GH Update Tuesday 6/12/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/12/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Luke, who was at the Floating Rib, called Lulu to ask her how Anna's mood was. Lulu, who was at the Haunted Star, said she didn't know, because she wasn't at the police station. Lulu explained that she'd taken the day off because she didn't want to have to lie to Dante and pretend she didn't know Anthony was dead. Lulu told Luke she got a call from someone who might be interested in buying the Haunted Star. Tracy walked into the bar, so Luke wished Lulu luck unloading the Haunted Star and hung up. Tracy noticed Anna's picture in the paper and made a crack about how bad it was. Luke disagreed. Tracy asked if Luke had any leads on what happened to Anthony's body. Luke didn't know and said while it was good that the police no longer considered them suspects, he thought Johnny still thought they were involved. Tracy wasn't concerned; she figured that Johnny would eventually realize they were innocent and all would be well. Luke didn't think Tracy was being realistic and pointed out that someone was trying to frame them. Tracy had enough of Luke's pessimism and said she wanted to celebrate being rid of Anthony. Luke said she was supposed to look like the grieving widow, but Tracy convinced him to help her revel in her new found freedom by buying him a rack of ribs.

As they ate, Tracy shared that from now on, she was going to spend her time doing things she enjoyed. Luke got sauce smeared on his face. Tracy had him lean forward, ostensibly to wipe it off, but once his face was near hers, she pulled him into a passionate kiss. When it was over, Luke seemed surprised. Tracy seemed shy and nervous. She told him she liked it when they kissed in the boathouse and wanted to see how it would feel again. Luke asked what she thought. Tracy said he was her ex husband twice over and he had a lot of bad traits, but he could also be reliable, generous and kind. She reminded him of the birthday gift he'd given her and how much it meant to her. Tracy asked why he helped her with Anthony and Luke said her happiness was important to him.

Johnny showed up at the Haunted Star and Lulu said Luke wasn't there. Johnny said he did want to talk to him at some point about what happened at the boathouse. Lulu acknowledged that Johnny must be worried about Anthony. Johnny said Lulu had a better understanding than anyone else of how he felt about Anthony. Lulu knew Anthony made Johnny's life hell. Johnny said he still wanted to find Anthony, even if it meant only to bury him. He said he knew Luke and Tracy were plotting to kill Anthony and that they'd tried to dispose of a gun. Lulu said she knew for a fact that Tracy and Luke hadn't hurt Anthony. Johnny asked if she had proof. Lulu remembered what Luke told her about Anthony being dead, but she insisted that she didn't know anything. Johnny said she was putting too much faith in Luke, but Lulu said her father wasn't a murderer. Lulu told Johnny she was sorry he was hurting. Johnny claimed he just wanted answers, because while he and Anthony had a rocky relationship, he still mattered to him. Lulu urged Johnny to let the police handle Anthony's disappearance and to use this time to move forward and figure out what he wanted out of life. Johnny said that was why he was here – he was the interested buyer. When he noticed Lulu's shock, he reminded her that he'd been part owner in the past. She pointed out that he'd used to to launder money and Johnny said that was Anthony's doing.

Johnny divulged that he'd recently sold Vaughn's because he no longer wanted to objectify women. Lulu asked what changed and Johnny grinned and said everything changed when Carly took him back. Lulu was surprised because Carly wasn't usually a forgiving person. Johnny said they were working on it and he had a lot to make up for, more than Lulu could know. Lulu was proud that Johnny seemed to be working at his dream to be his own person again. He smiled and asked if that meant they had a deal. Lulu asked what Johnny wanted to do with the place. Johnny was considering turning it into a club. Lulu had thought about that too and said she might still do it. Johnny pointed out that running a club took a lot of money, and he suggested that they become business partners. Lulu hemmed and hawed about already having a job, but after a second of Johnny telling her about the adventure it would be, she quickly agreed to open a club with him. Lulu was adamant that they do everything legally. Johnny agreed to her terms and they shook on it. Lulu gave Johnny a set of keys and told him how excited she was. Johnny decided to stay and think about some ideas for the club, while Lulu left.

