GH Update Friday 6/8/12

General Hospital Update Friday 6/8/12


Written by Michele M.
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Tracy are put on a bench at the police station.  Tracy threatens to call the commissioner!  She tells Luke she can’t wait to call Mac about their arrest.  Luke informs Tracy, that this would be a great idea, if Mac hadn’t just been fired.

Mac catches Anna just as she is going into her hotel room.  She is startled to see him, but even more surprised when he asks her to ‘take his job, please’.

McBain and Jason are talking in the hospital.  McBain expresses his condolences on Sam’s baby.  He asks Jason how Sam is doing.  Jason somberly tells him that he doesn’t think Sam is accepting the fact that her baby has died.

Todd and Heather are in Téa’s hospital room.  Todd is trying to avoid a conversation with Heather.  He tells her that his car is probably parked blocking and ambulance, and that he is in a hurry to get Téa on a plane back to Llanview.  He sarcastically thanks Heather for her help in switching the babies, but he really has to run now.  Heather counters with a slightly threatening comment that she believes they need to talk.

McBain and Jason continue to talk about Sam’s reaction to losing the baby.  McBain speculates how devastated Sam must be.  Jason tells him that she had a dream that the baby survived, only to wake up and realize her baby was dead. 

Sam opens the door to her hospital room to see Téa in a wheelchair cradling her baby.  The two women begin to recognize each other.  Sam remembers Téa as McBain’s friend.  Sam quizzically notes that Téa has had her baby.  Téa realizes when looking at Sam, that she too had her baby.  Sam manages a quick grin, but no reply.

Heather tells Todd that she doesn’t think they were ever properly introduced.  She tells him her name, and then asks him if he is Todd Manning or Thomas?  She tells Todd that she has done her homework and knows all about his past.  Todd praises Heather on her efforts, but still insists he has Téa waiting on him and he must go.  This angers Heather and she responds with a threat. She wants Todd to hear her out or she will have to tell Téa the truth about her new baby.

Anna and Mac enter her hotel room.  Mac is begging Anna to reconsider taking his position as the Police Commissioner.  Anna tells Mac that she can’t fill his shoes as the commissioner.  She would much prefer trying to get him reinstated.  Mac reminds her that it is too late for that.  Mac drops a bomb.  The Mayor is getting ready to hire an incompetent City Councilman, whose only interest in the job is a political one.  Mac tells Anna she would be great for the job reminding her it is her duty, especially since she was the Mayor’s first choice.  She again tells him that she couldn’t do that to him.  Mac seems genuinely into move on with his life and doing something new.  Anna can’t stand the thought of all the bureaucracy of the position and her real passion was always for the case work.  Anna reluctantly caves and says she will think about it.  Then Mac tells her there is no time for thinking.  The Mayor is holding a press conference to announce his replacement at 4. 

Luke and Tracy are thrown into the interrogation room, where Tracy is still yelling idle threats at every cop in the station.  Luke reminds Tracy they are, after all, under suspicion of murder.  He tells Tracy she should really try to control herself.   Tracy tells Luke she feels like the police are trying to make them look guilty, to which he replies to that they don’t have to work very hard.  Tracy and Luke have done a great job at making themselves look guilty.  Luke somberly tells Tracy she needs to be more realistic. The deck is stacked against them.  Everything points to them killing Anthony, and until they can find out who really did it, things are only going to get worse.

Heather is recounting to Todd all the events of their switching Sam and Téa’s baby.  Todd is trying to deflect the blame by reminding Heather that Téa just happened upon them and assumed the baby he was holding was hers.  Heather counters with the fact that she and Todd did, in fact, switch the babies.  He tells Heather that it was all her idea to do that in the first place.  The only reason he kept quiet was because Heather had told him that Sam’s baby would be better off with Téa.  Either way, Todd says it is too late to go back now.  Heather responds with, how bad it would be for Todd because Téa would blame him for her baby dying.

McBain fills Jason in on how happy Sam was after she delivered the baby.  Jason reciprocates by telling McBain what happened to Sam after she left the hotel.  He tells him how he found Sam unconscious in the shed.  She kept asking for her baby over and over.  Finally Jason went out to the box and found the baby dead.  When he gave Sam the baby, she uncovered his face, and told Jason the baby was not hers.  They both discuss how Sam must be rationalizing in order to believe her baby is still alive.

