GH Update Thursday 7/5/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/5/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy is in the boathouse deep in thought, when she hears the door open.  She calls out Lukeís name, only to hear Anna tell her she is sorry to disappoint her.


Molly and TJ enter Mollyís room.  She tells him to put his suit on, because the water is great.  He asks where to change, and she says her room is fine.  She is heading downstairs to get some snacks.  He tells her to wait and kisses her.

Kristina meanwhile is downstairs trying to convince Trey to stay and go swimming and not back to work.  She insists it is a beautiful day and they should take advantage of it.  He is holding firm that he has to work.  Kristina doesnít think he wants to be pasty white for their press tour when the show is done.  He reminds her there will be no show without any footage.  She is sure that the crew has been getting lots of footage in the weeks they have been recording.  She thinks they need a break and should celebrate the holiday.  Kristina doesnít want him to miss the fireworks.  He tells her he will see everything in the playbacks.  Trey is still just interested in Kristina giving him a tour of Sonnyís coffee warehouse.  She wonders why he wants to go there so badly.  He tells her the show is about a MOB princess, and Sonnyís warehouse is doing more than just importing coffee.  Kristina doesnít think Sonny would invite Trey and the cameras if something were going on in the warehouse.  Trey agrees.  This is why he just wants to show up now unannounced.  He is hoping to catch Sonny doing something illegal.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny is holding a gun to Joe Jr.  Joe tells him he is making a mistake.  Sonny tells if his intention to rape Kate was to teach him a lesson, all he learned was bad guys like Joe deserve to hurt.  Joe reminds Sonny that Connie got pregnant with his child and dumped him the day he was born.  He asks Sonny if he wants to kill him over a woman like that.  Sonny says yes, and he will enjoy it.  In walks McBain.  He is interested in a cup of coffee.

At Toddís office, Sam explains that her baby was her last chance at being a mother.  Todd says he is sorry.  Sam thanks him, but tells him it is not his fault.  Todd bends down and tells Sam he has something to tell her.  She is confused and asks about what.  He says her baby.

Sonny comments on McBainís lousy timing.  He would have been there sooner, but he was held up in New Orleans.  McBain knows what happened was nothing personal.  Joe thinks Sonny is going to kill him.  McBain reassures him that is not going to happen, and Sonny is going to turn Joe over to him.  Sonny thinks McBain had his chance to get Joe.  Jason arrived in New Orleans just in time to save Johnís life.  He tells John to leave before he gets Max to drag him out.  John says Max is unavailable.  Sonny wants John to look at Joe.  He is filth.  John agrees, but still wants to take him.  Sonny again is not willing to let him go.

Kristina wants to stay out in the sun and do some swimming.  They can go to the warehouse afterwards.  Trey is dedicated to the show first, and he doesnít think Kristina feels the same way.  She insists she is just as committed.  She thinks it would be un-American to not take advantage of the holiday.  Trey thinks Kristina is forgetting the goal of the project.  He thinks she is okay with her parents running her life.  Kristina is fully aware of the goal.  Trey wants to know if she is so committed, then why is she in a bathing suit, sunning herself instead of working.  He thought they were clear with each other on the status of their relationship.  It is supposed to be strictly professional.  She wants to know why he is ignoring the feelings he had when Trey kissed her.

Molly and TJ are finishing up their kiss.  She asks what the kiss was for.  He has missed her.  Since school let out, they havenít seen as much of each other as they thought they would.  Molly thinks TJ has been working a lot.  He explains that Shawn has him working extra shifts to keep him out of trouble.  Molly says it could also be to keep TJ away from her.  She asks if Shawn would freak if he knew TJ was there with her.  He says yes.  They discuss how this is why they cannot be on Kristinaís show.  TJ wonders if Kristina will keep their secret.  Molly thinks she will because she is so focused on her show right now.

Trey tells the crew to load the car.  Kristina thinks they are both adults and can do what they want.  Trey tells Kristina if he doesnít get any useful footage at the warehouse, he will be forced to use the footage of Molly with her forbidden boyfriend TJ.  Kristina thought he erased that footage.  Trey challenges Kristina to get him something better to erase it with.  She puts her arms around him and thinks she can convince him to erase it with kisses.    He begins to recoil when Alexis walks up.  Kristina thought Alexis would be at work today.  She said she was, but wanted to take off and spend time with her daughters.

