GH Update Friday 7/6/12

General Hospital Update Friday 7/6/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie, Emma and Patrick return home from a 4th of July celebration.  Patrick is carrying Emma and they are discussing her taking a fall.  Patrick looks at her knee and tells her if he kisses it, It will feel better.  Emma says only her mommy can do that.

Jason enters the warehouse thinking there would be a mess of Joe to clean up.   Sonny tells him he didn’t kill Joe.  When he asks why not, Sonny tells him John McBain is why not.

Sam finds John sitting on the docks drinking.

Michael and Starr are walking to the boathouse.  He is joking with her about being a shark in tennis.  She can’t see how that is possible since he won.  He would have never lived it down if he lost in front of Edward.   They continue to joke back and forth deciding what they will do next.  Michael comments how hot Starr looks.  She is surprised.

Anna is sitting outside Kelly’s recording Tracy story about Heather and Anthony.  Spinelli walks by and overhears Anna talking about Heather’s involvement.  Spinelli interrupts Anna and asks if she is investigating Heather also.

Heather walks into the shed wearing a Statue of Liberty hat and waving a American flag.  She wishes Luke a Happy 4th of July and asks if he missed her.  He is tied up and gagged.

Starr misunderstood Michael when he said she looked hot.  He only meant in temperature.  He thought she would like to go for a swim.  She is embarrassed.  He tells her don’t worry about the mix up.  He suggests swimming in the lake or the pool.  Starr suddenly smells Cook’s barbeque and wants to go eat.

Heather takes the gag off Luke.  He didn’t miss her at all.  She shows him the picnic she has brought for him.  She gives him a hot dog, and he promptly tells her he hates hot dogs.  She notices Luke is in a bad mood.  She offers him some iced tea.  He refuses, asking her if it is drugged.  She admits she hasn’t drugged anyone’s tea in at least 2 months.  Luke wants to know who she drugged 2 months ago.  Heather had no choice but to spike a woman’s drink to save Steve.  When Luke presses her for more information, she changes the subject.  Instead, Heather wants to know if Luke has done what she asked and forgotten about Anna.

Spinelli tells Anna he was also investigating Heather until she caught him.  He explains to Anna how Heather caught him recording his case notes on her, just as Anna was just doing.  Anna wants to know who hired him to investigate Heather.  When he invokes his confidentially, Anna is unimpressed and will take him to the PCPD to question him if he doesn’t cooperate.  He quickly admits it was Olivia that hired him.  He explains how Olivia was suspicious of Heather, so she hired him to see what she was up to.

Sam asks John was he is doing in Port Charles.  She thinks his warrant is expired.  He tells her his original case is over, and he is there working on something else.  She doesn’t think his new case is going well since he is alone on the docks drinking.

Sonny begins explaining how Joe is still the same bad guy he always was.  He tells Jason he denied raping Kate.  Jason asks if Joe made Sonny doubt Kate’s story.  Sonny recounts how Kate always hated Joe.  She only tolerated him because Sonny worked for his father.  He admits Joe is the reason Kate left Sonny all those years ago.  Sonny was just about to pull the trigger and in walked McBain.  He tells Jason McBain wouldn’t look the other way.  Sonny gets angry and kicks over a chair.

John tells Sam he came face to face with the guy who killed his sister.  She assumes he means Sonny, but John corrects her that it wasn’t Sonny.  When Sam wants to know who killed her, he says that is a good question.  John takes a drink and Sam tells him to take it easy.  He offers her some.  She declines.  Sam can’t understand if all the evidence pointed to Sonny, then who did it.  John tells Sam Sonny took the fall for someone else.  He remembers walking in and seeing Sonny over his sister’s body with a gun.   Of course he would believe Sonny did it.  Sam doesn’t think John should blame himself for assuming it was Sonny.  John has plenty of reason to blame himself, however.

Jason says McBain is going to be to blame if Joe walks for Teresa’s murder.  Sonny then tells Jason what Joe said to John about it being his fault he killed her.

