GH Update Wednesday 6/6/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/6/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the cabin, Sam said that this wasn't the baby she gave birth to. She told Jason her son had opened his eyes and looked at her. Jason tried to get her her to accept that this was her child, and Sam cried that she knew her own son. She told him that she'd given birth to a beautiful baby who looked like Jason. Sam stated that someone had taken her child and replaced it with this one. She insisted that this wasn't like when her daughter died; her son had been healthy and alert. Jason gently told Sam that he was sorry, but this was her baby and he was gone. He put his arm around her and said they needed to go to the hospital.

Tea was at the hospital admiring the baby in her arms. She said she'd been hoping he'd get Victor's eyes, but although he didn't look like anyone in his family, he was still beautiful.

At the hospital, Todd told Starr that Kate's alternate personality, Connie, caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope. Todd filled her in on how he found out and told her about the deal he made with Sonny to keep quiet in exchange for Starr's freedom. Starr mentioned that she and Michael had been trying to figure out who Sonny was protecting. Todd told Starr to stay away from Michael, but Starr said Michael was no longer a threat to her, especially now that he knew she believed Sony was innocent. Starr asked if Todd realized he'd just broken his agreement with Sonny. Todd didn't care – he said that Starr had a right to hear who killed her family, and besides, he didn't have room in his life for any more secrets. Starr asked what he meant and Todd brushed it off. He told Starr that when you care about someone, you tell them the truth, even if it's unpleasant, so that they can start to heal. Starr suddenly said she had to go. Todd stopped her and told her that while he understood the need for revenge and had even acted on it, it would get you nowhere. He gently cradled her face in his hands and told her they should work on being the type of people who didn't do things they'd regret later. Starr left and Todd went back to Tea's room.

Tea asked him who he thought the baby looked like. Looking uncomfortable, Todd said he looked needy and self absorbed, just like his dad, Victor. Tea said she was serious and Todd replied that newborns didn't look like anyone. Tea disagreed. She said the baby had beautiful eyes and was fair-skinned like Victor and Todd. Todd said he didn't understand what difference it made who the baby looked like. Tea asked what was wrong and Todd said he was fine. He cryptically added that he wished the baby did look like Victor, because that would be the best for everyone. Todd prepared to tell Tea the truth, but he was interrupted when Epiphany arrived to take the baby to the nursery. Tea was reluctant to let him go, but Epiphany said it was hospital policy. She asked if Tea would feel better if Todd took the baby to the nursery. Tea said yes. She joked that she'd kill Todd if he dropped him. Todd took the baby out of the room. He and Epiphany ran into Jason and Sam, who was in a wheelchair, carrying Tea's baby. Jason asked Epiphany for help and she went over to him, while Todd quickly turned his back to everyone and Jason and walked to the other side of the lobby. Todd watched from a distance as Jason comforted Sam and told a doctor that she'd gone to get help for the baby after she couldn't get him to wake up. A doctor asked if Sam had gone by herself. Jason glanced at the floor. Sam wanted to keep holding the baby, because once she let him go, it would be final. Epiphany said he was with the angels, and Sam cried that he was supposed to be with her. With Jason's gentle encouragement, Sam let Epiphany take the baby. Epiphany left with the child and another nurse took the now dazed Sam to be examined.

Epiphany returned and asked Todd why he was hiding out. Todd claimed he was just trying to stay out of the way. He asked if Sam would be okay and Epiphany said not for a long time, because losing a child was terrible. She smiled at the baby in Todd's arms and told him lucky for his mother, she wouldn't have to bear that kind of pain. She and Todd went to the nursery.

The doctor told Jason that Sam was physically fine. Jason asked if they knew what happened to the baby and the doctor said they'd need to do an autopsy first. Jason went into Sam's cubicle and the nurse told him she'd given her a sedative. Jason comforted Sam, and she said maybe the baby would have lived if John had returned with the car. Jason told her not to blame John. Sam drowsily said if John wasn't at fault, who was? Jason looked guilty. Sam said John said he was going to take her and the baby to the hospital. Jason said John would have taken her, but... Before he could finish, the nurse returned and insisted that he leave so Sam could rest. Jason asked for a few more minutes and was refused. He told Sam he'd be back in the morning and she asked him to wait. She took his hand and said she'd been planning to name the baby Jason, after his father.

