GH Update Thursday 6/14/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/14/12


Written by Michele
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is sipping iced tea in her dark, and what appears to be hot, apartment.  She is looking at a sheet of paper.  Enter Dante.  They chat about the air conditioner being broken and they need to get a new one.  He wants to take a shower then talk about how she spent her day off.

Carly and Johnny are kissing on the Haunted Star.  Carly congratulates Johnny of his new purchase.  She tells him she cannot believe Lulu sold the boat to him.  She knows how sentimental Lulu is about anything belonging to Luke.  Johnny drops the news, Lulu didn’t sell him the whole Haunted Star.  She only sold him half.  He and Lulu will be partners.  Carly looks upset.

Luke throws a copy of the newspaper down on the table in his hotel room in disgust.  The headlines are about Anna, the new Commissioner, releasing Luke and Tracy from jail.  They imply it is because Luke and Anna are roommates.  In walks Anna.  She drops to the couch from exhaustion.  He asks her to tell him all about what is bothering her.

Connie is still sobbing over her positive pregnancy test result.  Ewen continues to question her; asking her name and age.  She tells Ewen that she is a 17 year old, named Connie Falconeri.  Connie again hands the test over to Ewen saying it is positive.  Ewen asks her if she is scared to tell her boyfriend, Sonny, that she is pregnant.  This upsets Connie and she tells Ewen he cannot tell Sonny that she is pregnant.

John tells Sonny his warrant to investigate him is almost up.  Sonny wonders if John has come by his house to say goodbye in person.  John warns Sonny that he is not done with him.  He will see him pay for killing his sister.  He turns to leave.  Sonny glances at a picture of Kate and tells John to wait.

Sonny has sympathy for John losing someone he loves.  He has decided to tell John exactly what happened to his sister.  When he is done, he wants John to leave town.  John doesn’t want to hear the same story Sonny told in New Jersey.  He better be telling the truth.  Sonny says John can choose to stay and her the truth, or leave now.  He stays.  Sonny starts by saying he was just a kid when this incident happened.  John doesn’t want to hear any excuses.  This infuriates Sonny.  He tells McBain that he will tell his story, his way.

Alice shows up on the terrace of the Quartermaine mansion with coffee for Tracy.  Tracy is reading the same headlines Luke was reading.  Alice implies that Anna released Luke due to a personal connection.  Tracy coyly tells Alice that the only connection is between her and Luke.

Anna comes out of her room complaining about the PCPD.  She is dressed for yoga.  She says the department is falling apart, due to budget constraints.  She appears sore.  Luke wonders if it is from stress, or just having a regular job to go to.  He compares working as the commissioner and her work as a spy.  Luke offers Anna a cocktail as a warm-up to her workout.  She drops everything and says she prefers the cocktail.  She notices the newspaper.  Luke apologizes.  Anna rationalizes that she doesn’t have Anthony’s body, so of course she had to let him go.  Luke points out Anna’s defensive tone.  Anna confides that she had a meeting with the Mayor.  The Mayor ripped into Anna about not disclosing that she and Luke were roommates.  She also accused them of being lovers.  Anna, of course, told the Mayor they were just friends.  She doesn’t think the Mayor believed her.  Luke shares that Tracy kissed him at the Floating Rib.  Anna looks disappointed.

Dante asks Lulu about her day.  She tells him she got an offer for the Haunted Star.  He is excited.  He asks who put in the offer.  She informs Dante it was Johnny Zacchara.

Carly questions Johnny about partnering with Lulu.  She reminds Johnny that Lulu has a job at the PCPD.  Johnny is aware of her position, but says that Lulu is bored working there, so she agreed to partner with him.  Johnny senses that Carly is upset with the new partnership.  Carly tells him she doesn’t like it.

Ewen promises Connie he will not tell Sonny.  He asks her if Sonny is the father.  She doesn’t want to talk about it.  Connie is terrified, and Ewen cannot figure out why.  She tells him being 17 and pregnant is terrifying enough.  Ewen tries to ease Connie by telling her his is there to help.

Sonny tells McBain he was working for Joe Scully, as a runner, when he was in high school.  He was seeing Kate and they were going to run away together.  She was going to Princeton, and he had a legitimate job lined up in Trenton.

Kate recalls the same story to Ewen.  She says the baby changed everything.  She doesn’t know what to do.  Ewen reminds her that she does know what to do.  She looks confused.

