GH Update Thursday 6/28/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/28/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita


Starr is rehearsing with Michael watching.  Johnny slips in behind Michael to watch, as well.  Everyone is all smiles.  When Starr is done, both Michael and Johnny break out in applause.  Johnny comments how great Starr is, and Michael agrees.  Michael thanks Johnny for giving this chance to Starr.  It has made her very happy.  Both agree; Starr deserves some happiness.  Michael apologizes for blaming Johnny for the accident.  Michael knows now, Johnny was innocent.

Alexis is briefing Sonny and Kate on their way to the courtroom.  She will be introducing the medical testimony showing Kate is suffering from DID.  She hopes the court will use this to show leniency.  Sonny doesn’t like that Kate has confessed in the first place.  He still argues that if Kate cannot remember the shooting, then maybe she didn’t do it.  Alexis stresses the importance of getting the court to see Kate is not a threat to anyone.  That should be the focus.

In comes Kristina and Trey, along with their camera crew.  Kristina is wondering what Sonny has done now, since they are all in the courthouse.  Sonny says he has not done anything.  Kristina suspects this is what Alexis has told him to say.  Alexis interrupts Kristina and tells her this isn’t the time.  Kristina asks what the going rate is for selling your soul to the mob.

Spinelli walks into his office to find Olivia.  She wants to know what is happening with the investigation of Heather.  Spinelli has learned that Heather has quite the temper, and he holds up his broken voice recorder.

Sam is in the reception area of The Sun office looking through stacks of paperwork, hoping to find something on Todd.  In walks Heather, wondering what Sam is doing there.  Sam lets her know she is Todd’s new assistant.  Heather doesn’t believe her.  Todd peeks out of his office, and informs Heather he has, indeed, hired Sam.

Maxie is looking closely at one of Patrick’s pills when he walks in the house.  He asks what she is doing there.  Maxie said she changed her mind about going to work.  She wants to ask Patrick something.  He asks what she wants to talk about, and she reluctantly asks him about the pills.

Sonny tells Kristina to show Alexis respect.  She responds with she would if Alexis respected herself.  Kristina goes on a rant on how Alexis can possibly live with herself while defending someone like Sonny.  Sonny and Alexis just share looks of disbelief.  All the while, the cameras are in Sonny’s face.  He finally blows, and screams to get the cameras away.  Alexis tries to tell Kristina this is not the place for her outburst.  Kristina asks why since the courthouse is their second home.  Sonny has been there on trial so many times in the past.  Kate chimes in telling Kristina their being in the courthouse is not what she thinks.  Kristina cannot understand how two smart women like Kate and Alexis can continue to stand up for Sonny.  Kate asks what makes Kristina think she can make that judgment when she is clueless as to why they are there.  Kristina says she does know that Sonny hurts everyone he cares about especially his children.

Starr is talking about logistics with her technical person, while Michael and Johnny continue their conversation about her.  Michael explains why he thought Johnny was responsible for the accident.  Johnny admits he was an obvious choice, after what Sonny had done to him, but the only person hurt that night was Starr.  Michael again says he doesn’t think Johnny was responsible, and he should have said so sooner.  He should have told him when he saw Johnny at Carly’s house the other night.  Johnny understands Michael probably wasn’t happy seeing the two of them back together.  Michael says if Carly can forgive Johnny, then it is none of his business.  However, Michael does begin to threaten Johnny if he hurts Carly again.  Johnny stops him to say he is not going to screw it up.  They agree that if Johnny does hurt Carly, Michael will hurt Johnny.  They shake on it.  Starr wonders what they are shaking on.

Alexis tells the crew she wants a private conversation with Kristina off camera.  Trey stops the cameras from rolling and reminds Alexis; Kristina has signed a contract giving the cameras full access to her.  Kate jumps in wondering what is going on.  Alexis explains Trey is exploiting Kristina for a reality show.  Trey tells Kate the show is to give audiences a look inside a real crime family.  Kate tells Kristina she is wrong in her assumption they are at the courthouse because Sonny committed a crime.  They are at the courthouse because Kate committed a crime.

