GH Update Tuesday 7/3/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/3/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Manning Enterprises: Kate stepped off the elevator and was startled to see her formerly white office painted over in dark colors. “Manning Enterprises” was on a sign on the wall. She walked in and asked Todd what he was doing in her office. Todd introduced himself and stated that she must have missed a couple of things while she was locked up for what she did to Starr. Kate made a phone call and chewed someone out for not keeping her in the loop. She told the person that the agreement she made stated that she was to keep editorial control of Crimson. Kate requested that the paperwork be sent to her attorney, then she hung up and demanded that Todd tell her what was going on. Todd told her that he bought a corporation called Luxcorp, which owned the newspaper, some sports magazines, a cable channel and Crimson magazine. Kate said she co owned this building and Todd said he knew, but he made a deal with the leasing agency she was contracting with.

Kate pointed out that Crimson employed lots of workers and she asked Todd what he was going to do with it. Todd said he wasn't going to keep publishing a magazine that wasn't making money. Kate said she could get Crimson back on track. Todd said he wasn't sure what he was going to do and Kate asked if he was doing this as payback for what happened to Starr's family. Todd said Starr was forgiving and compassionate to a fault. He told Kate she was a good person, but Connie belonged in prison. Todd said his sister Viki had D.I.D., too. Kate said she read the book. Todd complained that the book was a hack job. He wondered who Connie would hurt when she came back; “Because I don't have any more grandchildren” he said, angrily. Kate told him Ewen said Connie was gone, but Todd replied that Viki's alters sometimes came back when she was stressed. Kate said it wasn't going to be like that for her, now that she'd discovered the root of her trauma. Todd wanted to know what made her “bonkers” so he could determine how likely it was that she'd have a relapse. Kate only shared that it was something traumatic and that she'd regained almost all of her memory. Todd found it convenient that she still didn't remember killing Cole and Hope. Kate was adamant that Connie was gone for good now that she didn't need her protection. She asked what Todd was going to do about Crimson. Todd told her she wasn't getting an answer today and told her to go celebrate her independence..

Starr and Trey's apartment: Starr ate breakfast and looked at the picture of herself and Kate on the front page of The Sun. Trey walked out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel and asked what happened to his underwear. Starr told him she threw them out the window; when Trey realized she wasn't fazed by his anger, he dropped his towel to shock her and put on a pair of pants that were already in the living room. Starr was grossed out and turned away. Trey told her she should have thought about that before she got rid of his underwear. Starr argued that he shouldn't leave them all over the place and Trey countered that it was his apartment too. They bickered about her eating his cereal in retaliation for him eating her ice cream. Starr mentioned that she'd planned to share the ice cream with Michael and Trey inferred that Michael was there for more than ice cream. Starr told him that it was none of his business, because they were nothing more than roommates. Trey scoffed at the thought of being friends with someone who threw his underwear out the window and ate all his cereal. He said he had to meet Kristina and Starr sarcastically told him to have fun. Trey told her it was work. They bickered again, this time over whether or not the show was exploitative, then Trey went in his room to finish getting dressed.

Michael dropped by to see Starr after Trey was gone. He said he hoped it wasn't too soon, since they’d agreed to just be friends last night. He said he had a friendly invitation and asked if she'd like to go to a BBQ at the Quartermaine's. Michael said they could take a boat ride and watch the fireworks. He told her it would be a huge favor. Starr didn't understand why it was a big deal for him to visit his grandmother. Michael explained that he'd been the subject of a huge custody battle as a baby. Starr exclaimed that she'd been in the middle of custody fights, too. Michael said that whenever he went over there, his family tried too hard with him. Starr agreed to go, since if she didn't, she'd end up staying home and feeling sorry for herself. She made it clear that this wasn't a date. Michael agreed and warned her that his family was a little...unique. Starr told him to join the club. She packed her swimsuit and mentioned that Trey probably used all her towels. Michael asked what Trey did when he found out they threw his clothes out the window. Starr grumbled about Trey grossing her out by flashing her and going commando under his jeans. Michael asked if he, as her friend, was allowed to be angry with Trey. Starr said she'd be happy if he punched him in the face. Starr went and got her tennis racket. Michael didn't realize that she played. Starr looked embarrassed and said she wasn't very good. Michael saw through her scam. No one who was bad would have their own racket. He called her out on trying to hustle him. Starr smiled.

