GH Update Friday 6/29/12

General Hospital Update Friday 6/29/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Sam enters the Floating Rib and orders a beer.  The bartender inquires if she is alone.  She asks if that is a problem.  The bartender says not at all.  Sam is hearing in her head her conversation with Todd about hiring her.

Todd is sitting at his desk thinking about the same conversation, when Carly calls his name.  Carly tells Todd he is in Kate Howard’s office.  He tells her not anymore, and confirms that he is Carly’s new tenant. 

Sam gets her beer and looks at her cell phone, thinking about calling John.

John’s cell phone rings while is on an airplane.  It is Natalie.  He asks how their baby did on their flight.  John ask Natalie how she is getting from the airport.  He laughs and tells her he knows she is capable of getting from the airport to where ever she is going.  He tells her he is on the tarmac right now.  He thanks her for understanding his need to ‘see this through’.  He wants Natalie to text when she gets where she is going.  They tell each other they love one another.  As soon as he hangs up, his phone rings again.  He thinks it is Natalie calling back, but it is Sam.  She asks if it is a bad time.  He explains he was just on the phone with Natalie and she and their son are on their way to London to visit family.  Sam wonders why he isn’t with them.  He says he had some business to take care of.  He asks how she is doing.  She says she needs a friend.  John says she has one.

Michael tells Starr she looked happy when she sang, and beautiful when she smiled.  Just then the camera crew enters commenting that the club is the perfect set up.  Trey is elated about what they just saw at the courthouse.  The cameraman starts filming and Michael asks Kristina to get them out of the club.  She tells Michael to wait and listen to what they have to say.  Trey says it was crazy what Kate just said.  Overhearing the conversation, Johnny comes out and asks what Kate has said.  Kristina says Kate had a breakthrough and knows who killed Starr’s boyfriend and baby.  Trey tells Starr she is finally going to know who did it.  Johnny hastily says you can’t believe anything Kate is saying because she is sick.

Kate is having flashes in her head of her and Johnny in the interrogation room.  Sonny asks if she is okay.  She just remembered something about Johnny.

Kristina tells the group she went to the courthouse thinking Sonny was going on trial for a crime, but in reality it was Kate who was having a hearing.  She continues by telling Starr Kate has confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires.  Johnny looks relieved.  He is surprised to hear Kate has confessed.  Kristina clarifies that Kate is saying Connie, her other personality did it.  Trey interrupts by saying this is why they are here with the crew.  They wanted to give Starr closure.  Starr hates to burst Trey’s bubble, but she tells him she already knew.  Michael adds he knew as well.  Johnny knew also.  Kristina asks if Johnny knew then why is he surprised.  He covers by saying he is surprised that she confessed.  Starr points out, Johnny cares about what happens to Kate, unlike him.  Trey tries to egg the situation on, by pointing out Kate tried to murder Johnny’s grandfather.  Johnny begins to walk away while the discussion is taking place.  Trey keeps ranting on how Kate is famous, and now responsible for the attempted murder of one person, and the murders of two others.  Starr says she has to live with this everyday and doesn’t want Trey playing it up for the cameras.  Trey suggests he is just giving Starr a platform to work out her feelings.  He begins questioning her on how she felt when she found out it was Kate.  He asks if she wanted to shoot Kate, like she attempted to do to Sonny?  Michael gets angry and tells Trey to back off.  Starr stops him.  She answers Trey.  She did not want to shoot Kate whose was sick and going to the hospital suffering from a breakdown.  She continues answering Starr in the background, while Kristina walks up to Johnny and asks if he is okay.  He is great.  He says he heard Kristina was back in town.  She looks good and all grown up.  She says Johnny looks like he just dodged a bullet.

