GH Update Tuesday 6/26/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/26/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Maxie was sleeping on the couch at Patrick's wrapped in his robe for warmth. He suddenly burst into the room and rudely demanded that she give it back. Maxie took it off and Patrick snatched it from her. He told her it had been a gift from Robin, but she used to wear it all the time. Maxie understood and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Patrick apologized for the way he'd acted, because she was family and a guest. Maxie was grateful that he took her in. Patrick felt bad for giving away Matt's apartment without telling her first, but Maxie said she shouldn't have just given up her apartment on a whim. She came down on herself for being thoughtless all the time and said she'd hurt a lot of people, including him and Robin. Maxie began to think it wasn't a good idea for her to live there; she said she'd be a constant reminder of how Robin died. Patrick said everything at the house and GH reminded him of her, but he had to soldier on and keep up with his work because it was best for him and Emma. He wanted Maxie to be there for Emma, too. Just then Emma ran in, and Patrick picked her up. He was going to make her breakfast, but Maxie volunteered to do it instead.

The three ate breakfast together and Maxie joked about her poor cooking skills. Patrick told Emma he'd help her get ready for day camp, but Emma wanted Maxie to do it. Patrick made sure that Emma and Maxie were out of the room, and he quickly took a prescription pill. Patrick put a couple more pills in his pants pocket, then hid the container in the pocket of the robe when Maxie and Emma returned. Patrick complimented Emma's look and told Maxie she was good at this. Maxie said she was going to stop by Crimson and get some work done. Emma asked if Maxie would be there when she got home. Maxie glanced at Patrick and he sent Emma to get her lunch pail. Maxie said she just needed a couple of days to find an apartment. Patrick told her she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted and that he didn't mean to scare her earlier. Maxie didn't want to cause him any more pain. Patrick said he was making progress and didn’t freak out like that as much as he had in the beginning. He said Maxie being there made Emma happy, so he wanted her to stay. Maxie agreed; for now. She told Patrick she'd make dinner. Patrick looked hesitant and smiled, and Maxie joked that she was good at take out. After the Drakes were gone, Maxie came downstairs in a towel; all her clothes were still out in her car. She was going to dash out in the towel, but when she saw a neighbor outside, she came back in and put the robe on. Maxie stuck her hand in the pocket and found the pill bottle.

Anna was at the police station. Dante may have overheard her leaving a concerned message for Luke about him not coming home the night before. Once she hung up, Dante told her that Johnny claimed to know who shot out Anthony's tires. He explained that there had been no arrest, because he wasn't sure if Johnny was reliable. Kate walked in, accompanied by Ewen and two officers. Kate told Anna she was ready to take responsibility for what she'd done. Anna assumed she was there about attacking Ewen and began to draw up the paperwork. Ewen interjected that he wasn't pressing charges, because he didn't think it would be appropriate to hold Kate responsible. Kate said that wasn't why she was there. She and Dante went into an interrogation room, where he urged her to call Alexis. Kate noted that Dante didn't seem surprised and he admitted that Sonny had told him Connie called the accident. Kate asked why he didn't arrest her and he said everyone was going home for the day and Sonny had asked for some time to figure out what to do. Kate wondered when he started doing what Sonny wanted; Dante said it wasn't about Sonny. He said she was family and Olivia would be upset if he didn't help her. Kate said Starr had a family too and they were dead because of her. Dante asked if Sonny knew where she was and Kate said no, because he would have tried to talk her out of it.

Sonny had Jason meet him at ShadyBrook. He told Jason about Joe Scully Jr. raping Kate because he was jealous of Sonny's bond with Joe. Sr. Jason asked where the SOB was and Sonny said Joe Sr. sent him underground. He also let him know that Joe Jr. killed John's sister and Sonny took the wrap. Sonny said he told John, but he didn't have any way to prove he was telling the truth. Jason said Sam told him John left town; he figured John was probably checking out Sonny's story. Sonny was pleased Sam and Jason were talking, but Jason let him know Sam turned down his offer to move back home. Jason said he couldn't blame her after what he'd done. Sonny tried to get Jason to absolve himself, but Jason was upset that he'd let his emotions get the better of him and sent the thugs after John. Jason was adamant that he'd taken away Sam's chance to be a mother. Sonny argued that the baby had a condition and might have died anyway. Jason changed the subject and told Sonny to go see Kate, while he took care of Joe Jr. Sonny stopped him and said he wanted Jason to deliver Joe Jr. to him. Sonny vowed to deal with Joe the way Jason dealt with Franco.

