GH Update Wednesday 6/13/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/13/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny and Starr were at the Haunted Star. When Starr learned that Johnny wanted to start recording her album there, she was concerned at how quickly things were moving, but she relaxed when Johnny pitched it as a way to get a fresh start. Starr said that now that she knew who killed Cole and Hope, maybe it was the right time for a new beginning. Johnny's interest was piqued, and he asked about the killer. Starr did not reveal that she was talking about Kate. She shared that she was unable to hate the killer and that it was much easier for her to move on than it would have been if Cole and Hope had been the victims of a mob vendetta.

Starr said she could use the money, because she didn't want to live off off her trust fund. Johnny respected her for that and said he once tried to live without his family's money for awhile, too. Starr wanted to get a steady job in the meantime and Johnny suggested that she work at the Haunted Star after the renovations. A grateful Starr exclaimed that Johnny had been there for her ever since she got to town. Johnny asked Starr to practice, and she sang a song she wrote about sad goodbyes, dedicated to Cole and Hope. Johnny loved her performance. When he mentioned her singing it in front of a crowd, Starr said she didn't know if she was ready. Johnny said they'd focus on the album then and start recording tomorrow. Starr reiterated how grateful she was about everything Johnny had done for her. Johnny said he should be thanking her for giving him a chance to redeem himself. Starr wondered what he meant, but Johnny didn't explain. She chuckled that he couldn't be worse than her last producer, who made porn.

Todd went to the Metro Court front desk and chatted with Carly. He mentioned that he'd just taken Tea and her baby back home to Llanview. Carly asked why he didn't stay and the said he didn't like celebrations. Carly surmised that he felt awkward because he felt responsible for Victor Jr. growing up without a father. Todd remembered telling Heather that no one could know the baby Tea had belonged to Sam. Todd said he was responsible. Carly countered that he delivered the baby and saved his life, sparing Tea the loss of a child. She went on to tell Todd about how devastated Jason and Sam were due to Sam losing her son, and how this wasn't the first child she'd lost. Todd listened with a guilty look. Carly was curious about why Todd returned to Port Charles. Todd said everyone in Llanview, except his young nephew Sam, hated him. Carly asked about Blair and Todd said she was punishing him by dating Tea's brother Tomas. He also wanted to stick around for Starr. He knew she wouldn't want him hovering over him, but he said that Starr was a “chick” and was vulnerable even if she didn't want to admit it. Todd said he wanted to protect her. Carly warned Todd that he'd eventually cross the line between protection and control and that Starr would resent him.

Todd felt he had reason to be worried, because Starr was working with a dangerous guy like Johnny, Carly's ex. Carly quickly tried to change the subject and Todd realized she'd taken Johnny back, which he considered a mistake. Carly reminded him that he was the one who told her that sometimes people hurt the people they love. Todd said he meant himself and Blair, not her and Johnny. Carly said Johnny promised that there would be no more secrets. Todd chuckled and said every time he said that, it meant he was hiding something. Carly wasn't swayed; she told Todd she believed in Johnny and wasn't going to second guess him and neither should he. Todd said she could trust him, but he wasn't going to let him use Starr. Carly insisted that Johnny would never take advantage of Starr and said she knew that because of the lengths Johnny took to keep Michael out of the business. Todd asked if that was what they were calling the mob, now. Carly said the recording contract was a legitimate venture and that Johnny would never put Starr in a bad situation. Todd said Carly could do better than Johnny, but it was her life. He was determined to protect Starr from Johnny, though. Carly tried defending Johnny by saying he told her about her uncle Luke's possible involvement in Anthony's disappearance. Todd laughed and called Johnny a tattletale, which annoyed Carly. Johnny called and asked Carly to come by the Haunted Star.