After Téa questions Sam on the condition of her baby, Sam admits he died.  Téa is very sympathetic and apologizes to Sam.  She shares with Sam that her son’s father had died.  Sam is still in disbelief that her baby is gone.

Jason explains to McBain how insistent Sam was, that the dead baby was not hers.  He tells him that she finally stopped fighting the thoughts that her baby is alive.

Téa explains her baby’s personality to Sam when he begins to fuss.  Sam asks if she can hold the baby and try to calm him.

Mac meets up with Felicia at the Floating Ribs.  She is elbow deep in petitions and articles of Mac’s past accomplishments as the Police Commissioner.  He tells Felicia that all this work is unnecessary as they have already replaced him.  Disappointed, she tells Mac that no one can outdo his work.  Mac lets Felicia in on the fact that he is happy about who has replaced him.

Anna is giving her newly appointed police force a speech on working every case properly. She will not tolerate losing arrests on technicalities.  She wants to build up the PCPD to be a trustworthy department.  She finishes by telling them she is looking forward to working with them.  Right after the meeting, an officer hands Anna her first case, an impossible murder investigation.  Anna assigns the officer something she needs ‘handled’.

McBain and Jason continue to blame themselves for being the reason Sam lost her baby.  McBain thinks he could have handled the whole situation better at the hotel when Sam delivered.  Jason counters with the fact that Sam should never have been at the hotel at all, if not for him.  Then she would have been in a hospital to deliver.

Todd continues to deflect blame for Téa’s baby dying.  He tells Heather he did everything he could to save him.  Heather thinks none of that will matter if the truth comes out.  Todd wonders why Heather is even threatening to reveal the secret; after all, it was her idea to switch the babies.  She assures Todd that she will not reveal their switch, she just wanted to talk.  Todd angrily tells Heather that if she keeps her mouth shut, he will keep his shut about seeing her with Anthony dead in the wheelbarrow that night.  She tells Todd that she didn’t kill Anthony. She was just protecting the person she thinks killed him.

Tracy argues with Luke that he should have let her call the ELQ lawyers.  She then admits that perhaps she said too much to the police.  Luke jokes “gee, you think”.  He berates her for rambling on and making them look guilty.  He wants her to just shut up from now on.  In walks Slim (Anna) realizing that her first big case has Luke as the main suspect.

Heather is telling Todd how fascinating the Lord family is, and that he is the most fascinating of all.  She admires how much discretion a family like his must have.  She begins to share with Todd that she doesn’t want her son Steven’s girlfriend to find out about her ridding of Anthony’s body.  Todd matter-of-factly questions what did Heather do with Anthony?  She shakes off his question and proposes that as long as Todd keeps quiet, she keeps quiet.  They are interrupted by the nurse Téa sent back to her room to get her pamphlets.  Todd grabs them and runs to go meet Téa.  Heather follows calling his name. 

In the hallway, Sam is attempting to get a closer look at Téa’s baby.  She apologizes, but Téa is fine with it.  Just when she is getting closer to seeing the baby Alexis walks off the elevator.  Alexis apologizes for keeping Sam waiting and congratulates Téa.  They say their goodbyes, and Sam goes back to her room with Alexis and Dr. Lee.  Sam questions Dr. Lee on why her baby died.  Dr. Lee says they have determined the cause of death, but it doesn’t make sense.

Anna questions Luke on why he didn’t call her when he was arrested.  She says she was home waiting for him.  Tracy reminds them there is no ‘home’, they share a hotel suite.  Luke tells Anna he has used his one call to leave a message for Alexis.  Tracy then tells Anna to call Alexis again, and then call the Police Commissioner.  Anna announces that she is indeed the new Commissioner to a shocked Tracy and amused Luke.

Mac thanks Felicia for all her hard work.  She expresses disappointment that he will not be getting his job back.  Mac thinks Anna is going to make a great Police Commissioner and Felicia agrees, but she is still concerned about Mac.  She questions where he will go from here.

While Jason appreciates McBain’s help with Sam, he tells him his job is done.  Enter 2 cops.  They want Jason to come to the station as per the new commissioner’s orders. 

