GH Update Thursday 6/21/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/21/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny arrives with flowers.  Carly promises not to throw anymore vases at him.  She hopes he is hungry, dinner is almost ready.  He is starved from working so hard opening the club.  Carly inquires how it is going working with Lulu.

Anna asks for everyone’s attention at the station.  She starts with thanking them for making her transition smooth.  She then goes on to say there are 3 cases that she wants to make a top priority.  They all concern the Zacchara’s. 

Luke wants to know what Heather is doing at the Haunted Star.  His phone begins ringing, however, she stops him from answering.  She thinks what she has to say to him can’t wait.

It seems it is Spinelli calling Luke.  We see Spinelli’s side of the voicemail he is leaving.  Spinelli needs to question Luke about Heather.  Spinelli walks into the PI office to find Sam at her desk.  He is surprised to see her there, since she just buried her baby.

Liz is straightening out her living room when there is a knock on the door.  She mumbles to herself, thinking it is Ewen at the door, and he is early.  She takes a deep breath and opens the door to find Jason.  He asks if he can come in.

Ewen is telling Kate to relax and tell him and Sonny everything she remembers about the night of the shooting.

Kate recalls her first memory was of Sonny being shot.  She went to the garage and saw a puddle of Sonny’s blood.  Next, she went to the emergency room to find him.  Once there, the two of them argued about Sonny’s wanting to go after Anthony.  She broke up with him and left.  Her next memory was putting on her bloody wedding dress.  Ewen is pleased.  This is the first Connie memory Kate is experiencing.  From her apartment, she went to the pier.  We see the flashback of Ewen running into Connie on the pier.  Kate explains she didn’t know why she was wearing the dress or how she got to the pier.  They realize she was Kate at this point.  She remembers Ewen’s will to help her.  Kate just wanted to run away.  Sonny adds that it is at this point of the night, Connie confessed taking over Kate and going after Anthony.  Ewen asks Kate if she remember that.  She doesn’t.

Johnny wants to make sure Carly really does want to work things out and move forward.  She is cautious, but wants to try.  She is fighting off her worse impulses and wants to get back to where they were.  John promises again, that he will never hurt her again.  She believes him.  She is confident Johnny has been honest with her since the Kate situation.  Carly then says there is something she has been keeping from Johnny.

Luke is annoyed with Heather grabbing his arm and preventing him from answering his phone.  He needs to go; he has important things to take care of.  “Dumping Tracy Quartermaine”, Heather asks.  Luke is puzzled by what Heather said.  Heather admits she was listening to Luke talking to Lulu.  He gets angry with her eavesdropping.  Heather recounts Luke’s conversation about Tracy and Anna.  Luke scoffs that none of this is Heather’s business.  Heather tells Luke to forget about Tracy’s broken heart.  What about her broken heart?

Spinelli wants to escort Sam home.  After all, she must be exhausted.  She explains to Spinelli that she is staying with Alexis, not at Jason’s penthouse.  Spinelli notes how comforting her family must be to her, at this time.  She agrees, but continues that they are always asking what they can do for her.  This just reminds her of what they can’t do, which is bring her baby back to her.  She came to work to be distracted.  It is not working though, all she thinks about is the baby and Jason.  She tells Spinelli that she saw Jason and he wants to get back together.  Spinelli asks Sam if they can.

When Jason walks in and sees the candlelit table, he remembers Liz has a date with Ewen and apologizes.  She tells him it is okay.  He tells Liz he went to the cemetery to pay his respect to the baby, thinking everyone would be gone.  However, Sam was still there.  He shares how he sat with her, and felt it was the closest they have been in a long time.  After their conversation though, he thinks they are further apart than ever.

Anna explains the first case she wants to go over is Robert’s suspicions that someone in the police department was leaking information to the Zacchara organization.   Padilla has a flashback of herself telling Johnny what the cops have on the case against Sonny shooting out Anthony’s tires.  Anna continues, the second case she wants to discuss is said shooting.  She recounts that Sonny has been acquitted and the perpetrator of that crime is still loose.  Now Dante flashes back to his conversation with Johnny, when Johnny tells him it was Kate that shot out Anthony’s tires.  Thirdly, Anna says is the disappearance of Anthony.  Lulu flashes back to her conversation with Luke, where he confesses to moving Anthony’s body.  Anna asks if anyone has any information to share on any of the 3 cases.

Heather whispers to Luke that she took care of his problem…..Anthony.  Luke assumes Heather killed him, and when he says so, she tells Luke she knows he killed Anthony.  Luke denies he killed him.  Heather says don’t worry she already took care of everything.  He asks what that means.

Again Spinelli asks Sam if she and Jason can start over.

Jason tells Liz, Sam cannot get past what he did.

Sam also says she can’t get past what he has done, even though she still loves him.

Jason admits to Liz he still loves Sam.

Spinelli and Sam agree that sometimes love isn’t enough.