Sonny tells John, Kate never showed up.  As he was waiting, Joe Scully drove by and realized what had happened.  He offered Sonny a job with real opportunity.  Sonny agreed.  While John finds Sonny’s story touching, he is growing impatient and wants to get to the part of the story where Sonny killed his sister.

Dante wants to know what Johnny’s plans are for the Star.  He suggests all the ways Johnny would illegally use the boat.  Lulu states that Johnny just wants to turn it into a legitimate nightclub.  Dante hopes Lulu turned him down.  Lulu presents Dante with Johnny’s check.  He annoying tells her it is only half of what the Haunted Star is worth.  She knows, but that is all that she asked of Johnny.  They are going to be partners.

Carly explains her hesitation with Johnny and Lulu working together.  She assures him though, that she will not stand in the way of his dream of opening the club.  Johnny is happy she is okay with it.  He reiterates that he loves her, and would never hurt her again.  Anthony chimes into Johnny’s head; he tells him Carly only trusts him, because she doesn’t know everything he has done.

Alice states how Luke and Tracy are made for each other.  Tracy tells her she thinks they are past their differences.  Alice reminds Tracy of all the bad things she has said about Luke in the past.  She wonders why Tracy changed her mind. 

Luke tells Anna the story of his and Tracy’s kiss at the Floating Rib.  Anna thought that Tracy hated Luke.  He says hostility is how Tracy shows affection.  He and Tracy do hold each other in high esteem.  Anna asks about the kiss.  He said it was ‘sticky’.  He then tells her Tracy wants him back.

Connie says all their plans are ruined.  Ewen tries to get her to tell what happened.  She remembers her not showing up changed Sonny’s life..  He began working for Scully full time.  He went to Atlantic City to run a club for him.

Sonny recalls Scully’s son Joey Jr.  He was a screw up.  Sonny was responsible for cleaning up after him.  Jr.’s father set him up in a club in Atlantic City called the Sea Breeze.  McBain says this was where his sister worked.  Joe Jr. started screwing up at the club.  He was spending more money than the club was making.  Scully’s associates started complaining.  Sonny was sent to run things, and that is when he met Theresa.  John asks if he knew she was underage.  Sonny said Joe Jr. was responsible for all the hiring.  She was already working for him when he got there.  He states Theresa was in over her head.  McBain says she was scared.  Sonny tries shifting the blame for what happened to her on John.  He was, after all, her brother.  John recalls his sister telling him that she couldn’t leave the club.  Her boss would kill her.  John assured her he could protect her.  Sonny points out; he was wrong.  All John can think about is Sonny standing over her dead body.  Again, Sonny says he is wrong.  He didn’t kill her.  He was trying to help her.

Ewen wonders why Connie is so worried about telling Sonny about the baby.   Was she afraid of his reaction?  Connie sobs that it was not Sonny’s baby.

Luke and Anna continue to talk about his and Tracy’s conversation.  He doesn’t think it would be a good idea for them to reconcile, especially because of their legal issues.  Anna agrees.  She wonders if Anthony wasn’t missing, would Luke’s answer have been different.

Dante argues that Johnny’s involvement in the club is just another way to get back at Sonny.  Lulu and Dante argue back and forth regarding Johnny’s motives.  Dante is also upset that Lulu just went and sold the Haunted Star and going into business with Johnny without even discussing it.  Lulu just thinks Dante is jealous.

Carly wonders what distracted Johnny.  When Carly steps out to make a call, Johnny tries calming himself down.  Anthony taunts Johnny about getting away with killing him, Cole and Hope.  Anthony tells him there are too many loose ends, and he is going to get caught.  Johnny doesn’t think so, and yells at Anthony.  Carly returns and asks who Johnny is talking to.  Johnny tells her.  Anthony.

Sonny claims Scully Jr. wanted Theresa, but she didn’t want him.  She turned to Sonny for help.  Joe got the wrong idea and thought Sonny wanted Theresa for himself.  Sonny only wanted to help her.  One night, Joe got angry and dragged Theresa into an office.  Sonny heard her screams and went in after her.  He told Joe to let her go, but he didn’t.  Instead he shot her right in front of Sonny.  Joe panicked and ran.  Sonny swears to John it was Joe Scully Jr who killed his sister.