TJ thought he heard someone pull up to the house.  Molly thinks it is the rest of Kristinaís crew.  She explains how Alexis hates them being around, so Kristina is taking advantage of her being at work.  They kiss again.

Alexis wants to pack a picnic and go down to the lake to watch the fireworks like they used to.  Kristina tells her she has plans to go swimming.  Trey says their plans are to go to the warehouse.  Alexis says fine, and goes to invite Molly.

Molly didnít mean kissing when she said she wanted to make the most of the day.  TJ wants to know what she meant then.  She tells him to suit up, and she will show him.  He goes in for another kiss, but she stops him and says she doesnít want the day to get away from them.  He is concerned she is going to get away from him.

Sam is asking Todd what he wants to say about her baby.  Todd is fumbling and Sam is telling him to spit it out.  Enter Heather.  She wishes them a Happy Fourth.  Todd is wondering what she is doing there.  Heather reminds him she is working there.  He didnít expect her on the holiday; the office is closed.  Heather says gossip doesnít take a holiday.  Todd asks her to leave, since he and Sam are in the middle of something.  She says she cannot leave if he wants the early edition out on time.  She has her first column.  She needs Todd to go over it before press time.  He assures her he will look it over before then.  She is sorry it is late, but she had Spinelli following her.  She implies to Sam that she knew Spinelli was following her.

Anna asks if Tracy is enjoying the holiday.  She said she was until Anna showed up crashing the barbeque.  Anna tells her she is there on police business.  Tracy would like to see a warrant.  Anna informs Tracy she doesnít need one because Monica and Edward gave her permission to search.  Tracy tells Anna the police already searched.  Anna wants to personally search again.  Tracy canít believe the commissioner has the time to inspect every crime scene herself.  Anna has the mayor on her back to close all the open cases, including Anthonyís disappearance.  Tracy lets Anna know she will not find Anthony at the boat house.  Anna would like to question Tracy.  She wants to know if Anthony is dead.  Tracy says that Anthony is indeed dead, and Luke killed him.  Anna doesnít think so.  Tracy wants to know if she has an alternate theory. 


Heather begins to berate Sam.  Sam insists she had no idea Spinelli was tailing her.  She tells her that she and Spinelli are not partners anymore, so she needs to take up her issues with him.  Heather tells Sam that she is not getting over on her.  Heather notes Toddís silence in this conversation.  He really doesnít know what to say.  Heather wants to  know what the two of them are talking about.  She wants the truth.  Sam says Todd was about to tell her something about her baby.

Tracy wants Anna to admit she suspects her of Anthonyís murder.  Anna thinks Tracy is pointing the finger because she is mad at Luke.  Tracy thinks Anna is mad also.  She tells Tracy she hasnít seen or heard from Luke since the night of their dinners.  Tracy explains her relationship with Luke.   She says they burn bright, but then fade quickly; usually when Luke turns his attention to someone else.  Tracy thinks Luke doesnít have a long attention span.  Anna canít help but notice Tracyís hostility toward Luke.  Tracy thinks Luke has dumped them both and is with someone else right now.

Heather asks Sam to leave.  She needs to talk to Todd in private.  Sam asks Todd what he was going to say.  Before he can say anything, Heather tells Sam it will have to wait.  They are on a deadline.  Todd tells Heather is it okay, he can afford to miss the deadline.  Heather canít, however.  This job is her ticket to a new life, and she will not let anything ruin it.  Todd asks Sam to give him and Heather some time.  Heather tells Sam to go order lunch for them so they can eat and discuss her column.  Todd wonders if Sam is okay with this.  Heather questions why she wouldnít be; Sam is his assistant.  Sam is fine with it.  They enter Toddís office.  Heather demands to know why Todd was discussing Samís baby with her.

Sonny wonders if John is okay with what Joe did to his sister.  Joe claims he didnít kill Teresa, Sonny did.  He asks John why Sonny was found over her body.  Joe and Sonny argue the facts back and forth.  Finally John steps in and tells Sonny to put his gun away.  Sonny tells John his sister wasnít Joeís only victim.  He hurt Kate also.  Sonny is going to make sure Joe canít hurt anyone else.

