GH Update Tuesday 6/5/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/5/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth smiled at Ewen as he woke up in his hospital bed. The top of his head was still bandaged from his brain surgery. Ewen charmed her until he became confused about where he was. Liz explained that he'd been hurt and had surgery. Ewen frantically said he had to warn everyone that Connie was dangerous. Liz calmed him down and told him everyone already knew. She filled Ewen in on Kate being arrested for attacking him, then getting sent to Shadybrook. Ewen said people needed to understand that Kate wasn't his attacker, Connie was. He added that that wasn't all she'd done. Liz asked what he meant and Ewen said he couldn't discuss it. He began to climb out of bed, insistent on going to help Kate, but Liz told him that he was in no shape to help anyone else right now. Liz divulged that she was the one who found Ewen after the attack. Ewen smiled and said they were even now; they'd both saved each other.

Liz told him Maggie got him to the ER, and Ewen said he'd have to thank her, then Liz told him she died. She brought him up to speed on Maggie taking the blame for the death of Steve's patient then 'committing suicide.' Liz didn't think it made much sense for Maggie to kill herself out of guilt for Steve getting arrested, but Ewen said Maggie might have been dealing with some deeper issues that none of them knew about. While Liz didn't know Maggie well, she didn't think she seemed like the type to kill someone or commit suicide. Later, Liz brought Ewen some ice cream. Ewen said he still owed her dessert and said he hoped they could pick up where they left off. Liz liked that idea.

Jason walked along the road toward the hospital looking for Sam. When his cell service returned, he called Bernie and had him arrange a search party for Sam and the baby. Jason noticed the lights on in the cabin and headed toward it.

In the cabin, Heather stood over the unconscious Sam talking to her about Tea having Sam's baby. Heather said that soon Sam would be in a lot of pain, which she deserved for crossing Heather. Heather picked up Tea's stillborn child and said that while life was cruel, God often set things right by putting the right people together at the right time. Heather remembered Todd telling her about finding Sam's baby and said to herself that she just had to make sure no one messed things up. She put Tea's baby into the planter where Sam had left her son. Just as Sam began to move, Heather heard Jason calling out to her. She seemed pleased that someone would find Sam and the baby. Heather quickly left without being seen.

Jason heard Sam call out to him. He he rushed into the building and didn't see the baby lying in the container just outside the door. Jason sat on the floor next to Sam and cradled her in his arms. Sam told him about having the baby and how she'd left the hotel to find help. She began to panic and asked where her baby was. Jason asked her to tell him how she got there. Sam told him how she'd gone looking for help, when John didn't return as promised. She wondered why John hadn't come back to help her. Jason asked Sam where she left the baby. Sam told him and explained that she left him there because she got dizzy and was afraid she'd drop him.

Jason went back outside and spotted the baby. He looked worried and said a quick prayer, then checked on him and was pained to when he realized he was dead. Jason picked the baby up and told him he was sorry. Jason said everyone had been right – now that he was holding the baby, he knew he could have loved him. From inside, Sam asked if everything was okay. Jason wondered how he was going to tell Sam. He cried as he held the baby to his chest and said that Sam couldn't lose a baby again. The worried Sam asked Jason if he had the baby. When he didn't answer, she found the strength to stand up and walk out to the porch. She was bewildered when Jason placed the baby back in the planter and said they had to talk. Sam insisted that she needed to hold her son, who must be cold after being outside all this time. Jason told Sam he was sorry. The hysterical Sam didn't want to believe what Jason was telling her. She began to pound on his chest in an effort to stop him from blocking her path to the baby. Jason told her the baby was dead, and Sam screamed and collapsed on the ground. Jason sank down next to her and held her as she sobbed. Sam accused him of lying and demanded to see the baby. Jason helped her to a chair, then went and got the baby and handed it to Sam. Sam took a look him and told Jason this was not her child.

Sonny went to Shadybrook to visit Kate, because her caregivers told him she'd been having a rough night. Kate felt bad that they bothered Sonny at this hour, but Sonny said he wanted to be there for her. Kate was surprised that he still cared after all she'd done. Kate explained that she'd had a nightmare about causing the accident. Although she didn't actually remember the accident, she was disturbed by how real the dream felt and she was wracked with guilt for what she'd done. Sonny attempted to comfort her by saying Connie caused the accident, but Kate said she and Connie shared the same body, meaning they both pulled the trigger that night.