Sonny got enraged as he pictured what Kate had gone through when Joe raped her to get revenge. Sonny knew Jason knew how he felt. Jason quietly said killing Franco didn't solve anything. Sonny felt guilty for not being there when Kate needed him. Jason thought that all Sonny could do was be there for her now. Sonny said he would, but he was still insistent on getting revenge on Joe Jr. Jason said okay. Sonny thought there was Joe Jr. might be connected to a place called Fleur de Lis in New Orleans. He'd heard Joe Sr. transferring money there. Sonny told Jason that he thought he and Sam would find their way back to each other, just like he and Kate had. Sonny patted him on the shoulder, then Jason left to try and get a lead on Joe Jr. Sonny entered Kate's room looking for her and found her note that said she was turning herself in. He cursed and rushed out.

Sonny burst into the interrogation room, where Kate, Dante, Anna and Ewen were. He was upset that Alexis wasn't there. Dante told him that Kate didn't want to call her. Sonny thought that was proof that she wasn't thinking straight; he pulled out his phone and Kate asked him to stop. He also didn't understand why Ewen let this happen. Ewen said he was going to go to the arraignment and make it clear that Kate wasn't in her right mind the night of the accident. Sonny countered that there shouldn’t even be an arraignment. While Anna was sympathetic to Sonny's desire to protect Kate, she told him he was getting close to obstructing justice. That had no affect on Sonny and he and Anna got into a short argument with her threatening to lock him up or charge him with accessory after the fact and him telling her to go ahead because she couldn't prove anything. Anna told him to try her.

Kate said Sonny was only guilty of protecting her. Kate gently touched Sonny and said the truth had to come out. Anna said all they needed was for Kate to sign her confession. Kate told Sonny she couldn't live with herself if she didn't do this. Sonny understood, and he comforted Kate as she signed the paper. They hugged and Dante said Kate had to go get processed. Sonny asked to go, too. Dante glanced at Anna and she said Sonny could go as far as booking. Sonny thanked her and Anna said her problems with him didn’t extend to Kate. Anna told Kate what she'd done was courageous. The teary-eyed Kate thanked her and said she had to take responsibility. She took Sonny's hand and Dante lead them out. Anna glumly looked at her phone.

Heather stopped by the hospital to show Steve the new suit that she was wearing to work. Steve was still surprised she managed to land a job so quickly, especially with Todd. Heather said she could be very persuasive. She told Steve to learn from her and always go after what you want. She said she did and now she had a new job, bond with him and a new relationship. Steve advised her to focus on the job for now and not to change too much of her life at once. Heather said she loved him. She kissed him goodbye and he walked away. Heather, who had Luke's phone, noticed Anna calling him; she didn't pick up.

Steve and Elizabeth ran into each other and in a teasing tone, he asked what was going on with her and Ewen. Liz said he was just a coworker and a friend. Steve asked if she hooked up with all her coworkers and Liz said it was just a kiss. She wondered why Steve was making a big deal out of it and he said he didn't want anyone taking advantage of his sister. Liz assured him that Ewen had been a perfect gentleman. Steve said she deserved to be treated like a queen and given flowers and nice dinners. Liz said she'd rather have a good conversation. She told Steve that Ewen came by for dinner the night before and it was nice, but she kept thinking about Jason the whole time. She said Jason didn't take the news that Franco was the baby's father well at first, but he loved Sam and wanted to support her. Liz thought it was unfortunate that Sam was pushing him away and explained that Jason had come to her for support. Steve wondered if there was more between her and Jason than friendship. Liz insisted that there wasn't, but Steve said they shared and lost a child. Liz said Jason was in a lot of pain and his wife was pushing him away. She thought he could come to her because she understood what he was going through. Steve wondered if there was a little part of Liz who hoped this might be her lead to her finally getting a chance with Jason. Ewen walked in and Liz glanced at him. Steve realized why he didn't answer her and said they could talk later. Steve left and Ewen mentioned that he'd had a nice time last night. Liz did, too. Ewen wanted to make dinner for her tonight, but Liz didn’t thinks she'd be able to find a sitter. They agreed to do it another time.

Todd was at Crimson, which was going to be the HQ for his new newspaper. A lady named Cheryl arrived and told Todd she was the assistant for the old owner. Todd told her to get coffee, but the woman said that wasn't part of her job description. Todd said they needed to get to work, because they had a lot of changes to make. He glanced down at Heather's resume. Todd told Cheryl to get rid of all the fashion stuff and to help him decide which employees to keep. He looked at the list and asked about Diane. Cheryl said she was an excellent gossip columnist. Todd said that was the most important job at the paper. Heather walked in and said that was the one she wanted. Cheryl was dubious about replacing Diane with Heather. Heather called her rude. Cheryl said Diane was a best selling author and used to practice law. Heather thought she'd do a better job, but Todd didn't think she had what it took. He said writing a gossip column was an art form. Heather replied that she was related to an artist and was just as talented as he was. Todd grudgingly sent Cheryl to call Diane. He still maintained that this job wasn't right for Heather, but she replied that if people didn't want to read her column, she did know another story they'd want to read.