Maxie is holding the bottle of pills up to Patrick.  He asks where she found it.  Maxie tells him she found the pills in his robe.  Patrick begins to flare up, asking her if she means the robe he told her not to wear.  She begins to explain she needed it to run outside, but Patrick isn’t hearing any of it.  He accuses her of going through his things.  He rants on how he doesn’t want her spying on him.  Maxie looks horrified.

Spinelli comes out with sodas for him and Olivia.  He explains he followed Heather to the same spot where she was parked during the rainstorm.  Olivia notes the suspect always returns to the scene of the crime.  Spinelli admits Heather caught him.  Olivia can’t believe Spinelli told Heather he was in the woods watching birds.  When Spinelli tells her Heather saw through his lie, she quips, “you think?”  Olivia says it couldn’t be all bad.  If Heather had destroyed Spinelli’s voice recorder, then he must have had evidence on the tape.  She asks how much Heather heard of his recording.  Spinelli says it was only his suspicions on what Heather was doing in the woods.  Olivia worries Heather knows she is behind the investigation.  Spinelli confirms Heather has figured out Olivia is behind his investigation.  He recounts Heather’s anger and accusations about Olivia using Steve’s money to pay Spinelli.  Olivia realizes she is now in Heather’s sights. 

Heather asks Todd why he would hire Sam.  She asks if Sam has any experience in publishing.  Sam counters with asking Heather what experience she has.  Todd knows talent when he sees it.  Heather gets angry and pushes Todd in his office saying they need to talk.  Todd wants to start with ground rules she must follow to remain employed.  Todd reminds Heather she works for him, and he doesn’t have to listen to her.  Heather says Todd better listen to her, or they are both ‘going down’.  Todd tells Heather he hired Sam because he needed an assistant.  After all, he fired his assistant to cover for the fact he hired Heather and fired Diane.  Heather tells him to find an assistant through HR.  She asks if Todd needs reminding on what they did to Sam.  Sam is outside Todd’s door listening.

Spinelli apologizes that his shabby stealth skills has now put Olivia in the path of Heather’s unstable wrath.  Olivia just wants to know what Heather is thinking about Olivia’s motives.  He tells her Heather thinks Olivia wants her back in mental ward, and wants Steve all to herself.  Olivia cannot understand why Heather cares so much about Steve when she sold him as a baby.  They agree that Heather is clearly unhinged.  Olivia now thinks they will never find out what Heather was up to the night of the storm.  Spinelli disagrees.  He informs Olivia all is not lost.  They have an ace in the hole.

Sam says to herself, she wants Todd to speak a little louder.  Todd tells Heather he knows exactly who Sam is, and that is why he gave her the job.  Just then, Sam’s phone begins to ring.  It is Spinelli asking how it went with Todd.   She tells him, she is Todd’s new assistant.

Heather wonders how Todd will be able to work with Sam all day.  Todd is just fine with it.  Sam is answering his phone and opening mail; they are not becoming friends.  Heather thinks hiring Sam makes Todd look guilty.  Todd wants to do everything in his power to make it up to Sam.  Heather says a job and a baby are not a fair trade at all.  Heather tells Todd that Sam is also a PI, and she is probably working to find out dirt on the two of them.  She fires at Todd that he just played into her hands.  She screams at him “you’re an idiot”.

Maxie insists she isn’t spying on Patrick.  She tries to explain to Patrick how she needed his robe to run outside after taking a shower.  He is reluctant to believe her story, but he settles for it.  He then begins to ask Maxie if she has any idea how many people are prescribed medication.  She says yes, but his reaction to not being able to find the robe is what made Maxie suspect there may be a problem.  Patrick tries to cover, saying Robin wore the robe and that is why he wanted it.  Maxie mentions maybe Patrick was upset about the robe because he thought Maxie would find the pills.

