GH Update Friday 6/22/12

General Hospital Update Friday 6/22/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

The opening scene is a recap of yesterday’s last scene with Heather clocking Luke with a bottle.

Anna asks Lulu to talk alone at the police station.  Anna says she needs to talk about Luke and Tracy.

Tracy hears the door opening and gets in position thinking it is Luke.  It is a disappointed Alice.  She thought Luke was there already.  Tracy is agitated that he is not there yet.  Alice wonders if Luke would stand Tracy up.

Heather is talking to an unconscious Luke.  She apologizes for hitting him so hard.  She couldn’t let him get Anna involved.  She wants what she has done to stay between the two of them.

Sam and Spinelli still discuss who could have been in the car with Heather the night of the storm in their office.  The phone rings.  It is Woodrow, Spinelli’s contact at the Metro Court.  Woodrow has witness Heather entering a room in the Metro Court.  The room belongs to Todd Manning.

Todd arrives at Starr’s new apartment.  He can’t understand why she wants to live on her own and not with him.  Todd asks what this apartment has that he doesn’t.  In walks Trey in a towel.

Heather is trying to move Luke when she hears people coming.  Michael calls out to Starr.  Heather thinks ‘Oh No!’

Anna feels that she should have full disclosure with Lulu.  Lulu flashes back to her conversation with Luke, when she told him to go tell Tracy how he feels, and then confess everything he knows about Anthony to Anna.  Lulu thinks Anna should be having this conversation with Luke.  Lulu is aware they are having dinner and thinks Anna should talk to him.  Lulu realizes that they are talking about 2 different things.  Anna just wants her to know that they are starting to get involved.  She wants to know if Lulu has reservations about Luke’s fear of commitment or his on-going ties to Tracy. Lulu responds asking Anna if she is looking for reassurance.

Alice asks Tracy if she wants Cook to hold off on serving dinner.  She has set up a candlelit dinner on the Quartermaine terrace.  Tracy wants everything done as planned.  Alice points out Luke may be late.  Tracy insists he is on his way.  She wants Alice to make sure everything is perfect.  Alice asks if she thinks Luke will get the hint Tracy wants him back, by preparing all of his favorite foods.  Tracy says Luke already knows she wants him back, and she just wants him to know how sincere she is.  Alice wonders about Tracy’s current husband.  Tracy flashes back to her conversation with Luke about getting rid of Anthony.  Alice asks what really happened to Anthony.  Tracy says she doesn’t care, he is just gone.  Alice asks if maybe Luke isn’t ready for reconciliation, it is getting late and he is still not there.  Tracy says Luke is on his way, she is sure of it.

Michael and Kristina walk into the Haunted Star looking for Starr.  Heather has Luke unconscious hiding behind the bar.  She listens as they discuss Starr inviting Michael there to watch her rehearse.  As Michael is asking Kristina what it feels like to be back and at the club without Ethan; Heather is noticing Luke’s cell phone on the floor beneath their feet.  Kristina says she is done with Ethan because of the way he left without calling her.  They discuss Starr singing at the club.  Kristina is being judgmental of Starr because she is late.  Michael calls her out, saying Kristina doesn’t like Starr because she is living with Trey, not because of how she treats him.  They continue to discuss Trey and Starr.  Kristina realizes Starr has been through a lot, but it doesn’t justify her going after Sonny with a gun.  She doesn’t think Michael should be involved with someone who just lost their family, when he is still grieving for Abby.  Michael says he and Starr are just friends.  Kristina disagrees.

Starr introduces Trey to Todd.  Todd questions who Trey is.  Trey tells him he is a grad student at Yale, and he is currently producing a reality TV show.  Todd quips that Trey has managed to say 3 things to make him dislike him in one sentence.  Trey leaves to take a shower, with Starr yelling she needs to take one first.  She has to go meet Michael.  Todd intervenes and begins to get upset that Starr is going to see him after Michael tried to get her sent to prison.  Starr reminds Todd that Michael withdrew his testimony and got her charges dropped.  Todd counters Michael only did that because Todd blackmailed Sonny into making him.  Starr doesn’t want Todd telling her who her friends are.  They talk about their shared dislike of Trey.  Starr gets a text from Tea showing a picture of the baby.  She notices that the baby doesn’t resemble Victor or Tea.  Todd doesn’t want to see the text when Starr tries to show him. 

