GH Update Wednesday 6/27/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/27/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Maxie found a prescription bottle in Patrick's robe,she remembered the way he lost it earlier that morning when he couldn't find the robe and saw her wearing it. Lulu stopped by and asked why Maxie sold their place. Maxie rambled about it being better suited for Starr and Trey. She said something about bickering and Lulu brought up the way she bickered with Spinelli. Maxie said they don't bicker, they disagree, then he eventually sees her side. Lulu said the last she heard, Maxie hated Spinelli for getting her out of prison. Maxie sadly said she didn't hate him, but he hated her. She revealed that Spinelli dropped her as a friend when he found out she was staying married to Matt. Lulu apologized and Maxie, who was clearly upset, asked to talk about something else. Lulu asked why she didn't move in with Mac. Maxie told her that she thought Mac and Felicia might be getting back together. Lulu asked how she felt and Maxie said she couldn't run her own life, so she didn't have room to judge. She added that she didn't want to get in the way of something that might make them happy. Lulu gently asked if she was sure it was a good idea to live in a place that was a constant reminder of Robin. Maxie said she thought of Robin all the time no matter where she was. Lulu wished Maxie would cut herself some slack.

Maxie said Patrick was the one who could use a break; according to her, he was imploding while she was ruining Robin's funeral and getting herself sent to prison. She explained that he spent three weeks in a deep depression, lying on the couch and leading everyone to believe he was consulting at another hospital. Maxie felt guilty because all of Patrick's loved ones had been preoccupied with her instead of being there for him. She added that as soon as Patrick started feeling better, Matt went to Pentonville. Lulu said Patrick was free to choose the way he grieved. Maxie believed she had a lot of making up to do and she decided to start with Patrick. She picked up his pill bottle and said she'd rather he get help from her than from them. Maxie explained that she found the bottle in his robe and she told Lulu how Patrick reacted when when he couldn't find the robe. She wondered if Patrick's outburst was more about the pills than the robe. Lulu realized Maxie thought he was abusing drugs and said she thought she was jumping to conclusions. She pointed out that Patrick was working, but but Maxie said doctors could use, too and write their own prescriptions.

Lulu asked if Maxie asked Patrick about it, and she explained that she just found the bottle and there was no good way to broach the subject. Lulu said they could be antidepressants. Maxie admitted that that made sense, but she was still concerned because the the bottle was unlabeled; a red flag. Lulu understood Maxie's concern, but wondered if she wasn't looking for a problem to solve where there wasn't one. Maxie reminded Lulu of what happened when Lucky got addicted to pain killers. Lulu said that was different; Lucky hurt his back and Maxie was desperate to get close to him. Maxie said she enabled Lucky by getting him drugs and she wasn't going to make that mistake with Patrick. Lulu got called into work. She told Maxie she thought the phone call was from Luke. Lulu said Luke was involved in something and she was afraid he was chickening out. Maxie asked what she should do and Lulu advised her to confront Patrick, then she left.

Patrick swallowed some pills just as Ewen walked in for his checkup. Patrick claimed he was taking aspirin for a headache. All Ewen's tests had come back fine. Ewen said he felt great, but he was a little anxious about Liz. He told Patrick about walking in on a close moment between her and Jason yesterday. Ewen assumed it was innocent at the time, but then he overheard Liz and Steve talking about Jason today. Ewen said it was probably nothing; Patrick disagreed and said if he wanted to be with Liz, he needed to keep her away from Jason. Ewen said he wouldn't want to try and control her, but Patrick said that was a serious mistake when it came to Jason. Ewen knew Jason was close to Robin and asked if Patrick was able to influence her when it came to their friendship. Patrick said Robin and Jason had been lovers when they were going through a serious time, so Robin was never able to see Jason for who he really was. Ewen asked what Jason was. Patrick said Jason was a hit man who was able to draw women like Robin and Liz in. He said they felt compelled to try and heal him. Ewen found that intriguing from a professional standpoint, but concerning from a personal one. Patrick said Jason didn't want to be fixed and that the women he hurt always kept defending him. Ewen thanked Patrick for saving his life, then handed him a card for a free session. Patrick thanked him but said he was fine. Ewen didn't push, but he said Patrick had suffered a great loss and grief had a way of coming back and hitting hard. Ewen put his hand on Patrick's shoulder and said he was there to help him cope if the need arose. Patrick said he was fine and he had Ewen to thank for that. He explained that getting back in the OR and operating on Ewen was better than any therapy session. Patrick convinced Ewen to take the card back. Ewen told him to take care of his headache and Patrick told him to take care of Jason. Ewen left. Patrick took another pill as Maxie's voice over said she was going to help him if he was in trouble.

