GH Update Monday 7/2/12

General Hospital Update Monday 7/2/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Heather is on her laptop looking like she is writing her biography of how she got her son back, although Maggie had to be eliminated, she got the job she wants in Journalism, put Luke in his place. She has to deal with enemies like Sam. She wants to make that no good tramp Olivia pay for crossing her and also get Olivia out of her son’s life.

Kristina is with Trey who is obsessively concerned with Mob Princess but she asks if they can’t take a break from it for a while. She tells him instead maybe the two of them can take some time off and just hang out as two people.

Starr is with Michael telling him she’s not going to let Trey get in her way. He tells her he’s confident that she can stand up to him but he’s willing to be there for her and can talk about anything on her mind. She admits that she may need to discuss what it’s meant to know that Kate has gotten away with killing her daughter and boyfriend.

Kate talks to Olivia about how she’s making progress with her shrink and has finally found out how Connie came to be and how to make her go away for good.

When Jason is on the airplane flying next to John, he finds out that John has set him up to have the cops find him and detain him.

Stephen finds his mom on the laptop, unaware of what she’s been up to. He tells her he wants to encourage her to get her life back on track. But he knows she has a secret. She tells him she does not want to get “anybody in trouble”. He asks her what she’s talking about. She tells him she doesn’t want him to get hurt but has an issue involving the fact that she knows Olivia is having her followed.

Olivia and Sonny talk to Kate who reveals for the first time just what happened to her when she was in high school that was so traumatic that she had to create a whole new personality. She acknowledges that she had to turn into the type of person who would contently cause Starr Manning’s family to get killed.

Michael tells Starr he finds it incredible that she is willing to drop the charges against Kate given that she’s taken Starr’s boyfriend and little girl from her. She tells him it’s not about forgiveness. Kate has a sickness and cannot be punished for something she had no control over.

When Kate reveals to Olivia what happened to her, Olivia emotionally asks her cousin why she did not tell anyone what that sick bastard did to her. She protests that when she and Olivia were young, she knew her cousin had her own issue and was not respected by her family after having gotten knocked up. But she (herself) was seen as an over-achieving and success story. So she had to hide what happened to her.

Kristina tells Trey maybe she’d like to know more about him. Anything he’d like to talk about like whether he wears boxers or briefs. But before they can continue the conversation, he gets a call from his dad who is checking up on him and reveals that he’s encouraging and bankrolling his son’s television show.

Sonny and Olivia protest to Kate that she cannot blame herself for what Connie did. If she wants to blame someone, it should be the man who raped her.

On the plane, John reveals that he’s enabled the cops to detain Jason and go through all of his personal belongings no matter how long it takes.

When Heather reveals to Stephen that she knows Olivia is following her, she tells her son she realizes he may be assuming she’s only being paranoid. She’s considered the same thing herself and carefully counted her pills to make sure she was taking the right amount, in her right mind and imagining things. But she confirmed that she was not mistaken when she saw Spinelli hiding in the bushes spying upon her. And she knows that Olivia put him up to that.

Olivia asks Sonny if he remembers working with Joe Jr. at the night club. Sonny admits he knew Joe Jr. was a loser, had a drinking problem and lots of issue. But he had no idea that he’d have touched Joe Jr. He always knew that Joe was a piece of garbage. But he owed Joe’s father. So he is responsible for what happened to Kate many years ago.

Starr and Michael walk into Trey’s apartment and are horrified by how gross everything is. They determine they are not going to be his housekeepers. But they want to do something to eliminate the filth. He then admits to her that as a kid, he never had to clean up after himself.

Trey is on the phone to his dad who encourages him to peruse his career as a reality TV producer. He admits he does not want his father to be involved in his problems. His father reveals that he is invested financially and for other reasons in his son’s business venture. Kristina overhears and tells him she finds it interesting that his father wants to push him on a career. Her parents don’t have a clue who she is or what she’s capable of. She asks and he reveals that he does not have a mom.

Olivia tells Kate that she needs to relax now that her legal troubles are over. Kate wants to get back to work at Crimson. But her cousin urges her to take some time off and go to the spa for a massage and mud bath. She needs to remembers that she was raped by Joe Jr. Kate protests that she is dealing with it, not repressing or denying it and needs to get on with her life.

Jason calls Sonny and tells him he’s tried to get out of town on their “venture”. But he ran into a “snag”. It was John McBain.

John goes to find Joe and reveals he might know him while he pulls a gun on him.