Kate cried that she was going to have to pay for the things she and Connie set in motion once she was released from Shadybrook. Sonny told her that she wouldn't. He said the cops didn't know Connie was responsible. Kate believed that Starr had the right to know the truth and that Sonny had the right to have his name cleared. Sonny told her that Starr and Todd wouldn't come after him again. The worried Kate was curious about how he could know that and Sonny quietly told her how Todd found out that Connie caused the accident. Kate was alarmed and wondered why Todd hadn't used his paper to tell everyone the truth. Sonny told her about his and Todd's arrangement. Kate wondered why Todd would keep protecting his granddaughter's killer now that Starr was free. Sonny said while Todd was arrogant, he was smart enough to know Sonny had more resources than he did. He also explained that Todd was familiar with DID and didn't want Kate to suffer for what her alter did.

Kate couldn't believe Sonny made this deal to help her after everything that happened. Sonny said he wasn't blameless in all this. He said he'd called Kate names and cut her out of his life before he realized that she was sick and that she wasn't the one who betrayed him. He and Kate chuckled about his habit of turning his back on anyone who betrayed him. Sonny said that Kate had enough to deal with without adding in a murder charge. Sonny told Kate to focus on her recovery so they could undo the damage. Kate sadly said there was no undoing the damaged done to Starr. Sonny said what happened to the Thornharts was an accident. Kate said Starr thought Sonny caused it and asked what would stop her from going after Sonny again. Sonny told her to let him worry about that, but Kate said Sonny had suffered enough for what she'd done. Kate said she didn't want Sonny bearing the brunt of Starr's pain and anger. Sonny put his arm around Kate and said Starr could think whatever she wanted, but she couldn't touch them. A doctor came in and told Sonny visitation was over. Sonny and Kate hugged and kissed, then he left. Kate picked up a mirror and hesitantly looked at it. Connie stared back at her and asked if she really thought she'd get rid of her that easily.

Michael went to the Metro Court to find Carly. He ran into Starr, who was there looking for Todd. Michael asked if she was there to ask Todd who really killed Hope and Cole. They compared notes and found that neither of them knew what Todd had used to convince Sonny to have Michael recant his testimony. Michael was pleased that Starr finally knew Sonny was innocent. Starr didn't understand why Todd hadn't told her who killed her family. Michael suggested that Todd might have offered his silence in exchange for her freedom. Michael said he and Sonny knew what she lost and didn't want her to go through any more pain; they just didn't want her going after Sonny. Starr said she wouldn't kill Sonny even if he was guilty. Michael wasn't convinced, but Starr continued that she finally understood what Michael had told her the night she went after Sonny – that she would not be honoring Cole and Hope by throwing her life away. Michael said in that case, he was glad to have lied on the stand. Starr smiled and said Todd would have blackmailed Sonny even if Michael hadn't been so compassionate. Michael was surprised that Sonny allowed himself to be blackmailed. He theorized that Sonny must be protecting the real killer. Starr asked who Sonny loved enough to go so far for.

Tea was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher, with Todd walking by her side. Steven and Epiphany tended to the exhausted Tea and told her that the baby was healthy. Todd looked on guiltily as Tea credited him with with saving her baby's life. Epiphany handed the baby to Tea, who asked that he baby get a full check up from the pediatrician. Tea told them how the baby had trouble breathing and Todd had taken him to get help. Steve was surprised because the child's lungs were healthy. He asked Todd if he'd performed this miracle on his own or if someone helped him save the child. Todd quietly said he had help. Tea added that Todd found a woman in the woods. Tea got choked up and said she was relieved the baby was okay, because at first she had a bad feeling that he hadn't made it. Epiphany went to schedule some tests for the baby. Tea said while she was grateful to the woman in the woods she believed Todd was the reason her baby was alive.

Epiphany returned for the baby and at first Tea was reluctant to give him up, fearing that if she did, she'd find out this was all a dream. She told herself the worst was over and handed the baby to Epiphany, who took him off for some tests. Steve left the room as well. Tea praised Todd for coming through for her and her baby. Todd remembered Heather telling him that Sam was probably there to abandon the baby and that it was best if they let Tea keep him instead. He carefully told Tea he had to tell her something. Todd began by saying he wished he could undo what he took from her when he killed Victor. Tea didn't want to have that discussion now. She told Todd that if things had worked out differently, she would have had to go on without Victor and her son, but while Todd couldn't change the past, he had changed her future. Todd attempted to tell Tea the truth, but his phone rang. Todd figured it was Starr, and he stepped outside the cubicle to take the call. Starr asked Todd if he found Tea. Todd said yes, but he was deliberately vague with Starr. He arranged to meet her after he finished his talk with Tea. To Todd's dismay, he slipped up and mentioned that he was at the hospital, then he had to admit that Tea had given birth. Starr was thrilled, and though Todd tried to convince her not to visit until tomorrow, Starr decided to come to the hospital right away to see the baby. Starr excitedly told Michael how happy she was about her new cousin, and he smiled at the news that she was happy again. Starr smiled back and thanked him, then left.