When Cheryl got Diane on the phone, Todd unceremoniously fired her. Cheryl pointed out that a lawyer like Diane wouldn't stand for being fired without cause. Todd was impressed with Cheryl's knowledge. He complimented her, then fired her too, so it wouldn't look like Diane had been singled out. Cheryl called him insane and stormed out. Heather said he'd made the right choice, considering she could crush him with what they knew about Sam's baby. Todd said he knew he'd done the unforgivable, but he was going to do anything he could to make it up to Sam. Heather warned him that his secret could slip out if he got distracted. Todd told her to lay off the threats, but Heather said it was just a friendly reminder. Annoyed, Todd reminded her that she had a secret too. He told her he could tell everyone she hid Anthony's body to protect a killer. Heather said the person she was protecting he didn't kill Anthony. Todd was confused about why she'd go through all this to protect someone who was innocent. Heather sounded hurt as she said he wasn't totally innocent, because he'd been two timing her with another woman. It was clear that Todd wasn't interested in hearing about this, but he talked with Heather about it anyway. He asked if she confronted the guy. Heather said he didn't deny it; lucky for him, she said, she was very forgiving. Heather said the other woman wasn't his type and he might realize that now that he'd had some time alone. Heather decided to go take him some lunch and tell him about her new job. Todd protested.

Sam and Spinelli were at their office preparing to investigate Heather. Spinelli saw Sam's depressed expression and she told him she'd been thinking about the baby. He offered to take over, but she said she wanted to keep busy. Sam asked Spinelli to help her figure out why Todd had a newspaper clipping about her son's death. Spinelli thought it was more likely that it was Heather's and that she dropped it when she visited Todd. Sam thought that made sense. She told Spinelli how Heather visited her at the hospital, ostensibly to offer her condolences. According to Sam, Heather really stopped by to gloat about the baby's death. Spinelli received an email from Olivia letting him know Todd hired Heather and that she'd bragged that she could have any position she wanted. Sam wondered why he'd do that; she theorized that Heather must be blackmailing him. They chatted about Todd moving to town for a fresh start after killing his brother and buying the newspaper to control what was printed about him. They agreed that hiring Heather wouldn't help his reputation. Sam was convinced that she must have something on him.

Sam told Spinelli how Heather blackmailed her by threatening to tell Jason Franco was the baby's father. She said Heather did it to keep her from telling Steve that she sold the newborn Franco. Spinelli said Olivia hired them to find something that could put Heather back in Ferncliff before she caused anymore harm. He thought they should be focusing on doing that instead of on Todd's secrets. Sam said uncovering what Heather had on Todd would mean they'd find out what Todd was hiding. Spinelli didn't think they'd be able to get close to Todd; he reminded Sam that Todd disliked him and didn't know her. Diane called Spinelli in a rage and told him about getting fired so Todd could give her job to Heather. Spinelli hung up and filled Sam in. Diane had gotten the whole story from Todd's now former assistant. Sam was sure Diane was going to sue Todd. She and Spinelli were now absolutely sure that Heather was holding something over Todd. Sam and Spinelli went to the Metro Court to snoop. They overheard Todd arguing with Heather. Todd told Heather that if she wanted the job, she had to work. Heather asked if he was forbidding her from leaving. Todd said suggested that he was. Heather told Todd they both knew what could happen if she got upset.

Jason went to GH for a check up with Patrick. Everything was fine and Patrick said Jason would need to come back in six months. If things still looked good, the two of them could part ways. The two had an awkward conversation; Jason acknowledged that he wouldn't be alive if not for Patrick and Robin and he thanked him. Patrick asked Jason to tell Sam he was sorry for their loss and that while words didn't help, things would get a bit easier in time. Jason left. Patrick took out the pills and stared at them for a long time, before deciding to take them. Ewen walked in just as Patrick gulped down the pills.

Steve let Liz know he heard her talk with Ewen. He offered to take the boys so she could have her date. Liz said she didn't want her kids around Heather and Steve said he could watch them at her place and have Olivia look after Heather. Liz didn't want Olivia to have to rearrange her schedule so Liz could have a date. Steve wondered if there was another reason Liz turned Ewen down. Liz said this wasn't about Jason. She turned around and was startled to see that Jason had just walked up behind her.

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