Alexis warns Kate not to have this conversation with Kristina in front of the cameras.  Kate goes on anyway, telling Kristina she needs to know the truth.  Kate admits she shot out Anthony’s tires.  Alexis interjects that Kate is pleading not guilty.  Trey says Kate just confessed in front of the cameras.  Alexis begins to attack Trey stating that he is a sleaze and will try to edit the footage to make Kate look bad.  Trey assures Alexis that the footage will not reach the airwaves because it is not interesting enough.  Kristina tells Alexis they will take care of the footage and not air it.  Trey blows Kristina off and informs Alexis, if he wanted the footage to go viral, he could do that in 10 minutes.  Just then Sonny grabs Trey by both shoulders advises Trey of Kate’s right to privacy.  Trey, however, says he has full access.  Sonny reminds Trey; Kate has not signed a release.  Trey hands Kate a release to sign.  Kristina stops Trey, and asks Kate if what she said about the accident is true.  Kate tells her yes and admits she killed Cole and Hope.

Starr is shocked to see Johnny and Michael shaking hands.  They both gush over Starr’s singing.  Johnny says he was happy to create a venue worthy of Starr’s talent.  She can’t believe Johnny has made all the changes to the club just for her.  He admits the club needed improvements.  They all admire the renovations.  Michael asks Starr to sing some more.  She is more interested in knowing what they were talking about.  Michael tells Starr he was apologizing to Johnny.  Johnny admits he knows Kate confessed.  Starr can’t understand why he is not running to the newspapers to leak the story and clear his name.  Johnny tells Starr he doesn’t want to see Kate hurt anymore.  Starr knows what a caring person Johnny is by this gesture, and she is happy she put her faith in him.

Todd reminds Heather that it is his name on the door and she doesn’t get to call him an idiot.  Heather says she misses Ferncliff because she didn’t have to sugar coat the truth there.  Todd suggests mockingly they go tell Sam the truth about her baby.  Heather warns the longer Sam stays, the closer she will get to the truth.  Then it will be Tea who is grieving and blaming Todd for her baby’s death.  Todd doesn’t want the truth to come out.  Heather rails the only option is to fire Sam.  Todd says he can’t do that.  Todd assures Heather Sam is no longer a PI.  He explains Sam’s story about starting over.  Todd can relate to wanting a fresh start.  He didn’t want to spend another day in Llandview.  He said everyone stares at him with pity and contempt.  Heather wants to know if Sam is retired, why did she catch Sam’s partner, Spinelli, following her.

Spinelli lets Sam know he was caught following Heather.  Now Heather is on to Olivia.  Spinelli asks Sam what Heather’s reaction was to Todd hiring her.  Sam tells Spinelli Heather dragged Todd into his office.  She has been trying to listen to their conversation, but can’t hear them.  Spinelli warns Sam to be careful of Heather.

Johnny leaves to go listen to Starr’s playback.  Michael again tells Starr she sounded great.  Starr says everything feels right for the first time in months except for Trey.  Michael sarcastically asks Starr what is not to love about Trey.  She complains about his messiness.  Starr regrets not moving in with Todd.  As bad it would be having Todd watch her, at least there would be maid service.  Starr apologizes to Michael about her rant on Trey.  She says she can’t stand him.  Michael shares Kristina’s thoughts on Trey annoying Starr in order to flirt with her.  Starr reminds Michael they are not in second grade.  Michael thinks Kristina is taking their living together and flirting hard.  He implies that Kristina has a crush on Trey.

Sonny tries to pull Kate away from the cameras.  Kate stops him and says she wants to do this.  Kate begins to explain the whole story to Kristina.  She tells her that she suffers from DID.  Kristina is in shock.  Trey thinks the footage is getting better and better.  Sonny is disgusted.  Kate explains why Connie shot out Anthony’s tires.  Kate knows this is hard for Kristina to understand.   Alexis points out, Kristina probably understands better than anyone.

Patrick asks Maxie if she thinks he is hiding medication.  She is unsure.  She mentions that Lulu told her she should ask Patrick about the pills.  He gets even angrier when he realizes Maxie told Lulu about the pills.  Maxie tries to explain she wasn’t gossiping.  Patrick thinks that is exactly what she was doing.  Maxie asks again if Patrick is having a problem with the pills.  He tells her it is none of her business.  She tells Patrick she doesn’t want to make the same mistake she made with Lucky with him.  She doesn’t want to ignore the warning signs.  Patrick agrees that Maxie is being oversensitive.  Maxie admits she enabled Lucky, and if she ignored Patrick’s pills she could be enabling him too.  She asks again if he is in trouble.