Todd overheard Tea call their daughter Dani and tell her that he'd delivered then saved the life of her new brother. Tea said that maybe now they could start to heal after all Todd had taken from them. When she hung up, Todd walked back in and somberly noted that she was already spreading the word about the baby. Tea said she had to let Dani know she had a new brother. Dani had passed along thanks to Todd for saving the baby's life. Tea asked how Starr was, and Todd said she was happy about the baby. Tea noticed that something was still weighing on Todd and asked what he'd been planning to tell her. Before they could talk, Epiphany and Steve returned with the baby. Epiphany handed him over to Tea and Steve told her that the baby was a bit underweight but healthy. They couldn't find a reason that the baby didn't cry at birth but Steve said that sometimes these things happen when the baby was born early. Confused, Tea said her baby was full term. Todd quickly interjected that the baby was fine now, which was all that mattered. Steve agreed, then he and Epiphany left. Tea asked Todd what he'd wanted to say. They were interrupted again when Starr rushed in and started fawning over the baby. Tea told her how Todd found her, delivered the baby, then got the baby help. Starr smiled and said Todd always came through. Tea asked what Todd wanted to tell her. Todd replied that he was happy for Tea. Tea wondered if that was it, and Todd asked if that wasn't enough. Todd told Starr they should go. Starr stepped out of the cubicle. Tea stopped Todd and searched for the words to say something, but he told gently told goodnight and left. Tea cooed at the baby as she studied his face. She told him that he was handsome, but she couldn't figure out who he looked like.

Todd noticed Starr wiping away tears because the baby reminded her of Hope. Todd said he missed her too. Starr asked Todd to tell her who caused the accident. When Todd displayed reluctance to tell her, Starr threatened to go to Sonny. She asked Todd if the family hadn't dealt with enough secrets and lies already. Todd told her that Kate caused the accident while she wasn't in her right mind.

At Steve's Olivia realized that Heather was nowhere to be found. She left Steve a voicemail letting him know his mom was missing. Heather sauntered back in and casually said she'd borrowed Olivia's car to go to Kelly's. Suspicious, Olivia told her Kelly's had been closed for hours, and she made it clear she didn't approve of Heather taking the car, either. Heather asked if Olivia was calling her a liar. Olivia said there was no need to get defensive. Heather claimed that she realized Kelly's was closed and went to a place called The Floating Rib instead. Heather said her cousin Susan, Jason's mother used to work at the original Floating Rib. She added that Susan was Franco's mother, too. Olivia said she'd read the whole horrible story. When Olivia referred to Franco as a crazy freak, Heather rushed across the room, grabbed her and ordered her not to talk about him that way. Olivia broke free. Heather told her that only an idiot couldn't appreciate Franco's talent. Olivia spat that a lot of people who didn't like Franco were dead. Heather snarled that she tried to tolerate Olivia for Steve's sake, but in return she got interrogated and Olivia called a man she admired crazy. Olivia didn't think it was unreasonable to ask where Heather had been when she disappeared in the middle of the night.

Olivia eyed Heather warily as Heather paced the room ranting. Heather cryptically said to look at what happened to Maggie after Maggie called her crazy. Heather said she tried to be nice and in return, people called her names and interfered in her relationship with Steve. Heather said eventually everyone would learn, just like Sam did. Olivia cautiously asked what she was talking about. Heather said Sam had paid the price for trying to ruin her relationship with Steve. When Olivia pressed her for details, Heather said she didn't make Sam pay; Karma did. Heather babbled about Sam being conceited and she accused her of deliberately failing to deliver the letter to Steve. Heather said Sam had been knocked off her high horse when the newspaper article revealed to everyone that Jason left her because she had a tryst with Franco. Disgusted, Olivia said Sam had been raped, but Heather's position was that Sam was a slut who was getting away with her lie because Franco wasn't around to challenge her claims that he'd raped her. Olivia wondered where Heather came up with these things. Heather said she was a great judge of people and that The Powers That Be always punished people who crossed with her.

Heather slowly walked toward Olivia, who put her hands up defensively and said Steve trusted her with Heather while he was at work. Heather was displeased to hear that Olivia had told Steve she left the house. Suddenly Steve ran in panicked about Olivia's message. Heather dropped her menacing behavior once he arrived and calmed him by saying Olivia had overreacted. Heather began doting on Steve and asking about his day. Steve shared that he treated a woman who delivered a baby at a bus stop, whose baby had been saved by a woman in the woods. Heather smiled sweetly at Olivia and said angels helped people who were in need; good people that is.

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