Davis house: Molly called TJ, who was at Kelly's with Shawn. TJ told Shawn he noticed some trash outside and volunteered to clean it up. Shawn was impressed by TJ's initiative. TJ went out and took the phone call. They talked about missing each other, and Molly pretended to be talking to a girl named Jane when Kristina walked by.

A cameraman sneaked up on Sam, who was on the deck reading the paper, and she told him to get out of her face. Kristina walked out and apologized to Sam, then sent the man away. Sam said she was going to the office. Kristina gently asked if she was working through Independence Day to forget about what happened with Jason and the baby. Sam told her that what happened would always be with her. Kristina hoped that Sam and Jason could work things out, due to their special connection. She asked if Sam still loved him. Sam asked if she could get back to her on that. Kristina worried that she was pressuring Sam, but Sam knew Kristina just cared about her. Kristina said she kept thinking about all the bad things that happened with love and she wished she could find a magic wand to fix the problems Sam and Jason were having. Sam wished that was possible. She kept thinking about their beautiful wedding and she couldn't believe that they weren't together. Kristina thought Sam might be able to forgive Jason one day; she told Sam she was going to keep hoping they'd find their way back. They hugged and Sam told Kristina she was glad she was back. Sam left and Kristina called Trey and asked him to meet her there instead of at Kelly's.

Molly told TJ that her family was working, so they'd have the dock to themselves. TJ was looking forward to spending the holiday with her, but he wasn't sure if Shawn would let him have the day off from work. Shawn walked out, so TJ ended the call with “Jose.” TJ told Shawn that one of the guys from school was having a few friends over. Shawn reminded TJ that the last time he hung out with friends, there was drinking. TJ swore it wouldn't happen again. Shawn told TJ to go have fun, because he earned it.

TJ went to Molly's. They asked each other where they came up with the names for their fake friends. Jane was Jane Austen, the writer, and Jose was Jose Cruz, the football player. Neither of them had a clue who the other was talking about. They kissed and were shocked when Kristina and a cameraman walked in on them. Kristina smiled and exclaimed that Molly had a boyfriend. Alarmed, Molly asked what she was doing there. Kristina said she invited Trey over. Molly pointed out that she wasn't supposed to do that without asking, but Kristina countered that Molly was doing the same thing. She asked who Molly's friend was. Molly introduced them and said TJ was just her friend. She explained that she'd been forbidden to see him and asked Kristina to have the cameraman erase the video. Kristina told the cameraman to go. He told her she'd have to explain this to Trey, then he left.

Kristina wondered why Alexis didn't want them seeing each other, then she realized TJ was the one who threw the party and got her drunk. Molly clarified that he tried to look out for her and didn't give her anything to drink. TJ admitted that he threw the party without telling Molly first, but Molly said he was just trying to make her look cool. Kristina did not approve of what Trey had done and said Molly should never have ended up in that situation. Irritated, Molly asked if Kristina was judging her after all she'd done. Kristina said she wanted Molly to learn from her mistakes and not get involved with someone she couldn't trust. Molly said she did trust TJ. TJ admitted that it was wrong to throw the party. He said he tried to stop things from getting out of control and he swore that he'd never do anything like that with Molly again. Molly begged Kristina not to tell Alexis. Kristina agreed. Molly hugged her. Kristina went to the cameraman and told him to erase the footage with Molly in it. The man complained that there wouldn't be a show if he did that. It was clear that Kristina was planning something. She said to let her and Trey worry about that.

Sam talked to Spinelli (?) on the phone as she entered Crimson. No one was there, so she assumed Todd was out celebrating. She explained that she was going to try and find something that connected Heather to Todd, then she hung up. Todd walked in and caught her leafing through the papers on his desk. Sam said she thought he was taking the day off, so she decided to come in and tidy up while he was gone to surprise him. Todd wondered why she wasn't celebrating and Sam said she wasn't in the mood to see kids and to take part in the festivities. Todd handed her a file on Crimson. He told her about Kate asking him to keep the magazine going and said Sam could do the boring stuff and figure out whether there was a chance it could make a profit.