By the time Carly got there, Starr was gone. The excited Johnny told her he'd sold Vaughn's and co-bought the Haunted Star. He explained that it was going to be a completely legitimate nightclub. When Johnny mentioned singing acts, Carly warned him that Todd didn't trust his intentions with Starr. Johnny said he'd already hurt Starr by inadvertently giving her a chance to steal his gun. He was relieved that she didn't ruin her life by shooting Sonny. Johnny had been horrified to realize that his hatred for Sonny was hurting other people and he'd decided that he didn't want to be that guy anymore. They shared a close moment as Carly assured him that he wasn't. She told Johnny that he'd have nothing to worry about, because Todd would see that he was sincere. Carly told Johnny he was going to make the club something great. Johnny said he was doing this to be the man she deserved. Carly said they could put the past behind them and they hugged tightly.

Meanwhile, Todd was still at the Metro Court, ragging on the quality of the local newspaper. There were stories about Anthony being missing, Anna's new job and Luke and Tracy's release. Starr arrived and told him how she'd visited Kate and pitied her instead of hating her. Starr hoped Kate would be cured soon. Starr added that she was glad Todd was there and grateful that he helped keep her out of prison. Todd asked if she could tell her mom. Starr said she'd just talked to her and had heard that Todd wasn't moving back to Pennsylvania. Todd joked that he was starting a music career. Starr smiled and said she and Johnny, “a really great guy” in her words, started today. Todd said it was good to see her smile again. Starr said she felt happy for the first time since Cole and Hope died. Todd busily scribbled on the paper while Starr politely tried to urge him to reconsider staying in town. When Todd said he was serious about moving to Port Charles, Starr asked what he was going to do to occupy himself. Todd held up the paper, on which he'd blacked out part of its name and retitled it the Port Charles Sun.

Liz and Jason went to The Floating Rib, formerly Jake's. Liz said Luke didn't think a bar was the correct way to honor their son. They were both glad that he'd gotten the name changed. Liz asked if Jason was still thinking about Sam. Jason was; he wanted to be there for her, but he knew that visiting her wouldn't bring her comfort. He told Liz that Sam blamed him for the baby's death. Liz said that while Jason was responsible for going after John, it wasn't his fault the baby died. She told him there was no way to know that the doctors would have been able to save the child. Jason said they'd never know for sure, because he had John beaten because he mistakenly believed it would solve his problems. Liz told him that sometimes love made you behave irrationally. Sam said she didn't want to place blame, but Sam had been there, too. Liz reminded Jason of how Sam's desperation to hold onto him led her to watch Jake get kidnapped. Jason said Sam would always regret that. Liz replied that Jason would always regret what he'd done, too. Liz told Jason about her attempt to get Sam to see that Jason was sorry. She hesitated, then told Jason that Sam said Liz could have him, because they were through. Jason looked hurt and Liz quickly said she didn’t think Sam meant it. Jason said Sam had thrown their friendship at him recently and she was hurt that Liz was the one he had bail him out of jail. Liz asked if Jason had explained that he'd done that to spare her the stress. Jason said it didn't matter after what he did. Liz repeated that it wasn't Jason's fault, but he announced that he didn’t want to discuss it anymore.

They played pool, and Jason asked what was up with her and Ewen. Liz said they had a date tomorrow. She hadn't allowed herself to think about romance, but she thought Ewen was nice and understanding. Liz smiled slightly when Jason said that if Ewen hurt Liz, he'd have to answer to him. They played more pool, then Jason said he hoped Ewen was right for Liz, because she deserved happiness, then he pulled her into a long embrace. After they played another game, Jason asked for a rematch, but Liz said she had to go. He thanked her, and she thanked him for the game, then she left. Jason pulled his dragon figurine out of his pocket, sat it on the pool table and left the bar without it.

Sam looked at her phoenix figurine, then opened the door to her motel room, just as John left his room. He was surprised she was already out of the hospital. Sam said she didn't have a baby, so there was no reason to stay. She got dizzy and lost her balance, and John caught her before she fell. They went inside her room and Sam said she was fine, physically at least. She asked how John's ribs were. John tried to brush it off, but Sam said she knew what happened and that it was Jason's fault. John said he didn't think fault mattered. Sam disagreed and said she'd never forgive Jason. John said Jason couldn't have known this would happen, and he admitted that he (John) did have a way of getting under people's skin. Sam was upset that Jason didn’t come around sooner, so she would have gone into labor at their home. She said that by the time Jason realized he could raise Franco's baby, it was too late. Sam thanked John for all he'd done, including delivering her baby. She said she couldn't stop thinking about what it was like to hold her son and how beautiful he was.