Lulu shows up at Maxie’s door.  Maxie pretends to be surprised, but really annoyed that her good friend hasn’t called or answered any texts Maxie has sent her.  Lulu apologizes and admits she has been very busy at the Haunted Star.  Maxie invites Lulu in.  Lulu tells Maxie Dante is out of town, and then asks if Patrick is home.  Maxie confirms he is there with Emma getting a bandage.  Lulu wants to know if Maxie confronted Patrick about the pills.  She says she did, but she is still concerned about him.  Lulu thinks if Maxie is worried, then she probably is right.  She does know all the signs from her involvement with Lucky’s addiction. 

John tells Sam he was just trying to help his sister, for his father.  Sam wonders what she was like.  He smiles and tells her a little about Teresa.  He admits that she told him she couldn’t just quit the club.  John would protect her.  He begs her to leave.  She said she would think about it, and then left to go to work.  She turned and waved goodbye.  That was the last time John saw her alive.  Sam thinks Teresa had a choice.  She could have left with him.  John thinks he made a rookie mistake talking to her.  He then admits someone saw them talking, and had her killed for it.  Sam consoles John.

Jason and Sonny discuss the revelation Joe has given them.  Sonny thinks McBain should have known better than to talk to his sister in public.  Sonny admits it is very possible Joe is telling the truth.  He never saw Joe pull a gun on another woman.  Jason can relate to what McBain is feeling.  Carrying around guilt thinking your actions are what killed someone else.  He sees a comparison to his involvement with Sam’s baby dying.

Luke is trying to get through to Heather.  They will never be a couple.  Heather informs Luke, Anna has moved on.  Anna thinks Luke has left her, so why would she bother to look for him. 

Anna wants to know what Spinelli knows about Heather.  He tells Anna about Heather taking Olivia’s car the night of the storm.  Anna comments that being the day Anthony went missing.  Spinelli goes on to say Heather was seen by a cop on the highway.  When stopped she told the officer the man in the car with her was her highly intoxicated husband.

Maxie begins to tell Lulu about her confrontation with Patrick.  He explained the pills where Acetaminophen.  Lulu asks if she believes him.  Maxie is unsure if she believes him or not.  She found one of the pills and kept it.  Just as Lulu asks about her keeping the pill, Patrick walks in.  Maxie asks about Emma.  He says she is sleeping.  Patrick gets a page on his phone and tells them it is the hospital and he has to leave for a bit.  Maxie will stay with Lulu and watch Emma for him.  When he leaves, he pops a pill on the porch.

Michael and Starr are eating ribs outside the boathouse.  Michael is using this special hot sauce Cook has made for him.  Starr never being one to back down wants some too.  This makes Michael see her competitive side.  He offers a boat ride.  Starr doesn’t want to ruin the peacefulness of the lake with a motor boat.  She asks if there is a row boat instead.  Michael suggests the canoe.  Starr wants to play rock the boat.  When she asks Michael if he can swim, he responds by telling her all the summers he spent swimming off his father’s island.  Starr can’t believe Sonny has his own island.  Michael wonders why Starr wants to know if he can swim, and she coyly responds he will see.  They run off.

Maxie gives Lulu the pill.  They concur that it doesn’t look like Acetaminophen, but Maxie doesn’t think it is oxy or hydrocodone either.  Maxie wants to take it to a pharmacy and find out what it is.  Lulu has a better idea.

Jason continues to blame himself for Sam’s baby dying.  Sonny defends him saying McBain should have known better than to provoke him.  Jason doesn’t buy it.  He still thinks it is his fault.  Sonny thinks Sam is also responsible.  She shouldn’t have been in a motel 9 months pregnant.  She shouldn’t have taken the baby in the woods during a storm after he was born.  Jason points out Sam was in shock.  Sonny thinks Jason can make excuses for Sam but not himself.  Jason doesn’t think Sam is just upset over the baby dying.  Jason refused to accept the baby until it was too late.  Sonny is sure Sam will realize she needs Jason and come back.  Jason disagrees.  He thinks Sam and McBain are still close.