Kate is flashing pictures of her and Johnny.  Sonny asks what is going on, and she says the memory is gone.  He assures her if she is seeing images of herself and Johnny in bed; she doesn’t have to hide it from him.  She says that is not what she is seeing.  She is seeing Johnny telling her something.  She feels like he is saying something important, but she just can’t remember what.  Alexis comes over and tells them Ewen will be right in.  Alexis greets Daniel the DA asking if he received her email.  He has.  She hopes to keep the hearing short and go with the outline Alexis gave him.  He smiles and tells her this was a high profile case.  Alexis points out it would have been lower profile if they hadn’t gone after Sonny for the crime; which he did not commit.  He tells Alexis the only way to fix a loss is with a win.  Alexis goes to sit with Kate.  Kate overheard the DA and doesn’t think her case is promising.  Alexis explains, prosecuting Sonny made the DA’s office look stupid.  Now they are trying to save face.  Sonny adds they are going to attempt this by going after Kate.   Enter the judge.  He wants to get started.

Carly gives Todd the lease to sign.  Carly doesn’t think Kate is going to react well to Todd taking her office space.  She tells Todd Kate is part owner of the hotel.  Todd has bought Crimson so Kate should be bending over backwards to him.  Todd tells Carly he would much rather deal with her than Kate.  Kate has a lot of other things to worry about right now.  They both comment how difficult it is to carry around so much guilt.  Carly asks if Todd is thinking about his brother when he talks about guilt.  She asks if he is sorry he killed him.  Todd is not sorry.  He sees Victor as someone who stood in for him and took his life away.  He is glad Victor is dead.  He mentions that no one else sees it his way, except maybe Blair.  He know Tea doesn’t see it his way.  He thinks this is why her new baby is so important to her right now.  Carly understands the baby is all Tea has left of Victor.  Todd admits he has done many things in his life he is not proud of, but he doesn’t dwell on them.  Carly thinks the Sun is Todd’s fresh start; his new baby.

John asks if Sam is okay.  She says she is busy, and that is good.  However when things are quiet is when she begins to fall into a black hole.  She can’t stop thinking about how everything should be different.  She should be in a park with her baby right now, not having a beer in a bar.  John checks his watch.  He realizes Sam is in a bar.  She says why not, no one really needs her.  She is trying not to sound dramatic.  John can’t stop thinking about the baby either.  He wishes there was more he could have done.  Sam tells him listening is helpful.  The please fasten your seatbelts message plays, and Sam realizes John is on a plane.  He is in New York, headed to New Orleans.  He tells Sam he is glad she called him.  Just then a passenger is standing next to John wanting to get in the seat next to him.  They hang up and John turns to see a scowling Jason.

Kristina is trying to figure out if Johnny feels bad for Kate or relieved she confessed.  Johnny says both.  He feels bad for Kate, but when Sonny was acquitted he became the lead suspect.  Johnny tells Kristina being a suspect got in the way of remodeling his new club.  He asks Kristina what she thinks.  She likes it.  He asks if she will come to the club.  Kristina says she will also bring the cameras for publicity.  Johnny wonders what is up with the cameras anyway.  Johnny implies that the real reason Kristina is doing this show is because she has a crush on Trey.

Trey thinks Starr must be thrilled Kate is getting punished for what she did.  She is not.  She ask the cameraman to put the camera down.  Starr points out Kate is ill.  Michael tells Trey there are mitigating circumstances.  Trey asks if there were mitigating circumstances when Michael killed his step mother. Starr calls Trey an ass.  Michael explains his judge showed him leniency with an early parole, hopefully Kate will not have to serve time.  Trey thinks Kate is heading to jail, based on what he just saw.

The DA tells the judge Kate confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires.  The judge is aware of the facts.  He points out that Sonny is seated in the courtroom.  Alexis points out Sonny was not guilty of the crime.  The judge gets annoyed with her interruption and asks if he can finish his thought.  The judge warns the DA he better be able to prove the case this time.  He doesn’t want time wasted if there is no evidence.  The DA says Kate has admitted she did it.  Alexis moves to dismiss.  The judge wants to know on what grounds.  Alexis says the person who committed the crime doesn’t exist.

