GH Update Monday 6/18/12

General Hospital Update Monday 6/18/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is on the phone in his hotel room at the metro court after getting out of the shower, making “plans” to get a nice place to live when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it to see Carly with his morning paper which she notices he’s written and posted himself on the front page with: “Please allow me to introduce myself”

Spinelli is on the phone with Olivia telling him she knows there’s something “not right” about Heather. He tells her he agrees but is right now ready to meet with Sam at her baby’s funeral.

Tracy is ready to rush to the metro court to find Luke. But it appears he’s been “otherwise engaged” for the night and has slept with Anna. They awaken and are not certain what to conclude from what happened the previous night.

Carly asks Todd why he has bought a paper and changed the name. He doesn’t want to answer but offers her some coffee and reminds her that she is single and the only person in the room not half naked. He asks her about how she has acquired the metro court. She tells him her ex-husband, Jasper Jax sold it to her. He tells her that he has just acquired a new business called Manning enterprises.

Heather sits with her son at Kelly’s while Olivia sits at another table nearby observing Heather and talking to Spinelli. He seems as though he might have some leads about what Heather might have been up to the night Sam’s baby died. Right then, heather approaches her knowing that Olivia might have a secret.

Luke and Anna are both not certain what “last night” meant to them. They agree that it’s enjoyable but might put their friendship as well as her job and Tracy’s feelings at risk. She tells him she knows whether he admits it or not that he wants Tracy back.

Jason goes to see Michael who’s surprised that he’s not with Sam at her baby’s funeral. Jason tells Michael he assumes Sam does not want him around. And it’s not because he’s not her baby’s father. It’s because she blames him for her baby’s death.

Luke wants to go to breakfast with Anna but does not want to answer her question.

Carly tells Todd he’s making a serious commitment to establish a business in Port Charles. He tells her that publishing is the only thing he got from his old man besides money and his kids have trust funds and he needs to win them over. He also indicates that he might want to stick around Port Charles in order to get to know her. He tells her she might be the only person he knows whom he can count on to be brutally honest with him. She sits and looks at his new paper and tells him she will be.

Jason explains to Michael that Sam gave birth with only John McBain to help her. But he was unable to do so because Jason’s guys went after him. Michael tells Jason he mustn’t blame himself for the death of the baby. Jason tells Michael he knows Sam does and he’s afraid she will never forgive him for admitting that he couldn’t love the baby because it was Franco’s.

While getting ready for the funeral, Alexis tells Kristina she needs her not to bring up Jason in Sam’s presence. Kristina protests to her mom that she just thinks it would be nice if Jason would get over himself enough to be there for her sister. Alexis tells her daughter that a lot of things would “be nice” including that this never happened in the first place.

Molly sits with Sam at the gravesite and Sam expresses to her little sister how much she appreciates all she’s done with the flowers and poems and everything.

While Spinelli is not far away on the road side after parking his car and walking around to find evidence about Heather, a state trooper asks him if he needs road assistance. Spinelli replies no. He’s a private investigator looking for some clues. The cop then indicates that he might have seen the “woman in question on the night in question”

When heather overhears Olivia on the phone talking about some “nut case”, Olivia knows she better make up a good story to have not only Heather, but Stephen believing she’s talking about a guest at the metro court. But heather seems to know better.

Tracy goes looking for Luke at the metro court and is shocked to see that he’s spent the night with Anna.

At his hotel room, Todd asks Carly which of the two shirts he’s considering wearing makes him look like a man of wealth and taste. Carly tells him she just found out about Sam’s baby and is shocked.

Sam tells her mom and sisters she’s afraid that she’s failed to be strong. She’s never been so scared in her life and is afraid she’s falling apart. They assure her they will be there for her. But she tells them that for some reason she cannot “accept” that her son is dead. She got to hold him and doesn’t know how she can get through this.

Michael tells Jason he doesn’t want him to give up on Sam and he must know that in time Sam will forgive him. Jason tells Michael that as long as Sam believes he’s glad that her baby is gone, he does not think she will forgive him for that.

When Tracy catches Anna in Luke’s bed, Anna doesn’t want to admit to what happened or reveal that fact that Luke is in the bathroom and not in his own room. Anna wants to dismiss Tracy before Luke appears. Tracy tells her that she thinks now is the perfect time for the two of them to have a talk about Luke.