Spinelli and Sam discuss what Todd and Heather would be talking about.  They speculate maybe he was Heather’s ‘husband’, but Todd doesn’t fit the description.  Spinelli pulls up Todd’s history, and tells Sam he was charged with rape and the murder of Victor.  They think Todd is just as crazy as Heather, but still sane enough to run a media empire.  Again they ask what business the two would be discussing.  Spinelli wants to go find out.

Starr questions why Todd doesn’t want to see a picture of the baby.  She asks if it is out of guilt for killing Victor.  She tries to reassure Todd that he really came through for Tea and the baby then night he was born.  Todd caves and looks at the picture.  They both have to get going.  Enter Trey bragging about the great shower he just took.  Todd remarks to Starr that he knows the French word for shower, and Trey is it.  She agrees and Todd leaves.

Spinelli and Sam arrive at Todd’s hotel room.  They meet with his contact who confirms it was Heather he met.  He warns them before they enter his room, that Todd just left and he doesn’t know what time he is coming back.  If they get caught, he has nothing to do with them being in his room.  Sam enters with Spinelli standing guard.  They are looking for anything that will connect Todd and Heather.

Michael and Kristina continue to discuss Starr and Trey.  Michael switches the subject to Kristina doing this show for revenge on Sonny.  She thinks she is completely justified on getting revenge for Sonny buying her way into Yale.  Michael warns Kristina this show is going to make her look like a spoiled brat.  Poor Kristina, her father pulled strings to get her into college.  Kristina thinks Trey is going to do this show from her perspective; however Michael contends Trey will do this show from the angle that gets the most ratings.

Starr tells Trey she is going to shower.  She asks if Michael calls, please tell him she is running late.

Kristina points out; at least Trey didn’t try and kill Sonny.  He is also on time when he makes an appointment.  He tells her she can go.  He calls Starr.

Trey has the music so loud he cannot hear Starr’s phone ringing.

Michael tells Kristina he got Starr’s voicemail, so she must be on her way.  Kristina says she will wait with him.  Kristina tells Michael she missed him.  He reminds her she never returned any of his calls.  Kristina states she was having a personal crisis and didn’t want Michael to hear it in her voice.  She didn’t want to lie to him.  Kristina says since they have to wait, she wants a drink.  She is headed for the bar, where Heather is hiding Luke.

Tracy is still waiting.  Alice thinks Luke may have had a change in plans.  Tracy balks and tries to call Luke again.

Michael stops Kristina from raiding the bar.  He lists all the reasons she shouldn’t drink including Molly’s alcohol poisoning incident.  She knows all about it, and Molly is still being punished for it.  Kristina agrees not to drink, as long as Michael agrees Starr is a no show.  He agrees.  Kristina suggests they go to her apartment.  Just as they are leaving, they hear Luke’s phone vibrate.  They leave anyway.  Heather is relieved.

Lulu shares Luke’s feelings about Anna.  Anna tells Lulu Luke was supposed to go talk to Tracy.  Lulu says she knows, and he is probably there now.  Lulu explains Luke has issues telling people things that may hurt them.  His usual MO is to run away from things like that.  Anna asks who Lulu thinks Luke would run from first, her or Tracy.  Lulu explains that Luke cares about Anna, and sometimes he does the wrong thing for the right reasons.  Anna should just remember Luke cares about her.  Anna wonders if there is something else Lulu is trying to say.  Lulu flashes back again to her conversation with Luke about Anthony’s body.  She says the only thing she has to say is Luke is looking forward to their dinner tonight.

Alice wonders if Luke may be avoiding Tracy.  Tracy refuses to believe that and leaves to go find him.  She says to keep dinner warm, her and Luke will be back to eat it.

Trey answers the door to Kristina in a towel.  He explains he just took a shower.  Up walks Michael.  Michael tells Trey they were supposed to meet Starr and are looking for her.  Trey asks where the camera crew is.  She said they are taking a break at the Floating Rib.  In comes Starr, also in a towel, complaining that Trey used all the hot water.

Heather tells an unconscious Luke it is time to get going.  She didn’t want the evening to go this way. 

Sam sees Heather’s resume on Todd’s desk.  She takes a picture of it.  Next she sees a crumpled newspaper clipping on the floor.  It is the article about her baby dying.  She begins to wonder.

Meanwhile outside the hotel room, here comes Todd.  He asks Spinelli if he can help him.

Heather continues to drone on to Luke complaining about Anna and their relationship.  She tells him they need to talk about this relationship.  To Heather’s surprise, Lulu walks into the club.