Kristina doesnít think Trey is being fair with the footage argument.  He thinks it is a win win.  He gets to go shoot at Sonnyís warehouse, and Mollyís footage gets deleted.  Kristina canít believe Trey would use Molly to get what he wants.  Trey counters with his disbelief that Kristina would use herself in a bikini to get what she wants.  She finally agrees to go to the warehouse, only if he deletes the footage of Molly and TJ.  Just as she says it, she realizes that TJ is upstairs, and Alexis is also on her way up there.

TJ is listening to music and getting undressed; dancing to his music as he disrobes.  Alexis is in the closet pulling out the picnic blanket.  She knocks on Mollyís door, opens it, and finds TJ in his underwear.  Alexis begins to scream.  Kristina and Trey walk in just in time to hear Alexis.  Trey comments Mollyís secret is out.

Joe continues to deny raping Connie.  McBain tries to reason with Sonny.  He tells him to think of his family and Kate if he kills Joe.  Sonny is thinking about Kate.  He tells McBain it is Joeís fault that Kate got sick and did the things she did.  McBain reminds Sonny that killing Joe is murder one.  Sonny wants Joe to admit he killed McBainís sister and why.  Joe tells Sonny he isnít going to say anything.  McBain thinks Joe is stupid by antagonizing Sonny.  He could beat him badly before he kills him.  McBain thinks Joe should tell Sonny what he wants to know about Teresa.  Sonny gives Joe 3 seconds to answer him.  He begins the countdown, and McBain finishes at 3.  Sonny lurches toward Joe.  Out of panic, Joe admits he killed Teresa. 


Tracy is still trying to convince Anna on her theory Luke has run away with another woman.  Anna wants to stick to the conversation about Anthony.  Tracy tells Anna again how she found Anthony dead in the boat house, and the gun that killed him.  Anna wants Tracy to walk through her story again; which she does.  She recounts their arguing over who killed Anthony, then Padilla showed up.  Luke and Tracy didnít want to get caught with the body, so they ran away with it.  They got caught on the terrace.  Tracy can help but mention how inept Padilla was that day.  She was standing right next to a dead body and didnít know it.  Anna reads back to Tracy Padillaís report.  It states that Anthony was unresponsive, and Luke told her he was sleeping.  Tracy laughs.  She says Luke killed Anthony.  Anna wonders why they didnít get rid of the body as soon as Padilla left.  Tracy says they would have gotten rid of the body but Heather showed up.

Heather is still trying to get through to Todd about Sam.  She is only there to spy on him.  Todd admits he found Sam snooping through his desk this morning.  Heather wants him to fire her.  Todd canít just fire her for no reason.  Heather thinks Todd is just trying to ease his guilty conscience.  Todd again tells Heather he feels badly about what they did to Sam, and he is going to do everything he can to help her.  They crack back and forth about Toddís good heart, and his only having one when it suits him.  She reminds him how he murdered his brother.  Todd thinks he deserved it.  Heather doesnít think Tea wanted Victor dead.  Todd tells Heather to stop talking about Tea.  He thinks Tea wouldnít want Sam to be hurting this way either.  Heather doesnít think Sam is deserving of Toddís sympathy.  Todd feels bad Sam is grieving for a baby that isnít dead.  He could tell her and end her grief.  He wants to know how he can stop feeling guilty.

Sam is about to listen at the door, when the Chinese food delivery comes off the elevator. It is Robert, the grandson of the people that let Sam and Jason get married at their restaurant.  Sam inquires about them, and Robert says they always still talk of her and Jason.  Sam tells Robert how special his grandparents made their wedding.  Robert remembers how they both had such love in their eyes on that day.  He can only imagine it has grown since then.

Alexis asks why TJ is in his underwear in Mollyís room.  She orders him to get dressed.  Molly comes in trying to explain, but Alexis is hysterical.  She demands to know why TJ is not dressed.  She screams at Molly to get out of her room, and the two leave.