Todd went back to Tea's room. She asked if the baby was okay and Todd said he was fine. He set about trying to convince her to let him send her and the baby back to Llanview the next morning. Epiphany walked in and said Tea couldn't leave until the doctor said so. Epiphany filled out the baby's paperwork. She wrote down Tea's name, then looked at Todd and asked for the father's name. Tea stressed that Todd was NOT the baby's father. Epiphany asked for the baby's name. Tea said he was named Victor, after his father.

Matt carried Maxie over the threshold of the hotel suite and onto the bed. Maxie noticed the rose petals and mentioned that she would have gone with tulips. Matt told her she should have whatever she wanted. Maxie smiled and said their wedding night was supposed to be the best night of their lives. Matt said he'd be in jail if Maxie hadn't agreed to marry him. Maxie reminded him that this marriage was her idea and a brilliant one. Matt promised to get her a better ring and Maxie said she didn't care, much. Matt was still stunned that Maxie would go to prison for him. Maxie looked serious and said she hadn't realized how horrible it would be, but that didn't justify Spinelli blabbing the truth. She brightened and said none of that mattered now because they were both free and Matt could keep being there for his family and practicing medicine. “As long as you stay married to me. Forever” Matt said solemnly. He felt guilty that Maxie hadn't gotten the perfect wedding. Maxie said it wasn't the wedding of her dreams, but the most important part of a wedding was who you married.

While Matt went to answer the door, Maxie's eyes filled with tears as she remembered Spinelli saying she deserved a real wedding and a husband who loved her. Matt returned with a food cart and asked Maxie if she was okay. Maxie said she was fine. When Matt popped the champagne cork he had a flashback to the night Lisa died. He pulled himself together, but when he bent down to pick up a dropped piece of silverware, he was transported back to picking up the wrench. Maxie noticed the look on his face and Matt told her he remembered killing Lisa. Matt was horrified because he now knew he'd been the aggressor and had killed Lisa unprovoked. Before this, Matt had just assumed he killed Lisa in self defense. Maxie told him not to think about it, but Matt said he couldn't stop. He felt bad that Maxie had to witness something like that and asked why she didn't tell him. Maxie said said he didn't ask for details, which she'd been grateful for. Maxie said it was over and now they didn't have to think about it anymore, but Matt said what she didn't understand was that remembering the event finally made it seem real to him. Maxie said it would pass. She tried to cheer him up by suggesting they toast to their marriage, but Matt said he felt dirty and was going to take a shower. When Matt returned, Maxie was already in bed. He said it was late and asked if she minded if they didn't have sex. Maxie said no, because they had their whole lives to. Matt gave her a quick kiss and they said “happy wedding night” to each other. Maxie turned on her side and twisted her wedding ring while she silently cried.

Felicia and Mac were at the Jake's sharing drinks. First they toasted to Maxie's freedom, then Felicia toasted to the new adventure Mac could have now that he wasn't commissioner. Mac was impressed that she was able to put a positive spin on being fired. He said he was glad Maxie was free, but he didn't like that she was married to Matt, whom Mac didn't feel appreciated her. Felicia was worried too. She said she'd always been able to sense when Maxie was in trouble, even when she'd been out of town, because Maxie was her flesh and blood. Felicia felt bad for Spinelli because he thought he and Maxie were soul-mates Mac asked if she believed in that and Felicia said she thought some people had soul-mates He asked if Frisco was hers and Felicia said they weren't together. She explained that while Frisco chased bad guys, she chased him, and that wasn't the recipe for a stable relationship. Felicia said she'd been alone in Texas when she heard about Maxie's trial. Mac asked if she was leaving now that Maxie was free. Felicia said she didn't think so. Giving Mac a hopeful look, she said she had reason to stay.