At GH, Jason told Liz about getting a clean bill of health for the next six months. She commented that he looked a lot better than he had the last time they saw each other. Jason thanked her for letting him talk and said he hoped she and Ewen were able to have a good night. Liz mentioned that Steve thought she was holding back with Ewen because of Jason. She told Jason about telling Steve how he stopped by the night before. Jason said he shouldn't have just dropped in, but Liz didn't see why not. She said they were friends and he needed to talk. She explained that Steve was worried that she would put herself in a position and end up getting hurt again. “Because of me? That's crazy...isn't it?” Jason said. Liz said maybe it wasn't. She clarified that she didn't think he was a destructive force in her life. She said if there was a destructive force to her relationships, it was herself. Jason said he could back off if his presence was causing problems. Liz said no; she could be his friend and date Ewen at the same time. She said Steve was just being a protective brother, because he didn't want to see her fall apart, the way she had over Lucky. Jason didn't blame him, but he thought Liz was stronger now than she had been. Liz agreed and said it was because she finally let go and accepted that she and Lucky couldn't be together, no matter how much she loved him. Liz said it was okay because it was a learning experience. Jason thought he might be in the same place with Sam. Liz said the situations were different, and she attempted to convince Jason to keep trying to rebuild his marriage. Jason told her about Sam refusing to move back home. Liz thought Sam needed time, but Jason said there was nothing he could do to change the fact that her son died because of him. Liz insisted that wasn't true, but Jason said Sam believed it was. He asked Liz if she'd stay married to the man who caused her child's death.

Jason said the one thing that could reunite him and Sam was the one thing he couldn't do – give her baby to her. Jason said he kept thinking about Sam holding her deceased child and insisting that someone had taken her live son and replaced it with a dead baby. Jason wished Sam had been right; he said if it were true he'd find the baby and put their family back together. Bernie called Jason. Jason took the call, then quickly told Liz he had to go find someone for Sonny. She asked where he was going and he said New Orleans. Liz smiled and told Jason to be careful, then they hugged goodbye. Neither of them noticed that Ewen happened to see the hug.

Back at the Drake home, Maxie took a pill out of the container and studied it. Patrick walked in, startling her and causing her to drop it on the floor, where it rolled out of plain sight. Maxie put the bottle on the table behind her. Patrick made small talk about her plans for the day, until she told him she wanted to talk to him about something.

Spinelli and Sam lurked outside Crimson and listened to Heather blackmailing Todd. Heather held up a newspaper article about Sam's baby and threatened to tell the truth about what happened. Since Heather spoke in general terms, Sam and Spinelli didn't know what she had on Todd. Heather said she required a certain amount of autonomy in her workplace. Todd said she was a blackmailer, gold digger ad poisoner. Heather threatened to tell the truth, and Todd relented and told her to go and kill another sugar daddy or something. Spinelli and Sam hid while Heather left. Sam told Spinelli to tail Heather while she worked Todd. Inside the office, Todd apologized to Sam's baby for giving it away. He said he was told the family didn't want him and there was no way he could take him from Tea then or now. He was staring at Sam's picture when there was a knock on the door. Todd said he didn't want to be interrupted, but Sam walked in anyway. Todd quickly put the paper away and said she was Samantha Morgan. Sam replied that she went by Sam.

Sam listened with a confused expression as Todd nervously rambled about his old lawyer and nephew who were both named Sam and how the younger Sam was conceived when Todd's brother was kidnapped. Todd said Sam should have been his son and that the boy was the only one who stood by him when he was on trial and in prison. He told Sam that her name meant he was predisposed to like her, even if he didn't approve of her choice in friends. He explained that he meant John. Todd told Sam how he'd finally ended up with the woman he loved after being apart for eight years, then John to ruined things by arresting him for killing his brother. Sam acknowledged that John was serious about the law. Todd realized Sam was there looking for a job and said this wasn't going to work. He said her friendship with John and her job as a private investigator worked against her. Sam asked how he knew what she did and Todd said researching people was part of his job.

Todd suspiciously asked if she wanted to work there because she was investigating him. Sam claimed she wanted a new job, because it was awkward to work with Jason's best friend when her marriage was falling apart. Todd said he was sorry about her marriage, then he began to ask Sam questions and jot down her answers. He asked what her maiden name was and if she was going to change her last name back, then he went off on a tangent again about his ex wives Tea and Blair, deciding not to take his last name. Todd brought up Jason and wrote that he and Sonny were in the business of killing people. Sam interjected that she no longer wanted to be involved with Jason or his friends and asked if she had the job. Todd didn't think she was ready to be devoted to the job so soon after losing the baby. Sam said she didn't lose the baby – he was taken from her. She told Todd that he knew all about that. Todd looked alarmed and got defensive, then Sam clarified that she was talking about what Jason had done. Todd apologized for being defensive and Sam apologized for lashing out. Todd asked what she meant when she said he knew about it and Sam said she assumed he wrote the in depth article on her baby's death. Todd explained that while he did own the paper at that point, the article had been written by the previous crew. He said if he had written the article, he would have featured it on the inside front page. Sam thanked him. Todd said she shouldn't. He told her that he would have lead with that story because bad news sold papers and he didn't have time to be considerate of her suffering. Todd didn't think working there would be right for Sam. Sam said nothing Todd could print would be worse than what she'd gone through when her son died. She said she needed a fresh start and asked if he'd ever had to start over.