Kristina canít believe she didnít even try to warn Molly about Alexis being home.  Trey doesnít seem to care either way.  He wants Kristina to leave and go to the warehouse.  Kristina wonít leave Molly alone with Alexis.  She then begins to blame Trey for Molly getting caught.  If they werenít arguing, Kristina would not have been distracted.  The begin to argue again about who is to blame for Molly getting caught.  Down the stairs comes Molly and Alexis.  She asks in front of everyone what TJ was doing half naked in her bedroom.

John wants to know why Joe killed his sister.  Sonny interrupts that she probably turned him down.  Sonny remembers how Joe hit on all the woman at the club.  Most were too scared to say no, but Teresa wasnít.  He thinks this angered Joe.  Once Sonny left the club, he suspects Joe killed her.  When McBain asks Joe to respond to Sonny accusation, he tells him he doesnít want to know why his sister died.  McBain wants to hear the truth.  Joe tells him he shot Teresa because of him.

Alexis reminds Molly she was banned from seeing TJ.  Molly knows she was not allowed to see TJ, but she doesnít think it was fair.  Alexis yells Molly canít judge fair, because she canít tell the difference between right and wrong or a lie and the truth.  Kristina butts in that Molly has lied from the best, implying Alexis.

Robert is still reminiscing about how magical her wedding was.  They exchange some pleasantries and Robert leaves.

Todd thinks he should come clean to Sam.  Heather warns if he comes clean he will go to prison.  Todd reminds Heather if he goes, she goes.  He still saw her pushing around Anthonyís dead body.

Tracy says Heather was at the house to rub the Franco scandal in the Quartermaineís faces.  Tracy should have known Heather would be a Franco fan, since they are both crazy.  Anna wants to know if Heather was blackmailing them with the information.  Tracy said she was just using it to try and get closer to the family, but they all canít stand her.  Anna asks how long Heather stayed and if she noticed Anthonyís body.  Tracy remembers Heather trying to introduce herself to Anthony, when Luke intercepted her and told her Anthony was drunk and sleeping it off.  Heather was offended that Anthony was so rude, but she quickly changed the subject to Franco and Samís baby.  They got rid of Heather and returned to the terrace, Anthony was gone.  Anna suspects Heather of moving it.

Todd and Heather argue about whose crime was worse.  She claims she did it to help someone she loves, while Todd did it out of a need to be accepted.  Todd is angry because Heather lied and told him Sam didnít want her baby and that is why he agreed to switch them.  He feels Heather tricked him.  He wants to know what Heather has against Sam.  She tells Todd she is a liar.  Heather canít believe Todd is thinking he is blameless in this.  He doesnít think well under pressure.  Heather thinks Todd could have easily just gone outside that shed and told Tea the truth.  He couldnít take the baby away from Tea that night.  Heather wants to know how the rest of the people in his life would feel if he told the truth.  She lifts a copy of the Sun and asks what Starr would think of what he had done.  He tells Heather to leave.  She will only leave if he promised to keep the secret.  He will not.  Again she mentions his going to prison if the truth comes out.  Todd is not scared; he was just cleared of a murder charge.  She begins a laundry list of people who would be upset with him, including Jason.  None of this seems to faze Todd.  Now he wonders what he is going to tell Sam.  He already mentioned he wanted to tell her something about the baby.  Sam knocks on the door and brings in lunch.  Heather tries to get her to leave, but Sam wants to finish her conversation with Todd.

Joe thinks Teresaís blood is on his hands.  Joe explains he saw Teresa talking with McBain.  He asked around and found out he was a federal agent.  He couldnít let Teresa spill the beans about his business.  Joe tells McBain had he left Teresa alone she would have been fine.

Sam flat out asks Todd what he wanted to tell her about her baby.  Heather tries to change the subject by suggesting they eat.  Sam doesnít budge.  Heather stops Todd by saying she will tell Sam what Todd wanted to say because it is her fault he is in this position.

