits that he saw Sam. She did not see him. And she was “distracted”. Elizabeth asks what he observed about Sam that upset him. Was she crying? Grieving? Jason replies that Sam was kissing John McBain.

Sam pulls away from John admitting that she knows he’s thinking about his sister not unlike her own pain about losing her baby and losing Jason. He tells her that they have “crossed the line”. And this is too big to ignore.

Anna and uniform cops are looking to find Luke when they have a clue he’s not far away. He’s making sounds while bound and gagged and Anna is almost ready to find him in the abandoned shack where Heather has taken him.

Todd tells Johnny he knows Johnny has only dragged his daughter down. Carly protests that is not true.Johnny has helped Starr and Todd should not distrust him or insult him. Todd asks Carly why a smart and savvy woman like herself would trust Johnny. If she can get her loser boyfriend to sign over the contract to him, he will leave them alone. He warns Johnny that he killed his brother and his mother in the last year. He will stop at nothing. And Johnny needs to know that he is “as bad as they get”.

Maxie and Lulu tell Patrick they are concerned about his self-medicating. He asks them if they have any idea what it’s like to bury one’s spouse. Maxie protests that they are all grieving. He tells them that every day he gets mail and things to sign and authorize on Robin’s behalf from patients and people everywhere that don’t know that Robin is dead. He protests that the pills at least help him get through the day and he is fine. Lulu then faces him and asks if Emma is going to be fine when she’s under his care when he’s taking them.

Sam admits to John that they have reached out to one another as total strangers. He admits he has not exactly made things easier for him or for Jason. She affirms that she and Jason had their fair share of complications long before he came along. He tells her he has no regrets for having met her. But they are both confused as to what to do. She admits that they are back to where they started with this connection they cannot put into words. And she asks what they are going to do about it.

Jason talks to Elizabeth who comes up with many excuses for Sam when Jason demands she stops doing that. He then tells Elizabeth he’s so grateful to have her as a friend and is in awe of how good she’s been to him. She looks at him sensitively.

John tells Sam that he remembers being drunk and angry and alone. Then suddenly there’s someone in front of him who gets it. And then suddenly one takes the wrong move that they can never take back. She asks what is the “wrong move”. He replies the “wrong move” for him would be for him to forget that he loves Natalie and their son. He cannot risk losing that no matter what he feels for her. She tell shim that regardless of all that has gone on, she is still married and doesn’t want to do anything to betray her marriage. He then tells her that he may be out of line to say this to her. But with all the pain she’s been feeling, maybe she’s putting this on Jason to punish him. And he asks her what she’s going to have left when this is all over. He tells her he must get back to Llanview, PA the following morning. She asks if Natalie and Liam will be there when he gets back. He replies they are still in London but he wants to get back with her and be a family. She asks if he’s going to tell Natalie that he kissed her.

Lulu asks Patrick what if Emma gets into his pills. He does not answer. She tells him even if he prevents his daughter from having access to the pills, there are other ways it can hurt his daughter. She tells him she knows all too well what it’s like to have a father hiding by drinking. And she can tell him from personal experience that it will ruin his life and his daughter. Maxie also tells him she knows all too well. They tell him he has a choice of either continuing to take the pills and having things getting worse or stopping and getting better.

Todd tells Johnny he knows that very few people on this planet want to help others without an ulterior motive. So he needs to know the reason Johnny has for helping Starr with her singing contract. Johnny then admits to Todd that he’s right. He does have an ulterior motive.

Michael admits to Starr that being friends with her has been more complicated than he thought it would. But she tells him she wants to see him again. She doesn’t want to be away from him and maybe they should give this a shot.

Anna and the cops find out that Anthony has been killed. They find his body but realize they do not know the cause of death. She asks them to keep quiet about this for a while.

Johnny admits to Todd that he does have an ulterior motive with helping Starr get her contract. It’s his shot at redemption. He has a lifelong history of exploiting people. Carly protests to Todd that he stops making accusations of Johnny. Todd tells Johnny he knows that Johnny is not unlike himself where they will always end up disappointing people. Johnny tells Todd if that’s true that they are too much alike and Todd wants to know his secret, he wants Todd to tell him his secret also.

Sam and John talk about how people lie and keep secrets from people they love. He admits that Natalie lied to him and it almost ruined their relationship. So he’s not about to lie to Natalie. She tells him she may be in no position to give anybody advice. But he has a family so why ruin it over some drunken kiss?

Elizabeth and Jason are having a similar situation. She encourages him to get back with Sam and realize that Sam is merely grieving. She tells him she showed up and blew his good intentions all to hell. But he affirms he’s glad she there. She tells him so is she.

Maxie and Lulu tell Patrick that when he performs surgery as a doctor and is responsible for a little girl, there is no excuse or justification to keep taking pills. So unless he has a doctor’s prescription, he has to stop.

Anna and the cops have found evidence of Anthony’s death but she can hear Luke yelling not far away. She still has not figured out what is going on but knows it’s nothing to ignore.

Todd tells Johnny if he hurts Carly or hurts his daughter or if Todd finds out he’s playing either one of them, it will not end well for Johnny.

Starr asks Michael what they should do now. He tells her maybe they could go out on a date. And they can keep it casual with no pressure. And maybe they’ll find out they can’t stand to be around each other but they both know it’s not going to happen.

After Todd leaves Carly alone with Johnny, he asks her just what she considers Todd Manning to her. She cannot answer. She tells him she’s not really sure but would like him to tell her the real reason why he’s working with Starr and if it’s not a scam. She seems to trust him and has no suspicions.

Maxie and Lulu get Patrick to agree to see Dr. Keenan. He thanks them for their visit and tells them he needs to get some sleep. Outside the door, maxie affirms to Lulu that they have made some progress. But Lulu tells her they need to be realistic and know that addiction does not just end as easily as one hopes.

Jason admits to Elizabeth he just doesn’t want to think anymore. She tells him when things fall apart, it’s not always one sided. She wishes she could have done so many things differently and realizes everybody needs time to process and time to heal. He admits he does not know what to think or do anymore.

Not far away, Sam and John agree that what happened between them would not have if they had not been drinking and that they will agree that this never happened. But she admits she will miss him terribly when he returns home. They part but are unaware that they have been seen on camera kissing.

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