Carly gives Todd his copy of the lease.  As a thank you for doing business with the hotel, Carly gives Todd complimentary use of the spa.  Todd thanks her and says he may never leave.  She tells him that is a good thing.  He wonders if Carly likes having him around.  She offers at what he is paying in rent, she loves having him around.  Todd asks if Carly likes him.  She ignores him and says she would have given the lease to his assistant, but she wasn’t there.  Todd tells her he gave Sam the day off.  Carly realizes he means Sam Morgan and is surprised she is working for Todd.

Elizabeth is at the bar in the Floating Rib picking up an order.  Sam sees her.  They turn to face each other.  Sam tells Elizabeth she knows she must have overheard her talking to McBain on the phone.  Elizabeth doesn’t think it is any of her business who Sam talks to.  Sam thinks Elizabeth will run and tell Jason.  She tells Sam Jason is not even in Port Charles.  She asks where he is.

Jason asks the attendant to change seats.  When she says no, he makes an announcement to the whole plane.  John offers up his aisle seat to Jason.  He asks John if it was Sam he was just talking to.  John thinks this is going to be a long flight.

John tells Jason Sam is okay.  She just wanted to talk.  Jason says he doesn’t need updates from John about his wife. John can’t help but think what a coincidence it is they are both headed to New Orleans.  He thinks Sonny sent him to kill Joe Jr.  He thinks Sonny wants Joe dead so John will not figure out that Sonny made up the story about his sister.  Jason tells him it has nothing to do with John or his sister.  Joe Jr. hurt more than just them.

Sam can’t believe Jason is telling Elizabeth where he is going.  She just happened to be there when Jason got the call to go.  Sam doesn’t care, but Elizabeth thinks she does.  Elizabeth tells Sam she understands she is grieving, but she can’t keep lashing out at Jason.  She thinks Jason wants to help Sam.  She said when Jason came over the other night….Sam interrupts before she finished her sentence.  Sam cannot believe Jason went to Elizabeth’s house.  She says, of course, Jason turned to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth explains he just needed someone to talk to about things.  Elizabeth reminds Sam she has made it clear she is done with Jason.  Sam just didn’t think Elizabeth would ‘make her move’ so soon.

Carly asks why Sam would want to be Todd’s assistant.  She has a job as a PI.  Todd tells Carly the reason Sam gave him about not wanting to be around Spinelli.  He says she blames Jason for the baby’s death.  Carly defends Jason.  Todd says he really doesn’t care about that.  He only knows Sam wants a fresh start.  Carly points out the symmetry of Todd wanting to help Sam with a fresh start and Johnny wanting to help Starr with a fresh start.

Kristina explains the concept of the show.  Johnny suggests maybe Trey knows there is bad blood between her and Sonny and he wants to exploit it.  She notes he sounds like Michael.  However, she is not doing this because she is mad at Sonny.  There is a market for this type of TV, and she wants to give the public what they want.  Johnny thinks Kristina is just putting Trey in Sonny’s line of fire.  Kristina thinks if Sonny does anything to hurt Trey, he will just be proving her point.  Johnny thinks Sonny deserves what he gets, but wonders how she can hurt Alexis like this.  Kristina tells Johnny her mother was in on the plan to get her into Yale.  Johnny thinks she should thank Alexis, not punish her.  She thinks Alexis is worse than Sonny.  She is a hypocrite.  She preaches ethics, but goes around the system to get Kristina into Yale.  Johnny doesn’t think Kristina is the only student to get into Yale based on personal relationships.  Kristina doesn’t think you can be successful muscling your way in.  She thought Johnny would understand her point of view.

Starr doesn’t think sending a mentally ill woman to prison will give her justice.  She goes to leave.  Trey offers to drive her. Starr wants to know why.  So he can film it.  Michael steps in and offers to drive her since he is leaving also anyway.  Starr thanks him and they leave.

Johnny, who just witnessed this exchange tells Kristina her boyfriend is aggressive.  She says Trey is not her boyfriend, but she is into pushy and he should remember that.  Kristina can’t blame Johnny for hating Sonny, but Johnny points out their hatred for each other hurts the people around them and not just each other.  Johnny says it has to stop.  Trey pushes in and says don’t stop talking this is great TV.