Carly asks Johnny to sit.  He is starting to worry what Carly has been lying about.  She tells him how special she wanted the night to be for them.  Then she spills the beans.  The meal she told him she was slaving over was from the MetroCourt.  She was going to try to pass it off as her own.  Johnny stands and grabs his keys, as if he were leaving.  He gives Carly a big smile, and says he is fine with pizza.  They hug laughing.  He tells Carly she doesn’t have to work to make him feel special.  He automatically feels it when he is around her.  She hopes he is not a fantastic cook.  He playfully tells her he ‘has been known to heat something up’.  They kiss.  In walks Josslyn.  She wants to read her book.  Johnny tells Josslyn he was hoping he would get to read to her again.

The last thing Kate remembers is climbing the steps of the pier.  She doesn’t remember shooting at Anthony’s car.  She doesn’t remember driving at all.  Her next memory was being in her office the next morning.  She was still in her wedding dress.  Then Olivia came in.  She recounts Olivia’s reaction to Kate in the dress.  After Olivia left, Sonny came into Kate’s office.  She remembers nothing about the gun.  Sonny asks Ewen if it is common to leave out just one memory.  He tells Ewen the story Connie told him about her shooting out Anthony’s tires.  Kate starts to get upset.  She tells them she has remembered every horrible thing Connie has done, except this.

Liz wonders if Sam may be blaming Jason, because if she doesn’t, she would be forced to blame herself.  Jason doesn’t know why she would blame herself.  Liz reminds Jason of when they had to decide to take Jake off life support.  When Jason asks her to donate Jake’s organs, she lashed out at him.  It was easier to hate him, then to remember it was really her fault Jake was dead.  She makes the connection to how she felt, and how Sam is feeling now.  If Sam blames Jason, then she doesn’t have to think about why she stayed in that motel instead of going home.  Why she took the baby out in bad weather.  Why she wandered into the woods.  These are all things Sam doesn’t want to face.  Jason understands she was in shock.  Liz explains that a mother can never forgive herself for failing her child.

When Spinelli says loving someone doesn’t mean they will love you back, Sam questions if something happened between him and Maxi.  Spinelli explains what happened between them, and that he is done with her.  Sam can’t believe he means it.  Spinelli wonders if it is really over between Sam and Jason.  She tells him that she wishes she never went after the truth about Franco and the DVD.  She also wishes she never questioned Heather.  Spinelli seems surprised and tells Sam, Heather is the subject of his latest case.  Sam is surprised.  She asks to see what he has on her so far.  He shows her the file.

Heather goes over the day that she found Luke and Anthony at the Quartermaine’s.  She saw Anthony was dead, and knew Luke must have killed him.  Luke tells her again he didn’t kill him; they just found his body and moved it.  Heather admits she got rid of Anthony’s body.  He questions why.  Then he realizes, Heather did it so Luke would be grateful to her.  She wants to go celebrate. Luke balks.  She tells him to cancel his plans with Anna.

Padilla catches up with Anna in the hall.  She confesses that she was the leak in the department.  She gave Johnny inside information about Sonny’s trial.  She tells Anna she is a dirty cop.

Ewen and Sonny question Kate about having any memories of the gun.  She cannot remember anything about it.  Then Sonny thinks, maybe Connie lied to him about shooting out Anthony’s tires.  Kate doesn’t understand why Connie would lie.  Ewen seems to agree with Kate; Connie had no reason to lie.  Ewen does also think there may be another possibility why Kate doesn’t remember.

Johnny is reading to Josslyn.  The smoke alarm goes off leaving Johnny and Josslyn alone.  While Johnny is reading, Josslyn begins to speak.  When he looks up, he sees her necklace, which says Hope.  She asks Johnny to tell her the story of what he did to her and her daddy.

Ewen believes it could be possible that Connie is still protecting Kate from this one memory.  They debate back and forth on why Kate cannot remember killing Cole and Hope.  Sonny thinks Kate should rest and deal with this later.  Ewen suggests they call it a day.  Kate protests and wants to continue.  Ewen wants Kate to process everything she has remembered to this point.

Johnny is in disbelief that Hope is on the couch.  She blames Johnny for her death.  He apologizes and promises to do everything in his power to make her mommy (Starr) happy again.  Just then, Carly walks in.

Padilla explains why she agreed to give Johnny information on the case against Sonny.  She tells Anna her sister was murdered and her case was cold.  Johnny promised to get her information on that case.  Anna listens.  Then Padilla offers up her badge to Anna.

Dante tells Lulu about Johnny’s conversation with him.  He explains that Connie was the one who shot out Anthony’s tires.  Johnny also said Sonny is covering it up.  Lulu asks if Dante told this to Anna.  He wants to talk to Sonny first.  Dante wonders how he can do his job and still stay loyal to Sonny.  Lulu admits she too is keeping a secret for her father about Anthony.