Back at the bar, Tracy admitted that she wanted Luke back. Luke was surprised, because he thought she couldn't stand him. Tracy said that was true, but conspiring with him had reminded her that their marriage wasn't all bad. Luke pointed out that it would arouse suspicions if they got back together then someone discovered Anthony's body. Tracy said they could be discreet, but Luke said he was living with the police commissioner and there was a chance she'd find out. Tracy said she'd give him a room and Luke said he didn't want her money. That raised her suspicions and she accused Luke of making excuses because he didn't want to be with her. Luke said he never said that. He explained that this had come out of left field and he needed some time to think. Tracy said she was going to give him something to think on, and she pulled him into another deep kiss, just as Lulu walked in. Tracy gulped down more food and she and Luke smiled at each other. Tracy walked out, waving at Lulu as she passed. Lulu seemed amused. She asked Luke what that was about and Luke said it was unexpected.

A shirtless Michael went for a jog down by the docks and found Starr crying. Starr declined. She explained that she'd seen Tea's new son and while she was happy for her, seeing the baby made her miss Hope even more. Starr showed Michael a picture of baby Victor and wondered if seeing small children would always make her think of Hope. Michael didn't know, but he thought that one day seeing little kids might make her smile instead of cry. He hoped that things would work out for her. Starr told Michael about finding out that Kate killed Cole and Hope. When Michael doubted that Kate was capable of such a thing, Starr told him about Kate's DID and Connie. Starr added that Kate admitted it when she snuck in and visited her at ShadyBrook the night before. Starr said the meeting didn't make her feel like she thought she would. She told Michael while it had been easy to hate Sonny, it was different with Kate, because she wasn't a bad person, just sick. Starr felt bad that she'd tried to kill Sonny and that she hadn't believed Michael when he said Sonny was innocent. Michael said it was all over now and that she didn't go through with shooting Sonny. Starr said it was all because of Michael. She said she owed him and Sonny a huge apology. Michael forgave her and said he'd been wrong too, for accusing Johnny of being guilty. Michael still thought badly of Johnny for sleeping with Kate, though. Starr mentioned that Johnny had bought out her recording contract, but she hadn't talked to him in a long time. Starr hoped she and Michael could still be friends. Michael said they'd look forward, not back. They smiled and hoped to see each other around, then Michael resumed his run. Johnny called Starr. She went to see him at the Haunted Star and he told her this was his new club, where she was going to record and possibly perform. Starr loved it, but Johnny said it would need a facelift. He told her the name – The Haunted Star – and they smiled.

Ewen visited Kate at ShadyBrook. She was apologetic about hurting him, but he told her there was nothing to forgive and said that in time, treatment would help her move past the things Connie did. Kate said that might not be possible. Kate handed him a newspaper clipping about Cole and Hope's death and explained that Connie had gloated to Sonny about being responsible.. Ewen was skeptical about whether Connie was being honest. He told Kate Connie wasn't the type to do a premeditated murder, that it made no sense to sleep with Johnny when she'd already gone through with framing Sonny for murder and that it didn't make sense for a shrewd person like Connie to just confess to the crime. Kate didn't think Connie would falsely confess to something so horrible. Ewen said he and Kate had a lot of work to do. Kate said she was free all the time and she casually mentioned not knowing what day it was. When Ewen told her it was June 12th, she was horrified. Kate said if it was June 12th, that meant she was late and she might be pregnant.

