GH Update Monday 6/25/12

General Hospital Update Monday 6/25/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kate is in her hospital bed appearing to have a nightmare. Sonny is by her side and holds her, comforting her and assuring her that he’s there for her and nobody will hurt her.

Johnny is alone and haunted in Carly’s home remembering the gunshot and fearing that he will be found out for killing Starr Manning’s little girl. Right then, Carly appears and is happily with him, smiling and kissing him.

Dante is on the phone at the police station when Lulu appears with dinner in a big for her husband. She tells him she knows there is something very suspicious involving heather Weber that may let her dad and Tracy off the hook for the disappearance and suspected murder of Anthony.

Tracy goes to see Anna and gloats to her confident that Luke is not going to be seeing any more of her.

Right then, Heather stands by a passed out Luke telling him nobody will ever find him and he will end up “just like Anthony”.

Kate falls asleep and Sonny goes out into the hallway, informing the nurse that he has to go and asks her to have Kate call him if she wakes up. Right then, Kate awakens in horror and panic and remembers” Johnny

Johnny and Carly are on the couch kissing and happy to be together when they hear a knock on her door.

Dante asks Lulu if Anna and Luke are seeing each other and what her dad’s plans are with Tracy. They assess that he will have to tell Tracy he’s chosen Anna over her and tell Anna that he and Tracy have a secret regarding Anthony. He reminds her if Luke does not tell the police chief about Anthony, he will have to do it himself. And they have to find out about who shot out Anthony’s tires.

Tracy tells Anna she needs to realize that Luke is getting back with her (Tracy). And Anna’s pathetic attempt at seduction is embarrassing. Although Anna is confident that’s not the case, she tells Anna she knows how to “read the signals”. Not long ago Luke called her and told her was coming over so what else could that mean?

Luke regains consciousness and sees Heather standing before him after tying him to a chair. He appears helpless and asks where he is. Heather puts her arm around him and tells him welcome to his new home.

Michael sees that Johnny is with his mom and offers to leave if they have plans. But Johnny tells them that he has things to do and Michael may visit with his mother. Carly then tells her son she knows he can see that she and Johnny are back together. Michael concludes to his mom that this must mean that she’s now concluded she no longer believes Johnny shot out the tires and that it confirms it was Kate.

Right then, Kate calls Sonny and tells him she remembers something “about Johnny”.

Tracy tells Anna that she and Luke are meant for each other and ready to have a future together. Anna reminds Tracy she is still legally married to Anthony. She gloats to Anna that Luke has chosen Tracy over Anna. Yet Luke is not there.

Luke awakens and tells Heather she cannot hold him hostage. But Heather “clarifies” to him that he is not her hostage. He’s her “guest”. She tells him she’s trying to “help him appreciate her”. And “those others” only intend to hurt him.

Tracy and Anna continue to argue about which of them Luke has chosen over the other. Anna tells Tracy she knows that Luke did not go to Tracy’s house to get back with her. He did it to “let her down easy”. Yet neither of them have a clue where Luke is or what his choice between them is.

Heather reminds Luke she knows he called the police to get her charged with moving Anthony’s body and have her sent back to Ferncliff. He reminds her that if she holds him hostage, too many people will wonder where he is, including the police commissioner, Anna. She smirks and tells him that’s just too bad because Luke is going to spend the evening with her instead.

Sonny goes to see Dante who informs his dad he’s heard that Kate shot out Anthony’s tires and set Sonny up. The source is Johnny. Sonny protests that Johnny is lying. Dante then tells him that’s the reason he wanted to talk to him and asks Sonny if it was in fact Kate who shot out Anthony’s tires.

Kate calls Johnny from her room at Shadybrook. He promptly comes to see her and tells her he wants to help with her recovery. She informs him that she is finally revealing memories she has of all of the behaviors Connie has done since she was a teenager. He asks her what that has to do with him. She answers because they need to talk about who shot out Anthony’s tires and what she’s discovered about the night in question.

Tracy and Anna are both confident they know the other has mistaken information that Luke wanted a future with her.

Heather tells Luke that this is the night for them to be together and know how much they mean to each other.

Tracy tells Anna that Luke only wanted to be “nice” to her after the loss of her daughter. But she discovers that Anna spent the night with Luke the previous night and lied about it.

Heather lights a candle hoping Luke will find it “romantic”. She wants to prepare a dinner and desert for him at the abandoned place she’s taken him.