Ewen is on the stand.  Alexis questions his being attacked by Kate.  He responds by saying he does not hold Kate responsible.  He was actually attack by Kate’s alternate personality, Connie.  He explains Kate and Connie are two totally different personalities.  Alexis asks if Connie was responsible for shooting out Anthony’s tires.  He said Connie confessed, but Kate has no memory of doing it, therefore he cannot be sure Connie did or didn’t do it.  Alexis excused Ewen from the stand and says Kate had no control over her actions because of her illness.  The DA says that has yet to be proven.  Alexis tells the judge there has been a precedence in this situation; a case in Pennsylvania.  It is Pennsylvania vs. Buchanan.  In this case murder charges were dropped.  The DA objects the case was in Pennsylvania not New York.   Alexis asks that all the charges be dropped and Kate is allowed to continue her treatment.  The judge says he cannot drop the charges. 

Alexis objects, but the judge cannot just drop the charges because someone doesn’t remember.  Alexis points out it is not just that she doesn’t remember.  Kate suffers from an illness where she has no control over her actions.  While the judge is sympathetic to Kate’s illness, he cannot forget about the victims of her crime.  Starr enters and tells the judge she is a victim and would like to be heard.

Elizabeth asks why it is okay for Sam to talk to McBain, but not okay or Jason to talk to her.  Sam doesn’t want to have this conversation and Elizabeth says too bad. 

McBain wants to know who else Joe Jr. has hurt.  He mentions to Jason he knows she has a sister who was murdered.  Jason thinks as long as you get justice for your sister, what difference does it make where it comes from.  McBain points out their ideas of justice are completely different.  McBain realizes Jason is planning on killing Joe. Now that McBain has seen Jason on his way though, it will not be a clean murder.  So he thinks the alternate plan would be to take Joe Jr. back to Sonny and let Sonny kill him.  McBain says neither plan is going to happen.  McBain tells Jason Joe Jr. is his.  Jason counters with ‘we’ll see’.

The judge wants to know who Starr is.  She tells him Cole was her boyfriend and Hope was her daughter and she would like to speak for them.  The judge allows it.  Starr doesn’t think Kate is responsible for the accident.  The judge reminds her that is his decision.  She tells him she has first-hand experience with DID and Kate needs help, not prison.  The judge thanks Starr and calls recess to think about what she said, and read the brief on the Buchanan case.  Kate thanks Starr.  She says she didn’t have to say what she did.  Starr disagrees.  She needed to do what she did.  She glances at Sonny.

Trey wants the camera to zoom on Johnny.  Johnny warns any closer and you will need a new camera. Trey tries to egg Johnny on.  Telling him he is the victim.  Kate tried to kill his helpless old grandfather.  Johnny tells Trey he should do his research, Kate was more a victim than Anthony.  Trey wonders if maybe Kate is responsible for Anthony’s disappearance.  Johnny notes it is not possible, Kate was in custody.  Trey says then Johnny thought about that possibility.  Johnny breaks and asks Trey if he wants a real interview with him about his life.

Todd doesn’t want to be compared to Johnny.  He would never cheat on Carly.  She thinks that is good to know.  Then Todd says Johnny supplied a child with a gun.  Carly reminds Todd that Starr admitted to stealing the gun from Johnny that she went after Sonny with.  He can’t help but think it is Johnny’s fault for putting it away right in front of Starr.  Carly argues Johnny is helping Starr by giving her a recording career and place to sing.  Todd says Starr is not an urchin, and doesn’t need outside help.  Carly counters with it is the same situation with Todd helping Sam.  They are both doing it out of the kindness of their hearts; Todd implies maybe he isn’t helping Sam out of kindness.

Elizabeth reminds Sam she congratulated her when she and Jason got engaged.  Sam remarks snidely about Saint Elizabeth’s gesture.  Elizabeth had tried to make an effort with Sam to stay out of Jason’s life.  She never ran to him with her issues.  Sam thinks this is only because she was too busy chasing Lucky.  Elizabeth reminds Sam, Lucky has been gone for a while now.  Sam just thinks Elizabeth was patient, and asks if she still loves him.  Elizabeth returns the question.

