GH Update Monday 6/11/12

General Hospital Update Monday 6/11/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina walks into her mom’s house and notices the reality TV film guy is there and ready to shoot a show on their family. She demands he gets out. But he does not listen and tells her if he does not, somebody else will.

Spinelli finds Olivia and tells her he was able to find the lead she’s asked him to find on Heather Webber.

Heather is confident that she will never get “found out” about her secret involving Sam’s baby.

At the hospital, both assuming that their baby is dead, Jason tells Sam that he did some soul searching and realized that he cannot give up on their marriage or on loving her baby as much as if it were his own. Distraught and ready to give up on everything, Sam coldly asks her husband why he’s telling her that now.

Alexis talks to Matt in the interrogation room telling him that the fact that Maxie’s married him in order not to testify against him did not make him any friends in the DA’s office.

Maxie is with her parents telling them that she has to find a way to not let Matt take the rap for the murder of Lisa Niles and will stop at nothing even if everyone disapproves of her method but on the other hand, they are motivated to make this case go away. So, she tells him, she will work on his case and do the best she can.

Patrick is back in action at the hospital talking to Elizabeth and a recovering Ewen, telling them he’s committed to being the doctor that everybody needs. He then gets a call.

Olivia tells Spinelli that she knows that when Heather was missing for hours the night of the flooding storm, she lied about going to Kelly’s. And she has to find out where Heather really went that night.

Heather runs into her doctor son at the hospital and reveals that she does not want him to know a deep dark secret. He asks his mom what she’s doing there. She tells him that she knows that Olivia has too many suspicions about her and she had to get out. He tells her regardless, she cannot leave the house without a chaperone. She then tells her son “enough about me” and asks him how his day was. He replies not good. Sam Morgan’s baby died. Hearing that, Heather appears “surprise” but tells her son maybe it’s for the best if Franco was her baby’s father and nobody could love him.

Jason protests to Sam that he regrets letter her leave and admitting that he could not love her baby. That’s why he rushed to the hotel to find her, talk to her and get them back together. She tells him that it’s too late. He has betrayed her by what he’s done.

At Alexis’ home, the camera guy tells Kristina she needs to get comfortable on camera. He knows that when people start out, they are not comfortable but they all get over it. She tells him he does not understand. Her sister’s baby just died.

At the hospital, Jason asks Sam why she is saying he’s betrayed her. She replies by telling him that when she went into labor, only John was there to help her deliver. They were stranded at the hotel because of the storm. John went to get help but could not because he got badly beaten and passed out on the road. She tells him that she knows that he and Sonny arranged for John to get assaulted. That’s why John could not take her to the hospital and get her the help she needed. It was because of Jason.

Kristina cries and tells her cameraman friend that her sister’s baby died. She was all alone in the rain. She’s broken up with her husband. Her sister has gone through hell and has the right to grieve in private. He tells her that part of The Mob Princess is getting all of her family on the set. She tells him she only wants to expose her father. But he tells her that her sister is a very important part of the show since she’s married to Sonny’s enforcer and it’s his fault she’s lost her baby. He also informs her that Sonny threatened Yale University authorities in order to let her into school. Her mom helped him. Neither of her parents thought she was smart enough to get into Yale on her own. They manipulated and deceived her. And doesn’t she want them to pay?

At the hospital, Patrick finds Matt and asks his brother why he’s not letting Maxie prevent him from going to prison for murder. He made the world a better place to rid everybody of Lisa Niles. But Matt protests that he is a doctor of medicine who took an oath to respect all lives and not kill another human being. Patrick protests that if they hold him to that standard, they can do the same with Lisa since she also took that oath and violated it. He urges Matt not to give up on his life. He does not want to lose his brother.

Not far away, Dr. Steven tells his mother that he needs to know more about her whereabouts the night in question. She has to stop blaming Olivia and realize that he is responsible for her and she needs to stay out of trouble. As soon as she is alone, Heather admits that her son has no idea of the “trouble” lurking all around and she can protect him from that.

Sam tells Jason she knows that his hatred of John is more important than her or their baby. He just wanted to punish John without regard to the cost or what it meant to her.

Dr. Ewen is seen recovering in his hospital bed and happily with Elizabeth and they are kissing.

Heather is alone and declares that some people might call what she’s doing “playing God”. But she believes it’s to right a wrong. She remembers Olivia asking her what she meant by saying Sam Morgan “has to pay”. And she affirms that she had to do what she did to Sam because Sam threatened to turn her son against her. She remembers Sam telling her that if she breathes a word of the paternity test to Jason before Sam is ready to tell him, she (Sam) will have a little conversation with Steven that she sold her cousin’s baby just like she sold him. And Sam reminded Heather that if Steven is “onto” his mother, he’s the one person who can have her back in the institution.

Right then, Olivia is talking to Spinelli about how it seems very odd that heather was released from the mental ward when she’s clearly dangerous. She seriously doubts the shrinks agreed to do that unless they were somehow “motivated”.

