GH Update Wednesday 6/20/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Anna kissed goodbye in the hallway outside their suite and didn't see Heather watching them. They made plans for a dinner date once Luke got home. Luke left, and Anna went back inside. Once the coast was clear, Heather followed Luke. Soon afterward, Felicia arrived with a tea service that she'd swiped from outside someone's room. Anna said she was on her way to work, but the rambling Felicia didn't take the hint. She poured tea for them and said she needed advice on her complicated life. Felicia told Anna about the talk she and Mac had about their past and how his attempts to date other women had fallen through because they weren't Felicia. She continued the story and told her about Spinelli, then Maxie interrupting them when they were about to kiss. Felicia thought that maybe they should keep things platonic, and she wanted Anna's advice on how to keep herself from impulsively making a romantic advance toward Mac. Anna grinned and said she was the wrong one to ask and told her about sleeping with Luke. Anna gave Felicia all the details about their decision to try being more than friends. Felicia was excited for them.

Anna said part of her was telling her this was a bad idea, but she wanted to ignore her reservations and pursue things with Luke anyway. Felicia felt exactly the same way about Mac. Anna said Felicia and Mac had been married, but Felicia said she let him down multiple times. Anna mused that she didn't want to make that mistake with Luke, then she said no offense. Felicia didn't take it that way. Anna said she felt so empty without Robin that it was a bad idea to get involved with anyone right now, least of all, an unpredictable guy like Luke. Anna admitted that his wild card personality was part of the attraction. She said he said he had feelings for her and she thought she felt the same way about him. Both women admitted that they wanted to try with the men they were interested in, but they were afraid of falling on their faces. After Felicia left, Anna called someone and said she wanted a romantic dinner for two.

Luke stopped by the Haunted Star, where Lulu was looking over floor plans for the new club. Heather spied on them. Luke asked if the ideas she was thinking of were better or worse than the idea of working with Johnny. Lulu admitted that had been an impulsive choice, but she reminded Luke that he couldn't judge. Luke dropped it, and Lulu asked how things were going with Anna. Luke told her how they slept together after they agreed that they should just be friends. Lulu grimaced and said they could have taken a cold shower, but Luke said this was more than a physical thing. He called what he and Anna had complicated, and Lulu agreed that it was now. Luke told her that he and Anna had decided to give it a go. Lulu pointed out that there was another woman involved. She asked if he told Tracy, and Luke said he was going to. Lulu was curious about why he was there, then. Luke wanted advice. Lulu told him to go be up front with Tracy, then go home and tell Anna everything, including all about moving Anthony's body, how it went missing and how he sent Robert on a wild goose chase for a son he didn't have. Heather listened to the talk intently. Luke was concerned that Anna would change her mind if he came clean, but Lulu insisted that this was a chance Luke had to take. She felt that Luke wouldn't be able to build something with Anna if he wasn't up front with her. Luke agreed that she was right. They said they loved each other and Lulu left. Luke called Tracy, who mentioned going by the hotel earlier. Luke told her he knew, and he told her he was coming over so they could talk. After he hung up, he steeled himself for the impending conversation with Tracy, then turned to leave and found himself face to face with Heather.

Mac happened upon Patrick and Emma having a pretend tea party in the park. Emma ran to him and he hugged her and told her he missed her, even though they'd just seen each other the day before. Patrick invited him to stay, and Mac accepted. Mac asked about Matt and Patrick said he was fine, all things considered. Mac noted that Patrick looked well. Patrick joked that Mac should have seen him last week. He shared that going to work was helping, then he he apologized for his insensitivity. Mac said he was overdue for a change anyway and it was nice having free time to spend with his family. Patrick assured Mac that everyone was there for him. Mac divulged the same story that Felicia told Anna. Mac had also come to the conclusion that the universe might want them to keep things platonic. After Emma ran off to play, Patrick said Robin told him a bit about Mac's relationship with Felicia. Mac had reservations, because Felicia left him more than once. Patrick said people made mistakes and some people, like Patrick, were lucky enough to get a second chance. He advised Mac to listen to his heart, like Robin did. Mac didn't know if his heart was as big as her's was.