Jason asks McBain how Sam is.  He says she is having a hard time, but for what it is worth, this is the first time he has spoken to her since he left.  The attendant announces they are about to land.

The DA asks Alexis if she wants to deal.  She scoffs not after the victim stood up for Kate.

Kate can’t believe Starr stood up for her.  Ewen explains Starr understands what she has been through.  Sonny tells Ewen Kate had a memory of talking to Johnny.  She only sees their faces.  She can’t place what they are talking about just that is was after the accident.  Ewen says they will need to talk about it further.  Alexis announces the judge is returning.  The judge has reviewed Starr’s testimony and the precedence and is dismissing all the charges, as long as Kate continues therapy.  Kate and Alexis hug.   Sonny smiles, in the background. The DA objects.  The judge reminds him he would not prosecute this case without proper evidence.  Alexis agrees to the terms.  The judge hits his gavel.  They both hug and say it is over.

Johnny wants Trey to roll the cameras.  Kristina tells him he doesn’t have to do this interview.  Trey wants Kristina to stop butting in and ruining the show.  Johnny wants to do this.  When they are ready he goes on to say he was born into the mob.  Living that life is poison to the people in it, and the people around them.  He has left that life and is now running a legitimate club.  He is in love with a great woman, and is moving on with his life.  Trey is annoyed with how boring Johnny’s story is and cuts the scene.  He tells Johnny he knows there is no way out of mob life, so they should talk about this instead.  In walks Starr asking what Trey is still doing at the club.  Trey orders the cameraman to focus on Starr.  Kristina grabs Trey and remind him the show is Mob Princess and about her, not anyone else.  Trey says he wants the results of what happened to Kate on camera.  Kristina asks if Kate is the new star of the show.  He pulls her away to talk.

Johnny wants to know what happened in court.  Starr asked to drop the charges.  Michael comments how great Starr was in testifying.  Johnny admires Starr’s conduct in speaking for Kate and gives her the day off.  She resists, but he insists.  As Johnny walks away, he wishes Michael luck on getting Trey away from Kristina.

Michael tells Starr he agrees with Johnny on how good she was to speak up for Kate.  She wonders if Cole and Hope would be proud of her.  Michael speculates they would be proud. 

Carly wants to know why Todd is so suspicious of Johnny.  He says he has a long rap sheet.  Carly argues he is trying to change his life.  Todd rants that someone like him can say he is changing, but they never do.  Carly thinks Todd is talking about himself and not Johnny.

The DA shakes Alexis’ hand and tells her she got a lucky break.  When Sonny thanks Alexis she points out it was nothing she did or said.  Everyone owes Starr for Kate’s acquittal. 

Michael and Starr discuss what she said in court.  She believes what she said, that Kate shouldn’t pay for what she did.  She is sick.  Michael thinks his dad will be grateful for what she did.  Starr says she owes him.  Michael offers Starr a ride home and she accepts.  Michael says goodbye to Kristina on the way out.  Trey tells Starr to save him some hot water.  She sarcastically tells him she will take a 6 hour shower.  They exit.  Kristina turns and tells Trey they are alone at last.

Kate thanks Sonny for standing by her side through her ordeal.  He says it is time to make plans.  She thought she would be going back to ShadyBrook or jail, not home.  Sonny tearfully devotes himself to Kate.

Todd says he was not talking about himself because he doesn’t talk about feelings.  Carly says he just did.  Todd warns Johnny is trouble and Carly counters with he is changed.  Todd thinks she is stupid for even thinking Johnny is different.

Elizabeth tells Sam she told Jason to give her time, but maybe Sam should give Jason time.  Sam thinks Elizabeth is going to move in on Jason.  Elizabeth warns, that if she keeps pushing Jason away, he may be gone when she is ready to get back with him.

Jason and McBain discuss their plans.  McBain is going to bring Joe Jr. back to NJ to face charges.  Jason says not if he gets to him first.  Enter 2 officers.  They ask Jason if he is Jason Morgan.  He says yes, and they tell him then there is a problem.  He looks at McBain who shrugs his shoulders.

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