GH Update Friday 6/15/12

General Hospital Update Friday 6/15/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Anna are still kissing.  They are both shocked by what just happened.  Anna states she has lots of work to do and makes a hasty exit.  Luke is left smiling.

Lulu is sitting in front of her open refrigerator tossing playing cards.  Her cell phone rings.  It is Johnny.  He is looking for the spare key to the back room.  Lulu leads Johnny to where the key is hidden.  When he asks if she is okay, she lets him in on the fact that Dante has walked out on a fight with her.  He asks if it is because of their partnership, and she says yes.  Johnny reiterates his offer to buy the other half of the Haunted Star.  She refuses.  She thinks they will make a good team.  Dante will have to adjust.  In walks Dante to talk to Johnny.  Johnny asks if there is something wrong, and Dante responds with ‘what do you think?’

Sonny is walking McBain out.  He is trying to reassure John that he had nothing to do with Theresa’s death.  Just as Sonny gives his word to John; in walks Kristina with her camera crew.  She tells John, Sonny’s word is worthless.  John attempts to leave, but is stopped by Trey and asked to participate.  John leaves.   Kristina comments that Sonny looks stressed and asks if he would like to talk about it.  He gazes into the camera.

Ewen is still trying to get Connie to tell him what happened to her baby.  He says she must have been so scared.  She actually felt dirty and damaged.  She just couldn’t tell Sonny what happened to her.  Ewen asks again about the baby.

Anna is leaning on the door to her hotel room smiling when she is startled by a knock on the door.  It is McBain.  She dropped the hotel fire exit frame on her foot, so she is answering the door hopping.  He is coming to say goodbye.  Anna apologizes that she could not get John and extension on his warrant.  He says it is okay, and he is looking forward to getting back to Natalie and Liam.  She shares in his frustration on not getting the answers he wanted about his sister.  He informs Anna that he did get answers, just not the ones he wanted.

Lulu is answering the door to her apartment.  It is Luke.  Lulu is surprised to see him.  He reminds her he is her father.  Luke feels awkward being there.  When Lulu inquires why, he tells her he usually only spills his guts to a bartender pouring him scotch.  Lulu invites him to sit.  Luke comments on how hot her apartment is.  She apologizes for the broken air conditioning.  Luke says he want to talk to Lulu about relationships and complications.   She laughs and informs him that she too had a fight with Dante.  Lulu recounts for Luke the deal with Johnny.

Johnny tries to appease Dante with the financial benefit of Lulu owing and working at the club.  Dante implies that he may not make much money, but at least it is clean.  Johnny tells Dante that the club and partnership with Lulu are legitimate.  Dante flares that Johnny’s whole life was a fake.  Dante tries to get across to Johnny, that when you are married, couples make major decisions together.  So while Johnny thinks this is up to Lulu, Dante disagrees.  Johnny points out; perhaps Lulu wants to break away.  They live together, they work together, and now Dante is implying Lulu can’t make a decision without him either.  Johnny warns Dante not to hold on too tight.

Ewen pleads with Connie to talk to him.  All he wants to do is help her.  Connie mentions that other people have wanted to help her and didn’t.  She mentions a doctor and a priest.  The priest told Connie terminating a pregnancy was a mortal sin, and that she would go to hell.  She recalls the priest tried to make Connie see the baby was still a child of God.  He didn’t care how it was conceived.   Connie reminds Ewen that Joe Scully was her rapist’s father.  If Sonny found out, he would kill Joe Jr.  Then Sonny would end up dead or in prison.

Meanwhile, over at Sonny’s the cameras are rolling.  Sonny is again telling them to shut down the cameras.  Trey introduces himself to Sonny as the producer of the show.  Sonny asks if Trey is the one who talked Kristina into this show.  Kristina gets offended at Sonny implying she can’t make her own decisions.  Kristina rehashes all the facts of her admission into Yale and Sonny’s part in it.  Trey is amused.  He asks if they can move the conversation into the living room for better lighting.  Sonny leads Trey alone into the other room.  He pins Trey against the door and asks if the lighting is good.

Sonny informs Trey that the show is over.  He asks if Trey understands.  Trey mockingly tells Sonny he wished he would have said ‘capisci’.  Sonny lets Trey know the type of guy he is.  He understands how he likes to push people.  Sonny warns he may push the wrong person too far and end up on the floor in pieces.  Trey says it is these threats that are going to make the show real and raw.  He tries to exit to get his camera crew.  Sonny tells Trey to get his crew and get out of his house.  Trey reminds Sonny if he kicks him out, Kristina will never see or speak to him again.