Michael tells Starr Kristina wants to keep her relationship with Trey professional.  Michael suspects Trey wouldn’t hesitate making a move on Kristina, however.  Starr wonders why Trey would risk the show by getting involved with Kristina.  Michael thinks Trey would stop at nothing to make the show successful.  Starr thought the idea for the show was mutual between Trey and Kristina.  Michael disagrees and thinks Trey found Kristina’s weakness and is now preying on it.  Starr doesn’t think Kristina seems vulnerable.   Michael explains that Sonny and Kristina are exactly alike.  She feels hurt by Sonny, so now she is lashing out to get even.  The show is her way of hurting  Sonny.  Starr still can’t see how all of this is Trey’s fault.  Michael thinks once Kristina sees how the show is hurting everyone, she will back out.  Now Starr understands that Trey may be pretending to be interested in Kristina to make sure she stays with the show.  Starr feels sorry for Kristina if she is interested in Trey.  Starr thinks he is a jerk.  Michael says “good”.

Sonny takes Kate away.  He thinks she has said enough.  Trey follows them to the courtroom doors begging Kate to sign a release so they can use the footage.  They slam the door in his face.  Trey wants to get the crew into Kate’s arraignment.  Kristina tells Trey they shouldn’t air any of the footage.  He wants Kristina to talk to Sonny and Alexis to get follow up interviews.  Kristina is pointing out how upset Kate was, and she doesn’t want to make it worse for her.  Trey thinks they can spin it to make people more sympathetic to Kate.  Kristina wants to leave Kate out of the show completely.  Trey tells Kristina he thought they were partners in the show.  She agrees they are partners.  He wants to know why she keeps sabotaging the show.  He is angry that she wouldn’t let them film Sam in the hospital or the funeral, and now she won’t let them film Kate.  Kristina did not want to exploit Sam’s pain.  Trey is tired of Kristina making exceptions to what they film.  Trey says he was willing to not film Sam because she was family, but Kate is not family.  Kristina explains Kate is family to her.  Trey asks what about Starr’s family.  Has Kristina thought about what she is going through.

Sam is listening at the door to Todd and Heather.  Heather explains her encounter with Spinelli and his lie about bird watching.  Todd is amused.  Heather tells Todd it is Olivia that hired Spinelli to get dirt on her.  Todd notes Heather’s disdain for Olivia.  Todd tells Heather her issues with Olivia are not his problem.  Heather was hoping Todd was going to be more supportive.  He points out, he did give her a job, shouldn’t that be support enough.  Todd says just because Spinelli is tailing her doesn’t mean he has an information.  Heather wonders if it is just coincidence that Sam is working for Todd and Spinelli is tailing her.  Todd still thinks Sam just wants to start fresh.  She doesn’t want to work with Spinelli anymore because of his relationship with Jason.  Todd tells Heather, Sam blames Jason for the baby’s death, which is a good thing.  Then she won’t suspect any wrong doing.  Heather laughs and tells Todd he is being played by Sam and Spinelli.

Spinelli informs Olivia Sam was successful in getting a job with Todd.  Olivia and Spinelli speculate that Heather must be blackmailing Todd in some way for him to have hired her.  They can’t imagine what Heather may have on Todd.  Spinelli is sure that with Sam working for Todd, she will find out what Todd and Heather are hiding.

Heather tells Todd not to underestimate Spinelli.  Todd flashes back to catching Spinelli outside his hotel room.  He recounts the incident to Heather.  Spinelli told Todd he was investigating the guy across the hall.  Heather hopes Todd now realizes they are in trouble and Sam and Spinelli are spying on them.  Heather demands Todd get rid of Sam immediately.  She crossed the room, whips open the door…..and there is Sam.