John asks Sam has she is doing.  She responds with taking a drink.  She tells John she is doing okay.  She is spending time with her family and then going to work.  She admits she is working an undercover case that keeps her busy.  John doesn’t think burying herself in her work will distract her for long.  He has experience in doing just that.  He says the pain is still there.  Sam thinks she is doing good sometimes, and then someone will make a comment that blindsides her.  John asks who made the comment.  She admits it was Heather.

Luke informs Heather Anna is not an ordinary cop.  She will put all the pieces together, and it will let her right to where Heather is holding Luke.  Heather hopes for Luke’s sake Anna doesn’t find them.  She threatens to ‘assert’ herself if Anna gets too close.  Luke sarcastically notes he thought Heather was cured of her violent behavior.  Heather tells Luke she is new and improved.  She pulls out the paternity test results, and says Anna couldn’t have pulled off what she did.

Anna and Spinelli are beginning to put the pieces together about Heather.  Anna wonders if it could have been Anthony in her car that night.  Spinelli says the description the office gave of Heather’s ‘husband’ definitely could have been Anthony.  They realize it also was the night Anthony went missing.  Spinelli asks Anna if she thinks Heather had something to do with Anthony’s disappearance.  She dismisses his question and orders him to text her the badge number of the office he spoke with.

Jason tries to explain to Sonny the relationship between John and Sam.  He delivered her baby.  They share a connection.  Now Sam is shutting Jason out, the same way he did her when she told him the baby was Franco’s.  Sam turned to McBain because Jason wouldn’t say the things Sam need to hear.  When he was ready to say them, it was too late.  Sonny asks if he could have loved the baby.  Jason is sure he could have, but Sam doesn’t believe him.  She thinks he is happy the baby is gone, and she cannot get past those thoughts.

Sam tells McBain all about Heather’s obsession with her.  She also admits Heather found out about Jason sending the men to beat John, and couldn’t wait to tell her about it.  Heather told Sam Jason is responsible for her baby’s death.  John actually defends Jason.  He wasn’t totally to blame.  He couldn’t have known what was going to happen.  Sam doesn’t want to hear it.  Sam can’t understand why Heather would tell her to begin with.  It seems Heather just wants Sam to suffer.

Heather is looking at the paternity test bragging how she got even with someone who crossed her.  Luke laughs and calls her crazy.  Heather claims she is the puppet master pulling all the strings.  She begins rubbing Luke’s chest from behind and kisses his neck.  During her kisses she confesses Sam is the puppet she is currently making dance.  Luke asks what she has done to Sam.  Luke starts working Heather.  He realizes the paper she is holding has to do with her plot against Sam.  He asks to see it.  He practically dares her to show him.  She comes to her senses and stands.  She will not show Luke the paper because she doesn’t trust him.  Heather informs Luke if he behaves, she will give him an opportunity to prove himself.  Luke can’t wait.  Heather hands Luke a pad and paper and tells him to write Anna a letter telling her they are through. 

Spinelli and Anna continue to discuss connecting Heather with Anthony’s body.  Spinelli gets the feeling Anna considers him a colleague.  She tells him to relax with those thoughts, but she does appreciate his help.  Her phone rings and it is the officer.  He agrees the man he saw with Heather generally fits Anthony’s description, but he cannot positively identify him.  Anna relays this information to Spinelli.  Spinelli goes on to describe the area Heather was stopped.  They only thing in the area is the motel and woods.  Anna confirms this is also the place Heather caught Spinelli following her.  Anna requests Spinelli take her there.  He is honored to help.

Lulu and Maxie are trying to match the pill online to determine what it is.  Maxie is wishing Spinelli were still talking to her.  He would be able to figure it out.  Lulu thinks she has found a match.  They both gasp when they realize what it is, just as Patrick walks in the door.  Patrick asks what is going on, and they both stand and smile.

Michael and Starr are running up to the boat house soaked.  Starr’s  ‘game’ was to rock Michael off the boat.  She is complaining how cold the lake was.  Michael gets them towels because Starr is freezing.  They laugh.  Michael takes his shirt off to dry himself and Starr notices.  He offers to get her some dry clothes, but she brought her own.  She begins to get out of the wet clothes.  Michael leaves to let Starr finish dressing.  She is smiling.