Sam was in her hospital bed looking at her phoenix figurine, through tears. Elizabeth arrived with a flower arrangement and asked if it was okay to come in. Sam said yes, in a detached tone. Liz gave her the card attached to the flowers – they were from Molly and Kristina. Liz offered some empathetic words about how it felt to lose a child, then asked if there was anything she could do. In a sarcastic tone, Sam asked if Liz could bring her baby back to life. Liz apologized and said she knew from experience that wasn't the right thing to say to a grieving parent, because there was nothing anyone could do. She said if she could, she would bring Sam's baby back to her. This didn't go over well with Sam, either. Liz mentioned running into Jason and that he was distraught about the baby and that she thought that Sam and Jason should be grieving together so that Sam didn't have to go through this alone. Sam made it clear that she didn’t think Jason was being honest when he said he could have loved the baby. Liz thought Jason was being genuine, but Sam said he'd also been genuine when he initially said he didn't think the three of them could be a family. Liz said he was having a hard time, but Sam said she was too. She exclaimed that she was the one who'd been raped. Liz sensed that she was making things worse and started to leave, but Sam stopped her, because it was cathartic to get it all out. Sam cried that it was great that Jason was coming around now, but she and the baby needed him a long time ago, not now that the baby was conveniently dead. Sam asked if saying that made Liz feel uncomfortable. She stated that she'd been forced to tiptoe around Jason's feelings for months and wasn't able to tell him how much it hurt her that every time he looked at her and the baby, he saw Franco. Liz said she believed Jason when he said that wasn't how he felt anymore. Sam spat that she didn't believe him.

Sam asked if Jason mentioned that it was his fault the baby died. Liz said Jason told her that Sam held him responsible. Sam yelled that Jason was responsible and explained her viewpoint. Liz gently said there was no way to know that the baby would have survived if he'd made it to the hospital. Sam was bitter because she felt like no one ever admitted that Jason was at fault for anything. Sam was adamant that the baby was dead because of Jason. Liz told Sam Jason was hurting and Sam angrily told Liz to go comfort him. Liz said it wouldn't help, but Sam said Liz could have Jason, because she and Jason were through. Liz said she and Jason were only friends and that he loved Sam. Liz added that she knew Jason wasn't perfect and that he'd made a lot of mistakes, some of them with Sam. Sam scoffed that it was because Jason loved her so much. Liz said that was actually true. Sam repeated that she and Jason were over. Liz asked why Sam was still holding her phoenix if that was true.

Jason was at home staring at his dragon figurine when Carly dropped by and chided him for not returning her calls. She asked what happened with Sam and Jason said he and Sam were over. With tears in his eyes, Jason told Carly about the baby's birth and death. She comforted him, then encouraged him to go be with Sam. Jason said Sam didn't want anything to do with him, because it was his fault the baby died. Jason recounted everything that took place the night the baby died. He told Carly that she'd been right – once he held the baby he knew for sure that he could have loved him. Carly pointed out that he'd tried to call off the men who beat John up when he'd been on the way to get the car to take Sam and the baby to the hospital. She said it was terrible that the baby died, but it wasn't Jason's fault. Jason said Sam felt that he set everything in motion. Carly said they could go back further and blame Sam for moving out and into the motel. She told Jason that many mistakes were made, but Jason wasn't responsible for the baby's death. Jason said Sam thought he was and she would never forgive him. Carly said while Sam would never forget, she could forgive him. She told him to go to Sam and try and tell her he still loved her and could have loved the baby. Jason thought it was too late. He said Sam thought he was lying when he claimed to love the baby. Carly said that showed that Sam wasn't thinking clearly. She felt that deep down Sam knew Jason would never lie to her about that.

Carly forcefully told Jason to go keep telling Sam that he loved her until she believed him. Jason looked over at his dragon. Carly said she came by to let him know she was with Johnny again, since he had an issue with that in the past. Jason said it was none of his business and that he was in no position to judge. He added that Johnny had better treat her right. Carly said she made sure Johnny knew that. The Metro Court called Carly. She didn't want to leave Jason, but he said it was okay, because he had some thinking to do. They hugged and said they loved each other. Carly told him Sam needed him whether she admitted it or not and that thinking wasn't going to reunite them. She left. Jason went to Sam's room at the hospital and found Liz in there by herself. She told Jason that Sam had checked herself out and left.

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