Stephen tells his mom he seriously believes that Olivia hired Spinelli to spy on her. But she tells him that Spinelli admitted it to her. Right then, Olivia appears. Stephen informs his girlfriend that his mom tells him that she hired Spinelli to spy on Heather and is this true. Olivia replies he’s damn right it’s true.

Starr and Michael throw Trey’s dirty and smelly stuff out the window and count each act as the things he’s done to them. And they end up looking at each other looking like they might have feelings for each other.

Kristina reveals she may have feelings for Trey and she kisses him.

Sonny concludes to Jason that he made a serious mistake to tell John McBain that he might know where Joe Jr. is. And he tells Jason if McBain has Joe Jr., he needs Jason to help him find Joe so that he can “finish” this.

Joe Scully Jr. attempts to get John to believe that he is not who John says he is. But John knows all about his history with his family and the fact that Joe killed a dancer who was John’s sister. So he’s taking Joe back to Jersey where he can no longer hide and will go on trial for Theresa’s murder. And it looks like Joe is the same as Trey’s father.

Trey tells Kristina that maybe if they get involved, there could be some consequences. He does not need any distractions. And he reveals to her that his dad is really invested in the show, Mob Princess, starring her and her family. And he’s not about to fail his dad. She asks if the show is the only reason he stopped kissing her. He asks her what other reason there would be. She replies maybe he’d rather be kissing Starr.

Starr and Michael both bump their heads on the window and come face to face looking like they’re ready to kiss. But she pulls away wanting to change the subject. He asks her if he “did something wrong”. She affirms he did not. She likes him but thought they were just friends. He tells her he wants to be friends but thought there was something more. She does not reply and he asks if he was wrong.

Olivia and Heather argue. He asks Olivia just what she and Spinelli are up to and why they are investigating his mother. She replies she knows some things about Heather are not right. Spinelli found out the night of the storm, the cops saw Heather in a car with a passed out drunken guy whom Heather identified as her husband and they need to get to the bottom of an unsolved mystery.

Kate reminds Sonny that Olivia told her she would not put it past him to go and find Joe Jr. and kill him.

Joe Jr. protests to John that whatever stories he’s heard from Sonny are a lie. He bets Sonny killed Theresa. But John knows better and knows that Joe has been hiding ever since. But Joe tells John he’s not going anywhere. John is. And he pulls a gun on him.

Heather admits to her son and Olivia that it’s true. She was with a man that she met online the night in question. She tells him she feels like a loser on some desperate website for lonely pathetic people with no life who are getting old and ready to die. She tells her son and Olivia that she put up a picture but, knowing they will look to confirm that, she tells them she immediately deleted it. She met this low life pervert in a motel because of how desperate she was. Hearing that, Olivia demands to know why Heather took her (Olivia’s) car to meet this alleged loser. She tells Heather she doesn’t buy a word of this ridiculous story.

In response to Kristina’s inquiry that he might be “interested” in Starr, Trey tells her that it’s not like that. She’s his roommate.

Michael asks Starr if she does not have feelings for him. She may tell him the truth. She admits that she does have feelings for him. It’s not one-sided. But she feels as though she’s cheating on Cole if she kissed Michael. Were it not for the accident, she and Cole could be married by now. And she’s not sure if she’s ready to let go. He tells her he has similar reservation about whether to let his deceased girlfriend Abby go. But regardless, he knows that it feels right to be with Starr.

Joe tells John McBain he knows how to make John disappear. And the best part is very soon, John will be reunited with Theresa. But before they can continue, Jason appears and fires shots at Joe.

Stephen is torn between his loyalty for his mother and his girlfriend’s concerns. Olivia urges him to see that Heather is not well and could be dangerous. But he protests that his mother is out of the institution and making efforts to better herself.

Starr tells Michael she’s worried if they got involved, she could end up hurting him and that’s the last thing she wants. So she thinks, for now at least, they should just be friends. He tells her he’s ok with that although they both know that he’s not and neither is she. He departs.

Kristina asks Trey what would happen if Mob Princess did not exist. He did not need to produce the show because he’s already a successful producer. If they met, would he be interested in her? He doesn’t really answer and she walks away.

Sonny tells Kate he’s worried that if she does not discuss her deep dark secrets, it could lead to worse consequences. However long it takes for her to work things out, he will be there for her. What he said in the courthouse he meant, that he will never let anybody hurt her.

When Jason appears to interrupt John’s “conversation” with Joe, they fight over who should bring Joe to justice. Jason sees that since John was not willing to help him, he does not care if John is tied up and will not help John while he takes Joe Jr. away.

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