Sam said Todd was the one who'd have to work with her, knowing she killed his granddaughter. Todd replied that you never let personal feelings get in the way of making a profit. Sam said she didn't know if she could spend every day with a person who took away a child she loved. She said part of the reason she took this job was to get away from her old life and who was responsible for her loss. Todd asked if she meat her baby. He asked if she ever thought...then he trailed off and said never mind. Todd told her he read the story about her and Jason in the paper. He felt for Jason, because he knew what it was like to find out you had a twin who was a psycho. Todd stammered that maybe Sam was better off not having the child of a “crazy rapist.” Sam insisted that she was not better off without her child. Todd said everything happened for a reason. Sam disagreed. She said maybe taking the job was a bad idea and she started walking out. Todd asked if he offended her. Sam told him she read papers too and she knew her baby's father wasn't the only “crazy rapist.” She asked if he thought his kids would be better off dead, because he was their dad. “Please don't leave,” Todd said. Todd said he was just trying to help. “By telling me my baby was better off dead?” Sam asked. Todd put his foot in his mouth by bringing up the way she got pregnant as a way to defend what he said. Sam told him to stop. Todd told her she was young and beautiful and should just have another baby. Sam said she'd never be able to replace the boy she lost. Sam explained that this was the second child she lost and she said she couldn't get pregnant and risk going through this again. Sam cried that she didn't know how she was surviving right now. She said her son was her last chance to be a mother. Todd said he was so sorry. Sam thanked him but said it wasn't his fault. Todd said there was something he had to tell her.

Sonny's warehouse: Sonny made a phone call to Jason, while a bound Joe Jr. looked on. Sonny thanked him for the “delivery” and said Kate didn't know yet. Kate had gone back to work, although Sonny was concerned it was too soon. After hanging up, Sonny ripped the tape off of Joe's mouth and told him he was going to have to pay for what he'd done all those years ago. Joe claimed he didn't know what Sonny was talking about and asked why Sonny would treat his old friend this way. Sonny yelled that Joe was never his friend; Sonny only tolerated him because of Joe Sr. Joe Jr. said he heard Sonny killed Joe Sr. Sonny quickly confirmed that he did. Joe said Sonny's problem with him was all a big misunderstanding; he said he'd cleaned up his life and was a law abiding citizen now. Sonny told Joe he knew he raped Kate and told him that he was going to pay for it. Sonny recounted everything that happened that night, while Joe kept interrupting to deny it.

Sonny accused Joe of tricking Kate into letting him into her house, then forcing himself on her. Sonny said Joe was always getting drunk and causing trouble that his dad bailed him out of back then. Joe suddenly remembered who Kate/Connie was, but he had a different version of the story. Joe claimed that Kate always came to him, because he had the money to satisfy her expensive tastes. Sonny called him a liar, but Joe insisted that he was telling the truth. He swore that Kate called him that night and told him to come by, because Sonny wasn't there and that they had consensual sex after she suggested it. Sonny put him in a choke hold and ordered him to tell her the truth. Joe argued that Kate didn't tell Sonny the truth back then because she didn't want to admit she'd gone after a guy for the money. “There's a name for a girl like that,” Joe said. Sonny insisted that Kate did say anything because she was traumatized. He ordered Joe to tell the truth so he could die with a clear conscience.

Sonny called him a coward and let him go. Joe said Connie wanted him and that he was sorry Sonny wasn't enough for her. Sonny said she was a virgin and he forced himself on her. Joe chuckled and said she was no virgin. Sonny asked if it made Joe feel manly to attack someone who couldn't fight back. He snarled that Joe was always worthless and that even Joe's father knew that. Sonny said that was why Joe Sr. gave Sonny all the important tasks. Sonny said Joe was jealous of that, but he knew he couldn't beat Sonny up, so he went after his girlfriend. Joe repeated that she asked for it. Sonny drew back to slug him, but didn't. He accused Joe of trying to ruin Kate's life because he didn't feel good about his own. Joe's phone rang. Sonny took it and put it in his pocket and said it was too bad Joe wouldn't be alive to check his voice mail. Joe asked if Sonny was going to kill him like he killed his dad. Sonny said he respected Joe Sr. According to Sonny, Joe Sr. got greedy and wanted what wasn't his, but he died like a man. Sonny said Joe Jr. would die like a dog. Joe said if he was a dog, what was Kate. Sonny told him not to say her name. He glanced into a drawer that contained his gun. Joe said if Kate was such an angel, why did she leave her child to die. Sonny looked up and asked how Joe knew that. Joe said someone told him she had a baby. Sonny pointed out that Kate hid her pregnancy and asked who told him. Joe said he didn't remember. Sonny thought it was suspicious that Joe could remember some things so clearly, but not others.