Kristina is pointing out to Alexis how hypocritically it is to lecture Molly on honesty when she got Sonny to manipulate Kristinaís way into Yale.  Kristina continues berating Alexis on her dishonesty.  At least Sonny doesnít hide who he is and what he does.   Alexis informs Kristina of the party Molly threw.  They continue to bicker back and forth.  Kristina tells Alexis they are not kids anymore.  She then apologizes to Molly for not warning her.  Alexis canít believe Kristina knew TJ was there.  Alexis rails at Kristina.  Molly is only 15 and Kristina was going to just stand by and let Molly and TJ have sex.  When Molly realizes what Alexis thought, she explains the innocence of the situation.   Kristina chimes in how it is not a surprise Alexis jumped to the wrong conclusion.  Alexis tells Kristina to move out of her way so she can talk to Molly.  Kristina reminds Alexis the cameras are rolling and the whole world will see.  Alexis demands the camera man stop filming.  She yells at Kristina for holding this vendetta, and wants her to see the show is effecting them negatively.  Kristina thinks it is the lies, not the show, hurting the family.  Alexis wants to know how long TJ and Molly have been seeing each other.  Molly and Alexis continue to argue about her lying.  Alexis wonders if she can believe anything Molly says.  TJ interrupts saying Alexis can trust Molly.

Tracy and Anna continue to piece together the events of the day Anthony disappeared.  They are beginning to think Heather was the one who moved Anthonyís body.  It would make sense knowing her feelings for Luke.

Heather and Todd go back and forth on who will tell Sam the truth.  Heather goes on to tell Sam it is Jasonís fault her baby is dead.  She tells her about Jason having John beaten up so he couldnít take Sam to the hospital.  Sam canít figure out how Heather knows this.  Heather claims to have a finger on the pulse of Port Charles and it is her job to know everything.  She expresses her sympathies to Sam.  She doesnít buy it.  Heather then tells Todd he doesnít have to feel guilty anymore.  Sam knows everything.  She suddenly doesnít feel like Chinese and leaves to get a BLT.  She gives her article to Todd for editing and leaves.  Todd confirms Heatherís story and apologizes for keeping the truth from her.  She claims no truth can bring her baby back and leaves.

Sonny congratulates Joe on making himself look bad.  Joe doesnít think McBain will let Sonny kill him because he is a cop.  He thinks John wouldnít want his blood and his sisterís on his hands.  McBain is stunned.  Sonny and Joe are still arguing about how Joe killed Teresa.  Joe wonders if his father wanted Sonny to kill her, would he have done it.  Sonny doesnít want to discuss Ďwhat ifísí.  He just wants Joe to pay for what he did.  Joe tells John if he allows Sonny to kill him; he is not better.  Sonny wants John to look away so he can kill him.

Todd opens his fortune cookie.  It says Ďlike the worm in the apple, the truth will be eventually foundí.  Sam reads her fortune.  It reads Ďyou may yet hold happiness againí.

Heather is leaving Kellyís with lunch for Luke.  She hopes he isnít too hungry because it makes him cranky.  Just as she is leaving she runs into Anna.  They exchange pleasantries, and Heather tells Anna to give Luke her regards.

TJ tries to explain to Alexis that they were not doing anything wrong.  She doesnít think TJ in his underwear in Mollyís room is acceptable.  Alexis, Molly and Kristina continue to bicker back and forth.  Molly blurts out she will not get pregnant as a teenager like Alexis did.  Alexis is crushed and tells TJ to leave.  She plans on telling Shawn about this.  Kristina and Trey offer to take TJ home.  Kristina thinks they have taken enough Ďcrazy momí footage for the day.  Molly thanks Kristina.   She suggests TJ and Molly say goodbye.  They may not see each other for a while.  Molly tells TJ she will see him soon.  Alexis disagrees.  TJ, Trey and Kristina leave.  Molly attempts to leave as well, but Alexis stops her.

Kristina asks TJ to wait in the car so she can talk to Trey.  Trey comments how interesting the encounter just was with Alexis.  Kristina thinks the footage they just got was good.  Trey, however, still wants to go to the warehouse.  He thinks they were Ďstuckí at Alexisí. 

Sonny is about to shoot Joe, when McBain pulls his gun on Sonny.  He canít let him shoot Joe.  Just then, PCPD breaks in.  McBain shows his badge.  The cops comment that it was John who called this in.  John finally gets the pleasure of arresting Joe.  Joe is confident his lawyer will get him out of this.  John threatens if he does, he will be waiting for him.  The cops ask if they should arrest Sonny.  John tells them no.

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