Sam asks Dr. Lee what she means by saying things don’t add up with her baby’s death.

Todd catches Téa at the elevator, and looks to get her out of the hospital.  She tells Todd that her baby has a genetic condition that they have to watch out for. 

Dr. Lee reminds Sam that they were concerned that her baby may have had Beta Thalassemia.

Téa discusses in the hallway that her baby has Beta Thalassemia.  Todd says he has never heard of it.  She wonders if Victor had it, then Todd would have had to have had it as well, being they were identical twins.  Todd suggests it could be recessive.  She says she could not have passed it to the baby, so it had to be from Todd’s side.

Meanwhile Dr. Lee explains to Sam and Alexis that the disease is sometime called Mediterranean Anemia, because it commonly affects people of Italian or Greek heritage.  Alexis chimes in that the Cassadines have that lineage.

Todd tries to calm Téa by reminding her what Steve said about it not being life threatening.

Sam asks Dr. Lee if this is why the baby died.  Dr. Lee tells her no, and in fact, her baby had no sign of the disorder at all.

Téa tells Todd that she must keep on top of the baby and this condition.  He is confident she will.

Sam asks if it wasn’t this disorder, then what did kill her son?

Téa thinks that this disorder is nothing compared to what she could have passed on.

Dr. Lee tells Sam her baby dies of respiratory failure.

Téa tells Todd she could have passed on Hemophilia to the baby.  Her doctor told her during her pregnancy that she was a carrier, and it is passed on from mother to son.

Just then, Dr. Lee tells Sam her baby had Hemophilia. 

Téa tells Todd Hemophilia is much worse than a little anemia.

Sam confusingly asks if the hemophilia cause the respiratory failure.  Dr. Lee assures Sam that it did not.  Sam also wonders why they didn’t catch this sooner.  Dr. Lee has no idea.  She went over all the tests she did for Sam during her pregnancy and there were no signs.  She asks if there is a history of this in their family?  Alexis says no.

Téa is basking in her luck of not passing off hemophilia to her baby.  Todd is getting antsy and just wants to leave.  Téa begins to get annoyed by Todd’s impatience. 

Sam is now thinking there is hope; maybe her baby is still alive.

Téa tells Todd she knows what he has done.

Sam tells Alexis and Dr. Lee that she was right.  The dead baby was not hers. 

Téa thinks Todd’s rush to get her home to her family is because he is worried that something else horrible is going to happen and he doesn’t want to be responsible for it if it does.  Todd admits those are his motives for trying to get her home so quickly.  She again tells Todd how appreciative she is for him saving the baby.  He tells her he doesn’t like hospitals and they have to go.

Dr. Lee apologizes but assures Sam that it is very possible they missed the diagnosis while she was pregnant.  Sam questions again, why the baby would just stop breathing.

On the way to the elevator Todd and Téa run into Heather.  Téa recognizes her from the woods.  Téa tells baby Victor that Heather is the woman that helped save him.  She thanks Heather again.  Heather tells her she had help from Todd.  Téa comments that the situation could have gone so wrong, and Heather reminds her it still could go wrong.  She says it all hinges on Todd keeping his mother shut.  Téa looks at Todd confused by Heather’s comment.

Anna tells Luke and Tracy the story of her becoming the new Commissioner.  After which Anna sarcastically tells Luke he is not going to make her job easy.  He responds that it should be very easy to drop false charges.  Anna informs Luke how she has been privy to Tracy’s unhappiness with Anthony, and Tracy turned to him in the past.  Luke reminds Anna had he been involved, he would have known better than to be so sloppy.  Anna concurs, however, after just lecturing her new police team; she cannot just let them go.   Enter Alexis’ new associate.  She was sent to represent Luke and Tracy.  Tracy balks that she doesn’t want an associate, she wants Alexis.  Anna leaves.

She enters the station, and in walks Jason.  He asks her if she is responsible for his being brought in.  She says yes.  He informs her he has nothing to say without an attorney.  Anna just wants him to listen.  She explains her new position, and tells him it is going to be awkward for them both. 

Sam is now asking if she were in the hospital when she delivered could it have made a difference, and Alexis tells Sam there is no way of knowing.  Dr. Lee agrees.  Sam requests they leave so she can be alone.  Alexis refuses, and in walks McBain.  John just wants to make sure Sam is okay.  Sam tells Alexis to leave so she can talk to John.