Lulu and Maxie try to cover what they were doing.  They tell Patrick they were shopping a shoe sale online.  He doesn’t understand why the slammed the lid down when he walked in.  Lulu says even on sale Maxie couldn’t afford the shoes.  She quickly changes the subject to how things went for Patrick at the hospital.  He says fine and leaves to check on Emma.  They go outside to discuss what they found.  The pill Patrick is taking is a highly addictive amphetamine called dynexin.  Maxie is hopeful Patrick knows what he is doing is wrong and that is why he lied about it.  Lulu just thinks that shows he has a problem.  Maxie wonders what she should do.

Sonny thinks Jason needs to stop harping on the things he can’t control.  He also needs to stop trying to change everything.  Jason thinks he is hurting Sam by holding on to her.  If she truly can’t get past his involvement in what happened to her baby, then he needs to move on and leave her alone.  Sonny doesn’t think Sam knows what she wants.  Jason admits he stopped by the Chinese restaurant where he and Sam married.  He wanted to go there to the place where they were happy.  Jason realizes Sonny is right, and he has to accept what he has done and move forward.

John wants Sam to forget about Heather.  Sam doesn’t think it is just Heather who is looking at her.  She thinks her whole life right now is a disaster.  John thinks Sam is fooling herself to think the whole world even cares.  She tells him about the Chinese food delivery guy being the man who married her and Jason.  She tells John that she and Jason were married in a Chinese food restaurant.  He cracks a joke about the bad economy.  They laugh.  She is recalling her conversation with the delivery guy.  He just kept going on and on how happy Jason and Sam were.  She couldn’t tell him the truth, and she doesn’t know if it is because she couldn’t face saying her marriage is falling apart.  She can’t understand how they went from being so in love, to the place they are now.  She throws her hands up, and stands to leave.  John grabs her arm and asks her to stay.  She sits back down and puts her head on his shoulder.  He hugs her in return.

Spinelli brings Anna to the place in the woods where he ran into Heather.  Anna has a canine unit on the way so she wants to look around.  They are looking around for Anthony’s body.

Heather begins to read the letter Luke has written.  She questions why he has to use the word ‘Dear’ in his opening greeting.  Luke quips it is how you start a letter…..Dear Heather.  As she reads the letter aloud, she stops abruptly realizing Luke has written the letter in code.  Each starting letter of the words spell out “Heather is holding me in the woods..”  She rips up the letter and gags Luke.  She threatens him and walks out.  Luke is screaming as she leaves.

Lulu insists Maxie has to confront Patrick again.  Maxie fears making Patrick mad.  She doesn’t want to confront him.  She thinks he is a doctor, so he must know what he is doing.  Lulu is reminding Maxie the signs of addiction.  She doesn’t want Maxie to enable him.  Maxie thinks they still could be wrong.  When Maxie admits Patrick has snapped at her when she put sugar in his coffee, Lulu asks how long until Patrick snaps at Emma, or worse screws up in the OR.  She insists Maxie confront him.  They turn to see Patrick coming outside.  They left the door open.  He asks if the fireworks started yet.  Just as he does, they begin.  Patrick turns to go back inside and Maxie asks Lulu to say something to him.  Lulu stops him and says they need to talk.

Michael and Starr are watching the fireworks.  She comments how beautiful they are.  They are looking into each other’s eyes, and move in for a kiss.

Sonny and Jason hear the fireworks and come outside.  Sonny thinks Jason and Sam can make it through this.

Sam and John are also watching the fireworks.  Sam yells how much she loves them.  John never guessed she would love them so much.  She tells him how they make her feel.  There is nothing in the world that gives her that feeling.  John repeats this sentiment and they both move in and kiss.

As Heather watches from outside Kelly’s, she is saying that she has Luke right where she wants him, and no one will ever find him.  She is patient and will keep him as long as necessary.

Anna is explaining to Spinelli their search is official police business so eventually he will not be able to assist.  In the background they hear the dogs approaching.   Anna thinks the dogs have found something, so she goes off to investigate and tells Spinelli to stay put.

Luke also hears the dogs and Anna.  He begins screaming wildly.

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