Maxie entered Kelly's and pointedly ignored Spinelli. He approached her and said he'd been looking at her picture in his phone contacts. Maxie snapped that he should delete it. Spinelli thought they should discuss her reasons for staying married to someone she didn't love. Maxie said this was none of his business and that none of this would have happened if it weren't for him. Spinelli insisted that he'd done it for her, but Maxie was still angry that Matt's freedom had been sacrificed for her sake. When she informed Spinelli that she'd moved out of her apartment and into Matt's, Spinelli realized she planned to wait for Matt. He thought it was a bad decision. Annoyed, Maxie asked Spinelli what he wanted from her. This was the final straw. The fed up Spinelli said he wanted a thank you. When Maxie attempted to storm off, he grabbed her arm and fired off a list of things he'd done for her over the years, such as taking a bullet for her, saving her from kidnappers, and being consistently understanding and supportive, that he thought were deserving of gratitude on her part. Maxie stomped out of the restaurant and Spinelli followed and continued his lecture. He told her that he tried to do things her way and only told the truth when it became clear that she couldn't survive in prison. Maxie argued that he didn't have to do that. Spinelli said all he wanted was her happiness and that was why he apologized over and over and put up with her cold shoulder. Spinelli informed her that he'd had enough and he wasn't going to do it anymore.

Maxie didn't understand why he was so upset, when she told him that the two of them were only friends, unlike her and Matt. She yelled that she never asked Spinelli for his help. Spinelli scoffed and said it made more sense to ask Anthony for help, so he could kill an innocent woman. Maxie swore she didn't know he would do that, but Spinelli argued that she should have known better than to go to such an unstable person. He yelled at her for not thinking about the consequences of her actions before she did them. Maxie tried to leave, but Spinelli grabbed her arm again and told her that her actions affected other people. Maxie ordered him to stop lecturing her. Spinelli told her he used to consider it a privilege and a duty to clean up after her, but no more. “I quit,” Spinelli said in a forceful tone. He told her to go home and spend her life waiting for Matt. Maxie was taken aback and asked if it didn't bother him if she stayed married to Matt. Spinelli said it was her life to waste, but he wasn't wasting his. Maxie asked if he thought being friends with her was a waste. Spinelli said friendship was a two way street, not one person taking advantage of the other or treating them badly. He said he knew his love for her had no value to her, beyond being a tool for her convenience, so he was done with that and done with her. He walked away and Maxie burst into tears. She ended up at the park, where Patrick and Emma were still playing tea party.

Maxie pretended not to be crying, so as not to upset Emma. Patrick went over to her and Maxie told him Spinelli had said some hurtful things. She conceded that some of these things were true, but she was surprised, because he was usually more sensitive. Patrick wondered if it was about her marriage to Matt, and he told her it was okay if she was having second thoughts about continuing to stay married to him. Maxie insisted that she wasn't. She vowed to wait for Matt and told Patrick that she was going to live at Matt's place. Patrick revealed that he'd canceled Matt's lease. He explained that he didn't realize Maxie wanted the place. Maxie understood and thought it was nice that he was helping Matt get his affairs in order. She said she didn't want to go back to her place because of all the memories and that she didn't want to move in with Mac, because she thought that her presence would stop Mac and Felicia from acting on their feelings for each other. Patrick invited her to stay with him for awhile. Maxie was afraid of intruding, but he insisted that it would be fine. Emma loved the idea, too. Maxie agreed to move in and chatted with Emma about the things they could do together.

Mac went to Kelly's. Spinelli peeked out from behind a menu and asked if Maxie was still outside. He told Mac they had an argument and how he impulsively rushed into the restaurant. Now, he was hiding out until she was gone. Mac said the coast was clear, then he told Spinelli that Maxie would come around in time. Spinelli said for the first time in his life, he didn't want her to. They talked and Mac was sympathetic to Spinelli reaching his breaking point. Spinelli said he didn't think he'd ever get to this point, but he thought he had to cut Maxie off for good. Mac said Spinelli could always accept Maxie as she was, faults and all. Spinelli said that he'd get hurt that way. Mac admitted that Maxie could be selfish. Spinelli said she never did it for malicious reasons, then he was frustrated when he found himself making an excuse for Maxie again. Mac's point was that the good in Maxie outweighed the bad. Spinelli asked how many times you could let someone be unkind before it was right to walk away for good. Mac said it wouldn't hurt so much if he didn't love her. Spinelli figured he probably always would, but he knew he couldn't keep going back to her because it was too painful. Felicia walked in and Spinelli urged Mac to take a chance with her, then he left. Mac told Felicia he'd been wondering whether it would be a good idea to get together. Felicia said she had, too. Mac kissed her quickly, then waited for a reaction. Felicia kissed him more passionately.