Anna recounts to Jason how after her and Robin’s reconciliation, Robin confided to her all about the things she missed.  Robin told her about Stone and Jason.  Robin told Anna how instrumental Jason was in getting her to take her HIV meds.  How much Jason meant to her.  How grateful Robin was to have Jason.  Anna too, is grateful to him for all his support of Robin.  Jason expresses his guilt that Robin died saving him.  Anna reminds him, if alive, Robin would not want the two of them on opposite sides.  The truth is though, they are on opposite sides.  Anna tells Jason she will not ignore an assault on a police officer no matter what.  She admits she knows he was responsible for McBain’s assault. 

McBain has flowers for Sam.  He wants to know if there is anything he can do.  She asks why he left to get the car and never returned?

Mac informs Felicia he is tired of the life he has been living.  He needs to try something new.  She suggests he may be leaving Port Charles just when she has come home.  When pressed about what he wants to do next, he tells Felicia that perhaps if not interrupted last night, he may have kissed her.  She agrees.

Heather continues her innuendo speak in front of Téa about Todd.  Téa begins to suspect there is more going on than they are saying.  Heather and Todd begin to go back and forth explaining how Téa’s baby was not responding.  Todd is trying to get ahead of Heather in the conversation, when she ends the game by saying Todd was lucky to have run into her.  She expressed concern that she is a private person, and implies all the issues she has is fear that Todd will publish a story in his paper about her saving the baby.  Téa now understands Heather’s ‘concern’ and makes Todd promise not to run a story.  All the while they are really discussing Todd keeping his mouth shut about Anthony.

Sam is confused why, after all they have been through, McBain did not return for her.  He tells her he ‘ran into some trouble’.

Anna tells Jason she has no evidence he was behind the assault on McBain, but she also knows it will not happen again.

Sam asks McBain for a more specific answer on what type of trouble.  They are interrupted by a nurse bearing breakfast.  The nurse implies Sam is not the only one who needs some care.  She implies John too needs some food.  Sam is confused.

Anna explains to Jason, considering the history of McBain’s new relationship with his wife, it would have been understandable if he had taken matters in his own hands.  However, he used enforcers to beat McBain, and that is unacceptable.  Now Anna has something to say.

McBain leaves and Sam asks the nurse what she meant about her comment.

Anna warns Jason, if he commits a crime, she will come after him.  He agrees.  She then tearfully tells Jason to convey her sympathies to Sam for her.

The nurse informs Sam that John was beaten.

Finally Alexis arrives.  Her information to Luke and Tracy is without a body, there is no case.  They are going to be released.  Tracy leaves in a huff.  Alexis explains they better hope Anthony’s body is not recovered, being as the probable murder weapon was in their possession with their prints on it.  Luke gazes at Anna while listening to Alexis.

Felicia says it is better off they didn’t kiss.  Mac begins to reminisce about how he tried to forget her all these years.  How difficult it was to forget while raising her girls.  Felicia gets upset.  She tells Mac his having such good memories makes it harder on her.  She has tremendous guilt on leaving them.  Mac still pushes that they should still try and see if there is something between them.   They lean in for a kiss…..

Luke thanks Anna for her involvement in his release.  She tells him she agrees with Alexis, there is no case without a body.  She asks him to refrain from being arrested, so she can settle in to her new position. He agrees with a sweet touch of her face.

Heather bids Todd and Téa a final goodbye.  Téa has realized how crazy Heather really is.  Heather tells herself she is on to Todd’s game, and she is about to change everything.  She pulls out and envelope with the General Hospital lab as its return address.  She then drops the envelope only to have McBain pick it up and give it to her.

Jason is back in Sam’s room.  They are debating who will speak first.

Heather thanks McBain and he walks away.  She tells herself how ‘this is all too easy’.

Jason lets Sam know he was at the hotel last night to tell her she was right. 

Heather pats herself on the back for her success in getting away with everything, still staring at the envelope, which she now opens.

Jason says he would have loved the baby and that is what he wanted to say.

Heather is congratulating herself and saying how the baby will have a much better life now.  The document she is reading is a DNA test revealing Jason as the father and Sam as the mother.

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