Anna and John ponder if Sonny told John the truth.  Anna thinks if he is lying how disgusting that would be after all these years.  John starts to think he may have been chasing the wrong guy all along.  Anna reminds John he couldn’t have known the truth.   Sonny was standing over Theresa’s body with a guy.  Sonny wasn’t charged and the case was dismissed.  Anna thinks John did the best that he could with the information he had.  She again apologizes for John’s loss.  John thinks Anna is always the voice of reason.  She balks.  She tells John about her kiss with Luke.

After hearing about the circumstances of Dante and Lulu’s fight, he lets her know that, while he doesn’t side with Dante, he can understand why he is upset.  Lulu explains that it was a calculated decision.  It was part of their impulsive Spencer genes.  Luke says that it can also get them into trouble.  Luke tells her he and Anna kissed.

Dante also objects to Johnny and Lulu’s partnership due to his being a cop.  He tells Johnny he doesn’t want Lulu in the middle when he takes him down for murder.  Dante is convinced it was Johnny who made Anthony disappear.    Johnny wants to know if Dante is so sure Anthony is dead, then why isn’t he arresting Tracy.  Dante says Johnny had motive just as much as Tracy.  Johnny reveals that he was not the one who shot out Anthony’s tires.  Kate was. 

Connie begs God for forgiveness for what happened to her baby.

Lulu questions the status of Luke’s relationship with Anna.  Luke is confused himself about it.  He is not sure if they are ‘just friends’ anymore.  They talk about how close they have gotten since Robin died.  Luke was there for Anna.  Luke says the friendship was two-sided.  Anna was there for Luke when he was trying to save Lulu from Ronnie.  He thinks their relationship was easy, until the kiss.  Lulu wants to know who kissed who first.   Luke is unsure.  He describes it as 2 magnets fighting to come together.  Lulu wants to know if that is the way it is with Tracy too.

McBain starts singing the ‘kissing in a tree’ song about Anna and Luke.  She protests.  McBain notes Anna could do worse.  She also claims they are just friends.  Anna recounts the details of the event, and he wants to know if she ran away, or actually had work to do.  She admits that she panicked and stayed in her room until Luke left.  Anna states busting a drug ring is easier than facing Luke now.  McBain doesn’t understand the dilemma.  Then Anna explains she was not the only woman Luke kissed today.

Sonny asks Trey if he is threatening him.  He reminds Sonny he is just repeating Kristina’s threat.  Kristina is banging on the door in the background.  Trey explains that it is Kristina that wants her story out.  He is not manipulating her.  Sonny points out; Kristina could write a book if she wants.  Trey tells Sonny that what is happening right now is what Kristina wants.  Her banging on the door while they are talking….Trey goes on to explain how he is Kristina’s only friend.  He thinks Sonny cannot begin to understand how Kristina’s classmates felt about how she got into Yale.  They all worked hard, and Sonny just threaten her way into school.  No one would talk to Kristina.  This crushed her.  Sonny tells Trey he doesn’t make threats, only actions.  Trey says if Sonny pushes him away, he pushes Kristina away also.  Kristina starts a countdown to letting her in the room.  Sonny opens the door and welcomes the crew into his living room with a big smile.

Connie recalls praying and hoping it would go away.  She kept getting bigger.  She told her parents she had to go to school early to avoid them knowing she was pregnant.  Her parents gave her rent money, and she told her mom she couldn’t visit.  She was really living in a boarding house.  Ewen asks if she lived there until her baby was born.

Dante thinks Johnny is stooping low blaming Kate.  Johnny reminds Dante of Kate’s assault on Ewen.  Johnny sees that Dante has actually considered Kate, but Dante says there was no evidence.  Johnny asks if a confession is not evidence.  He goes on to tell Dante that Kate confessed to her lawyer and now Sonny is working to cover it up.

Ewen questions if Connie had the baby.  She cries a yes.  It was a boy.  Connie says after he was born she ‘got rid of him’.