Connie recalls Joe Jr. coming to her house.  She remembered how much Joe hated Sonny.  He would always talk badly about him.  Joe was jealous of Sonny’s relationship with his father, Joe Sr.  On the night Joe came by looking for Sonny; Connie thought Sonny was on his way to her, but Joe knew he wasn’t.  He was drunk.  Connie begins acting out what Joe Jr. was doing to her.  He was beating and choking her.  Ewen coaxes Connie to be strong.  She then begins acting out the violent rape that she sustained.  She falls to the floor sobbing.

Tracy tells Alice about her and Luke’s kiss, and her asking Luke back.  Alice begins excitedly making plans for Luke’s return.  Tracy stops her.  She says she and Luke decided to wait until they are past their current legal situation.

Anna asks if everything was cleared up, would Luke go back to Tracy.  There is a knock at the door.

Dante reminds Lulu Johnny is not the same person any more.  Lulu disagrees.  Lulu wants to open the club, and Johnny wants a fresh start.

Johnny tells Carly, Anthony is only in his head.  Carly asks if Johnny really believes Anthony is dead.  Before he can answer Anthony chimes in, of course Johnny knows he is dead, he killed him.  Carly wants Johnny to share what Anthony is saying to him.  He lies and tells her Anthony is berating him about failing with the club, and failing with Carly.  She doesn’t care what he says.  She knows Johnny can do it.

Connie tells Ewen she was a virgin up until that night.  She and Sonny wanted to wait and make it special.  Ewen comforts Connie.  He tells her she is safe and Joe is gone.  She suddenly looks up at him…….

Sonny kept his mouth shut when McBain arrested him for Theresa’s murder.  He couldn’t rat out the boss’ son.  Scully paid off the cops and judges to make sure his son was never charged, and made the case against Sonny go away.  McBain tells Sonny, even if it was Joe Jr. who killed Theresa, Sonny never said a word about it.

Sonny reminds John they are in two different lines of work.  After Theresa’s murder Sonny never looked at Scully the same again.  He knew he no longer wanted to work for him, and wanted to break out on his own.  He needed to leave in a way that Scully would approve, and he did just that.  Sonny moved to Port Charles and started his club.  John asked what happened to Joe Jr.?  Scully Sr. sent him away, to keep him out of sight.  John wanted to know where?

Connie doesn’t feel safe.   She couldn’t tell Sonny what happened.  Sonny would have killed Joe Jr. and Joe’s father would have killed Sonny.  The only way to save Sonny was to let him go.  Kate tells Ewen she doesn’t want to remember anymore.  He tells her just a little more, then they can take a break.

Lulu tries to distract Dante with a beer and pizza on the docks.  He still is trying to understand how Lulu is going to run the club and work at the PCPD.  She tells him her work at the station is boring.  She wants more excitement, and if the club works out, she can quit the department.   Dante wants to know if she quits the police department, she will then be working nights with Johnny?

Johnny tells Carly he is going to prove her right for taking him back.  She says he has already.  They kiss.

Tracy is aware of the risks involved with getting back together with Luke.  As she tells Alice this in voiceover, Luke is have a candlelit dinner with Anna.  She tells Alice how funny he is, as he is laughing with Anna.  She says Luke knows how to make a woman feel.

Luke inquires if Anna wants dessert.  She tells him no, but he walks over and begins to give Anna a massage.  Anna says Tracy could do worse than Luke.  He grins behind her back.

Alice and Tracy continue to discuss her and Luke’s reconciliation.

Anna thanks Luke for making her feel better.  Luke thanks Anna for taking the heat from the Mayor for him.  He leans down, and she puts his face in her hands……they lean in, and there it is…..they kiss.

Dante worries that Lulu was ready to sell the Star and now it making it the center of her universe.  She is not quitting the police department today.  He laments they will never have time together with him working days and her working nights.  Dante is really upset by Lulu not taking their marriage into consideration before making this decision.  He walks out on Lulu.

Sonny tells McBain that Scully had people ‘down south’ who owed him favors.  John would like more specifics than just a region.  Sonny does not know the specifics but does remember Scully talking about New Orleans and a wire transfer to the Fleur-de-Lis.  Sonny is unsure of the connection.  John is going to check-out the story Sonny told.  Sonny tells John that he is sorry for what happened to her.

Connie just wants to sleep.  Ewen tries to keep her awake.  He asks her what happened to the baby?

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