Michael informs Carly that Starr Manning was able to realize that his dad did not cause the accident and that it was Kate. And Starr knows about DID since her aunt and cousin have it. Carly tells her son she has also heard that from Todd. He urges his mom to know that it’s a sickness that someone cannot help.

Kate tells Johnny she does not remember Connie shooting out Anthony’s tires although she remembers everything else Connie has done throughout her life. She believes, however, that it must have happened because why else would Connie have confessed.

Dante informs Sonny that Kate has concluded with Dr. Keenan that she shot out Anthony’s tires. But Sonny seems to know that Kate does not know how to operate a gun. He knows that about her and realizes that the evidence does not add up and Dante must know that Johnny did it since Johnny knows how to fire the shot and she cannot. But Dante needs to know why Kate confessed and he seriously bets that Sonny covered for her. So he urges Sonny to tell him what he knows about Kate (as Connie) causing the death of the little girl and her dad.

Lulu is trying and failing to reach her dad on the cell phone. She and Alice are waiting for him to attend the dinner he planned with Tracy. And he’s nowhere to be found.

Tracy concludes to Anna that maybe it’s true that Luke chose Anna over herself. Anna tells Tracy she knows that Luke worked with Tracy regarding the disappearance of Anthony. The two of them are still in legal hot water and that’s why Luke arranged to have dinner with Tracy. And they both assume that Luke is probably at Tracy’s home right now waiting for her. She reminds Anna that Luke has scammed her into a fraudulent marriage, ransacked her bank account and done enough disappearing acts only to show up out of nowhere and give her false hopes that there is a future for them. And, she reminds Anna, he may have dumped her (herself). But Anna will get dumped also.

Heather tells Luke that the two of them are meant for each other. And as soon as he makes love to her, he will never again be able to think of another woman.

Kate tells Johnny she knows that he is the prime suspect in the shooting of Anthony and is worried that he might be railroaded since he’s innocent. She tells him she knows “she” shot out the tires which caused the little girl to die. This is murder. The police will not close the books on this and he will take the fall for this. She knows that Sonny does not want her to take the rap for it. In response to that, Johnny tells her Sonny is right.

Michael tells his mom that Johnny has become friends with Starr and wants to help her get a singing opportunity at the Haunted Starr. She reminds him that Johnny is a good guy and has no “ulterior motive”. Little do they know?

Kate is surprised that Johnny does not want to make Sonny suffer since they hate each other so much. He tells her he does not care for Sonny but does not want him to get in trouble for something that he did not do. She then tells Johnny she knows he’s a man of honor who did not “take advantage” of her. It’s not fair if he gets falsely accused of the crime. He tells her things are not so bad. He’s going to start a night club at the Haunted Starr. He and Carly are back on track and he’s not worried. But she can see that he’s hiding something.

Sonny urges Dante to know that Kate has a sickness she can’t help and he can’t let her be at the mercy of the cops, the DA or her lawyer. Dante cannot take Johnny’s word for it, Sonny tells him. He’s unreliable and wants to make trouble for Sonny. But Dante urges his dad to know that he has to report to Anna what he knows.

Tracy finds Lulu and admits to her former step daughter that she just found out that Luke was going to “let her down easy” and has chosen Anna over her. Lulu tells her former step mother she’s really sorry.

Heather wants to “make it happen” with Luke. He tries to sweet talk her into untying him. But his phone rings. It’s Anna who asks him why he didn’t go back to Tracy’s and wonders why nobody knows where he is or why he’s not picking up. Heather tells Luke she knows what Anna wants and that Luke wants Anna. She tells Luke “this has to change”. He asks her how exactly.

In Kate’s hospital room, Johnny encourages her to get better, tells her she can count on him to be her friend and gets ready to leave. But she gives him a “scare” by telling him she believes she can get her memories back about the night of the shooting.

Sonny tells Dante that although Kate says she shot out Anthony’s tires, he does not believe that. Dante tells him regardless it’s his job as a cop to report this first thing tomorrow morning.

Tracy admits to Lulu that she is hurt by Luke’s rejection of her but she has a feeling she’s not the only one being stood up tonight. She blows out the candles for her romantic dinner with Luke.

Anna is also alone lighting a candle wondering where Luke is. She blows it out.

Heather lights a candle while with Luke. She tells him she somehow knows she has to enable both of the women in Luke’s life to give up on him.

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