Kristina asks Trey what her father said to him.  Enter Sonny downing some of Kristina’s favorite cookies.  He is offering them to Trey and the crew.  Kristina wonders what is going on.  Trey wants to get started with filming and Sonny agrees.  Trey’s first question to Sonny is “what did he do to get Kristina into Yale”?   Sonny starts by praising Kristina’s academics.  Then he shares his worries about Yale overlooking Kristina, regardless of her academics because she was his daughter.  Sonny explains how he made a few calls to make sure Yale knew Kristina’s mom was a graduate.  Kristina then adds that he threatened them.  Sonny disagrees, and informs them of his donation to the library fund.  Trey points out; Sonny’s admission means he bought Kristina a spot.  Kristina then chimes in, stating the school year had started and she was no longer on the list for Sonny to bump her up.  Sonny emphatically states that he did nothing illegal to get Kristina into Yale.  Trey asks if McBain would agree with Sonny.

McBain is trying to picture Luke and Tracy together in his mind.  He admits to Anna that Tracy is a very scary woman.  Anna agrees.  Anna tells John all about her conversation with Luke about his relationship with Tracy.  McBain states that we know what Tracy wants, and maybe what Luke wants, but what does Anna want.

Luke explains to Lulu the events with Tracy, including their kiss.  She wants to know his response, and he tells her the same thing he told Tracy.  Now is not the time.  Lulu asks Luke straight up; who does he want to be with, Tracy or Anna.

Connie remembers her labor and delivery to Ewen.  She recalls looking at the baby and feeling nothing but anger.  Ewen wants to know what she meant when she said she got rid of him.  She left him in one of the dresser drawers and left on a train.  She detached from all the events and memories of that time.  Ewen realizes that is the night Connie no longer existed.

Dante notes how convenient this situation is for Johnny.  Anthony is dead.  Johnny gets his money.  Johnny opens a club and lives on.  Dante threatens that he will be watching Johnny from now on.

Lulu wants to walk Luke through his situations with Anna and Tracy.  She wonders if Luke really wants to be involved with Anna now.  She has lost her daughter, and has a new job as police commissioner.  Luke does, after all, hate cops.  Luke, however, thinks Anna is smart.  Lulu points out, not too smart, being as she is commissioner and Luke is guilty of getting rid of Anthony’s body.  Luke lied to Robert about Ethan being his son, making him miss Robin’s funeral.  Anny had to grieve alone, also because of Luke.  He begins to realize how much he has lied to her.  Luke realizes what a bad idea getting involved with Anna would be.

Anna is making the same conclusion to John.  Her reasons…..Tracy wants him.  He is a suspect in Anthony’s disappearance.  Lastly, he is her ex’s best friend.  John wonders what Anna will do.

Sonny explains who McBain is and why he was at the house.  Sonny claims he helped McBain with a case.  Kristina is questioning what information Sonny would offer up to the cops. When he explains John had the wrong information on a suspect of a crime, Kristina figures out that Sonny was the one McBain suspected.   He says that people make mistakes about people all the time, just like her friends at Yale.  He tells her if people can’t see her for whom she is, the hell with them.  Sonny wants to know if there is anything else they want to know.  Trey brings up Kate’s arrest for assaulting Ewen.  Sonny is done talking.

Ewen states that Kate left both Connie and the baby behind.  She was so relieved when she left.  The train doors opened and she was Kate Howard.  She completely forgot all the events of the rape and baby.  Ewen tells Kate, now that she remembers, Connie can be gone.  She no longer needs 2 lives.  Kate tells Ewen she still has to live with what Connie did.

John leaves Anna, just as Luke walks in.  He says he is going back to Transylvania, and then corrects himself.  He meant Pennsylvania.  Luke laughs.  Luke wants to talk about the kiss.  Anna blurts out it was a mistake.  Luke agrees.  They are settled; they will just be friends.  Anna suddenly runs and jumps into Luke’s arms and they begin to make out passionately. 

Lulu leaves Dante another voicemail.  As she does he returns home.  He tells her he saw Johnny.  He reassures her Johnny is okay.  Dante still doesn’t trust Johnny, but he does trust Lulu.  He doesn’t like her decision but he respects it.  He is sorry he left her.  She also apologizes.  They kiss and make up.

Johnny tells himself he is fine, unless Connie talks.

Kate is now realizing the gravity of what she did in leaving her baby.

Trey goes over tomorrow’s schedule with the crew.  He leaves Kristina alone to talk to Sonny.  Kristina is on to Sonny ‘nice’ game.  He tells her she is the most like him of all his kids.  She is self-destructive like he is.  She says it is revenge.  Sonny only has her best interest at heart.  Trey doesn’t.

Trey is on the phone with someone telling them he is in Port Charles.

Kate is upset with herself for leaving the baby to die.

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