Kristina and Michael arrived at Trey's new apartment and saw Starr there, too. Michael wondered what was going on and Starr and Trey filled them in on how Maxie came to give both of them the apartment. Michael introduced Kristina and Starr; Kristina referred to her as the one who tried to kill her father. The contrite Starr explained that she'd done it out of grief, but Kristina said that didn't excuse her using Michael. Michael told Kristina that this was none of her business. Starr said she was wrong for what she'd done to Sonny and Michael. Kristina brushed off what Starr did to Sonny and said anyone else who wanted to go after him would have to get in line behind her. She looked at Trey and said instead of using a bullet to get back at Sonny, she was using camera. She told Starr all about strong arming Sonny into doing her new reality show. Starr didn’t seem impressed. Trey wanted all of them to have this conversation again in front of the cameras. Michael accused Trey of manipulating them all.

Sonny visited Kate at Shadybrook after Ewen told him she'd had a break through. Sonny hugged her and she told him that she'd never met him that night when they were going to run off together because she was pregnant. Sonny didn't understand – they'd never had sex back then. He calmly asked if she was seeing someone else. With Ewen's gentle encouragement, the tearful Kate told Sonny she'd been raped by a drunk Joe Scully Jr. Sonny was furious. Kate blamed herself for letting him in that night. Sonny also blamed himself; he'd known Joe Jr. was jealous of him, because Joe Sr. treated Sonny better. Sonny angrily paced the room and Kate begged him not to get upset. Sonny wondered why Kate never said anything and she explained that she didn't want Sonny to throw away the chance for the life they were planning by killing Joe Jr. According to Kate, she didn't feel able to face Sonny once she realized she was pregnant. Sonny realized that was why she never showed up that night. Kate apologized, but Sonny said he was the one who was sorry, and he comforted her.

At Ewen's urging, Kate shared the rest of the story. She told Sonny how she lied to her parents about going to college and moved to a boarding house after a priest practically ordered her to carry the baby to term. Kate told Sonny how she delivered the child on her own. With a look of contempt, she called the baby “Joe Jr.'s bastard son.” She said when she looked at the “thing” she'd carried for nine months, she felt bitter and resentful and never wanted to see it again. Sonny asked what she did and Kate begged him not to hate her. Sonny promised that he could never hate her. Kate told him about leaving the baby in the dresser drawer. Sonny added that that's when she became Kate Howard and went to Princeton. Kate confirmed it and said her child, her name and her past were all gone. Sonny held her close and said it wasn't all gone; she remembered her past. Kate disagreed. She said she made up a past and made herself believe she didn't meet Sonny because it didn't fit in with her plans and that she'd spent the whole summer in Connecticut instead of the boarding house. Kate said she didn't remember her child, or pregnancy or rape, until now. Sonny asked if she knew what happened to the baby. Kate said she didn't think he survived.

The show cut to Trey, Starr, Kristina and Michael. Michael told Kristina Trey had manipulated his way into living at the same place as Starr so he could put her on the show, too. Kristina asked Trey if Michael was right. Trey called Michael 'dude' and said he had it all wrong. Kristina warned Trey that calling Michael that was a bad idea. Starr cleared things up by telling them that Trey was already at the apartment when she got there. Michael still didn't trust Trey and he went off on him for taking advantage of Kristina's anger and pain. Kristina stepped in and said she wanted to talk to Trey alone, then she pulled him into the hallway by his arm. Kristina asked Trey if he really thought this was a good idea. She felt that Starr was unstable, but Trey thought Starr acted out of grief. To get Kristina on his side, he stroked her hair and smooth talked her into accepting that he could handle this himself.

Inside the apartment, Michael told Starr this wasn't a good idea; he said Kristina was easy to manipulate when it came to Sonny and Trey would eventually use Starr, too. Starr didn't see how. She pointed out that she didn't have a grudge against Sonny anymore. Michael brought up Kate causing the accident and Kristina said it was Connie. Michael said what if Trey found out about that, just as Trey walked in.

Back at Shadybrook, Ewen and Kate explained that now that she'd made her breakthrough, she could heal. Sonny vowed to be there every step of the way. Kate was surprised he'd be there after she abandoned an innocent baby in a drawer. Sonny assured her that she wasn't to blame, because she was sick. He told her he loved her and she said she loved him too. Sonny asked if this meant Connie was gone. Ewen explained that Kate and Connie would integrate into one personality with all the memories of both. Connie said it was already starting to happen. Ewen reminded her that Connie's actions weren't her fault. Sonny asked if Kate remembered shooting out Anthony's tires.

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