GH Update Tuesday 6/19/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/19/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Kristina talked about Sam's grief outside Kelly's. Kristina said thinking about Sam's pain almost made her break down earlier. Trey revealed that he'd been spying on Kristina and Michael. He walked over and said he hoped Kristina got it on film. Michael went into protective older brother mode until Kristina introduced him to Trey. Trey was eager to get Michael on the show. He called him the heir to the business and brought up Claudia's death. Kristina asked Trey to back off, so he gave her a release form for Michael to sign, then he left. Michael thought Trey was an exploitative jerk, but Kristina said he was ambitious. She tried to get Michael to see the reality show as a fun opportunity, but Michael thought it was another one of Kristina's “stupid” ways to get back at Sonny. Kristina argued that she was just trying to expose her parents for being hypocrites. Michael felt that Sonny meant well when he got her into Yale, but Kristina said he humiliated her and somehow convinced Alexis to go along with it. Michael asked if she was trying to punish them and Kristina said no. According to Kristina, this was a way to take control of her life and create her own brand. Michael asked if that was Trey's idea. Kristina said Trey listened to her, unlike her parents.

Michael said Alexis and Sonny thought Kristina was too impulsive and she'd proven them right. When Kristina countered that Trey cared about what she thought, Michael realized she had feelings for him. Kristina admitted that she was attracted to him, but Trey wanted to keep things on a professional level. When Michael needled her about Trey again, she turned things around and questioned him about letting Starr stay with him, which she'd learned from Molly. Michael said they were just friends. He explained Starr's actions when Kristina brought up her attempt to kill Sonny. Kristina's eyes widened and she announced that Michael liked Starr. Michael said he liked her as a friend and that Starr just lost her boyfriend and daughter. Kristina thought it would be good for Starr to have a nice guy like Michael. Michael admitted that he thought they had a connection, but everything changed when she pulled a gun on Sonny. He said they were trying to rebuild their friendship.

Heather broke into Todd's room and told him she wanted something in exchange for keeping quiet about the baby switch. Todd warned her that he harmed the people who threatened him and tried to throw her out. When Heather wasn't shaken, Todd tried to threaten her into silence by saying he knew she killed Anthony. Heather said she didn't kill Anthony; she was only doing a favor for someone she loved. She also felt that Todd had more to lose than she did. Todd argued that Heather took advantage of his guilt and manipulated him into thinking Sam was there to abandon her son. Todd said he couldn't break Tea's heart again when Heather was dangling the idea of the baby switch over him. Todd added that Heather told him Sam's husband was estranged from her, because he wasn't the baby's father. Heather smiled and recalled reading the paternity test saying that the baby was Jason's. Heather wanted Todd to give her a job so she could build a life with her new man, without having to deal with Olivia's disapproval. Todd asked if this guy killed Anthony. Heather said his ex wife made him do it, so it wasn't his fault. She didn't think it was Todd's place to judge after he killed his brother and hurt “poor Sam.” Todd lamented that he was being blackmailed for trying to do what he considered a good deed; getting Tea a new baby. He hired her on the condition that they never talk about the baby switch again. They bantered back and forth over the job she should have, then Todd told her to think about it and get back with him. Heather said her man would be so proud of her and he'd be beholden to her forever, just like Todd. She talked Todd into giving her an advance on her salary, then left. Todd looked at a newspaper clipping on the death of Sam's baby, then crumpled it up.

Luke was taken aback when Anna said what happened last night could never happen again. She reminded Luke Tracy thought she and Luke were getting back together. Luke said while he told Tracy he had feelings for her, that was before he and Anna slept together. Anna thought it would be best if she and Luke kept their friendship platonic. Luke revealed that he had feelings for her, but Anna said while he was a nice guy, he was also a criminal and her ex's best friend. She said although she and Robert were over, they shared a bond over Robin and her death. Anna got upset because Robert left her to grieve alone to chase after Ethan. Luke took the blame for that and told Anna that Robert was in a bad place when he told him about Ethan. Anna pointed out that Robert might be driven back to that dark place if she and Luke got together. Luke asked if she still loved Robert ,and Anna said she hadn't loved him for a very long time. Luke wondered if she was trying to let him down easy and Anna said no. She explained that although you might want something or someone it didn't necessarily mean you should have them. Luke said he was irresponsible and tended to disappear for long periods and he couldn't lie and tell her things would be different if they were together. Anna understood.

According to Anna, part of her felt that she wasn't ready for a relationship because she was in mourning and part of her wanted to jump right in. Luke asked which part would win and Anna said the things about Luke that scared her were also the things that she liked. Anna told Luke he'd need to consider what he was going to do about Tracy. Luke realized that he did lead Tracy to believe they were getting back together. He told Anna he'd made his choice and he leaned in to kiss her. She pulled back and said he had to talk to be honest with Tracy. Luke said he knew he had to talk with her. Anna told him she understood if he changed his mind about them, but Luke was adamant that he wanted Anna. They agreed to meet back at the suite for a date once he broke the news to Tracy. Heather was on her way toward Luke's room and saw Luke and Anna sharing a goodbye kiss in the hallway. She quickly left before they noticed her.