When Todd tried to talk her into a different profession, Sam sighed that he didn't understand what it was like to want to invent herself. She acted like she was giving up and started toward the door. Todd stopped her and revealed that he'd wanted to reinvent himself for his whole life and although he never could, some misguided people still thought he was capable of it. “Like Sam,” Sam said. Todd agreed and said the boy cared about him, despite what everyone else told him and thought he was a hero. Todd told Sam she'd regret this because he was was selfish, unreasonable and emotionally unhealthy, but . Sam assured Todd that she was up for it. Todd remembered telling Heather he would do anything he could to make things up to Sam. He told Sam she had the job. Todd handed her a pile of Kate's things to send to her lawyer. Then he told her the list of people to put through if they called – his nephew Sam, Starr, his other children Dani and Jack (neither of whom he expected to ever call), his sister Viki and his ex wives. Todd suddenly changed his mind and said maybe she shouldn't talk to Blair or Tea. Sam mentioned that she'd met Tea briefly. Todd said he never wanted to talk to Dorian Lord, David Vickers, Clint, Nora and Bo Buchanan and that she was to kill Tomas Delgado if he called. “Got it” Sam said. She told Todd he wouldn't regret hiring her. Todd said he felt good about this.

Heather walked through the woods carrying a picnic basket of food for Luke. She said to herself that she wouldn't let him starve to death. She was confident that he would realize he loved her and only her. Spinelli arrived later and didn't see Heather. He he pulled out his tape recorder and noted that this was the same area where the state trooper had stopped Heather on the night of the storm Spinelli wondered why she kept coming back there and said that discovering the identity of the supposed husband might be the key to figuring out what 'cuckoo' Heather was up to. Spinelli said that Heather had disappeared. Heather slipped up behind him asked why he was following her. She kept walking toward Spinelli, who fell into a tree to get away from her. Spinelli lied and said he was there to bird watch. To Spinelli's dismay, Heather grabbed his recorder and pressed play. Heather realized Olivia hired him. Spinelli unsuccessfully tried to talk her out of thinking that, but Heather said she saw him and Olivia talking at the Floating Rib. Heather vowed to put a stop to what she felt was Olivia's quest to get her out of Steve's life. She smashed Spinelli's recorder and told him his investigation was over. She added that if he wasn't careful, he'd be finished, too, then she stormed off.

Tracy marched into the police station and told Anna Luke had committed a crime. They went into Anna's office; Tracy said she wanted to apologize for not being honest earlier. She told Anna that she found Anthony's body in the Quartermaine boathouse and had been so surprised that she picked up the murder weapon. Anna asked why she didn't say anything before. Tracy said Luke was the killer and he told her not to tell the truth. Anna was skeptical and asked what his motive was. Tracy said he did it because he knew Tracy was unhappy in the marriage. Anna asked why she didn't divorce Anthony. “For personal reasons,” Tracy said. She told Anna about Luke's plan to get rid of Anthony by shipping him to Uruguay. She said even after she found the body Luke swore he wasn't responsible. Anna said Tracy believed him at one point. Tracy said she misjudged Luke because he mislead her into believing he helped her because he had feelings for her, but as she and Anna knew, his true feelings lied elsewhere.

Anna said this was just a story and without any proof, it was just as likely that Tracy killed Anthony and Luke and was the one who covered it up. Anna said she'd be more convinced if Tracy told her where the body was. Tracy said she'd have to ask Luke or whoever he hired. Tracy said he had to have hired someone, because she and Luke only moved the body once to fool Delores. Anna asked her to explain, and Tracy told her about her and Luke making it look like Anthony had passed out on the terrace while drinking. Anna asked why Luke would do that if he was planning to get rid of the body anyway. Annoyed, Tracy said she didn't know. All She knew was that she and Luke went inside the house for a minute and when they returned, the body was gone. Anna thought this all sounded too farfetched and wondered if Tracy was trying to pin the crime on Luke. Tracy said she was not a woman scorned. She told Anna she could have Luke because Tracy was too good for anyone who didn't have the courage to tell her he didn't want her to her face. Anna looked concerned when she realized Luke never met with Tracy, and she told her that Luke never came home. Tracy theorized that Luke hadn't returned because he'd weighed his options and decided that a relationship with Anna wasn't worth alienating Tracy and her money. “He doesn't care enough about you to bother,” Tracy said.

Tracy asked if she was under arrest. Anna said no, but not to leave town. Anna seemed unsure about what to think; she said Luke said he didn't kill Anthony. Tracy pointed out that he said he'd go talk to her (Tracy), too, so his word meant nothing. Tracy told Anna that unlike Anthony, the two of them had dodged Luke's bullet. Tracy left. Anna sighed and closed her office door.

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