Room service knocks on Anna’s hotel room door.  She is getting dressed when she answers.  The bell hop tells her it is the most romantic dinner the chef could make.  She is pleased.  She signs for the check.  Anna only needs Luke to show up now for it to be complete.  She opens the door to let the bellhop out, and there stands Tracy.

Starr explains Trey jumping in the shower ahead of her and that is why she is late.  Starr asks what they are doing there.  Michael tells Starr he tried calling.  When Starr realizes Trey didn’t pick up her phone, she asks why.  He gives her a lame excuse about moisturizer on his hands.  She apologizes to Michael about Trey.  She asks if Michael still wants to go to the Haunted Star.  Kristina obnoxiously points out; she and Michael have live in Port Charles their whole lives, they don’t need Starr to show them the club.  Michael steps in, and tells Starr don’t worry about it.  He suggests they go eat instead.  Kristina wants to stay behind with Trey.  Trey suggests they all stay and order pizza.  Starr thinks that is a good idea.  They all agree.

Tracy arrives at Luke’s hotel room to find Anna getting a romantic dinner delivered.  She is looking for Luke.  Anna tells her he is not there.  Tracy tells Anna she has been waiting for Luke since he called and asked to speak with her.  Tracy now thinks Luke is off planning a romantic surprise for her.  When Anna questions why would Luke do that, Tracy responds by telling her again; they are getting back together.  Anna is shocked.

Lulu asks Heather what she is doing at the Star.  Heather introduces herself.  Lulu knows who she is, but she is not allowed to just walk into the club.  Heather states she was looking for Luke.  Lulu wants to know why she wants to see Luke.  Heather tells Lulu she got a job as a journalist and wants to share it with Luke.  Lulu is surprised.

Spinelli stutters to answer Todd’s question.  He tries to stop Todd from going into his room.  Spinelli spins a lie about a marital discord case he is working.  He wonders if Todd has information that could help.  Spinelli is falling all over himself trying to get Todd to go have a drink to discuss what he may know about his investigation.  Todd comments on the way Spinelli speaks.  Todd asks if Spinelli got ‘beat up on the bus a lot’.  Todd refuses to go, and begins to enter his room.  Sam hears him coming.

Trey, Michael, and Starr discuss Trey’s taste in pizza.  They begin to argue about who ate what slices.  Trey continues to tease Starr.  It is beginning to anger Michael and Kristina.

Spinelli follows Todd into his hotel room.  He is clearly looking for Sam while chatting up Todd on the décor of the room.  He distracts Todd long enough for Sam to slip out.  Todd wonders how Spinelli knows his name.  Spinelli points out the headline of The Sun.  Todd throws Spinelli out.  He and Sam run away.

Lulu congratulates Heather on her job.  Lulu spots Luke’s phone and asks whose it is.  Heather lays claim and said it must have fallen from her bag.  Lulu asks Heather to leave.   Heather tells Lulu to tell Luke she is looking for him.  She hesitantly leaves, with Luke still unconscious behind the bar.

Anna tries to persuade Tracy to go home and wait for Luke.  Anna knows Luke had something important to discuss with her.  Anna thinks Luke is at the house by now.  Tracy notices Anna’s outfit and asks if she has a date.  Anna tells her yes.  Tracy apologizes for intruding.  Tracy notices the romantic dinner Anna has set up, and says she has one just like it at home waiting for Luke.  She opens the plates and realizes it is all of Luke’s favorite foods also.  She asks if the meal is for Luke.

Michael asks Starr to go for coffee.  She tells him she should get to bed.  She needs to get up early to work on her music.  Michael takes a rain check.  Michael tells Kristina it is time to go.  Trey tells her she should go home to sleep also.  Starr tells Trey he needs to clean up the mess.  They begin to bicker about who is going to clean up.  Michael and Kristina leave.  In the apartment, Starr and Trey still argue.  Starr hands him a rag and tells him to clean up.   Starr leaves.

Lulu is leaving a message for Luke.  She tells him he forgot to lock up.  She thinks he is with Tracy telling her they are over. 

Sam wonders why Todd had a clipping of her baby’s death.

Todd finds the clipping back on the desk.  He remembers he balled it out and threw it out.

Spinelli suggests it is possible Todd didn’t like the writing of the article and he may be looking for someone else to write for the Sun.  Sam agrees when she finds Heather’s resume.

Heather returns to the Star to take Luke away.

Tracy questions Anna about the meal.  Anna admits it is for Luke.

Heather drags Luke away.  

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