At Kelly’s, Heather asks Olivia if she finds it fulfilling to be working at the hotel and tells her she’s looking for a job herself. She doesn’t want to keep mooching off her son. She wants to rebuild her life with her son and do many other things. She then remembers Luke telling her he knows that she escaped the mental facility against doctor’s wishes.

The state trooper confirms with Spinelli that they are talking about the same woman in question when they see her picture. And the cop reveals that he saw this woman with her “husband”. Hearing that, Spinelli realizes it’s very odd that Heather told the cop she had a husband. The cop tells Spinelli he saw her with a man. Spinelli asks if he can describe the man with heather. The cop replies he was older, had white hair, was skinny and drunk as a skunk.

Tracy tells Anna she is there to “take Luke off her hands”. She tells Anna that Luke wants to get back with her but there are issues with the “Anthony debacle” and the fact that Anna is a cop. Anna reminds Tracy that all the evidence stacks up against her and Luke in Anthony’s disappearance. Tracy tells Anna she needs to look for other culprits.. Anna tells Tracy she knows that Tracy wants to get back with Luke.

The cop Spinelli talks to confirm the correct date when Heather was seen with a man who appeared drunk and may have had some involvement in what happened to Sam’s baby.

Stephen and Olivia talk about finding Heather a job and Olivia doubts that Heather is very employable.

Carly asks Todd how he would know about the death of Sam’s baby. He cannot answer. But she tells him how bad she feels about this happening. She and Sam are not the best of friends. But Sam’s married to her best friend. She can’t understand how he could have happened and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. She turns to Todd realizing that his daughter lost her baby. Todd remarks that he feels terrible about this woman’s (Sam) suffering. Carly tells him she does too and she’s going to tell her that right now. She gets up to leave and visit Sam at the funeral.

Jason tells Michael that when he found out that Franco was his brother and the baby’s father, he could not accept it remembering what Franco did to Sam, to him and to Michael and admitted he could not promise to love the baby. And it was too late to get Sam back when he dared suggest adoption. He thought that the baby might be better off with two parents who don’t remember or care about how it was conceived but all Sam could hear was that he wanted the baby gone. Michael asks Jason if that’s true and if he is willing to accept losing the woman he loves.

Sam asks her mom and sisters how she’s supposed to grieve the loss of her baby when everything inside her tells her he’s not dead.

Todd sits alone remembering telling heather that Tea can never know that her baby died and Samantha can never know that her baby is alive, and hearing Heather telling him he must trust her that everybody is better off. But he tells her “not everyone” when he looks at the picture of Sam in the paper. And he looks like he’s ready to leave and go somewhere.

Jason informs Michael that he went to see Sam the night of the storm to tell her he loved her and could be the father of her baby. But she was already gone. And it’s too late. She’s lost too much. He admits to Michael that he (Michael) was the first baby he ever held. He remembers the day they put baby Michael in his arms remembering he was so tiny and fragile. And he is in awe to see Michael as an adult. It just reminds him that Sam will never have that time with her baby. Hearing that, Michael urges Jason to go and tell that to Sam and to not give up without trying.

Sam tells Alexis, Kristina and Molly she cannot stop thinking about her baby still being alive. He was healthy and beautiful. And then she left him. She was terrified. Alexis tells her daughter it’s ok to remember him as healthy and alive. The 4 of them huddle together when Spinelli appears and tells Sam he wants to be there to offer his condolences and tells her he loves her. Sam hugs Spinelli and tells him how grateful she is to have a friend like him. Michael then appears and finds Kristina telling her he wants to be there for Sam and the baby. He goes to find Sam. She hugs him. He tells her he knows what a great mom she would have made. And right then out of nowhere, to everybody’s surprise, Carly enters, greets Sam and hugs her, crying and telling her how sorry she is. Sam welcomes Carly knowing she comes in peace. Right then, they all leave Sam alone by her baby's gravesite.

Todd gets ready to leave the metro court when Carly returns. Knowing he’s going to Sam’s baby’s funeral, she remarks he should have let her know he planned to attend so that they could carpool. Todd is secretly haunted remembering the fact that heather is the only person on the planet besides himself who knows the truth about Sam’s baby.

Right then, Spinelli is able to report to Olivia that he has found an eye witness who saw Heather on the night in question.

heather appears out of nowhere in Todd’s room, reminding him that it would not be in his “best interest” to reveal the secret as it will get him in as much trouble as she is in.

Jason goes to find Sam when she’s alone by the grave site. And it looks like they are happy to see each other.

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