Alexis walks into her home and demands to know what the cameraman and his crew are doing and tells him they better get off her property because they are trespassing. But he shows her a contract that says that all of what he is doing is fair game.

We then see how Heather wormed her way into the hospital to alter Sam’s paternity test when doctors were distracted.

Sam cries and tells Jason that her baby died of respiratory failure. Kelly told her that he might have been ok, if she’d gotten him to the hospital in time. For a long time, she blamed John but now knows it was not John’s fault. IT was Jason’s. She declares to her husband that he is the reason her baby died.

Dr. Steven walks into Dr. Ewen’s room to see that he looks like he has something not exactly “professional” going on with Steve’s sister. She then pushes her brother out the door and tells Ewen that she apologizes for the interruption.

The cameraman shows Alexis a contract signed by her daughter to authorize them access. She then reminds him that she is an attorney and knows how to make him regret what he did. She reminds him that Kristina does not own this home. She does. So her daughter does not have the authority to grant him and his crew access to this place. He reminds her that he has his own lawyer. Kristina signed the contract. And if she does not live up to the terms and conditions, Kristina can be sued. Alexis reminds him that her daughter did not know what she was doing when she signed the contract. The cameraman then asks her if she is implying that her daughter is too stupid to know what she is doing. Just like Alexis believed that Kristina was too stupid to get into Yale. Alexis tells him that he better get out of her home. This is none of his business.

Sam tells Jason that she knows he told her that he could not love her baby. Doesn’t he think that she also had her doubts? It was her that was raped. But in the end, she did not care how this baby was conceived. She was ready to be a mother and love her baby regardless. But Jason did not want that. He wanted her to give the baby up for adoption. He did not want her to have the baby. So now, she tells him, congratulations. He got what he wanted.

We then see Heather affirming that Sam was about to undermine a “mother’s bond with her son”. So, heather had to do what any good mother would do to save her ties to her son. We then see her sneaking around the hospital looking like she was going to alter the DNA test so that “everybody” would believe something about Sam’s baby’s paternity that is not really true. We then see Heather holding a letter that confirms that Jason is the biological father of Sam’s baby. Heather concludes that if Sam was going to ruin her happiness with her son, she’s going to do the very same thing to Sam’s happiness. And all it took was a couple key strokes.

Spinelli concludes to Olivia that he will try to get to the bottom of the mystery for her and find out about Heather’s whereabouts. She tells him she really appreciates all of his hard work, realizing he probably has many other things on his mind besides Stephen’s mother. He then admits to her that this is keeping his mind off of his situation of Maxie marrying another guy. She tells Spinelli she’s really sorry that this has happened and wishes there was something she could do for him.

In Ewen’s hospital room, Elizabeth asks him if he has any regrets about having kissed her. He tells her of course not. Patrick just gave him a clean bill of health so why not be happy and enjoy what there is to enjoy. But, realizing he’s been out of commission for a while and realizing she’s a “beautiful and intelligent woman”, he would understand that there could be someone else in her life. But she assures him there’s nobody else.

Not far away, Maxie goes to find Patrick and urges him not to let his brother give up on his career as a doctor and on his life. He tells her he wholeheartedly agrees with her but has to respect his brother’s decision. Matt then finds his brother, Maxie and her parents and tells them he wanted to say good bye before checking himself into Pentonville. He assures Maxie that he did what he had to do. He confessed. Alexis will handle the annulment and there is now no reason for them to be married. She cries. Spinelli then comes out and asks her what is wrong.

Alexis tells the cameraman he’s a sleaze monger who wants to exploit her family’s tragedy and violate their privacy. He protests that that’s not what he’s doing. He means no disrespect. But she tells him that her oldest daughter has lost her baby. He has not offered his condolences nor is he showing any respect. She urges Kristina to realize that she is failing to see that this guy cannot be trusted. Hearing that, he then confirms to Kristina that once again her mom is telling her she cannot make her own decision and is not smart enough to figure things out on her own. Kristina is not certain what to say or do.

Sam tells Jason that they cannot get back what they had before she got pregnant. It’s broken. Nothing he can say or do will fix this or bring her baby back. She cries.

Heather declares when all is lost, people look for someone or something as a ray of hope to lead them through the darkness. She declares too bad Sam and Jason will never know that. She then admits to Stephen that she thinks it’s “awful” what happened to Sam and her baby and she wishes she could do something to make it up to her. He then leads his mother into Sam’s hospital room, having no clue what his mother has pulled and tells Sam that his mother wanted to offer her condolences.

When Jason is headed out, he runs into Elizabeth who can see he’s upset and asks what’s wrong. Jason replies that Sam lost their baby. And now he’s lost Sam.

Sam is wondering why Heather “feels bad about what happened”. She declares her baby died. Heather then affirms to Sam that she knows Sam did not sell her baby like she did to her son, Stephen. She tells Sam “it’s alright”. They are working through it. And she tells Sam she hopes she can be comforted knowing her baby’s “in a better place”.

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