Joe said he remembered that summer and the fall. He said he heard about how quickly Sonny was climbing the ladder in his father's business, and he asked his father to set him up in Atlantic City so he could get away from Sonny. Sonny countered that Joe Sr. sent Joe Jr. to Atlantic City because he was ashamed of him. Sonny snapped that Joe Jr. couldn't even run the club. Joe insisted that he was doing fine, until Sonny decided he wanted part of the action and tricked Joe Sr. into sending him down there to take over. Sonny yelled that Joe Sr. sent him there to babysit and make sure his son didn't drink away all the profits and mess with his girls. Sonny said Joe hurt one of those girls worse than Kate, but that was another topic. Joe complained that Sonny undermined him to his own father. Sonny aimed his gun at Joe's chest and asked how he knew about the baby. Joe said he heard it from neighborhood gossip, but Sonny thought Joe had been watching Kate to make sure she didn't turn him in.

Sonny wished Kate had told her father and brothers. He said they would have beaten Joe to death. Joe insisted that Kate never said anything because it never happened. Sonny yelled that she never said anything because she was afraid of what Sonny would do. Joe angrily tried to stand, but he was tied to the chair. He yelled that she had his son and left him for dead. He said if there was a victim, it was him. Sonny called Joe dirt. Joe said Sonny couldn't believe Kate. He swore it wasn't his fault. Sonny cocked the gun. Joe begged Sonny for his life and Sonny said Joe was going to die as a coward, just like he lived as one. “Say goodbye” Sonny said.

Back at Kelly's, Trey tried to reach his dad by phone, but he only got Joe's voice mail. He paid Shawn and almost bumped into Kate on the way out. Kate scolded him for not watching where he was going. Trey began to reintroduce himself, but Kate remembered him from the courthouse. She walked past him and sat at the counter. Trey tried to get Kate to sign the release for Mob Princess, but she wasn't interested. Trey reminded her that she confessed on camera and was going to tell the whole story before her lawyer intervened. Kate told him she was taking Alexis's advice. Trey said they could discuss her perspective on life with Sonny instead, then. Kate said he didn't want her perspective; he wanted what sold.

She said while Kristina was charming, no one would giver her a show if her father weren't an alleged crime lord. Trey laughed and asked if she was saying he wasn't a criminal. Kate snapped that he didn't know anything about Sonny, so he should keep quiet. Trey sat down next to her and urged her to give him her viewpoint. Kate snapped that she wasn't interested in being in his stupid show and got up to leave. When Trey persisted, Kate told “Mr. Mitchell” that she didn't achieve her success without learning to tell a visionary from a cheap hustler. Trey said he guessed she wasn't impressed by his winning looks and charming personality. Kate said slick packaging didn't hide the truth. She accused him of noticing the resentment between Kristina and Sonny and exploiting it. Trey said that he was only documenting it. Kate said Sonny loved his daughter, but that wouldn't bring ratings, so Trey was fueling the discord and tearing Kristina's family apart. She snapped that he was despicable for using Kristina's trust in him and profiting off of her pain. Trey said forget it – he wouldn't try and get Kate to sign the release again. He added that she was very judgmental for someone who tried to kill an old man and killed a girl and her father instead. His words hit home and Kate's eyes filled with tears. She glanced around and saw Shawn sitting at the counter. Trey walked out.

Shawn said he was glad Kate was free and he told her he couldn't help overhearing. Shawn said Trey was a jerk. Kate quietly said Trey was right.

Trey went to Kristina's and found her lounging on the deck in a bikini. She asked him to go for a swim and he said maybe later. Trey asked the cameraman about footage and he told him Kristina made him delete the part with Molly's secret boyfriend. Trey was annoyed, but Kristina said she had to protect her little sister and said Trey understood, right. Trey said to forget about it. He reminded Kristina that Sonny promised them a tour of the coffee warehouse and suggested that they go there, now.

Back inside, TJ said Kristina was pretty cool. He wanted to be on the show, but Molly pointed out that if he was in the show, Alexis and Shawn would find out they were seeing each other. TJ realized that would be the end of their relationship. Molly took his hand and lead him to a place where he could change into his swim trunks.

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