Maxie understands Patrick is under a lot of stress and may need help.  He tells her not to worry, but it is too late; she already is worried.  Patrick tells her the pills are acetaminophen.  If that is all they are, Maxie wonders why the bottle is not labeled.  Patrick claims to have gotten the pills at work when he came down with a headache.  He told a nurse he had a headache, and this is how she gave him the medication. Maxie apologizes that he doesn’t feel well.  Patrick accepts.  She didn’t mean to jump to any conclusions and she is embarrassed.  Patrick reiterates he is fine.

Heather asks Sam why she is listening at Todd’s door.  Sam says she was just about to knock.  Todd gives Sam the rest of the day off.  He pushes her out, and tells her to come back tomorrow at 9AM.  Heather wonders why Todd didn’t bust Sam and fire her.  He has a better idea.

Sonny and Alexis apologize to Kate for the scene with Kristina.  They are both complaining about Kristina and Trey’s behavior.  Sonny regrets not crushing the camera crew when the first arrived at Alexis’ house.  Alexis doesn’t think that would have done any good.  Plus they would have lost Kristina for good.  Sonny wonders if Kristina would even be able to survive in the real world if she turned her back on them.  Alexis doesn’t want to find out.  Sonny needs Alexis to deal with Kristina, because he cannot take much more of Trey.  Sonny tells Kate if Trey approaches her again, she must tell him.  She agrees.  Kate tells Sonny she is going to have to get used to the cameras in her face once the truth comes out.  Sonny still refuses to believe Kate shot out Anthony’s tires.  Kate tells him he has to realize Connie did do this.  Kate is just happy the investigation is over, and no one else will be accused of what she did.

Johnny talk to the tech about Starr’s recording.  They discuss the fact that she lost her family.  The tech thinks whoever is responsible should be hung.  Johnny shakes his head.

Starr wonders why Michael thinks it is good she thinks Trey is a jerk.  Michael says then she won’t let him take advantage of her like Kristina is doing.  Starr reassures Michael she would never sign on to do a reality show.  Michael warns Trey is resourceful and could find other ways to exploit her.  Starr thinks she can take care of herself.  Michael agrees, but stresses Starr needs to focus on her career, and not some jerk roommate.  Starr is hoping Trey won’t pay his rent, and she can get him out.  Michael would love to throw Trey out.  Starr points out sarcastically Kristina would love it if her brother threw Trey out of the apartment.   Michael is worried about Starr, not Kristina.  Starr thinks Trey will pay his rent, just to stick around and annoy her.  Michael doesn’t think Starr deserves this.  He thinks she deserves someone who cares about her, and not someone who wants to use her.

Patrick takes the pills back from Maxie.  Patrick has to leave to get Emma from day camp.  He is hoping he has not left her to be the last one picked up again.  Maxie finds a loose pill on the floor and picks it up.

Spinelli is looking at his broken voice recorder when Sam walks into their office.  He questions why she is there.  Sam tells him Todd let her go early.  Spinelli thinks maybe Todd is on to her.  She tells him she overheard Heather tell Todd she thinks Spinelli and Sam are spies.  Spinelli thinks it is his fault.  He points out, if Todd where on to them, why would he send her home just for the day and not fire her outright.

Heather questions why Todd would keep Sam.  Todd calmly tells Heather even if Sam were on to them; she has no proof.  She can’t DNA test every baby born on the night of the storm.  Heather doesn’t want to risk it.  Todd thinks it would be better to keep Sam close.  Heather warns Todd his guilty conscience is going to get them both caught.  Heather leaves.

Michael thought Starr looked happy when she was singing.  He tells her she looked beautiful when she smiled.  Trey walks in with Kristina and the camera crew.  Trey can’t wait to tell them what Kate said on camera.  Johnny overhears and asks what Kate said.

Sonny tries to reassure Kate that everything will be okay.  She can’t help but think of all the people she hurt; Starr, her baby, her family in Bensonhurst.  Sonny tells her to just do what Alexis says.  She worries about what she did to Johnny; allowing him to be accused of the shooting.  Sonny can’t believe she is worried about Johnny.  He reminds Kate that Johnny took advantage of Connie.  Just then Kate has a reaction as if she remembered something.

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