Sam said she was moving to Alexis' place so she could have the support of her family. John said he guessed this was goodbye, because he was leaving Port Charles. John opened up and told Sam about Sonny getting John's long lost sister killed and how he'd come to town to make Sonny pay. Sam understood his need for justice. John said it would have to wait; the warrant expired, so it was time for him to go home to Natalie and Liam. Sam said she never did figure out why John seemed so familiar. “Maybe someday,” he said with a smile. Sam agreed that they'd probably meet in a random place that wouldn't really feel coincidental. They said goodbye and John told Sam he hoped she found the happiness she deserved. They hugged tightly, then John left. Sam packed her bags, then put her phoenix figurine on the table and left the room for good.

Michael went to Sonny's home. He told his father that he knew Kate killed Cole and Hope and that now he understood why he made that deal with Todd. Sonny clarified that Kate was not the one who shot out the tires and added that she needed him now more than ever. When Sonny learned that Starr was the one who filled Michael in, he was angry at Todd for telling other people what happened. Michael said Todd had been trying to give Starr some peace. Michael believed that Starr deserved it, because she'd been through enough. Sonny noted that Michael's opinion of Starr had changed, and Michael said that Starr apologized for trying to kill Sonny and that she never would have done that if she were in her right mind. Sonny said while he wasn't in the habit of forgiving people trying to kill him, he did see that Starr was in a lot of pain that night. Michael said talking to Starr earlier today made him realize he could forgive her for what she'd done while she wasn't thinking straight. Sonny said he felt the same way about Kate. Sonny hoped that the worst was over for her.

Michael mentioned owing Johnny an apology for accusing him of causing the accident. Sonny thought it was ludicrous for Michael to feel bad, when Johnny was took advantage of Kate and was trying to ruin Sonny's life. According to Sonny, Johnny was a coward and a user. Michael said he just meant that it turned out that Carly was right to believe in Johnny in this instance. Michael figured he should let Carly know Johnny was innocent, but Sonny said she probably already knew and was likely dating him again. The conversation cycled back to Kate and Sonny admitted that he thought he was the reason she had DID. Sonny explained that while the doctors said DID most often occurred as the result of childhood trauma, he grew up with Kate and felt that he would have known if something bad happened during her youth. He believed that therefore, Kate must have developed DID in reaction to getting shot at their wedding. Michael asked about their first break up and Sonny said Kate changed her mind about running away with him, when she was seventeen, and had left town alone instead. He said that was the last time he saw the Kate he knew, because the next time they met, she was Kate Howard.

After the visit, Sonny walked Michael outside and asked him not to tell anyone Kate caused the accident. Michael agreed and noted that Sonny really loved her. Sonny said he did and that he was committed to seeing her get help and have her be able to figure out why she was sick. After Michael left, John surprised Sonny by entering the house unannounced. John revealed that he'd paid someone to distract Milo and Max. Sonny asked what he wanted, and John said he wanted to talk about Theresa.

At ShadyBrook, Ewen was trying to get Kate to stop panicking over possibly being pregnant. He told her they could deal with this, but Kate said she didn't know who the father was – Johnny or Sonny. She added that she didn't know who the mother was either, because it could be her, or Connie. Kate said she and Sonny always used protection, but she had no idea if the reckless Connie practiced safe sex. Kate was certain Sonny would never be able to get past her having Johnny's child. Ewen had her take a pregnancy test. She took it and wailed that she was carrying Johnny's baby. While Kate paced the room crying, Ewen looked at the test. It was negative, and Ewen asked Kate why she said she was pregnant when she wasn't. Kate looked at the test again and hallucinated that it read positive. She cried that this was the worst thing that could happen. In a more youthful voice, the sobbing Kate asked how she could have a baby. “I'm only seventeen years old!” She said. Ewen called her Kate, and Kate said she didn't know who that was – she was named Connie Falconeri. She wondered how she was going to tell her boyfriend Sonny she was pregnant.

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