At the Haunted Star, Starr finished performing her song for Johnny and told him she hadn't felt this good since the accident. Johnny predicted she'd be singing sold out shows soon. Starr said they just had to get Todd on board. Johnny asked if he needed to be worried about Todd's protectiveness of Starr, and she said no. She explained that Todd only went after people who hurt her, then she referenced the time he pulled a gun on Sonny when he'd been charged with causing the accident. Starr said Todd didn't think before he reacted when he was trying to do what he felt was best for himself or his family. She said she often had to guide him and do damage control. Starr admitted that she could be impulsive too, like when she tried to kill Sonny. Starr figured Todd's newspaper would give him something to focus on. She mentioned that Todd asked her to move in with him, but she wasn't interested.

Spinelli met with Olivia and told her about the state trooper seeing Heather with a white haired man passed out in her passenger seat, who she claimed was her husband. Spinelli wondered if Heather had gotten married in secret, and the exasperated Olivia said anything was possible with her. They discussed the men Heather had been involved with over the years and Olivia said Edward got a restraining order on Heather as soon as she was released. She told Spinelli that Heather had deluded herself into thinking she and Luke were getting married years ago. Spinelli thought they should talk to Luke and see if he had any ideas about what Heather was up to.

Outside the cemetery, Jason approached Sam and said he wanted to be there for her during the funeral, but he was concerned that she didn't want him there. He told her he was sorry she lost the baby. Sam tearfully said her two babies were buried next to each other. She told Jason that she didn't feel the peace here that Molly felt. Jason asked where her mother and sisters were and Sam explained that they left because she thought she wanted to be alone. Jason said he'd been thinking of all the 'what ifs' that lead to this moment and wondering if things would have been different if he hadn't had John attacked or if he'd gone to the hospital. Sam said she'd been doing the same thing. She said that if she hadn't gone to see Heather, she and Jason would still believe the baby was theirs and he'd still be alive.

Sam hadn't been sure about going to the funeral at first, but decided to go because she wanted to be there with all the people who wanted to honor her son. She wept as she read Jason a line from the poem 'Do Not Stand at my Grave and Cry' about your loved one always being with you. Jason put his hand on her shoulder and asked if she'd let him help her through her grief. He said he didn't think she should stay at the hotel anymore. Sam said if he worried about John, he should know that he was gone. Jason said he was worried about her being there alone. Sam told him she was staying with her family. Jason reminded her that he was still her husband and he asked her to go home with him. He said although they hurt each other, he loved her and believed she loved him. Sam cried as she asked if they were going to move on like nothing ever happened. Jason said it did happen, but they could move past it together. He begged Sam to tell him she was willing to try. Sam said so much had happened. Jason said they could move past it. Sam said she was sorry, but she couldn't, then she ran off crying.

Lulu visited Maxie's apartment and found her cleaning in preparation to advertise for a new roommate. She asked why she didn't have Spinelli move back in and Maxie said it was his fault she was in this position. Lulu was surprised when she realized Maxie planned to stay married to Matt. Maxie replied that she was supporting her husband, but Lulu wondered if this wasn't more about punishing Spinelli. Maxie said the two had nothing to do with each other, but she was still angry with Spinelli for telling the truth in court. Lulu defended Spinelli and said he told the truth to protect the woman he loved. Maxie spat that Lulu should worry about her own marriage instead of Maxie's. Lulu was adamant that things were fine between her and Dante and that her relationship with Johnny was strictly business. Maxie countered that she saw what Johnny and Lulu had and that the attraction might resurface now that they were working in close proximity, no matter how much Lulu loved Dante. Lulu insisted that nothing was going to happen between her and Johnny.

Lulu opened the door to leave for the Haunted Star and found Trey in the hallway. He asked if she wanted to 'shack up.' Lulu pointed Maxie out and when she saw the look of attraction on Trey's face, she told him not to get excited because Maxie was married. Lulu left and Trey asked if it was just her and her husband living there. Maxie reluctantly told him Matt was in prison. Trey loved the apartment, and just as he agreed to take it, Starr walked in and began chattering about loving the place. Trey rudely tried to get Starr to leave, because he wanted to rent the room, but Starr stood up to him. While Trey and Starr tried to convince Maxie that they'd be the better roommate and sniped at each other, Maxie was lost in thought remembering a play fight she and Spinelli had when they lived there together. She suddenly announced that there were too many memories here, so she was moving back to her husband's place. Maxie told Starr and Trey to enjoy their new apartment, then she rushed out the door.

Trey called Kristina and invited her to come see his new place. She agreed. When she hung up she beamed as she told Michael. Back at Trey and Starr's, the two bickered over their new living arrangements, then Starr went into another room. Kristina and Michael arrived and as they talked to Trey, Starr walked into the living room and everyone saw each other.

When Lulu got to the Haunted Star, Johnny was listening to a recording of Starr singing. He told Lulu that he hoped she'd be around to hear her sing on opening night. Lulu asked why he thought she wouldn't be and Johnny brought up Dante's visit the night before. Lulu thought Dante just needed sometime to get used to the idea of them working together. She said Dante knew that her relationship with Johnny was purely professional, no matter what Maxie said. Lulu filled Johnny in on Maxie's belief that it would hurt Lulu's marriage if they worked together. They both figured Maxie was projecting because she didn't want to admit that she was in love with Spinelli while married to Matt.

Spinelli, who was still at Kelly's, was about to call Maxie when she walked in with a distraught expression on her face.

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