Felicia said she and Maxie were slowly repairing things between them. Mac was glad, because he thought the two of them needed each other. Mac said it would take awhile, but Felicia and Maxie would find a way to fix things. Felicia asked what about the people she hurt. Felicia lightened the mood by saying she didn't understand how he was still single. Mac joked that he was surprised women weren't throwing themselves at him either. He shared that he'd had a couple of casual things with two women and even played strip pool with them. Felicia asked why neither of relationship worked out and Mac said because the women weren't her. Felicia said they did have some good times. Mac said it was more than that – they were married and raised children and had a great life. Felicia called that period the best time of her life. Mac said they didn't have to be over. They leaned in to kiss, but were startled by the noise the drunk and disheveled Spinelli made as he stumbled into the bar. He ordered a shot, then offered up a slurred toast to the newlyweds and to himself, “the fool who brought them together.” When he ordered another drink, Mac told him he was cut off. Spinelli defiantly replied that he intended to close this bar, just like he'd closed all the others tonight. Mac said this wasn't like him and Spinelli said good, because being himself had cost him the woman he loved. Felicia said they'd give him a ride home so he could sleep it off, but Spinelli said things would still be bad in the morning, because Maxie would still be married to the unworthy Matt. Spinelli didn't want to sleep because every time he closed his eyes, he pictured Maxie's wedding night with Matt.

Felicia and Mac got Spinelli a cup of coffee to help him sober up. It made him feel better physically, but his heart still ached over Maxie. Spinelli said it was his own fault for breaking his promise to Maxie and telling everyone Matt was the killer. Felicia and Mac pointed out that if he hadn't, Maxie would still be in prison. Spinelli was glad she was free, but now he was focused on what it cost. He said Maxie was in a farce of a marriage to a man who could never make her happy or know her as well as he (Spinelli) could. Felicia and Mac reminded him that he and Maxie could still be close friends, but Spinelli said that was nothing. He said love and raising children together was what counted. As he said this, Felicia and Mac stared into each others eyes. He and Maxie had lost their chance, Spinelli sighed.

Kate was still in her room at Shadybrook, talking to Connie in the mirror. Connie was irritated that Sonny was still in the picture. Kate told Connie that the power of the love she and Sonny shared was going to help her get better. Kate enthusiastically said that love made everything possible, including forgiveness. Connie said she had to give Sonny credit; she thought for sure he'd never forgive Kate for cheating on him. Kate said Sonny understood that she and Connie weren't the same person. Connie said they were the same, deep down inside. Connie said she told Sonny how they caused the accident and framed him. Connie thought that would have been enough to bring out the angry, vengeful Sonny she knew. She grumbled that it had worked for a short time, when Sonny lashed out at Kate in the hospital. Kate said that was before Sonny understood that Connie was real. Annoyed, Connie said she'd put a lot of effort into this plan without getting results. She said to herself that she wondered why she let Johnny talk her into it. Kate unsuccessfully tried to get Connie to explain herself.

The door opened and Starr walked in dressed as an orderly. She shared that her dad had used the same ruse to sneak into a hospital. Starr confronted Kate about killing Cole and Hope. Kate cried silently and Starr yelled that she needed to hear Kate admit it. Kate told her it was true. Hearing the words shook Starr, and her knees buckled. Kate reached out to help her sit down, but Starr flinched away. Kate asked if Starr was there to kill her like she tried to kill Sonny. Starr got even more upset, because she thought that when Kate asked her about Cole and Hope at the jail, she already knew she killed them. Kate explained that she didn't know for sure at that point. She told Starr that she still had no memory of driving that night or shooting out Anthony's tires. Kate said she hated guns and couldn't fathom picking one up, let alone shooting it. “But you did,” Starr said firmly. Kate said she had and while it was no excuse, she was very sick. Kate said her other personality caused the accident. Kate didn't expect Starr to understand. Starr said she did; she explained that her aunt Viki and cousin Jessica had DID, too. Kate recognized the names and said she read a book about them. She was stunned to realize that was Starr's family. Starr said she knew about the horrible things their alters were capable of. Kate said Connie had done terrible things, but ultimately Connie was a part of her, so she did those things, too.

Starr felt very conflicted; it had been easy for her to hate a terrible person like Sonny, back when she thought he killed Cole and Hope. Kate said Starr had a right to hate her. Starr wanted to, but she couldn't. Kate said while there was nothing she could say to make Starr feel better, she was glad this was out in the open. Starr cried that while knowing the truth brought her closure, she still didn't think she'd be able to move on and live without Cole and Hope. Kate apologized profusely. Starr suddenly got a cold look on her face. Kate said she knew it must bother Starr to see her in a private room instead of in prison. Starr said there were all sorts of punishments and one day, Kate would remember what Connie did and have to live with it. With that, Starr left the room.

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