Heather states her and Luke were meant for each other.  Again Luke tells her it will never happen.  She wonders why.  She blames his feelings for Anna.  Luke asks where Anthony’s body is, and she assures him it is some place no one will find it.

Jason takes all the blame for the death of Sam’s baby.  Elizabeth points out both he and Sam made mistakes.  Liz and Jason agree even if everything went right, the baby still might not have survived.  Jason saw how sad Sam was at the cemetery and felt he couldn’t fix it or comfort her.  He thought of their wedding day when they were happy.  Liz leans in to comfort him.

Spinelli tells Sam Olivia is concerned with Heather’s odd behavior.  Sam points out; Olivia is not the only one.  Sam mentions she has a past experience with her, as well.  She will fill him in on the details later.  Spinelli runs down what he has on Heather, so far.  He mentions the testimony of the officer who told Spinelli about Heather’s husband being in the car with her.  He suspects it may be Luke, and has left him a message with him.

Luke wants Heather to bring Anthony’s body back.  He thinks they may be evidence on the body that will prove his innocence.  Heather is skeptical.  He tells Heather if she really cares about him, she will tell him where the body is.  She agrees to do one better.  She will show him.

Lulu tells Dante Anthony is dead.  Dante points out, this is now murder.  Lulu wants to be clear on the fact, Luke did not kill him.  Dante says if they did not kill him, Tracy and Luke did obstruct the investigation by moving Anthony’s body.  She explains their thinking.  Dante wants Lulu to come clean to Anna.  She says she will, when he comes clean about Sonny and Kate.

Anna lets Padilla keep her badge.  She is going to offer her a chance to redeem herself.  She points out that Johnny thinks she is a dirty cop, so why not use that fact.  She wants Padilla to continue feeding Johnny information.

Carly asks Johnny if he is okay.  She overheard him telling Josslyn he would do anything to make her mommy happy.

Kate hates Connie for what she has done.  She is also grateful for knowing why Connie existed in the first place.  Sonny apologizes.  He didn’t realize, for all these years, what she was going through and dealing with.  She remembers the morning after they were supposed to run away together.  She was so afraid to talk to Sonny.  She didn’t want to break down and tell him everything that happened.  She knew he would have gone after Joe Jr., and it would have ruined Sonny’s life.  He wishes he could have helped her.  She is so happy that he is standing by her now.  He tells her to get used to it.  Sonny is not going anywhere.  He tells her he loves her.

Ewen shows up at Elizabeth’s with an apology for being late and a bottle of wine.  When he walks in he sees Jason.

Sam is impatient.  She doesn’t want to wait for Luke to call.  She suggests looking for Heather’s phone records.  Spinelli takes this opportunity to ask Sam about her dealings with Heather.  She tells Spinelli Heather is still crazy and hates her for not delivering her letter to Steve.  She explains about the letter.  She tells Spinelli even after the truth came out about Franco, Heather still threatens Sam with revenge.  Spinelli doesn’t understand why Heather would be so mad.  Sam wants to put her back in the hospital ASAP.

Heather wants Luke to leave with her and go to Anthony’s body.  Luke thinks they should do this by the book.  Since he is roommates with the police commissioner, he doesn’t want to get caught with Anthony’s body.  Heather wonders if that is all he is worried about.  Luke suggests they call the police and tell them where the body is hidden.  Heather clocks him in the head with a bottle.

Spinelli and Sam are discussing their filing system over Chinese food.  Sam reminisces how it feels like old times.

Ewen thinks he made a mistake on the day for their date.  Jason says he was just leaving.  He thanks Liz for listening.  She tells him that is what friends are for.  Ewen pours some wine.  Liz asks how Ewen’s day went.  He said he uncovered some mysteries, but there were still more to come. As Liz and Ewen are kissing, Josslyn comes out carrying a book.

Sonny is saying goodbye to Kate.  She tells him she truly will not be able to rest until she tells the cops she killed Cole and Hope.  Sonny tells her not to worry about that now.  She doesn’t want another innocent person blamed for the crime.

While reading to Josslyn, Johnny sees Hope in her place and promises her that he will do everything possible to make her mommy happy. Carly overhears Ewen, touched by his remark. Carly returns from putting Josslyn to sleep.  She tells Johnny their dinner is burnt.  She offers frozen pizza.  While hugging Carly, Johnny sees Hope again.

Anna explains to Padilla that they are going to set Johnny up.  She asks if Johnny told her of any other dirty cops.  She says no.  Anna is hoping by feeding Johnny information, it will incriminate him in some of the department’s other open cases.

Dante is leaving to go talk to Sonny.  Once he talks to Sonny he will tell Anna everything, including Luke’s involvement in Anthony’s murder.  Lulu asks Dante to allow her father to come clean to Anna himself.  Luke told Lulu he plans to tell Anna everything over dinner tonight.

Heather is hovering over an unconscious Luke apologizing.  She tells him, his plans for tonight have changed.

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